Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 19th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Aarya’s engagement preparations

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Pankti plays a recording of Bari Amma and Prachi’s plan. She says it was a coincidence that her phone’s recording was left as turned on. She didn’t want to disgrace any of them, but they disgraced her and her mother. She is a girl of this age, she doesn’t bear the torture of her father then why would she bear the torture of Bari Amma. She doesn’t even need to stay in the house, but she promised someone’s union. Sahil and Vaidika come home, Sahil inquires what promise. Pankti looks towards Vaidika, then replies if she wasn’t in such anger she would never have said this. But she will have to tell him now. She then stops at once, and says she can’t tell the name as per her promise. She tells him to ask his Bari Amma why she wants them to leave the house. Bari Amma tells Sahil that this girl will surely bring destruction to this house, and her family isn’t ready for this. Sahil says it’s his decision that they will stay here, and this is his house as well. Vaidika tries to calm Bari Amma. Bari Amma warns if Vaidika remains silent, she will lose the relation which was made after much trouble. After Bari Amma has left, Sahil asks which relation Bari Amma was talking about. Vaidika says it’s nothing, Bari Amma is only angry. She changes the topic and says she fixed Aarya and Guddu’s wedding. Pankti was excited, and says she will make all the arrangements as she has already done event managements. Sahil goes to prepare invite lists. Pankti was excited about engagement decorations, she vows to bring Vaidika and Sahil so close they he will fell in love with her. Vaidika prays for this to happen.
The next morning, Nani comes downstairs and tells the servant to decorate the house. The servant says Pankti will look after all the decorations, she must only tell them what to cook. Nani walks ahead and hits Guddu. The ring box in his hand fells on the floor, Nani taunts that its more like a wire. Vaidika comes there and complements the ring to be beautiful. Sahil and Aarya had just come into the house. They hear Vaidika say that the money earned through hard work is better than crores earned without any efforts. Sahil tells Aarya there is surely something in Vaidika which is so special. Aarya smiles thinking Sahil must now fell for Vaidika. She feels afraid and wish nothing goes wrong anymore.
Pankti was busy with decorations. She asks Sahil about the rings. Sahil says he brought two, but Guddu has already purchased a ring for Aarya so they will only need one. Pankti watches Vaidika come to the hall. She suggests Sahil to gift the ring to Vaidika, she is his friend and it will be his token of friendship and support for Vaidika. Sahil cheerfully says he can gift Vaidika a whole jewelry store. He holds Vaidika’s hand and puts the ring on, but flashes from his past comes to vision. He wonders why it feels this already happened to him. He asks Vaidika if this ever happened before as well. Vaidika couldn’t reply, Sahil says he doesn’t remember much; he is thankful to her. He then takes Pankti to message the invites. Vaidika says Sahil always claimed their story to be written by God. She believes God will fulfil their love story. Her heart claims he can never forget her. She is sure one day he will return to her life.
Vaidika helps Aarya get ready for engagement. Both mother-daughter cry emotionally. Vaidika says she can’t even believe this would happen. Aarya says it’s all because of Vaidika, she let her decide for her own life. She promises to never break her trust. Vaidika says the credit goes to Sahil, he made her realize it’s necessary to know the one you have to spend your life. Mandagini watches them from the door, and thinks today Aarya will go a wardrobe malfunction. Pankti comes in the room and gives a blue saree to Vaidika, she must wear it. Aarya apologizes Pankti for saying too much. Pankti hugs Aarya and takes her downstairs, telling Vaidika to wear this. Vaidika was happy that God has always helped her.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Today Sahil has call Arya”Chota packet” and has had flashes from the past while putting the ring on Vedika’s finger. Look like Sahil will get his memory of the last 6 years back soon. Hmmm…
    Would be interesting to see how writers will show Sadika’s reunion. Next couple of episodes should be interesting…..
    Mandy will creat problem for Aarya. I can’t stand that woman. She is so annoying. Pankti is king of growing on me.. Her intentions are good and I don’t think we should worry about her turning into another Bhoomi.

  2. Nina

    The ring revived many memories. Little by little Vedika have an influence on Sahil’s remember without the excessive pressure. I hope next episodes bring the good messages.

  3. I think the marriage & the rituals might bring back some memories.. may be he will then realise his commitment towards vedhika..
    Are the writers really reading our comments? mebbe they are trying to revive our old sahil too somehow..any guesses guys???

  4. Sorry friends..was busy as usual. Here I am Raji.. Not much to say, however it’s reassuring to see that Sahil’s memories are starting to resurface and I’m sure that soon things will be back to normal in Sadika’s life. One thing I’m not liking, that Vedika is pregnant and her daughter is getting engaged! Where on earth in these modern days does a woman be pregnant and has a daughter old enough to marry? That used to happen in ancient times…what’s wrong with these writers? Which leaves me to think that this engagement will take place but it won’t end in marriage. We should get to see Guddu’s exposure on the brink of vows….anyways, it’s wonderful to see Sahil remembering a little of the past..

  5. Yes Pooja You said correct we can’t think about pankti that she will turned into another bhoomi…and I already said it..that Sadika’s hugging scene is signal for us that Sadika will be reunite very soon ..but Fearing from Tejpratap and Badi amma’s.promise..
    What say??
    Eagerly waiting for today’s epi..

  6. Dolly.. Arya said that the best gift for her would be Sahil love her mama again before her wedding. I think something will happen in the engagement party as per Pankti plan. Mandy on the other hand is planning to ruin the party. What ever happen at the engagement, it’s not going to be long now for Sahil to get his memory. May be writers are reading or has change the script due to low trp.

  7. Naj,I’am also not liking this point..Aarya is selfish..I hate her..She is not like her mother Vedika is pregnant..and instead of her care she is thinking about her marriage with guddu..

  8. Yes friends i hv started hating thaT arya now. Such a small kid n wants to get married so fast. She is another hottie in the making. But hv u all seen the u tube recently. Our fickle minded chap is feeding food the stray puppy with his own hands. For a while i thought the stray puppy must hv broken her hand when she fell down. After this scene the interviewer is saying that now slowly the stray puppy ll fall in love with the fickle minded chap. I dont know how far it is true. I am fed of this serial now.

  9. Y do some women eye another woman’s husband???????? happening in all the serials and in real life too..uffffffffffffff….

  10. Please see the upcoming epi..Feeling very bad for Vedika….don’t know what’s going..

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