Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil’s return

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Aarya hears Sahil’s voice. She asks an organizer about the voice. The man tells Vaidika it’s the same person who will perform today. Vaidika wonders if Sahil will do the dancing and music. Soon, the performance begin. Sahil jumps onto the stage and flies his shawl in the air, it fells over Vaidika. She cries of relief as Sahil performs on the stage.
Prachi decorates Aarya for her Suhag raat, she tells Aarya Puneesh would be happy to see her there. Aarya thanks Prachi, then says Puneesh won’t like the necklace she has given her. The one Prachi is wearing will suit her dress more, this will get them best results. Prachi gives the necklace with a heavy heart. Puneesh watched this, he thinks Aarya is shrewder than her mother. He will have gain and fun both with her.
Vaidika runs

into Sahil’s arms, hugs him and cry. Sahil forbids her shed any tears. Vaidika asks where he had been, why he came here. Sahil says he doesn’t remember a lot, it’s just that an old woman saved him from death. She needed money and he came over to dance for her help. He says he is now relieved after meeting her. Vaidika asks Sahil to go to Kanpur with her, a lot has gone wrong there. Aarya married Puneesh, Bhoomi left for US with Ved and Puneesh took over the business and their house as well. Sahil was in a deep thought and didn’t pay attention. Vaidika confirms if he is with her? He replies he is with her forever. The crowd claps for them, while the two walk outside.
Aarya was waiting on the bed when Puneesh comes to the room. She walks towards Puneesh and says girls of this generation want romance, but may be man of Puneesh’s age can’t give her… Puneesh interrupts that he can give her anything that any young man can do. Aarya asks him to wear the costume on the bed. Puneesh excitedly runs towards the costume and wears the Romeo cap. Aarya then demands him to climb the stairs and propose her in the balcony like in Romeo Juliet. Puneesh was initially reluctant, but agrees to do later on.
Puneesh had worn the costume and climbed halfway up the stairs. Aarya stood on the balcony and vibrates the stairs. Puneesh fell down from a height hurting himself. Aarya thinks she is Vaidika Agarwal’s daughter and will make him suffer badly; it’s just a beginning.
Sahil walked ahead of Vaidika. Vaidika stops him as he went the wrong way and asks if he forgot the way to home. Sahil replies his head was a little injured, he will just follow her now. Vaidika walks ahead, Sahil looked around cautiously. Vaidika’s foot slips on the way, Sahil comes to support her. Her foot got a strain, Sahil holds her in his arms while everyone gathered. They smile at each other while walking towards Vaidika’s house.

PRECAP: Everyone in Agarwal family was shocked to see Sahil alive.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Seriously…..i dnt tink dats sahil u knw his cautious looks, deep thoughts,etc bt den d writers might surprise d viewers, well now its to watch and see. I dnt hv much to say

  2. Nice episode.. I knew that Arya had a motive marrying this clown and no good Puneesh. Prachi is so stupid. What king of woman agreed to such thing. Hopefully Arya will get enough proof to bring him dow.
    It would good to see how Bhoomi react to the news that Sahil (Jacky) is alive. She will come running from America 😂 and throw herself at him. only good thing Ved will be back and Vetika will get see her son. This fake Sahil has slip already. How is he going to keep up the pretence. Won’t be long before Vedika will suss him out. Precap look good.. can’t wait to see Puneesh face when he saw Jacky.

  3. I want old sahil as back i dnt like the show now because off churail bhumi nd the jacky if it will cntunue thn u stop seeing this serial😏😏

  4. Nina

    That falling fake-Romeo in a velvet hat was very funny.I suppose clever Aarya is ready frustrates Puneesh’s plans and will take revenge on the villains. The copy of Sahil looks bad like a frivolous person and a buffoon, unlike a wonderful Sahil.

  5. Now that this stupid marriage has turned out to be a farce and Aarya is about to teach the most stupid couple a lesson, I’d hope that it moves along quickly and I soon forget how pissed off I was for this track. I must admit that it was hilarious seeing Puneesh look like a total idiot in the getup…it looks like he’ll do anything to get his hands on young flesh, what a pervert!! Hmm… You know friends, there’s truth in situations like this when a man is so old, much older than the woman, like puneesh, he does tend to make himself look like an ass trying his best to make her love him by doing possibly anything she demands of him…so yeah, women know just how to fool old men like puneesh…and get anything that they want… LMAO… Good tactic Aarya, stick it into him….. Anyways, the hug Vedika gave to Jacky reminds me of how it used to be with Sahil…

  6. Friends missing the old sahil. He looked so matured n handsome esp in the beards. Writers pls bring him back lest we lose interest in this serial. But we all sadika fans r grateful to the writers that the lustful n horse faced bhoomi is missing since the last few episodes. None of sadila fans would even like to take her name. PUMP OFF HER CHARACTER Writers. To differentiate the fale sahil fm the original sahil some extra make up has been done on fake sahils cheeks. Friends watch fake sahil minutely n u ll notice his cheeks r looking little puffed up. I think because of the extra make up on his cheeks. I didnt like this sahils get up at all. Hope they finish the fake sahils track as fast as possible. What say friends.

  7. this series is going from bad to worse
    the talented actors are wasted in some useless drama
    there is no point left to view it or even read the reviews now
    good bye aap ke aa jaane se
    we thought aap ke aa jaane se we would get something good to watch but no it is just crap

  8. i just took my brain out and watched the part from 7 43 to 9 16 by believing that it’s real sahil like vedhika, and last 2 mins also, it was just perfect as it used to be all along this journey of sadhika. But with my mind being back at it’s place i didn’t like it. Anyway, this jacky didn’t go to fall for vedhika to be paired with b*t*h bhoomi, that’s the happiest thing since he have his own love, seen in youtube, some girl entering agarwal mansion and jacky was tensed and hugging her and vedhika feeling discomfort over it. @ Raji and @ Naz, puneesh is reaping what he has sown,but i think this is not enough for the pervert. Me too not liking this overdo of KJ,sometimes it looks like joker’s chin(watch out during the dance )Previously as Sahil, he came beardless and he was so cute in it the half beard sahil with deep voice is the best for me,and writers please bring real sahil asap, without him, it’s like there is incompleteness in vedhika as well as the show.

  9. Its not real Sahil for sure🤔🤔

  10. I’ve always liked seeing a man with a neat beard, not long definitely but just how Sahil wore it when he had graded it down… It added character, handsomeness and maturity to his personality. Sahil was showing the symptoms of being a devoted husband and father and now that he isn’t in this persona, I’m missing him terribly. Friends, I can feel Vedika’s pain and frustration when she was looking for Sahil, when you love someone deeply and they aren’t there by your side, you feel utterly lost and hopeless, the things you did together with them, their presence around you which you never paid much importance to, all comes back to make you realize that every moment spent with them, is priceless..in order words, you never miss the water until the well runs dry… For all the times she didn’t reciprocate his love, well thankfully she did but what a place to confess…for all the moments spent away from him, the 5 long years…she must be feeling very low and lonely.. Now that she has found Jacky thinking he’s Sahil, I hope writers don’t allow her to get too close for comfort knowing that she’s going to feel very uncomfortable afterwards when she does find the real Sahil… I’m comfortable with the fact that Jacky has a girlfriend of his own, but knowing the wretched Bhoomi, she’s definitely going to throw herself into his arms, after all she’s hot for Sahil and his physical intimacy, so even though he’s fake, I’m betting that Jacky is going to be tangled with her, girlfriend or not…

  11. MK, I too don’t overly like this new makeup on the character, I think that he looks a bit plastic. I want my old Sahil back, I’m missing him so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭..i always looked at old Sahil watching Vedika and I don’t know how KJ could express so much love from his eyes ,when Vedika was giving Ved ladoo and told him that it was made by both his father and herself, I noticed how he looked at Vedika under his brows, his gaze was so all knowing, so dark and penetrating, so full of love…omg, KJ is too good as a lover.. No one is liking the transformation much, the character is full of energy but the make up is too much, I want to see him back with a well groomed beard, and the haircut should remain the same..he looks better with this style than the unkempt look.. I’ve always imagined him being a boss as he’s heir to Agarwal’s fortune, it would be so satisfying visually to see him like this, as the hot looking businessman… Sigh… We see that he doesn’t care for wealth at all, his love for the woman in his life is of utmost importance so I don’t know if I’ll ever see my dream for Sahil ever coming to fruition.. As it is MK, I’m missing Sahil the same way Vedika is missing him… 😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Friends pls write yr feeedback, any complaints that u hv or if u want that blo*dy lustful bhoomi to be thrown out of the serial or we should write to ZEE TV that at no point of time they should show the fake sahil with bhpomi even if the serial ends. Today i found out fm google ZEE TVs email ID n wrote to them a short email. Friends u wont believe they replied to my mail quite fast. U write to ZEE TV on their email ID [email protected]. i am sure if we all write on tthis email ID n rqst them to infm the writers to PUMP OFF BHOOMIs character all our plea will ne heard by them. So all sadika fans do write mmmediately on the abv email.

  13. Oh dear Naz u r so sharp n observant. Even i noticed that particular scene n went ga ga over it. I dont know how many times i hv seen that scene n that particular episode on mobile. How i wish somebody could collate all his romamtic scenes with vedila fm the time the serial started on 15th jan 2018 n post it on this forum.

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