Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil knows the truth

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pankti comes to Vaidika and insists on Vaidika to tell Sahil about everything. Vaidika says these moments are extremely important for her and Sahil; it will be the beginning of a new life for Sahil and Vaidika. She wants to take Sahil to a special place; it’s a Dargah a little farther from Kanpur. Every time there love suffered a problem, they went there and regained their love. She will tell Sahil in that Dargah today about their marriage. Pankti smiles at their thinking.
At night, Vaidika and Sahil walk towards the Dargah. Vaidika tells Sahil that he will get his answers here today. Vaidika silently prays that she only wish Sahil isn’t stressed and doesn’t lose his mental sanity. Vaidika tells Guddu and Aarya to pray for their relation in this Dargah. Guddu apologizes for Mandagini’s behavior. Vaidika says Guddu fought for Aarya today, he has proven himself to be a very good person for Aarya this way. Sahil asks Vaidika why it feels this place is extremely important. Vaidika insists on him to come inside, he will remember everything.
In the Dargah, Sahil gets flashes of the past memories. Vaidika asks Baba if it’s a special day. The man says its 100th anniversary of Peer Baba’s death. Vaidika seeks blessings for her daughter and son in law. Baba blesses Sahil and Vaidika’s couple as well. Guddu asks Aarya if she has any problem marrying him. Aarya says she has no problem, he must forget what happened and focus on their wedding tomorrow. Guddu thinks she must have got the letter but doesn’t want to discuss it.
Sahil comes to the gallery and recalls some flashes from his past in the Dargah. Vaidika comes to him with a thread. Sahil appears disturbed and doesn’t speak to Vaidika. Vaidika wish nothing goes wrong, Sahil is regaining his memories already. There was an announcement that here, everyone’s wishes come true. Vaidika comes to the cooking section.
Sahil walked across the Dargah.
In the cooking section there was a blast due to false cylinder use. All at once, there was blood shed around. Aarya and Guddu run looking for Vaidika. Sahil also runs around to look for Vaidika. The management distributes list of deceased. Sahil wasn’t ready to accept that Vaidika can die as she was pregnant. He was relieved when he doesn’t find the name of Vaidika in the list. Sahil wanted answers to his questions. There in the management section, Vaidika requests to announce Sahil Agarwal’s name. She wasn’t ready to let them announce her own name. She was explaining her condition to the management. Sahil comes there and hears her ask the management to find her husband Sahil. He repeats husband? Vaidika runs to hug Sahil. Sahil confirms if its really true that he is her husband? Were they married? Vaidika replies yes. Sahil was left in a state of shock. Vaidika says she is Mrs. Vaidika Agarwal, his wife. Sahil confirms if Ved, and the unborn child… Vaidika says they are their children. Sahil was in a disbelief and says he now understands why he feels so special for her. Vaidika says their story started six years ago, later on they fall in love. Sahil fought a whole world, even her for their love. Then one day, they married each other only because of Sahil’s faith.
Sahil questions Vaidika why she kept this hidden from him. Vaidika says Sahil’s life was endangered. The doctors claimed Sahil must not be stressed. Sahil questions how Vaidika can pause their unique love story. Vaidika says she loves him dearly, he can’t understand how she spent each moment but she was sure she will regain their love. And now Sahil had started feeling their love and connection. She hugs Sahil, then says if ever in life she has to select between life and Sahil she will select him. She exists because of him. Sahil says their relation belongs to both of them. He promises she will never have to hide or forget their love. Today, this Dargah will witness a new era of their love story. He kiss Vaidika’s forehead. They share an intense eye lock, then hug each other.

PRECAP: Nani and Bari Amma were excited about the completion of their family. Pankti’s mother deters to give up on her life if Pankti doesn’t marry Sahil today.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    What d hell is wrong with pankti mother wat is so hrd to understand in vedika and sahil r already married and has two children together? Wat is sooo.hrd to comprehend in dat? Some ppl should b left in their troubles as dey deserves it. Vedika saved her and now shes trying to destroy vedikas life…ungrateful wretch.

  2. Instant happiness…????for our Sadika..???☺after a long time they meets in real sense..Iam prying for their love..God’s grace always be on both soul( Sadika )..
    Oh again pankti is forced by her mother..so selfish women ..
    Leisa s morris..now not only Pankti’s mother is a hevoc though Guddu’s mother is also coming for revenge from Sadika..oh I’am upset now..

  3. This is an extreme turn of events a good one don’t get me wrong but sudden and totally opposite from where the show was heading….did i miss something???

  4. Nina

    Beyond all doubt, Vedika did all right when had toll Sahil about their past. I thought it black out all negative things and Sadika be able to be happy. The mother with poison in hand made me break down.

  5. Friends ll someone tell me pls in the precap why was the fickle minded chapdressed like a bridegroom. Wasnt it the hottie aryas marriage. And then the stray puppys enunch mother tells the stray puppy to marry sahil otherwise she ll drink poison. And then they show somebody as a bride sitting next to sahil with her face covered. Was that person the next whore in the making stray puppy pankti as a bride covering her face. Pls pls someone clear this doubt. I had a sleepless night yesterday.

  6. Well i jysy hope yhrsr wtiters eonr start their shinanegans again why shoukf oankti get martied to sahil, is she so evil thst she forgot vefika let jer sray in that house?

    And who was that brid3 next to sahil in the next episode. Canr we have sadika happy for once why anithe4 marriage in the pipe line? Am sure that was pankti whatever her namw is, i am really tured of this series we see very little if sadika love and so much of the nonsense about goons and troubke for vedika
    Always. Can somebidy coment please? Do you know of anything saying sadika will live happily thus time?

  7. Am very upset when will all this end?

  8. Friend’s please see the link..please It’s request from you all..https://youtu.be/e1JzGMviSGo

  9. even if pankti is in that veil, this marriage can never be legal.. she will be reduced to the status of other woman..y doesnt the writers understand this..how many marriages can a person have in this serial..
    isnt this supposed to be one man-one woman story?? this love between sadhika had been so touching and inspiring to many and now are they going to make it look cheap???? cant take it…sick…

  10. Dolly and Raji are you thinking that can it be???
    I can’t believe this….Friends Pankti’s mother is dreaming about it..waiting for today’s update..

  11. Please see the YouTube link..u will know something about this track..

  12. Dolly didnt you see KJs maharathis interview. He has said that just 2 days back only they hv changed the storyline. Just open u tube n everywhere this next whore in the making steay puppy is giving interviews. I hv a feeling that after giving birth to her 2nd child ved ll be cured n they might make vedika a martyr. She might be shown dead as the director who is very close to KJ might want our blo*dy hero who is very young n energetic to enjoy in all respects with the stray puppy who is also very young and quite beautiful. That means uncle sahil ll be enjoying with this stray puppy. blo*dy writers were going to show us eternal love between a 24 yr old boy n 42 old lady. They hv made us viewers a fool. I hate this serial now fm the core of my heart.

  13. Are u serious???????? this just cant be.. it is to live together, to grow old together, to be happily married forever stuffs isnt it???? i just cant take this… sahil & puppy, no ways….noooooooooo… that cant be how an older women be gone..y should vedhika sacrifice everytime or act sensible? cant she be just a human with feelings sometimes?? im scared of the storyline now..

  14. Dolly since last 2 days i hv lost my sleep dye to the stray puppy. Didnt you see the link where this labrador dog is running behind both vedika n the whore puppy. He then catches vedikas hand n suddenly we r shown that it is the whore stray puppy he is holding. Then the next shot is he sees the stray ouppys face n then they both hug each other. This was bound to happen. Since the puppy had fallen in between sahils legs. They both hv tasted each other physically though only for a few moment. So now rhey must be wanting to be with each other completely. Shame on that idiot fellow. Just yesterday he told vedika in the durga that theirs is an eternal love story n nobody can separTe them ever. Seeing a young n beautiful body his love for vedika has disappeared. I cant stand his face nor his acting now a days. Even in yesterdays episode when he finally hugs vedika tightly n kisses her forehead there was absolutely no passion. His behaviour was like a dummy. Do you all remember a few months back in the same durgah when Pandey was trying to kill vedika then saHil comes there n saves her n bumps off Pandey? After that he hugs vedika so tightly n passionately kisses her forehead. Hust watch that episode. Then u ll find the difference in his yesterdays romance n that days romance.

  15. Friends pls type in GOOGLE latest news or latest spoilers. They hv written there “TURMOIL IN SAHILS LIFE. WHEN HE IS FOLLOWING VEDIKA TO CONFESS HIS LOVE TO HER HE SUDDENLY SEES STRAY PUPPY IN HER PLACE AND THINKS THAT THE STRAY PUPPY IS HIS LOST LOVE AND NOT VEDIKA”. Friends where has our sadika love disappeared. They hv changed the story line. I think the writers r intending promoting this stray puppy so that the viewers can accept her as the blo*dy fickle minded chaps heroine.

  16. Yes Dolly I’m seriously said it…It will

  17. Ohh friends I saw epi..It was so so nice..it was filled with Sadika scene’s..love you Sadika ??

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