Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika kidnaps Ved

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Bari Amma warns Vaidika that in case she opens her mouth she might lose her child forever. Vaidika runs away from the corridor. Bari Amma comes to kiss and caress Ved and cries that she can never hurt her Ved at any cost.
Vaidika was restlessly walking around her room. Bhoomi comes there to speak to Vaidika. She tells Vaidika she took her life’s most important decision five years ago, to be Sahil’s wife and Ved’s son. She was taken aback wondering how Vaidika left him. She had vowed to herself that she will protect that innocent child, she has lived for Ved for the past five years. She can’t allow Vaidika to snatch Ved from her, she will fight till last of her breathe. Its her family and that’s the world also knows. She tells her to stay away from Sahil and her child. After

Bhoomi has left, Vaidika says she has also taken a decision. She cried enough for her child, herself and the time. But now she will fight, she will do something that none expects.
The next morning, Bhoomi comes downstairs looking for Ved. Everyone gather around. Bhoomi says Ved is missing. Puneesh suggests about calling Ved.
Vaidika carried Ved in her arms thinking Ved is her child, she can’t let anyone else have a right over him.
Sahil understands Vaidika must have taken Ved.
Vaidika brings Ved to her old house, does the packing and check the next train for Bareli. Ved asks whose house is this, and what are they doing here? Vaidika tells Ved they are playing a game. She thinks she might be wrong but this is the only way left to her, she needs to take her son with herself. They hurry out of the house.
Sahil and Bhoomi had reached Vaidika’s old house. Ved spots them in the car and asks Vaidika to run fast, else his mamma papa would catch them.
Sahil and Vaidika find Vaidika’s house locked. Sahil wonders why Vaidika always give him a chance to hate her only.
Bari Amma harass Sadika who cried for her mamma. Aarya comes to defend Sadika. Gauri also comes home and protects Sadika. She promises Sadika that she will soon return, till then Sadika can stay with her. She tells Bari Amma that Vaidika was left with no option but to kidnap her son and run away. Gauri takes her inside.
Police arrive at Agarwal house. Sahil says Vaidika and Ved are missing since morning. Bhoomi blames that Vaidika has kidnapped Ved. Bari Amma hurries them to find Vaidika else she leaves the city.
Puneesh gets the Wanted posters across the city and announces a prize money of 10 lacs. Maya reads the posters and was worried.
Ved asks Vaidika when this game would end, he wish to go home. Maya tries Vaidika’s number but she rushes to the bus station and doesn’t take the call
Bhoomi drags Aarya into the home, she pressurize Aarya to call Vaidika and tell her to return her son. She cried for her son. Aarya assures Bhoomi Vaidika won’t harm Ved, she isn’t a bad person. Bhoomi insists that Vaidika killed Anjana and even left Aarya behind. Aarya says Vaidika’s crime hasn’t yet proven, and Ved is her son after all. Bhoomi slaps Aarya and questions if she has forgotten what she and Sahil did for her?
Vaidika had hired an auto to reach Bareli. The driver promises to take Vaidika to Bareli in 3 hours, but steals a look towards the prize money promising poster. Bhoomi cried for Ved and says she has begun to hate Vaidika.
The driver tactfully gets Vaidika out of the car, and flee with Ved. Vaidika was left crying. The driver thinks he has increased his price, he won’t charge a penny less than Rs. 50 lac.

PRECAP: Bhoomi and Vaidika are both tensed for Ved. Bhoomi conducts a press conference and deters Vaidika of suicide if she doesn’t return her son by tonight.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sona plz update dil hi toh hai

  2. Leisa s morris

    So here we were saying dat bhoomi will kidnap ved but insted we have vedika kidnapping him hmmmm. Is dis a way to cement bhoomi as ved mom and have ved hating vedika cause in spoiler I saw where he calls her bad and said dat bhoomi is his mom therby cutting d bond dat was growing between them. Im not surprised by veds reaction afterall to him bhoomi is his mom and he will naturally wanna b with her anyting else wud b unrealistic but he and vedika was getting along well now dis. Even if vedika goes back in d house bhoomi and sahil will never let her near ved. D only way I c is for d truth to come out bout ved being sahils son and dat bari amma knew and she killed anjana and not vedika. But looks like writers wanna drag dis disclosure a tad longer

    1. Leisa, I also don’t like Vedika kidnapping Ved and you could be right, Ved would start disliking her very soon, courtesy BA and Bhoomi. Maybe if it’s a court drama, then the truth will come out. Did you see the video, where this girl Puneesh is dribbling over, will be in the house, walking up the stairs and smiling subtly in clothes which looks like a lawyer, I can’t understand the Hindi narrative but I understood the words plastic surgery, so I wonder if this Nisha girl is actually Nidhi in a new avatar, Nisha had to be integral to the storyline otherwise she wouldn’t be a character for nothing and the way she was demanding expensive stuff from Puneesh, well…she’s an expensive woman!!! Anyway…i don’t think it’s realistic the way Ved was not complaining about being away from the only mother he knows, how could he just not throw a tantrum, just go with Vedika so easily, never mind he’s familiar with her, it just isn’t real to me, of course we see him bonding immediately with her the first time they met in the washroom and at other times but to go on the run with Vedika, it doesn’t look good.

  3. DannyComments

    Oi! My chest hurts!

  4. DannyComments

    Why does Vedika get herself into such situations?? Come on!

  5. Not realistic story line. I thought the love story was about older woman and younger guy how they going to succeed…more so of kidnapping..like other series…doesnt seem 5 yr leap here more of going 100 yrs going behind dinosaur yrs

  6. Friends….. I had some likeness for Bhoomi but today all I can feel for her is dislike. When she reproached Aarya concerning taking care of her when her mother had abandoned her, that was a mean and uncalled for accusation and hit a dislike button in me. Even before Bhoomi happened on the scene, running from an unwanted bridegroom, Aarya was Sahil’s daughter, his chota packet….Aarya is an extension of her mother and that’s one of the factors which unconsciously cemented his love for Aarya as well, so Bhoomi playing saviour and sustainer to Aarya, is not acceptable in my book. She didn’t have to agree to marry Sahil, knowing that Vedika is Sahil’s one an only love, but she had been eyeing him covertly since she came to Agarwal’s house and wished for a man like him and there was Sahil, ready to capture and everything else followed. Sahil hadn’t and cannot give her love that she wants, so she rather live in a loveless marriage than give Ved to his rightfull mother ,all because she wants Sahil for herself, better she had married her unwanted groom and live a loveless life with him. Anyways, I think she’s a drama queen since Vedika came back, I also think her mind is unhealthy and unbalanced the way she’s clinging to Ved…normal thinking people aren’t that obsessive in a situation like this…i only see these kinda stuff on LMN movies and most of the time it’s because the culprit is mentally unbalanced so Bhoomi is surely a troubled person in mind. So there, I don’t like Bhoomi from today and the way she’s behaving, she could go off her rockers.

  7. I think vedika should tell them the truth about her child

  8. How long can Vedhika hide the truth about Ved? and i dint like it when bhoomi asked vedhika to stay away from HER hubby and child.. not just women, but men are also forcibly stuck to relationships sometimes..only if Sahil knows, that ved is his and vedhika’s child..hmmmm…

  9. I did not like today’s episode. Bhoomi’s behaviour is disgusting. She walk into this situation with her eyes open and now acting like the victim and crazy. How dare she slap Aarya. As for Vetika,what she did was wrong but what other options did she have specially after being threaten by BA and no one is listening to her. This is pure desperation of a mother who wants to be with her child after he was snatched from her at birth.

    Hi Naz.. yes Nisha is infact Nidhi’s after plastic surgery. We are if for more twist and it does not look like sadika will be uniited any time soon.🙁

  10. Naz, just finished watching Khaani ,a Pakistani serial that Cathy spoke very high of and she did n’t exaggerate..I have to say that Feroze Khan ,who played the male lead ,Mir Hadi has simply dazed me with some excellent acting that I have n’t seen recently..and the story is absolutely different…After finishing Bashar Momin ,I suggest you to watch this….English subs are available on Vimeo.com.. As for our serials ,I prefer to not say much…After many days ,I had to comment on Kaleerein as something unimaginable has happened there….Vivaan asking Meera to prove her virginity…You know Naz,the villains are never allowed to exit from our serials…even if they exit. It is just temporary….they take a break and come back to haunt both the leads and the viewers…..Nidhi will be back and so will Ruksar in ISA ….I can see Bhoomi’s character is deteriorating gradually…I knew she would end up a villain…feel sad that the writers have chosen to exit a graceful character in a disgraceful manner…But that is all they can do to drag the story for some more episodes…Hope you are enjoying Bashar Momin….first ,Ofcourse ,he repels you …Will be waiting for your opinion once you finish watching it…

    1. Will do… Evil wins in these serials, I’m sure you and Cathy has recommended me the best, I’ll let you know. Can’t believe this crap is happening on kaleerein, virginity test? Which century is this story set in?? Lorrrrrddddddd, bless these writers with some sense!!!

  11. Didn’t like the epi much…Bhoomi is being disgusting day by day
    First bari amma steals Vedika’s child…now when she wants him back…she has all right…true that bhoomi loves Ved and raised him…but biggest truth is Vedika’s child is ved.
    Didn’t like precap.

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