Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidika blamed for Shashi’s attempt to murder

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Shashi walks to Vaidika and places his hand over her head, calling her a Bahu. He says it’s an important day for the family, they will welcome a new member into their family. Vaidika confirms if he… He nods. She has won his heart by protecting Geet. He opened his eyes, he rejected her under societal pressure. Tomorrow, he would announce her as his daughter in law in front of that society. She is worth more than a daughter in law, she will not have to bear all the pains she suffered from her last wedding. He was ashamed of name calling her, but from now onwards she will be recognized as daughter in law of Kashab family. Vaidika cries, takes his blessings then claims herself as lucky to get a father in the in-laws. Shashi says they are lucky to have her. Vaidika says she would just tell Sahil. He forbids her, but she says lies increase differences between people. She doesn’t want to hide anything from Sahil. In the room, Shashi thinks she wished everyone gets the news through press conference, but this Sahil is crazy and would announce it right away. He comes out of the room, calling Vaidika. Avantika hits the back of Shashi’s head with a vase. His head bleeds while he fell on the floor. Avantika hides herself. Vaidika comes hearing the strange voice and was shocked to see the blooded vase around. Avantika thinks she can’t let Vaidika get accepted. Shashi won’t be left by tomorrow. Rekha comes there and accuses Vaidika for the murder. Sahil and Deepak reach and carry Shashi to hospital. Rekha warns she won’t spare Vaidika if Shashi is hurt.

In the room, doctor says he is hurt at head. The next few hours are critical, and there is a possibility he goes into comma. His condition is extremely delicate. Avantika comes to the room and feels sorrow, asking Rekha how it all happened. Rekha blames Vaidika for an attempt to murder. She drags Vaidika outside, pushing her away. She complains to Vaidika’s mother that she tried to kill her husband, she is an eye witness to everything. Sahil asks how she can blame Vaidika. Vaidika clarifies she heard his scream and found him on the floor. Rekha says Vaidika held the vase in her hand, she attempted to hit him. Vaidika says she went to give him tea, he blessed her and said he would accept her in press conference tomorrow. Rekha claims Vaidika to be a liar. She turns to complain in police. Sahil stops Rekha and says she can’t blame anyone. He asserts Rekha hasn’t seen anyone. Their father needs them. Rekha cries hugging Sahil.
Rekha and Sahil sat beside Shashi. Avantika brings water to both of them. Sahil hands her a glass of water. Avantika smirks while leaving. She watches Vaidika crying.

She comes to the door of Shashi’s room. Sahil watches Vaidika then was stopped by Rekha’s condition. Vaidika cries in the temple corner.

The next morning, everyone waited outside the room. The nurse opens the door and says patient is conscious. Sahil comes to the room first, everyone else follows. They try to inquire who did this. Avantika stood right behind Vaidika. Shashi turns his eyes, then raises his hand to point a finger. Avantika changes her position at once. He goes unconscious once again. Rekha now comes to blame Vaidika and slaps her. Sahil stops Vaidika. The doctor tells them all to leave.

In the hall, Rekha tells Sahil he must believe her. Vaidika asks why she would hurt him. Shashi’s assistant comes there and says Shashi called him last night, he wished to name all his property after Avantika’s name. He has selected Avantika as his daughter in law, else his property must be named after a trust. Before he could tell anything, a girl entered his room. He shows some signed papers that Shashi had mailed. He leaves. Rekha says she now understand the whole game. This divorcee married him for money. When she knew Shashi wasn’t ready to accept her, she tried to kill him. Vaidika denies the blame. She says Shashi wanted to surprise everyone. Rekha wasn’t ready to accept.

PRECAP: Rekha forces Sahil to fill Avantika’s hairline. He wasn’t ready to marry Avantika. Rekha place a knife over her neck, as she can’t see her house being destroyed.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Leisa s morris

    One loooong stueps…here we go again

  2. Hello Friends…I was busy in my own life…Iam back..and request from you all please Come back…bcz only 8 episodes is left now..
    Friends I read your back comments….I were already aware from this offair news…through the Insta…But that time, I were not capable to accept this news…that our lovely show will be shut down very soon…I was thinking that the news is fake…Iam so so sad..?????
    What was the problem from this show??
    If they were prepared to off air this lovely show than why Started Season 2???
    I have many beautiful dreams for Sadika’s new love life…ohhhhhhh
    We fans were happy to see Sadika’s 1st season’s happy life…with two cute kids..ved..virat..ohh
    I can say this is totally uncompleted….Sadika’s story and now our great makers giving something new way of romantic scenes for Sadika and Sadika fans..huuh…

  3. Nice to see u back gayatri. Gayatri in one of the comments MK had written that due to ego problems in between suhasi dhami n karan jotwani this aerial is coming to n end. But MK was not sure n she was going to come back n gv us the correct news. Pls find out fm Insta if this news is correct. I only hope it is NOT. but in these re birth episoes though a lot of romance is being shown between sahili n vedika. It doesnt look natural at all. Daily i am watching on my mobile last years episodes n i am enjoying it so much. I was addicted to this serial. I dont know how will i survive when this serial ends. Friends cant we all get together n see that the serial doesnt end. As you know just like star power there is FAN power also. Pls Gayatri before the serial ends find out if there was really any problem existing in between shil n vedika. Naz w r u? Pls post yr lovely comments for the last few episodes.

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