Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika announce her engagement with Yash

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Sahil and Vaidika walk out of the house. Anjana tries to stop Sahil but he insists its his life and is in trouble. He follows Vaidika and promises to get Puneesh punished. Vaidika asks what he will fix now, he is the reason what happened to Aarya today. If he hadn’t come to her life, this wouldn’t have happened. Yash asks Sahil to let Vaidika leave. Sahil tells him to stay away, but Vaidika tells Sahil to get away from her and her daughter’s life. She gets into the car and leave with Yash. Sahil says its obvious she must be angry, as her daughter suffered.
Outside the house, Vaidika thanks Yash for accompanying her and dropping her home as well. She can’t thank him well. Yash forbids her to think much about it. She can’t break right now, she is the only support Aarya has. Vaidika says her mother lost today, she couldn’t get her justice. Yash says this fight hasn’t ended yet, they will get that bastard punished. He feels pride in himself to stand beside a strong woman as her. Vaidika offers any kind of help Yash ever need from her. She walks inside.
The next morning, Vaidika tries to feed Aarya a few bites. There was a news about Aarya questioning the morales of the new generation. Aarya leaves, and requests Vaidika to let her be alone for a while. She walks out of the house. Nidhi stops Vaidika from following her. She says she knows Vaidika wants to save her daughter, and curses Puneesh and everyone who could dare all this. She says her brother Mohit would never dare such a mistake ever again. She can stop this MMS from spreading across the social media. Vaidika requests Nidhi to do this and promises any kind of help she can offer to her. Nidhi cries and requests Vaidika to return Sahil, her husband. Vaidika asks she tried her best, but what else she must do.Nidhi says Vaidika must make Sahil hate herself, only then he would cease to love her. She fell in Vaidika’s feet and says Sahil would otherwise never leave her. She smirked devilishly, while Vaidika was thoughtful.
Sahil sat with Aarya. Sahil says it’s the only way to ask Mohit why he did so. He insists on Aarya to promise she would never meet him again. Puneesh smirked while he heard this conversation. As they walk into the dance room looking for Mohit, Vaidika come there with Yash and slap Sahil. She scolds Aarya and forbids Sahil to stay away from her matters. She doesn’t consider Sahil anything in her life. Yash tells Sahil to go away. Sahil grabs his collar questioning what right Yash has over her. Vaidika says he is her fiancé; they are marrying soon. Everyone was shocked to hear this including Yash. Nidhi and Puneesh who watched from behind the wall smiled evily. Sahil turns Vaidika to face him and says he knows her more than herself, the disturbance in her eyes and irregularity of her breathes are all known to him. She must understand no one can love her more than Sahil. He asks if she will marry Yash, who can’t even open his eyes well or speak? Yash calls Sahil jealous. He says he and his fiancé will not mind this misbehavior. Sahil punches Yash’s face for calling her as his fiancé. Vaidika warns Sahil to stay away from her life and takes Aarya along. Sahil says she can’t do this.
At home, Nani asks Vaidika what is this all. If she is really going to marry Yash? Vaidika explains this was important to keep Sahil away from her. Aarya tries to clarify Sahil’s position but Vaidika forbids her take the name of either Sahil or that Mohit. She sends Aarya into her room. Nani was helpless about Vaidika. Vaidika comes to thank Yash and explains she didn’t understand anything to say to Sahil at that time. Nidhi said Sahil won’t move forward until she does. Yash may not carry on with the lie if he dislike. Yash tells Vaidika he is happy to be of her help, until it harms Agarwals. Vaidika was shocked and asks if he know them already. Yash says they are business competitors, but Vaidika may only consider him a good friend.
Nidhi and Yash were celebrating in the room and wish Bari Amma was also well. Puneesh gives the credit to Nidhi as he has just joined in their tea. Deepak comes at the door clapping but Sahil comes from behind and drags Puneesh outside by his collar. His family tries to stop him but Sahil warns he would kill Puneesh if they interfere. At Vaidika’s house, Sahil asks Aarya and Vaidika what he must punish Puneesh with. Vaidika considers Sahil responsible for giving Aarya the permission to meet Mohit. She forbids him repeat the statement that he is her father. She goes out to bring Yash inside and says this man is Aarya’s father to be. Yash says Sahil is a good friend of Vaidika, he invites him to their engagement tonight.

PRECAP: Vaidika arrive at Agarwal house as a bride and asks them to welcome their to be daughter in law.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. i think while trying to find abt aarya’s mms bastard or trying to make sahil hate her, vedika would come to know the sl*tty b*t*h nidhi’s truths{either she drugs him or she is the one who made mms or sahil isn’t the father of her child or all of it}. Deepak would come up with the evidence to vedika after engagement or during pre wedding ritual for his own reasons but by then sahil would have been destroyed by vedika herself as he mentioned during his marriage to that b*t*h nidhi sorry forgot bariamma even she can do this to kick sl*t of sahil’s life. And vedika would try to correct her wrongness but sahil would be broken so much that he can’t help himself out{means either accident or effects of drug dosage}. Anyway high voltage heart breaking scenes were ahead which gives me lots and lots of pain as sahil fan.

    1. MK… I echo your comment.. Sahil’s going to be badly destroyed and all I can see is high tension, drama and heartbreak galore….for us fans of Karan Jotwani as well. The only reason I’m bearing this treatment of Sahil for, is because he’ll definitely know Nidhi’s true face and her punishment is guaranteed by him….but by this time, I don’t know what condition he’s going to be in. You could see how devastated he is by Vedika’s coldness towards him…i feel for him badly ??????????

  2. ????????….i hate this episode.. I hate this breakup… ?????????….the only positive thing I got today was Deepak’s entrance into the room followed by Sahil….dragging puneesh the lizard outside and I just hope he knows Nidhi was the mastermind behind the disgusting MMS video. Another thing which irritated the hell outta me was Vedika holding Yash in such high regards, she barely knows him, she started working for him a couple days ago and she made such a huge announcement, just out of the blue!!!! I hate Vedika today, she’s not willing to sit like a mature adult and talk with Sahil, what’s done is done…it isn’t Sahil’s fault that Aarya drank alcohol, she damn lied to her mother and did a wrong thing and Sahil has to bear the consequences of her foolishness. I hope Aarya’s hates Yash …. And the BIGGEST stupidity of today’s episode was Vedika believing Nidhi’s crocodile tears and venomous words..
    She just fell for it …like a fool….and she even promised Nidhi some help if needed to get to the bottom of the MMS…. Vedika must be pretty desperate to take Nidhi’s help… I HATE THIS EPISODE….

  3. What to say now guys..?

  4. I strongly believe this Yash is related to Badi Amma, mayb her long lost son and mayb Vedika knows this n is marrying or pretending to marry Yash so she says get ready to welcome me as agarwal family’s to be daughter in law and not mrs. sahil….whatever it is, by doing this, wat is she trying to prove, I just don’t get it…

  5. Oh goodness…. I’m so impatient to see Puneesh and Shruti’s secret revealed…. Prachi’s expression and her devastation would be epic!!! I want her to hide her face after that….

  6. This show is not what it promise, where is the love story between these two. all i am seeing is pure sas bahu bullshit.

  7. Omg… I never thought Vedika could so easily fell into Nidhi trap. My heart bleeds for Sahil.
    He can’t seem to be doing anything right in Vedika’s eyes at the moment. not sure where the story is going but I am not liking the current track. How long before the truth infoid?

  8. Muniya

    I really wonder how i’m still sticking tothe show.
    EverytimeI see Nidhi…only one question rise in my mind…why isn’t she die yet??…and Nothing else.
    I didn’t like the epi…can’t see Sahil’s humiliation anymore in every step.
    And now the precap is also clear that Vedika is in agarwal house as Yash’s bride as he is connected to them.

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