Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarya married to Puneesh

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Vaidika asks the lady inspector where she found it. The lady inspector says her team found it outside Kanpur on a grassland. She says she can only give one favor to Vaidika, she can release her for 48 hours to find her love and proofs. Vaidika asks why she wants to give this favor? The lady inspector says she regrets not being able to support her brother who also loved an elderly woman, but Sahil and Vaidika’s love story is one of its kind.
Vaidika returns home in a veil and finds everything had been searched. She was tensed and calls her family. Her neighbor Isha opens the door and says Nani is here with her. Vaidika was relieved that she had supported her family but they tell Vaidika that Aarya and Ved weren’t here. Nani knew nothing about Aarya and Bhoomi had taken Ved.

comes to Agarwal house holding a gun. Puneesh opens the door. Vaidika held him at gun point and asks about her kids. Aarya comes there. Vaidika was shocked to see sindoor, mangal sooter and bangles in Aarya’s hands. She asks what this all is. Aarya introduces herself as Mrs. Puneesh Tiwari. Vaidika was taken aback, and holds Puneesh by collar. Aarya jerks Vaidika’s hand away from her husband. She says people change and she loves Puneesh now. Vaidika was about to slap Aarya but Prachi holds Vaidika’s hand in midair, warning her to stay away from her husband’s second wife. Vaidika calls Prachi shameless who allowed her husband to remarry her 21 year old daughter. Prachi says Aarya is happy with Puneesh, wasn’t Vaidika ashamed when she married an 18 years younger guy? Vaidika asks about Ved. Puneesh says Bhoomi and Ved have already gone to America. The court gave Ved’s custody to Bhoomi. Prachi tells Vaidika that Ved went with Bhoomi happily, and Aarya married Vaidika willingly. Before Vaidika could speak, Aarya says she is now someone’s wife and wants to live with her husband forever. She takes Vaidika’s hand to drop her outside the house. Vaidika kiss Aarya’s hands and says she knows she is hiding something, she requests Aarya to share what’s the real matter. Aarya slaps the door shut over Vaidika’s face. Vaidika cries outside the house, and thinks about finding Sahil. This is Puneesh’s trap and only she and Sahil together can fight this situation

PRECAP: Vaidika was praying at a Dargah. She gets a call from a lady that Sahil is in Lucknow at a fair. Vaidika reach the fair, Sahil was in a different role there

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Like I’ve said…. What a stupid and ignorant woman Prachi turned out to be!! I’ve never seen a woman give up her husband so willingly to another woman… Her head needs fine tuning… Only positive thing about today’s episode is the police officer trying to help Vedika, she has a heart after all…

  2. Geeti

    Quiz: Agar meri beti meri behen ki sautan hai to meri behen mere biwi ka kya hain? 😂

  3. Geeti

    So basically when sahil comes, he will find out that his wife’s daughter got married to his sister’s husband 😂 And this whole shit is happening in a show where they were supposed to show a love story between a 24 yrs old man and a 42 yrs old lady.

    I now even have lost the 0.0001% respect I had remaining for the show.

    What a pathetic thing they did to this show. Shame.

  4. Did not like today’s episode at all… Arya and Puneesh., yak! Just does not not feel right. It’s clearly that’s Arya got a plan. She did not like it when Prachi pull Vedika. She was clenching her fist. This fake Sahil known as “Jackie” will be a con but breath of fresh air. Let all be patience..

  5. I’m not going to comment on the sordid topic at hand so my judgement is reserved.. Friends, I saw the videos of upcoming episodes and I now understand why Sahil was made to look the way he did, long hair and beard.. He looks enticingly mischievous in his role as Jacky.. Raji, I 😍 how Sahil looks and especially in his black outfit…don’t be too harsh on him dear, Sahil in any role is Sahil to me… Let him shine!! So, I looked at his adoring gaze at Vedika and he melted my heart 😍😍😍😍…how could he be so charming and charismatic!!!

  6. What nonsense I agree with Geeti

  7. Nina

    The authors get on my nerves have decided to ruin Vedika’s life completely. The line of plot Aarya and Puneesh is just stupidity. It would be justice shoot him. Poor Vedika has taken some courage to look for Sahil at all costs.

  8. Leisa s morris

    Holding all comments just reading updates

  9. Friends do you all the definition of UGLY. It is PUNEESJ TIWARI. Sahil is looking to young n i dont like his hiss new get up. I hv feeling that slowly n steadily this fake sahil will also start liking vedika n later he might fall in love with her, may be. Otherwise i think his character is introduced by the writers for bhoomi. Since they hv to show she has some man in her life n who better than sahils look alike. As we all know she is crazy n hot for sahils face n body.
    I think puneesh n she would make a lovely hot pair. Guys in the precap vedika was looking so very pretty when she comes with fake sahil in aggarwal house. I was so happy to see in u tube the way puneesh behaved very badly with PIMP AND BOOZARD BA. Only hope the new sahil behaves worst than this with puneesh n the lustful n horse face bhoomi. Yesterday a glimse of her made me mad in that short scene. blo*dy doggy bhoomi. Hope the writers pump OFF her character.

  10. I think it will our own Sahil in both the roles.. Mebbe he’s acting to be someone else after the accident for some reason.. He will surely safeguard vedhika & their family somehow..

  11. Dolly even i was thinking the same thing. But just remember he has fallen down fm the cliff fm such a big height n it has just happened a few days back. So how can he be so hail n hearty n come back so fit. Though we know that our heart throb sahil is alive. If this fake sahil is our original sahil i will be the happiest person. Let the writers introduce any nbr of sahils i dont care but none of the sahils should go with that lustful n horse faced bhoomi. That blo*dy woman should be pumped off fm the serial. When she is delivering her dialogues look at her mouth n lips. She says her dialogue so wierdly.

    1. I agree with you Raji…. Bhoomi doesn’t deserve any Sahil and I also don’t want this fake one ending up with her… I can’t bear to think that KJ aka Sahil will have to romance with her, whether he’s fake or not… I hope they bump off Bhoomi or fake Sahil in the end, KJ as Sahil Agarwal is the only avatar that should prevail….no carbon copy. In the YouTube video you are talking about, I also saw it and wow, was I happy to see BA begging like a dog..no disrespect….she looked like she was going mad… Here’s her sickening son in law, renaming the jewelry line as Tiwari’s jewelry and I LMAO…his sidekick Prachi stuck in in BA where the sun don’t shine…who would believe Prachi the ignorant moron, would end up doing something worthwhile in her life for the time being…until Sahil returns….however, BA’s condition was priceless!! 😂😂😂

  12. I can’t see the past 2 -3 episodes, it’s so disheartening to watch. Anyways as myself and @ Naz guessed it correct, fake sahil (jacky) entered into vedika’s life. One thing for sure is he is after money, either to live for himself or being brought up by his mom as a money spinner to satisfy her filthy greedy needs. And @ Raji, I also wish puneesh being struck and tormented in his own game by this jacky. I expect more off the top adjectives from you for isha and eager to know what u gonna address this fake sahil. Coming to the point, seen in youtube, that vedhika runs and hugs the fake and he also lifts her, I didn’t like it, I m not blaming vedhika here, after so much inner conflicts and outer character assassination by society she decided to live for herself and the one who consider her as his oxygen life god and everything. But this fake one, how could he, I don’t want go to any foregone conclusion But if it’s real sahil then I would be the happiest person, because the real sahil who was dying to hear vocal acceptance of his love from vedika would have been had his heart burst out of joy by this gesture and for me the real sahil is the one who needs and deserves it because he is the one who showed how to love someone, the way he loved vedhika and for everything the man he is for .Some people would say both are KJ only, I know that, here I am talking sahil the character and KJ the person, that’s why I find it little odd.Anyways,first I love to see puneesh being tormented and then vedhika realize or finding this is not her sahil and I have a intuition that Deepak would be the one in bringing real sahil like he helped vedhika in jail.And on one side, I am happy that vedhika need not to suffer the extreme and it’s only a small problem when compared with previous things and above all she has the courage to fight for herself and her love sahil now.

    1. MK, Deepak is a devil’s advocate, at least that’s how I see him. For all the bad things he’s done, he’s helpful as well. We shouldn’t forget that for his own selfish gains, he coaxed Sahil to pursue Vedika in the beginning but look at what happened after, they ended up giving us the best romance and love story ever ….and now, we all love Sadika to eternity….MK, while I understand Raji’s dislike for fake Sahil being around Vedika……im trying to think out of the box here and of course I DO want no-one else but real Sahil for Vedika, I’m still going to not beat up on fake Sahil until I think he needs bashing…but for the little time being, I want to see some romance, if a different actor had come there pretending to be Sahil through plastic surgery, then I’d have a serious problem with that….like fake Nidhi… As it is, Sahil looks very young in this makeover and truth be told, men does age differently from women, although both are around the same age with not much difference, it’s now where we see the correct detailing of a younger man and the older woman being picturized…although, when Vedika dresses up, she looks amazingly beautiful. You know, Vedika and true Sahil are the only ones who know of Vedika’s love confession by the cliff, I wonder if this tiny detail means anything??? Anyways… Let’s see if Deepak lives up to his own expectations, he’s been of some important help to Vedika in the past when it was needed, hopefully he’ll be so again..

  13. I really dont think that there can be any other fake character of Sahil.. Jackie or any other X,Y,Z wud be our own Sahil in the end.. they can not introduce so many look alikes just like that..it wud be totally absurd.. Vedhika will know from the touch that its Sahil and not someone else even if he pretends to be under any circumstance.. My heart says so..lets see guys..

    1. Exactly Dolly.. That’s what I’m saying, it’s still Sahil whether it’s x y or z…its still going to be Sahil in the end, so instead of my BP going up for this, better I enjoy the chemistry and the romance of Sahil Agarwal…that’s why I recommend thinking out of the box..

  14. What if vedika knows dat is nt sahil nd she brought him for a purpose….. Just assuming, i honestly dnt understand anything any longer.

  15. What the hell!!!! Aarya got married to puneesh… I mean seriously!!! how is that even possible writers???
    Kabhi toh kuch logical dikha diya karo…

  16. Friends… Believe it or not, of all zeetv serials, this is the only one that has a faithful following with a decent amount of comments, the rest of them have few comments and sometimes none… Hats off to us all…even KKB has low comment section…amazing!!

  17. yeah i understand ur point @ Naz, but it’s just my little odd thing i felt, regarding Deepak i totally agree with u and yes vedhika is so good to say that she is beautiful is just a little thing and myself also want some romance between sadhika but was saying that if it’s real sahil, then it would have been great and i won’t feel this little oddness.

  18. Maybe that lizard and Arya are not married and juz acting.. I feel so..

  19. Ajj…i share your thoughts. I don’t know what to think anymore. All I wantis to see Sadika together. Sahil absence is great felt.

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