Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 19th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil knows Ghungru’s truth

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 19th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahil asks Vaidika why they came over to this magic game. An international scale magician, Azaan Parinda was invited who appears in a mask. He selects a few tricks to mesmerize the audiences. Vaidika thinks about the strange events at Agarwal house. The magician works on his trick to make glasses fly in air, or at least turn sides. Someone from the audiences was called on stage for the next trick and Vaidika was selected. On the stage, Vaidika says Ghungru, she knows it’s him. Ghungru says she will now see what it costs her to intervene in his ways. Vaidika says before uploading videos on internet, he must have thought he shouldn’t upload them with a dead girl Kamli. She couldn’t recognize him but his assistant Kamli. She then knew he was that Azaad Parinda and his real name is Mr. Krish

Asthara. She warns to get him to jail soon. Meanwhile, Ghungru clipped her neck with a board. A group of magicians shuts the coffin box using a split cover. They cut the coffin with a sword then opens the coffin box. Vaidika was nowhere inside it. They rejoin the coffin, unties a few ropes and Vaidika still lay inside the coffin box. The crowd claps. The trick had ended. Azaan Parinda takes a leave from the friends. The curtains were closed. Everyone leave. Sahil kept waiting, then goes to check behind the curtains. There was no one behind. He calls Vaidika and goes backstage. He hears Vaidika’s cry in the corridor and follows her voice. He comes into a hall and was shocked to see Vaidika hanging from the ceiling with burning coals underneath her. A bunch of goons prevent Sahil from saving Vaidika. Azaad Parinda comes there and taunts Sahil that he couldn’t recognize him earlier, his wife was much sensible. He removes the mask off his face. Sahil was shocked to see Ghungru inside. Ghungru tells Sahil that his wife was constantly warning them all but none believed him. He is actually the ghost of Kamli and has come here to destroy his family. His real name is Krish Asthara. Within five minutes his wife will fell into the burning fire. Sahil fights the goons with brevity, beating all of them. The goons leave the hall. Ghungru gives only two minutes to Sahil and boasts about being an expert magician. Sahil now looks on at Vaidika, he could see three of Vaidika each one asking for help. Sahil wonders which one among them is Vaidika. He thinks only one of them was asking him to leave and protect their children; he decides this selfless one is his Vaidika. The thread was almost broken. Vaidika slips into the fire. Sahil jumps in the air and pushes themselves on the other side of the fire bed, rolling over the floor. He hugs Vaidika tightly. Vaidika asks how he could know it was her. Sahil says her voice and her thinking compelled him. He was dubious, but he is really sorry not to believe her. Vaidika tells Sahil he is a magician, he made their family fearful. Now they are together, they will face him together with each other. Sahil wonders why he wants to revenge their family and what his demand is. They walk out together.
Puneesh tries to harass Shruti in the corridor. Shruti holds Puneesh’s hand off hers. Prachi comes there, and gathers the family blaming Shruti. Shruti explain she is innocent. Prachi wasn’t ready to accept the blames over Puneesh. She complains to Bari Amma that Shruti is flirting with Puneesh. Deepak comes there and tells Prachi he himself saw Puneesh forcefully holding Shruti’s hand. Prachi questions what right Deepak has to live in the house. Bari Amma scolds Prachi as she allowed Deepak to stay in the house. She will decide about Shruti and Puneesh.

PRECAP: A team from the bank comes for auction of the house, as Sahil took a loan and was unable to return it in time. Vaidika asks Sahil to tell everyone who is behind this all.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Some interesting episodes in Aapke Ke Aa Jane Se. In the past and current episodes, I find them not so appealing because the character Pankti and her mom have completely destroyed this show and some fans are telling me that this show is going to be off the air. I hope not. Otherwise it puts an end to me watching some Indian serials. All other Indian soap operas don’t interest me as this one. Could you get some writers that can create dramatic episodes?

  2. Well said Prema. That blo*dy twit n the most irritating character up till now i this serial ie pankti n her enunch mother have completely spoilt this serial. I think the uselesscwriters n director of this serial wanted to show a romantic track of this.twit n out of job pankti n the fickle minded sahil for a few months. But when they saw that the serial is slipping down because of thisv tack n they must hv read in all social media about how the FANS didnt like sahils pairing with this twit girl they immediately changed the story n kicked this twit out of the serial. And now to bring the TRP of this serial up the writers r showing too many lovey dovey scenes between sadika. Ofcourse we all like it but the HARM is already done. U must hv seen since the last 2 weeks none of the FANS of this serial are passing their comments. And the producer of this serial has brought all OUT OF JOB AND WITH LESS REMUNERATION ACTORS AND ACTRESSES in this serial. Like CONSTIPATED FACE USHA, GUDDU, GHUNGROO AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST THAT blo*dy YOUNG WHORE PANKTI. I used to hate bhoomi but i think after introducing this twits panktis character i hv not only developed an hatred towards pankti but also towards the fickle minded chap sahil. Hope they end the serial now before it worsens more. Of late i am watching season one of this serial on my mobile. I cant believe this the same serial we r watching now esp. They hv completely killed sahils character. His acting has also gone down the hill.

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