Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjana disowns Sahil from Agarwal House

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika finds a girl asking help against a man following her. She takes the girl into an auto. At home, Vaidika assures the girl she is safe at her house and brings her water. She asks for her parent’s contact number, she will call them. The man comes into the house calling Suomya. Vaidika stays as a shield to girl and warns the man to say away. The man clutches his fist while Nani calls the police. He questions who is she to stop him, Vaidika shuts him up as it’s because of men like him that their daughters are unsafe. Suomya begins to laugh out loud. The man says he is her uncle and explains this girl is after him to marry. Suomya insists she gets bored at home with him alone and wants a Mami. Nani curtly says they won’t mind mingling in anyone’s matter; they are used to it now. Vaidika apologizes for speaking much. The man introduces himself as Yash Kumar; they shake hands. Suomya eyes this.
At Agarwal house, Bari Amma shouts at Nidhi to come downstairs. Anjana stood in front of her with her hands joint. Bari Amma asks Anjana to apologize her daughter in law. After she has apologized, she was asked to lick on the dust of Nidhi’s hands. Gayatri feels severe pain in her belly. Anjana was badly crying while she bends. Someone comes to hold Anjana up. Shruti comes to assistance as it was Sahil. Sahil shouts that his mother won’t bend or apologize anyone. He wish to slap Nidhi’s face hard, but this woman (Anjana) taught him to respect women. He questions if Bari Amma is insulting his mother in the hand of this bastard. It’s better he witnessed this all, he is taking his mother along as she no more needs to live in this hell. Anjana doesn’t move. She says a woman’s corpse only leaves the house she is married into. This house isn’t a hell for her, she can’t leave this house and the memories of his father. He didn’t fulfil any of responsibilities of a good son ever, why should so go and live in that Vaidika’s house then. She places Sahil’s hand over her head and asks if he would return home leaving Vaidika. Sahil says alright he will, but wait for a while; walks upstairs and returns with a licensed gun of Bari Amma. He says living without Vaidika is similar to dying for him; he points the gun at his forehead as he can’t live without Vaidika. Everyone come to snatch the gun but the bullet was shot. The gun was in Deepak’s hand which trembled. Sahil had fallen to floor. Everyone try to wake Sahil up, he stands up finally. Deepak questions what he intended to do, nothing is important for him than Sahil’s life. Anjana says she got his reply, he can’t see anything else in front of that woman. He must leave this house not to show himself up again, she will consider she near had a son. Sahil agrees to go. He cries for not being able to become a good son.
Bari Amma shouts at Anjana. She wonders if she is stupid or over smart. She has given Sahil what he always wished for. She will always long to see her son, and that Vaidika would win her. Anjana cries that she lost Sahil and fell on the floor.
Vaidika opens the door for Aarya and was shocked to see her come with Mohid. She tries to ask casually about the guy. Aarya says this is Mohid, the choreographer. She was inspired of him and his offer to drop her home. Vaidika warns that she must think well before being friends with someone. Aarya says she isn’t a kid anymore and goes inside. Vaidika gets a call and recognizes the voice as Sahil’s.
Vaidika and Anjana reach at the same venue at same time finding Sahil.

PRECAP: Vaidika discuss with Maya she is always worried for Sahil. Maya suggests her to find a life partner for herself. Suomya comes to Vaidika showing her likeness for her. Yash was shown to have come to Kanpur only for hatred.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. My thoughts… I think this Yash guy is abusing his niece, whether it’s s*xually or physically, I think she being abused, could explain why she is afraid of him and wants him to marry. I agree with Sahil, in last episode, he told his mother that she’s ungrateful to not thank Vedika for her sitting for the puja which was essentially to save her darling son’s life!! Knowing Anjana, she only cares about Sahil, I don’t know who loves him the most, his mother, Bari Aama or myself ??…..as for Aarya, I don’t like her new found attitude towards her mother, Vedika needs to talk seriously with her daughter as she young and very impressive right now…Aarya could run into serious trouble soon with this choreographer..though he would have to face Sahil’s wrath, it doesn’t lessen the trouble in any way. I’m disappointed with Anjana’s decision to oust Sahil from the house but I’m sure she going to die inside if she doesn’t see him…like how she used to hide from the family members in the beginning, to go give him money she had hidden…just to see him!!! I can’t wait for Nidhi’s cover to blow off…and I hope Bari Aama is the one to see Nidhi’s treachery because she the one who allowed that snake to live in the house as Sahil’s wife…

  2. Muniya

    Nice episode with everything…
    But now who is this Yash and Soumya…again to create problem in Sahil and Vedika’s life?
    It was good to see that Sahil was not shot or nothing happened to him…he is looking too good in the dress?????

    1. Did you ever notice that Bari Aama wears sindoor, tika and a chain which looks like a mangalsutra? If her husband wasn’t alive, why would she wear those adornments, right?? So… Where is he? I haven’t heard about him at all…maybe he left her because she didn’t give him a son!! That could explain her slant on Sahil…just thinking what are your thoughts??

  3. What’s This?? Dint vedhika get proposals to marry before Sahil came into her life?? Y is she getting now? Gautam and now Yash.. poor Sahil, how much can he handle everytime? When will he get his share of love?? Always some competition.. this time, Nidhi and all other enemies will try to take advantage of the situation.. please nooooooo… Vedhika will again try to do something stupid like accepting Yash to keep Sahil away.. this is just not done.. ???

    1. Dolly, do think that Gautam set up these people to get back at Vedika? I could be fooled with these two if Gautam hadn’t been in the picture but knowing that he threatened to be back, maybe he has a hand in this…

  4. Hi Ladies
    I am a big fan of the show too and love Sahil to bits. His acting and expression is beyond belief. I think that Sahil is going to go away for a bit that’s why he called his mother and Vetika to meet him at the same place and when he come back he is more mature and proper business man in suit as Naz would like to see him ?.
    In the meantime the story is going to be on Yash and Vetika. I am angry with Vetika for rejecting Sahil love over and over. I will be over over the moon if someone loved Me as Sahil does ?. Dolly I too think that Vetika might just go for Yash only to push Sahil away.

    This is one serial that keep me on my toes ….

    1. High five….Pooja ✋…your comment made me smile. Do you also think that Anjana was too harsh with Sahil?? I didn’t expect that from her knowing how she used to hide from the family just to see him. Anyways… If he goes away as you’re thinking, then maybe we could see a leap, hope it isn’t long… I’m happy that someone else other than me have noticed this actor’s brilliance in just about his entire space on screen, it’s him that I have my eyes glued on.. ?????.. Pooja, any woman would want a man like Sahil for a son, brother, father and most importantly…a husband!! He just melts my heart ???????

      1. Like thoughts Naz ??

  5. Thinking out loud here…. While looking at Friday’s episode where Sahil was telling Vedika that he can’t live without her, that he would rather kill himself than not spend his entire life with her…he even said something to that effect to his family in the same episode..do you think that this is going to end up a tragedy?? I wouldn’t want it to be this way but you know how some words are like a phrophesy…and we see them when it’s too late!!! Oh lorrrrrrrddddd…i hope this doesn’t happen, I so desperately want to see Sahil and Vedika marry and make it….

  6. Ooshi… I’ve only read your message on the page where you gave me the email address that I had asked for, yesterday. Don’t know how I missed it, I’m sorry. It’s touching to know how much to consider me even though I’m a stranger, however, we all are connected by some common thread that’s unseen, it’s the ways of destiny. I’ve noticed that our little verbal chat is included in the company’s website up to last night, it was surprising to me, I didn’t think it was important but they think otherwise. I have sent an email to them last night, I’m sure I can expect a reply in the upcoming days. Thank you Ooshi…. BTW, your name is difficult for me to pronounce, it’s a name I haven’t seen before… It’s pretty though… I like it… I don’t know if you’ll read this message, I hope you do. Wanted to share this happening with you… Salaam ???

  7. Definitely yes Naz. Anjana was too harsh with Sahil. I did not like the way she was talking about Vetika. She used her. Begging her to sit with Sahil for Puja and as soon as it’s over she turned against her. I like to see Vetika and Shahil sharing some romantic moment and hopefully get married and together they reveal the true colour of Puneet, Shristi and Nindi.

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