Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika and Sahil’s file mix in hospital

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Vaidika comes to the temple and prays for the strength to be able to help Yash. His last wish may come true and there comes someone known with his name. After her decision, people would realize that there was no such love story between her and Sahil. Sahil may be hurt when he comes to know that she is pregnant, there may be a chance he moves on in life. There was a strong blow of wind at once. The files of Sahil and Vaidika there on the counter fell on the floor. The nurse finds the doctor coming towards her and stuffs all the papers in the files. The doctor comes to inform Vaidika that they got a donor for her today, although it takes months for some couples to find a worthy donor. She asks the nurse to take Vaidika inside. Vaidika turns to the temple thankfully. The nurse reads Vaidika’s file, Sahil Agarwal’s papers were there as donor.
At Agarwal house, Sahil asks Bhoomi to place her hand over her heart. Bhoomi asks Sahil how he loves Vaidika so dearly, she is sure even God won’t part him with Vaidika.
The doctor completes Vaidika’s procedure and asks her to wait for the good news. Vaidika asks the doctor to thank the man who made it possible.
At night, Vaidika returns home. Sahil stops her way and says good deeds are fruitful. It’s like a karma and would surely come around. He asks Vaidika why she left with Yash for honeymoon. Vaidika says Yash is her husband, he shouldn’t be concerned of where she goes with him. Nani and Yash gather around, Nani questions why Sahil interferes with their matters. Sahil jokes with Nani but Vaidika was intrigued. She says Sahil considers that his husband is a bad person and wants him to die. She returned overnight from honeymoon because problem is with her, she is pregnant with Yash’s child. Sahil wasn’t ready to believe and asks if she only found Yash to be her child’s father. He is well aware this pregnancy is only a drama, she can never love Yash. Vaidika slaps Sahil for crossing the limit, she says Sahil knows already she isn’t as cheap as to make a joke of pregnancy. She holds Yash’s hand and takes him to the room.
In the room, Yash was thankful to Vaidika. He had a heavy heart wondering if he would even be able to see the face of this child. Vaidika shares with Yash she isn’t sure if she will even conceive. Yash wish to do anything to bring this child to the world. Nani comes in then with the aarti thaal to congratulate them.
Downstairs Bhoomi tries to calm Sahil down. Bari Amma comes to make Sahil up. She was of the view that it’s fine if Vaidika wants to bear a child for her husband. He must forget her. Sahil considers Bari Amma responsible for all that is happening to him. She is a liar and a dual faced woman, who disgraced and insulted Vaidika so much that she never confessed her love for him. If Bari Amma hadn’t done all this, Vaidika must have been his wife and a mother to his child, Yash won’t have been there in their lives as well. Bari Amma accepts her mistake and wish she could revert the time. Anjana comes to tell Bari Amma it’s already late; then insists on Sahil to move on in life. Sahil says if he could go back to time, he would go to the day he left the house and would never have returned.

PRECAP: Vaidika comes to her old house and was shocked to see Sahil walk out of Bhoomi’s room shirtless. Bhoomi walks out of the room tying her night dress. Vaidika was shocked and questions Sahil as Bhoomi is her sister.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Destiny is conspiring to make Vedika Sahil’s but she’s so blatantly and hopelessly blind…

  2. Omg… what’s wrong Vedika??? Treating Sahil like dirt after everything he’s done for her ??Her face wold be worth watching when she find out that the donor is our dear Sahil. Love the conversation he has with BA. Some Home truth!! Hope his Plan to make Vedika jealous work. Next few episodes would be interesting ?

    1. It’s going to be worth our time, patience and satisfaction to see Vedika’s face when she knows that Sahil is her child’s father somewhere down the road. That’ll be for all the slaps she unlawfully gave to him for stupid reasons and which I felt on my face as well. When she hurts him, she hurts me too…because I love him. ?????…and I enjoyed the small lecture Sahil gave BA… She looked for that…

  3. Muniya

    I don’t really understand…why Vedika has to slap Sahil everytime he speaks truth and she can’t withstand it??…She just has to shut Sahil up anyhow from saying thet truth.
    And precap!!!

  4. What a stupid episode, atleast if you are showing IVF show the full procedure. Its giving the wrong hope to those couples that cannot have children that its so simple the girl goes in has a procedure and shes pregnant instantly. Also if Yash wanted to have his own child why did Vedika go to nurse looking for sperm donor… ulterstupid! not impressed shows how fake tv can be

  5. Tsukushi makino

    but did any one notice what she was saying while standing in front of lord ganpati statue …she was like i know it will hurt him but there was nothing between sahil and vedika …damn this lady …i dont want her to be near him anymore …but thinking about logic if yash can have his own kids ,… isn’t its better to ask sahil to become the donor since yash and sahil r cousins na …toh the baby will be somewhere the direct blood line of yash ….i was laughing when vedika said to yash that, tumhari biwi k baccha matlab tumhara baccha….WTH then arya is there why she wants to get pregnant …so if yash didnt have any medical problem she was ready for consummation too ….sorry but this wont work they have never shown her to be in love with sahil ….she only helped him out of insaniyaat when she can beget yash child for sake of mahanta ….then whatever she has done for sahil is only her insaniyat or mahanta not love…..

  6. I don’t know how u guys are still watching this crap serial. I have stopped watching from Monday itself. Had so much high hopes from this serial & i used to look forward to it but now that excitement has gone up in smoke. This show has become disappointing, hopeless & highly illogical. Such a beautiful concept absolutely devoured by writers!!

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