Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika and Sahil head to pick up Aarya from airport

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Sahil comes to Sadika and advices that theft is a bad act. Sadika says she gave him halwa in turn. Sahil buys her a pair of bangle. Sadika forces Sahil to take the halwa from her in return. Sahil tastes the halwa and recognizes Vaidika’s cooking. He jerks the thought of Vaidika and decides he will forget everything related to Vaidika. He asks Sadika where her mother is and comes to thank her mother as well. Vaidika had been looking for Sadika when she meets her. She gives Vaidika her birthday gift and says an uncle got her, he is even coming to thank her. Sahil comes behind and finds Sadika speaking to Vaidika, Vaidika had her back towards him. Soon, there was screams of fire around. Vaidika runs outside.
At Agarwal house, Sahil speaks to himself that this feeling never came in past five years. He shouldn’t think about it. Bhoomi watch him return, she says she knows he doesn’t like birthday celebrations but it increases one’s life span. She demands a little celebration between them two only. She presents him a small gift. Sahil says what Bhoomi did for him in past five years means a lot to him. He filled her hairline as a challenge from that woman in jail. She is really nice but he wonders why she is still with him. He couldn’t be the right husband because he lost his faith over love. Bhoomi says she is aware Sahil allowed her a lot of times to leave the house, earlier she was fan of a lover Sahil but today she recognizes Sahil as a very good person. She has been with Sahil till today, he is her friend and life partner. He and Ved are her life, she hopes one day Sahil would love her again. He is someone who loved so intently, and someone who loves so dearly won’t be able to live without love for long. She leaves.
Aarya was packing her luggage. Her roommate asks if everything is fine. Aarya explains it’s a long vacation and she is missing her father, she decided to visit India for some time. She decides to call Sahil, but network was busy. She sends her roommate to text Sahil about it. Hurriedly, Aarya dials the call again but it connects to Vaidika. Vaidika was elated to see the number and takes the call in tears. Aarya doesn’t respond. Her roommate comes to inform Aarya about texting Sahil her flight timings. Vaidika cheers and was thankful to God for Aarya’s call. There, Aarya wonders how this happened, she had blocked Vaidika’s number. Vaidika calls Nani to confirm if Aarya is returning after five years. Nani says even if she is coming she won’t want to meet Vaidika. She tells her to cut the call, Sahil hates her and would even force them homeless. She is used to all the luxuries of the house now and Vaidika won’t be able to afford all this for her. After the call, Vaidika decides to reach Lucknow airport and hug Aarya right there. She will explain everything to Aarya and she will surely forgive her.
Sahil cheers reading the message of Aarya’s friend. A lady comes with the complaint that Ved kissed the cheek of her daughter. Sahil speaks to Ved why he did so, he shouldn’t ever do any such act again without the permission of girl. The lady accuses Sahil for his affair with Vaidika. Sahil was furious and shouts at the lady to stop it. Bhoomi comes there, apologizes the lady and makes her leave. Sahil goes upstairs.
The next day, Vaidika packs all of Aarya’s favorable eatables in excitement with Sadika. They hurry as the taxi arrives. In the car, Sahil and Ved were headed towards the airport. Ved insists upon going to play in Little Kingdom. Sahil tries to explain to Ved that Aarya is coming over today. Ved thinks for a while then asks to go to washroom. Sahil stops the car. Ved leaved the car and gets into a ladies washroom telling Sahil to go to Lucknow alone. Sahil stays outside the washroom. Vaidika comes from toilet and asks Ved to come down else he might hurt himself. She was moved to hear Sahil calling Ved outside, promising to take him to Little Kingdom.

PRECAP: Vaidika comes out with Sadika but Sahil had left. Vaidika notices Ved was about to get hit by a car and saves him. she was speaking to Ved when Sahil comes from behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Leisa s morris

    Wat kind of mother vaidika has eh? For d sake of luxury she can distance herself from anybody. First she pushed sahil away now pushin vaidika so she wont lose d luxury. Wouldnt wish dis mother on anyone. Now we havin d cat and mouse game with sahil and vaidika hmmm

  2. Nice episode… Love you Sahil??.
    His acting touch my heart and I could feel his pain. He is s broken man.

    Nani is unbelievable!! choosing luxury over her daughter?

    I cannot wait for Sahil and Vetika to come face to face. Will he soften up or Angry??? . This serial move fast and he will soon find out why she lied to him when she was in jail. Hope he can rekindle his love and we get to see Sadika moments.

    1. What’s the uses its always dream?

  3. Nina

    Destiny doesn’t still release a prisoner of love. Time doesn’t treat for the soul. I am surprised how Karan has attractive been acting his role since the first episode. This is what I watched this couple for, and I’m grateful for their good work for the interesting lives they’re making for viewers in the television world.

  4. I wish vedhika had worn those bangles once.. she too would have got that nostalgic feeling like Sahil..
    No words family that greedy Nani..she’s always been like that..
    When ved can hear Sahil’s voice from inside the washroom, vedhika cudnt??
    Even at the mosque, y cudnt Sahil recognise her even from behind.. he always knows when she’s around..

  5. Hello Naz,you must be very busy on the eve of EID -uL -ADHA …this is to wish you and your family a very happy EID…May this EID bring lots and lots of happiness ,joy ,ALLAH’s blessings and love….Dear friend ,EID MUBARAK to you and your family.. Will chat tomorrow ….

    1. Thank you Lakshmi… I left a comment for you on ISA… Yes, we’ll chat tomorrow…

  6. The reaction when that stupid lady accuses of Sadhika’s relationship, he comes running upstairs and reacts in his mind so deeply in his deep voice is sooooo very awesome..????

  7. Muniya

    Loved Sahil?????
    Sahil’s reaction after the lady left was priceless…fabulous??
    Vedika recieved her birthday gift from Sahil at least?
    No words for Vedika’s mother…selfish and materialistic…her daughter doesn’t mean to her??
    Precap is nice too…

  8. Good episode once more. I’m seeing accurate expressions and portrayal from the actors especially Karan and Suhasi…jer trembling lips wishing Sahil happy birthday was top of the line, just perfect and Sahil’s body language and expressions tells me he’s a wounded, lonely and sad man inside and he’s convincing himself that he hates Vedika but it’s more like he’s hating her with a passionate love still intact, if this was real life, I could see what a tempestuous meeting they would have. In reality, this kind of meeting of a couple with so much love and hurt could end up in a heated but passionate s*xual encounter….. Friends, I haven’t regretted watching this serial, this is almost the best for me right now…. Love it love it love it……

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