Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil beaten by goons on Yash’s call

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Yash warns Vaidika that if she tries to break their wedding she would again witness the destruction of Agarwal family. He was trying to force himself over Vaidika when Sahil enters the room and grabs Yash’s collar. Yash pushes Sahil away. Sahil throws everything around the house on floor shouting at Yash as a bad uncle who is beating Vaidika. Yash asks Vaidika to stop him. Everyone from the family gather inside and tries to calm Sahil. Gauri notices Vaidika was sweating badly and felt uncomfortable. Deepak takes her outside. Vaidika also walks out of the room while Nani follows her. Yash decides to teach Sahil a lesson and finish this chapter of craziness.
Sahil drank on the streets around Vaidika’s old house. He was lost in thoughts about Vaidika and got drunk sitting there on the road.

He sits on the floor there and shouts at God for torturing Vaidika. First Vaidika’s husband died, then that Gautham and now this Yash whom Vaidika married. Why should Vaidika suffer so much, he would kill Yash. He breaks the bottle on floor and fell there.
Gauri speaks to Vaidika she is a strong lady, why she seems to be tensed. She doesn’t understand why she married Yash, but if she is unhappy why remain in such a relation. Vaidika says she had to save lives of many, specially the one who never thought about his own life for her. Vaidika says she had no other option. Gauri holds her hand and asks Vaidika to tell her anything she can do for her. Vaidika hugs Gauri nodding. When Gauri leaves, Vaidika thinks she wonders how long she will be able to bear all this. One day she might be fed up of Yash’s attitude but she will help Sahil and his family as much as she can.
Deepak assures Yash on phone that he will help him. He has arranged four men who would be enough to teach good lesson to Sahil. Yash wasn’t ready to spare Sahil for loving his wife.
There, goons gather around the drunk Sahil.
Vaidika prays in front of temple that the house is gathered in troubles. Sahil’s condition is worsening, Yash’s behavior hurts her. She prays for Sahil’s safety and strength for herself. She lights a flame in front temple but it goes out.
There, the goons break a bottle over Sahil’s head and beats him badly while he was badly drunk. Deepak enjoyed the scene from a corner.
Vaidika tries to light the flame again, worried of the storm.
Sahil was badly beaten.
Vaidika saves the flame. She prays for Sahil’s safety, else her believe over God would also shatter.
Deepak hear siren of police mobile and whistles to alert the goons. Sahil lay on the floor unconscious and injured. A girl draped in fancy clothes come to Sahil and notices he was badly injured. She thinks she came in the right time and asks Sahil to get up, she made the goons leave. She appreciates herself for doing so well. She first ran from her wedding in Mumbai and saved a life here in Kanpur. The goons had gathered again and hits Bhoomi’s head. She fell unconscious this time. Sahil had gotten up, got a wooden rod to beat the goons and later fell on the floor with all of them.
Bhoomi wakes up and thinks if everyone is unconscious who saved her then? She decides to take Sahil to her sister’s house as his heart is still beating.
Vaidika comes to Nani in a panic situation that Sahil isn’t home. Nani tells her to forget about Sahil. Bari Amma and others come asking about Sahil. Nani tells them to find their son by themselves, her daughter isn’t a maid for their son. Vaidika receives a call and hurries outside. Sahil lay in her old house on a couch. She notices he was unconscious. Anjana, Bari Amma and others also reach there. Anjana kiss Sahil’s forehead out of concern. Deepak also reach there. Puneesh says he already warned Bari Amma they must stalk this woman, she must have kept Sahil somewhere. Anjana asks Vaidika how he got hurt. Vaidika says she is clueless. Nani wonders who unlocked their house and brought him here. Bhoomi calls from behind that she did. Everyone turns to see a bride draped in a jacket. She says she brought this boy here.

PRECAP: Bhoomi tells Vaidika that she was welcomed into Kanpur with sticks and rods. She had fallen unconscious but wonders who saved her from those rods? Sahil speaks up he did. Bhoomi tells Sahil it’s difficult to find a lover like him in life. Sahil thinks at least Vaidika’s sister has accepted it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ohh Sahil…be it the moment he saves vedhika from Yash’s clutches or when he’s depressed and boozes, he’s so lovely.. juz adore him..
    That stinking swine Deepak, juz hate him.. how can he even think of killing Sahil fa whatever reason be it..
    And I donno y, but I don’t like this bhoomi character.. I don’t want anyone to get closer to Sahil, juz in case…

  2. So,Yash is showing his true colours….time for Vedika to think about Gauri’s advice and put an end to this so called ‘sacred marriage vows’.Frankly what else was she expecting from Yash when she tied the knot with him….Just marry her and leave her to look after Sahil ?????? If he were such a gentleman,he wouldn’t have stooped so low and forced her to marry him…..as usual in her hour of need it was Sahil
    ..Dolly,I am fortunate to have come across Sahil’s kind of love in real life Ofcourse the circumstances were different ….all the three were my very close friends…Siddharth ,Radha and Radhika…..Radha and Radhika were twins and all the three were my class fellows …to tell the story briefly ,Sid and Radha fell in love with each other and after two years of courting ,they got married much against the wishes of their respective families..i still remember their marriage and the happiness on their faces …they made a lovely couple ..a couple absolutely in love with each other and the two years of their married life was just a fairy tale..But no one could imagine what Destiny had in store for them…Just after two years ,Radha,who was pregnant ,developed some complications during delivery and died ,leaving behind a baby girl…Needless to say ,Sid was shattered and went into deep depression…..just like Sahil…His parents had to seek psychiatric help….During this critical time ,it was Radha’s identical twin Radhika who looked after her sister’s infant daughter…It took more than one year for Sid to recognise his daughter and come to terms with the truth….Now the parents who were much against Sid and Radha’s marriage came together to propose that Sid should marry Radhika for the sake of his motherless daughter…he had to bow down to their pressure and agreed to marry Radhika ,only after making it clear to her that she would just be mother to her sister’s daughter and should n’t expect anything from him ….Radhika agreed to that and they got married….Dolly, this happened almost three decades back…Now Sid is a smart and brilliant attorney and my colleague .Radhika ,an attorney herself ,has brought up her sister’s daughter with the same love and care that Radha would have given ….and to this day remained just a mother to Sid’s daughter ….Sid respects her very much and looks after her every need but remained loyal to his dead wife….He makes every effort to not show his pain ,but to his close friends it is always there to see and how much he misses Radha ….Ofcourse ,Radhika doesn’t think she has sacrificed anything but it is very obvious she too loves Sid …without any expectations…Their lovely daughter is a doctor now and will be married next month…Don’t you think that reality is always stranger than fiction….

  3. Naz,here i am again narrating the real life love story of three of my friends which you already know …I hope the writers will be gracious enough to end this love story on a positive note…In real life ,no one can beat destiny but in fiction when everything is in the writer’s pen,injustice shouldn’t be done and I can perfectly understand why you feel so much about Sahil ….his love is sincere and Vedika should be his…Yes,even I am furious with Vedika for talking this fake marriage seriously….Serves her right …Yash is showing his nasty side…Now she will understand the true love of Sahil ,stop blabbering about the sanctity of marriage and go running back to him…
    The other day I was talking to Sid and the same heavy jasmine scent for almost five minutesi….I have lots to share with you and write a mail once I have some free time after this weekend..Have a great week end and take care…

    1. Lakshmi…you know something, when the writers of these serials really put their thinking caps on, they do draw a lot of inspiration from real life events, even if they don’t realize but which happens to touch a chord in a viewer or two and memories do come to the surface. This love that Sahil has for Vedika is just what Siddharth had and still has for Radha and some love stories refuse to fade or be forgotten. It has opened up your memory box and if this story didn’t touch you inside, you wouldn’t have felt the need to write about it and I do know what pains even you have to go through too, to see Siddharth still grieving for Radha whilst Radhika continues to live a loveless marriage. Not everyone is strong and while I was able to cope with losing the love of my life, my children gave me hope and I wish Siddharth had the same strong determination to look at his and Radha’s daughter and live for her…after all Radha’s blood is still running in the veins of the only tangible proof he has of the woman he loves to this day. As with me, yess…Sahil reminds me of Pradip and you know that and even as you’ve mentioned the jasmine scent, I’m still having random visitation dreams, the last one in which I had a little sporadic conversation and I always wake with much peace and calm….btw, my niece’s wedding will be on 4th August, so the pictures I’ll take then, I’ll send to you… I have much to write as well…enjoy the weekend dear Lakshmi and I’m really happy that you are back on track at the courts..just to add to a point you made up there, Vedika didn’t think that Yash would marry her and sit and look at her alone, of course he wants something else,she can’t be that naive right!!! However, he’s exposing the beast in him and I don’t mind seeing her repent at leisure…but so goes the story…

    2. I must admit, Sahil’s drinking scenario and behavior in his drunken stupor, was nailed perfectly…it does stir up the ashes…when the woman you love almost more than your own happiness marries another man, this is how it looks, just knowing that she’s another’s, is enough to destroy you. Life is so unfair, why should women be the one to have to compromise, why should family members decide who you should spend your life with? Life is filled with so much sorrow, unfulfilled promises, heartache and pain of separation, those who are fortunate to get the ones they love…cherish it because the pain of losing what your heart beats for, is an intolerable feeling…

  4. First comment ,line 6,,,…Ty.po error …Pl. read as ‘it was Sahil who came to her rescue’..

  5. Oh wow Lakshmi.. hats off to the trio.. it’s so heart whelming to know such love stories do exist.. in a world like this, mostly people forget love and run behind money..

  6. Dolly, for Sahil it’s only Vetika. He will not love or getting close to anyone. Although he might use Bhoomi to make Vetika jealous and who knows she might admit her love for Sahil.

    Deepak is a swine who would do anything for money …..

  7. Muniya

    Why is everyine so cruel towards Sahil even when he isn’t normal???
    And Vedika…why didn’t she just went to search for Sahil instead sitting in front of the goddess and praying for him??…
    Now that Yash is showing his true colors…Vedika should realize how much selfless Sahil’s love is.
    Don’t know what was the need of new character’s entry??….Sadika’s life is already is hell…now another relation…would surely mess up things…Sadika would hv lot more to suffer.

  8. Oh gosh…writers, have a heart na, you all want to kill the only man I love in this whole world , the only one who is worth a million lifetimes to me??? How could you all allow that dog Deepak to call shots on him like this, how much can a lady like me put up with? I don’t appreciate seeing him in pain, Vedika giving him heartache, Yash, Deepak and the lizard giving him hell, the only people showing him love and attention are Aarya..bless her.. Gauri, Anjana and us ladies….??????..well, I see a damsel in distress will be giving Vedika some competition, good!! Let her jealously burn a hole in her heart. It’s only now that a rival is in the picture, would Vedika die to see Sahil give attention to her instead of another woman, I know if it was me, somebody was getting kicks and cuffs!! Knowing Vedika ??..she’ll say that she’s happy Sahil found someone his age…happy, my foot!! I’m sure as my next meal, that if anything slightest happens to him, she’ll push Bhoomika aside and attend to him….such a liar in heart, if she could do it in Yash’ s presence, who’s Bhoomika??

  9. Friends…never mind the “Bhoomika “…you all know I meant Bhoomi!!??

  10. Ohh yesssss….I admire the new spunk in Shruti now…if she can’t beat Nidhi in schemes and lies, beat her in the bedroom. Nidhi is a shameless wretch, she didn’t want Karan before but now that he’s married and his stocks went up, she want some shares??? Get lost loser Nidhi, allow Shruti to seduce her husband by all rights, all Nidhi could have gotten was for Karan to sleep with her…but…under intoxication ?????…,,she can’t even get Karan’ s love much less our darling Romeo Sahil!! Thank goodness goodness we don’t see her greedy leech of a mother, too much to see…

  11. Hey Naz, left right, left right ???
    We are like Hail Sahil gang..✊

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