Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil threats of suicide if forced to live without Vaidika

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika and Sahil sit in the pooja together. Anjana makes Vaidika place her hand beneath Sahil’s. She notices Sahil was smiling while lost staring at Vaidika. After the pooja, Sahil day dreams Vaidika brings the meal to dinner table. Sahil appreciated the food she had cooked. Bari Amma called her as a daughter of the family. Bari Amma left her chair for Vaidika on the table as well. Everyone was happy about it. The dream was broken as Pandit ji announces that Sahil is safe now. Vaidika takes the permission to leave and walks out of the house. Sahil comes to Anjana. She was happy that everything is fine. Sahil complains that Vaidika sat in the pooja but Anjana didn’t even thank her, Vaidika always prove that marrying her is the best decision of his life.
Bari Amma fumes in the room. Nidhi says soon everyone would go against Bari Amma. Anjana would then rule the house with her son and her elderly daughter. What will happen to her, and Bari Amma then? Bari Amma insists she is the elder of this house, she will be heard in this house always. Vaidika can never win over her. Though she is a cunning woman, but soon she will have to push Sahil out of her house. She promises that in next twenty days if Vaidika doesn’t go against Sahil she will get her head shaved in front of whole Kanpur.
Sahil comes behind Vaidika and walks beside her. Vaidika asks Sahil if he wants another drama again, he wish to play with her emotions. It’s because of him and not his mother. She does not want another problem in her life. Sahil questions why then came into the pooja, she could have let him die. Vaidika turns to leave annoyed, then asks why he always want the attention. Not everything is about him only. She walks away.
At Agarwal house, Anjana stood in the room in apology. She was ready to fell in Bari Amma’s feet as well, but she only intended to save the life of her son. Bari Amma says today Anjana has shown she is the real mother of Sahil and snatched her son. Anjana says she can’t think about this even in dreams. She hurt her only because of Sahil today. Bari Amma tells Anjana to apologize Nidhi, she broke her heart and was unjust to this daughter in law. Gauri comes to the room and was shocked to hear this. Bari Amma asks Anjana to fell into Nidhi’s feet and apologize her.
Sahil sat at the roadside when Vaidika comes to him. He places a hand over his face not to get slapped, then teases if she couldn’t live without him. Vaidika says he is a nice guy. Sahil says he is happy to spend each moment with her. Vaidika advices that Sahil must also think about the world around, after all they have to live in this world. Sahil was ready to lose his life, but not his love; for the sake of this world. An old song plays nearby.
Arya watches Mohid dancing with his gang. She was impressed he danced well on the lyrics of such an old song. Mohid notices her stare and comes to him, he tells her to concentrate on her dance. Two of Mohid’s students come to have water and asks Aarya if she is impressed by Mohid. The girls say Aarya has been staring at Mohid as if having a crush over him. Aarya denies the idea.
Sahil clarifies to Vaidika that it’s his love which make him do everything. He is the first and his life love, he might die if she stops him from loving her. Living without Vaidika is worse than death, its better he sacrifices his life otherwise. Vaidika calls it craziness. Vaidika feels helpless about Sahil and leaves. Sahil thinks its useless to hope he wouldn’t love her, he wouldn’t stop loving her; nor would he leave her life. She is afraid to express her love.
Gauri calls Sahil and asks him to come home soon. She says Bari Amma is angry with Anjana, he must come home and save his mother from this disgrace.

PRECAP: Bari Amma makes Anjana touch Nidhi’s feet. Anjana bends to Nidhi’s feet. Sahil comes home and saves Anjana from the disgrace. Anjana asks if Sahil would leave Vaidika and return home. Sahil gives a gun into Anjana’s hand and place it over his forehead, as its useless for him to live without Vaidika. The gun was shot and Sahil fell over the floor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The precap was indeed misleading…and the dramatic Sahil so funny but endearing. All this while Bari Aama recognises Sahil to be the sole heir to their wealth, I wonder if she has the power to change this in favor of her two damads? This could be Deepak’s dreams come true… If this ever happens, then Sahil will be forced to man up and fight for what is his but if Vedika isn’t by his side, he could let everything go…. Don’t want this though, I want to see him as a hot shot businessman wielding power…. Thinking out loud, friends!!!

  2. Muniya

    Very nice episode…
    Sahil dreamt so good????
    I really hate this Nidhi ?
    Precap is again horrifying ??
    Still can’t say what will happen next…

  3. Hello Naz.finally I am here but many gaps in the story line…some supporting characters are making me confused…llke who is Nidhi…how come Bari Amma keeps referring to her as Sahil’s wife…is she really married to Sahil….now this guy ,Gautam,I do remember him trying to get married to Vedika but Sahil stops the marriage in the last minute by proving that he is a rascal….but even now is seen in Sahil’s house…almost like family…..this is really intriguing….remaining is clear and Sahil with his infectious smile and youthful enthusiasm is adorable and Vedika his opposite…cool and calm and mature as she should be… kudos to the director for pulling off this rather unusual subject in the most convincing manner possible ,….and the writer’s contribution is in no way less ….Naz, to tell you the truth ,I think I am a bit orthodox in these aspects….may be this was at the back of my mind when I stayed away from this serial thinking that it would be very odd to watch…..Ofcourse I am wrong ,the ,director and the writer know what they are handling …and the result a love story with a difference,and may be Vedika doesn’t really look her screen age…but I wonder if tomorrow one of my sons does the same,I mean marrying a woman 18 years senior to him,what will be my reaction…,yes ,i gave them freedom to marry a girl of their choice,,,,but i have never thought of this angle…I think however we try, the environment in which we are brought up keeps its hold on us in one way or the other…..can we ever get rid of all these shackles and be positive in everything we do ……

    1. Welcome sis…. The last few lines of your comment, is 100% accurate. This serial is about breaking the taboo of older woman /younger man relationship, it’s so different and that’s why I was attracted to it….and I’m not disappointed. Let me update you…. Nidhi is Sahil’s childhood friend, along with Karan. Sahil loves Nidhi but as a sister, he has no romantic feelings for her at all. Bari Aama and Sahil’s mother, Anjana, are two daughters in law of the family but Bari Aama being the elder, holds highest position in the family so therefore whatever she says, goes!! They own a chain of jewelry stores. Bari Aama has two daughters, Prachi who is married to Puneet and Gauri who is married to Deepak. Anjana on the other hand has Sahil and Shruti and since Sahil is the only male in the blood line, he’s only heir to their fortune. Bari Aama loves Sahil to death because she’s inclined towards the males in the family and she desires to see Sahil take over the business but he’s not serious about anything in life at the time the serial started, so she thinks that if he marries, he’ll become a responsible man. She thinks that if he marries, he’ll become a responsible son so she set him up to meet a young woman chosen by her, in a cafe but Vedika had to meet someone there as well but for other reasons. While waiting, he sees her and mistook her to be the intended but she cleaned it up that she’s there to meet someone concerning a project but cupid’s bow had already struck!! So he went home and told the family that the girl didn’t show up. Bari Aama then decided to marry him with Nidhi as she was familiar with the family and arranged a party where she announced his intended bride. Sahil was furious and after a heated exchange of words, he stormed out saying he’d never marry Nidhi as she his childhood friend. In between he and Vedika bumped into each other as the days progressed. Sahil and Bari Aama repeatedly had a war of words where he left the house for good this time. Vedika was trying to make ends meet on a teacher’s salary and was trying to get money to help her niece get married so at her mother’s insistence, she decided to rent out the upstairs of her house, a house in which she co owned with her brother.. Sahil, now homeless, sees the apartment for rent while lying on the pavement so he went to the address and Lo and behold, they met again… After much relenting and good excuses to not rent a single man, he told her he was married and that he had a wife but were separated and were trying to work out something. So days passed, trouble arose with the neighbors especially the sleaze Pandey, Gautam entered the picture and wanted Vedika for himself, she learnt Sahil was lying about his being married ,accepted Gautam’s proposal and you know some of what transpired. Mind you, Sahil was helping Vedika doing other stuff and she was aware he had feelings for her but tried to dissuade him but failed miserably. So, her we are now… Vedika agreed to marry Sahil ,came to the temple but somehow got the chance to switch Nidhi in her place but only the saat pheras were completed, no mangalsutra and sindoor were applied because the veil flew off Nidhi’s face and you can imagine Sahil’s anger but his love for Vedika is so strong, he couldn’t stay angry with her for long. So that’s how Nidhi ended up in his house . He staunchly states that Vedika is his wife because during the saat pheras, it was her face he saw in his heart mind and soul.. While it could have been serious scenes, writers added humor to it instead, where Nidhi had to come into Sahil house on the wedding day all by herself, where Sahil brought a cardboard shaped like a woman with Vedika’s face plastered on it and says he’s brought his real wife home , he announced the next day when the ladies came to see the dulahin, that (same cardboard) is his real wife and not Nidhi, you can imagine how embarrassing it was!! This is where we have reached, Nidhi trying to trap Sahil into sleeping with her, the fall from the stairs, pundit saying that Kaal Dosh is around him and his wife has to perform puja with him. So you can imagine Bari Aama’s horror when pundit says Sahil’s birth chart says he is destined to marry an older woman!! And Nidhi wants Sahil because her parents business is going bankrupt and they need damad’s money to save them..

  4. Lakshmi, I love the humor this serial gives me, it’s a stressbuster. Sahil’s mouth is hot, his dialogues are awesome and the story has not dragged so far… Karan Jothwani is doing justice to his role, can’t imagine anyone else being Sahil. I’m sure he’d be getting a makeover somewhere down the road, that’s why he’s looking roguish right now…to suit role, I guess!!! Gauri is the only one in that house I like, she supports Sahil and Vedika. Her husband Deepak, wants her to give him a male child but it’s hilarious how he’s going about getting it!! Prachi’s husband is having an affair with his sister in law, Sahil’s sister!! Wait till the secret is exposed, Prachi puts her nose in Sahil’s business, she’ll get something to worry about….and Bari Aama, her beloved damad will give her something other than Vedika to worry about … BTW… Anjana is the most insecure mother I’ve ever seen on soapland…she could as well die if Sahil isn’t there anymore…hence her insistence for Vedika to sit for Kaal dosh puja…anything for her beloved son!!!

  5. Even I worry about same thing Lakshmi, but if the girl he loves is a few years older, like 5 yrs and under him I wouldn’t say no….sometimes when the girls are too young, they would quicker throw in the towel than try to make things work. Many women aren’t marrying too early these days, boys take longer to mature to be good husbands so if they take this long to mature and they marry a woman even younger than him, how much experience will this couple have if things get difficult in the marriage? I’m sure divorce would be top priority instead of trying to work things out. Today isn’t what it was like in our days… I think that TIME is moving too quickly, today!!! It dragged at a slower pace in the older days, my observation, maybe it has to do with gravity and space!!! Hmmmmmmm…

  6. Naz thank you very much for the detailed update……what a scene it must be with Nidhi trying to do grihspraveshsm and our young ,impetuous hero ready with his cardboard sweet heart and doesn’t hesitate to show his lady friend during ‘moong Dikhsyi also…..Just imagine my husband getting the shock of his life when he woke up hearing me merrily laughing to myself at the odd hour of 4am this morning…..Being an early riser,normally I don’t disturb him and carry on with my work….but today ,I could n’t control myself….Anyways I have to search for the video of this episode to see if this scene was really as comic as I imagined…Naz,I agree with you that this serial is a real stress buster…..even the negative characters are not as brutal as their counterparts in other serials…..how can we ever forget Preeti of ADDN…..she beats everyone hollow in this game…let us see whether Sahil remains as boyish and brash as young men in their early twenties will normally be or grows up a bit to stand up to the adversities of life and understand Vedika as well….Now coming to Vedika ,it is obvious she has not yet committed to Sahil….Naz ,a couple of things are bothering me….has Vedika ever admitted to herself that she loves Sahil or he is simply mistaking her gratitude for love…..and why is this slimy character Gautam still hanging around Sahil and Vedika…..Thanka again ..

    1. Vedika hasn’t admitted her feelings for Sahil but there are subtle expressions from her which suggest that she’s attracted to him but her impediment in accepting her feelings is their age gap. She tells him that she has a teenage daughter but that doesn’t mean moot with him. On top of this, Bari Aama calls her middle age woman!! I’m not joking here… So you can imagine how any woman would feel if someone in the capacity Vedika is in…. Lakshmi……there were a good few scenes where Sahil cornered Vedika and their chemistry is mind-blowing, like twice he pinned her to a wall and I felt like fainting but I blushed like a teenager, this actor is too darn hot in his intimate scenes and that deep voice makes my heart flip. ????.. Our friend Muniya, knows him before this serial so I have to take 2nd spot but she loves him to bits so I have to be content.. . ??As you’ve pointed out, the villains aren’t extreme as the other serials except for Gautam but he’s not around, he’s incognito for the while but the guy you are mistaking for Gautam, could be Deepak or Puneesh, both are Sahil’s brothers in law, his two cousin-sisters husbands…. Bari Aama could have given the reins of the business to her two daughters but she leans towards Sahil because he’s the only male in their bloodline, this is not the norm with family members so this is where it’s different…which makes her a villain but not not in a bad sense because she wants what’s best for Sahil, but he knows what’s best for him and he says Vedika is his Radha… As for Deepak, I don’t know whether I should hate him or not because all he wants is to take over the business from the heir who is Sahil but he has recognised that if Sahil is occupied with Vedika, he won’t want to be around the company but spend his time making a life with her, he knows Sahil is only focused on Vedika, that’s why he supports their relationship. I can’t remember seeing a character in these serials shunning away from their fortunes like depicted here.. Sahil makes me wonder!!! I hope to see him take over the business with a makeover ??in the future. Anyways, I can’t wait for this relationship to take off, to see some sizzling romance…he’s one hot romantic dude and I ????? him…never mind I’m too old, my heart certainly isn’t!!! ????…BTW, Cathy is here too…

  7. I agree with you Naz a few years gap,I don’t mind…do you remember how we reacted when a 30+Raja was romancing the immature Naina….Ofcourse it was a different thing why we were so furious….we could n’t see Rani’s Raja hopping into bed with his wife’s look alike….Naz,too many yesrs gao will pose many problems to the couple….there was 14years age gap between my parents…my mother was just16 and father already 30 when they got married…..No ,he never looked his age as he was a very handsome man and being a doctor ,he knew how to look after himself….but still he couldn’t beat the hereditary diabetes and heart issues…….and as I told you earlier ,he died of a heart attack when he was 60 and my mother was just 44…and she lived into her seventies before she too expired at 72 in 2011….Naz,if one of the partners ,is already in late 30s or early 40s,which is the age for the starting of many health related problems and another half his or her age,there won’t be much happiness in their married life.. In my father’s case,he got his first massive heart attack,when I was just 9,my mother was just 26 then.and he 40…Ofcourse by a miracle,the doctors revived him ,and he survived for another 20 years but with frequent minor attacks and hospitatalisations …my mother always lived under extreme tension ….they loved each other,but ,couldn’t enjoy life much..,…in those days you would always find wives always much much younger than husbands…i think the same will be true if the husband is much younger than his wife…..and god is not that kind to women,lot of biological issues after a certain age……better the age gap is not more than 5 years on both sides….so that they can enjoy life,share problems and age together…. nowadays even in India ,both boys and girls are marrying around 30 and looking for just an age gap of 2to 3 years which i think is a good trend…For now let us keep all the practical issues aside and enjoy Vedika and Sahil’s story…..Have a great week end friend….by god’s grace and prayers of friends like you,I am feeling ok now and will be attending my first case in six months tomorrow…let me see how I will do…

    1. Good luck, you go girrrrrllllll!!! You’ll be fine. When you get time, tell me how it was… ??

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