Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil and Vaidika return to Agarwal house

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahil carefully carries Vaidika to bed. Nani comes there and was elated to see Sahil there. Sahil says she couldn’t go anywhere else. Usha also comes there and was excited to see Sahil. She tells Sahil that everyone had accepted him to be dead. Vaidika asks Sahil to leave home as they have little time. Usha assures Nani that her son in law was crazy out of love. She then thinks it’s only she, who understands the whole story.
Prachi twists Aarya’s arm behind for manipulating her husband. Puneesh comes there and tells Prachi that Aarya is doing anything because of the compromise, she must apologize Aarya. Prachi was reluctant but then says sorry. Bari Amma comes clapping and says Aarya is the daughter of Vaidika Agarwal, she will snatch Vaidika’s husband from her. Prachi tells Bari

Amma to stay out of their matter, they are doing this with mutual consent. Bari Amma tries to inquire Prachi about deal they were talking about. Puneesh tries to take Bari Amma to her room for rest. Bari Amma forbids him get any closer and was about to slap Bari Amma. Aarya interferes holding her hand in mid-way. She tells Bari Amma to stay away from her husband. Bari Amma leaves the hall saying she will soon discover why they are doing so.
It was a press conference. Puneesh announces the change of business name of Agarwals and announces he has taken over the business and the new name is Tiwari Jewelers. The reporters ask how Bari Amma allowed this. Puneesh says Bari Amma can’t anymore handle the business. Sahil had died while Ved has left the country. He asks Aarya to make further clarifications. The media questions why Aarya agreed to marry a man double her age, her mother had an enmity with Puneesh already, if she had some pressures? Aarya replies she had no pressures at all and married him willfully. Puneesh takes Aarya to inaugurate the name of their new business.
Soon, Bari Amma comes to the hall badly drunk. She creates a huge drama in front of the media and denies handing over her family business to Puneesh. Puneesh dismiss the press conference and make the media leave. Afterwards, he handles Bari Amma angrily. Prachi tries to save Bari Amma, Puneesh twists her arm and says Bari Amma is the left over filth of Agarwal family which has no place anymore. He pushes Bari Amma out of the house but someone comes as her savior. It was Sahil. Everyone was elated to see Sahil, Bari Amma hugged him tightly, relieved over his return. Vaidika enters the Agarwal house from behind. Sahil says he is back home. Puneesh wonders how he could be alive. Vaidika says Sahil is alive to fight a monster like him, even God doesn’t favor people like Puneesh. God saved Sahil and here he stands. Sahil questions Puneesh how dare he tried to push Bari Amma out of the house. He punches Puneesh. Prachi says Puneesh did everything because Sahil had died. Puneesh says this house, this business and everything belongs to Puneesh Tiwari legally. It was Sahil who left this business, and today he feels pity for his Bari Amma? Now, nothing matters to Puneesh Tiwari. Bari Amma shouts that Puneesh is like a snake she had been feeding milk. Vaidika tells Puneesh they will go to court and get Sahil’s rights. Sahil is the real heir of Agarwals and she herself claims to be Mrs. Agarwal even today and Puneesh has no right to make Mr. and Mrs. Agarwal leave. Bari Amma tells Sahil to go into his room, she will cook for him meanwhile.
Sahil enters his room but looked around. Vaidika comes there asking why he is looking around like stranger. Sahil replies he got a new life, everything looks as if it’s new. Vaidika tells Sahil she fall ill without him. Sahil assures he is back and will take care of everything now. He promises to take care of her and makes her lay down, she needs rest now. He claims to be her husband and holds a right over her. Vaidika smiles that in his new life even his style of speaking changed. Sahil asks Vaidika to promise him, she won’t neglect her health anyway. He makes her easy in bed, and promises to take care of Aarya and Ved’s matters now.

PRECAP: Sahil was in a dance bar. Usha comes to take him back. At home, Vaidika notices Sahil returned home badly drunk. She asks Sahil who gave him this alcohol. Sahil behaves rude to Vaidika making her doubtful of him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Soooo d dog has turned and bit d hands dat fed it. Should we b surprised? Hell no we smelt it from miles away now BA is reaping wat she sowed. And who r d ones to save her Sahil and vedika not even her own child Prachi talk bout reaping wat u sow hmmmm. She wasnt a gd mother she made bad choices in husbands for her daughters and all turned against her. Puneesh really is a slimy worm isnt he ,who d hell he thinks he is changing d name of d business and claiming everyting as his smh.
    Wonder wat d rest of d deal is cause getting aaryas inheritance is part but wat did he tell aarya she would get out of it besides her revenge dat hes unaware of? Guess ved got lucky and doesnt need his sibling as a donor after all d hoopla dat happened hmmmm. Jacky has non of d facial expressions dat sahil had he looks identical but totally different JK is an excellent actor which is y he can seem totally different while being jacky and not sahil. Vedika knows d luv she shared with sahil knew how he luved her im afraid jacky wont b able to pull dis off for long. Hell in d bedroom scene today he didnt even look at her d way sahil looks at vedika and drinking and chastising vedika is a big no no if he wants to continue this charade. Unfortunately I believe dat puneesh will b d one to find d real sahil hold him hostage and blackmails jacky into doin wat he wants..just my feelings knowing these writers.

    1. Leisa, you know how I like to think up conspiracies so I’m thinking that if Jacky happens to fall in love with Vedika, you know spending time with someone causes that to happen right…so if he does, that’ll mean he might want to kill Sahil.. 2nd attempted murder allegedly…to get Vedika for himself.. It’s either this or the theory of Jacky being Sahil’s judwa bhai.. Either way, I think writers would have to choose a direction and I can’t see any other angle other than these… Why I say this is because Jacky is too exact in appearance to be any random person, his character and temperament are different from Sahil but their resemblance is too uncanny to be otherwise.. I said yesterday maybe Usha was the nurse who delivered the alleged twins back then and today Anjana isn’t alive to identify her… There’s a reason why Usha and Jacky came to Kanpur and this is’nt a coincidence at all.. Writers have to formulate their stories for further down the road so this could be a good idea for the story to continue otherwise they won’t have anything interesting to give to us….I’ve seen less interesting angles to stories than what I’ve concocted.. What do you think of this angle???

      1. Leisa s morris

        Yes naz i can see dis as an outcome and it wouldnt b d first time writers took dis route,would b interesting though to see jacky falling for vedika just like sahil. Yes ursha came there long before.sahil dissappeared and she didnt have any idea of wat was goin on so she needed info so as to plan her nxt move and sahils disappearance give her just dat. But jacky needs to b convincing in his delivery as sahil which he isnt in my opinion. Just look at how.different his expression and behavior is as a drunk compared to wen sahil gets drunk. Vedika isnt stupid and.she would rather have d.real sahil or no sahil at all

  2. Nina

    I am anxiously waiting for Vedika will noticing the difference in the behavior of Jacky and Sahil. Two persons can alike in looks, but two absolutely same persons cannot be at all. Time to time Sahil appears through Jacky and again vanished.

  3. STEW!!! BULLSHIT!!! These writers are always messing up the script,if it’s not memory loss it’s a look alike such a damn coincidence wow Kya baat Kya baat where was this Saahil look alike all this time huh. The writers were keeping him hidden na? Good fuh dem. By the way we here in Guyana are far behind now Veds is going to light the fire crackers. While reading the updates I realized something was amisss so I went back and realize we are at a turtle’s pace. I am not sorry one bit for this Bhoomi she should start hustling Saahil look alike and let him clap it on her cuz is ah man she wants hahahaha!!!! I am not lawless I am just being me. She always wanted him so go for it girl friend. SMH!!!

  4. Well, it was a new low for BA to insinuate that Aarya could steal her mother’s husband because she’s just like Vedika.. Probably she’s deaf because Aarya knows Sahil since she was younger and has always referred to him as Sahil papa… I must say that today’s episode was good especially the scenes with the snake eyed Puneesh subtly insulting his dharam patni…how I enjoyed seeing Prachi squirm, seeing her take a backseat in the failed jewelry unveiling…

    1. Leisa s morris

      I think she meant arya will steal puneesh away from prachi just like her mother did with bhoomi.

  5. Friends, correct me if I’m wrong, Ved is very much alive so how the heck can the ugly Puneesh say that he owns everything…..On top of being the ugliest villian, Puneesh is also becoming mad as well.. Too much young thing in his face that he is all dizzy and can’t think straight!! Anyways…KJ is doing a great job with his new character but I want Sahil back because time is going and Vedika isn’t getting younger so it better be that Sahil Agarwal return home soon and be here throughout Vedika’s pregnancy.. However, I didn’t like seeing Jacky touching Vedika’s belly, that’s too intimate…

    1. Leisa s morris

      Yes I wondered d same ting too even if aarya give him her share he would also need veds share to own everyting and not even bhoomi can transfer veds wealth to puneesh so cant see how he can say he owns everyting.

  6. What is this guys.. i really dont know what to say abt this track now.. but vedhika looked juz beautiful in that yellow saree..

    1. Leisa s morris

      Dolly we’re all just goin with d flow now. D entire concept of dis series is down d lube and is one crap after d nxt. My only highpoint is dat puneesh has shown his hands and even bari amma knows wat a creepy slimy backstabbing dog he is. Imagine living in d peoples house doing nothing and now wants to take everyting smh before u say mayhem he would’ve grind dat business to d ground. And yes vedika looked real pretty and sahil needs to b there for dis pregnancy how could they make him miss another one. Although I must admit dat vedika is a very fertile woman imagine getting pregnant so easily on both occasion.

  7. Naz .. I will go with the twin scenario and Usha is now trying to get him what he is due. I am sure writers will cook up something on how they got seperated. This Jacky is not interested in Vedika. He has a girlfriend and he is not very comfortable romancing Vedika. The bedroom scene would have been do different if it was with Sahil. Did you notice yesterday that Vedika told him he has change his way of talking. She will start having doubts but is so relieved to have Sahil (Jacky)back that she is not thinking about the changes in him too much. Right now she want to save Arya and Ved. I am guessing at some point we will see venomous Bhoomi back with Ved as writers never seem to surprise us.

    1. I noticed he was a bit uncomfortable, it better be so because if he turns out to be Sahil’s twin, Vedika would be his bhabi..so, it would be logical for him to be portrayed as being so… I must admit that I’m looking for Sahil in Jacky and I’m not able to find him…Sahil was an irresponsible maverick in the beginning and while he maintains his jovial carefree persona around Vedika….only around Vedika, Aarya, Nani and Ved…he’s matured into a deeply reflective and considerate man..he’s loving towards his son, still considers Aarya as his little one and ohh gosh..the best husband candidate ever ??…anyways, it’s still early to pass verdict on Jacky but I can say that he doesn’t have the temperament and charisma as Sahil’s character.. KJ has drawn a line between the characters and that’s a very fine job..

  8. Ofcourse pooja that venomous creature lustful bhoomi ll come no soonervthe PIMP BA ifms her about sahil being back alive. As we all sDadika fans know that this horse faced bhoomi is so crazy for sahil physically. And this fake sahil is a ROMEO. So our hotty potty ll throw herself on him n he ll succummb to her lustfuless very willingly. I will hate to see KJ in any form with that lusty lady. And if the writers hv introduced this fsKe sahils character to unite him with that hotty lady then i am 100% done with this serial. I swear. KJ is meant only for the serene vedika n Nobody else. You all sadika fans pls write to ZEE TV on [email protected]

    1. Raji, I was of the view that zeetv is only responsible for transmission of the serials but not the content of the story…are you saying that they actually took your message to you and can do something about an issue like this? I know that they have their guidelines which has to be followed by every production team, what I’m wondering is whether they can influence the decision of pulling a character off or changing the direction of the serial… I do know that as soon as some serials go unhinged and unnecessary illogical twists and turns happen, count your lucky stars that the serial end up on the chopping board which eventually upset viewers because a lot of loose ends never get tied up and more questions are left unanswered than answered.in order to close up shop!! I’d like to write to them though…can you tell me in a nutshell what they said to you? BTW, I’m in the same boat as you, I absolutely hate the thought that Bhoomi would end up with Jacky, whether we like him or not.. I would have cut her some slack but she’s proved to be a toxic mother, instead of sharing motherhood with Vedika, she’s mainly responsible for all that has happened post Divali celebration…from Sadika’s separation, Ved’s unacceptance of Vedika as his mother too, to her poisoning the young boy’s mind to Sahil being presumably dead to saying Vedika should remain in jail, she doesn’t care…that’s why I hate her even more than before…she’s proved to be utterly selfish and self centered self serving… The less I see of her, my BP would remain normal… Of course she’ll be back soon…..and this time she’ll want Jacky and I’m sure he’s going to reciprocate her feminine wiles and Ohh lord, I don’t know how much I can handle…

  9. Can’t say i like the epi…

  10. Naz we were all so happy when vedika got pregnant the 2nd time. We thought now our lovable sahil ll take care of her so lovi gly. Now i wonder how will it happen. In case he is slive which i am sure he is we dont know how many more months ll pass till he recovers fm that fall. Losing all interest now in this serial. Only praying to GOD n hv written to ZEE TV that all sadika fans ll never like any nbr of sahil look alikes to be paired with the female horse face bhoomi. Either her character should be PUMPED OFF or gv her some other male actor opp her to cool her Hot body down. CHEAP WOMAN wanted to be the first woman to sleep with sahil. HUGH. CRAZY DAMSEL IN DISTRESS MAD CRAP

  11. Yes naz they replied voa email n ifmd that yr feed back n complaint is noted n ll be ifmd to the person concerned n ll revert back. But we all should keep on writing to them on that email ID. Pls sadika fans write on that email ID whatever r yr complaints n feed back

  12. Naz.. Sahil has set the bar so high that no one will come anywhere near. I am also trying to find Sahil within Jacky but the more I watch Jacky the less convince I am that they are a tiny bit similar. In the last 2 episode that he appears he has already slip..

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