Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Gaurav brings proposal for Pankti

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prachi peeks through the window as Vaidika holds Pankti’s diary lying in front of her. She thinks this isn’t mere a diary, it’s an ignited flame that she threw into the burning issue between her and Sahil.
In the room, Pankti was looking for her diary. Vaidika comes reading the script. It reads, ‘I haven’t seen a guy as clear hearted as Sahil is, I am happy that Sahil came into my life; he helped me restore my faith over love. Today I want to gain such a love in which I can whole heartedly and soully be his. Now I am ready to marry Sahil.’ Pankti asks Vaidika where she got this diary, and she only wrote till believe in love once again. Vaidika questions how long Pankti will continue to lie. How can she be so cheap and think all this? She claims this is Pankti’s game to impress

Sahil, and she is even winning. Pankti requests Vaidika to trust her, she didn’t write all this. If Vaidika comes in the trap it will be an advantage to her enemies. Vaidika wasn’t ready to believe. Pankti asks her to think about Sahil; he is heartbroken. Still who does this, but it seems Sahil’s goodwill became his enemy. He didn’t let her leave, but didn’t cease his attempts to regain Vaidika’s love. She requests Vaidika not to test his patience to such an extent that he stops these attempts. She would have forgiven him long ago. She doesn’t stand between them, she doesn’t even love him, but she can’t see him suffer. She doesn’t want to break a house to establish her marriage with Sahil. They are women and need to understand each other. Vaidika says Pankti is right. She wants to believe in everything Pankti says. But for once, Pankti must stand at her place, as a wife whose husband gets drunk and considers another girl as his wife. He might have done everything which a wife is rightful of. Wouldn’t this have ridden her of her trust? She loves Sahil whole heartedly, she is trying hard to believe him once again. She asks Pankti to read this diary once again, and understand what she feels for Sahil. If she wants Sahil then what all this script means. Pankti explains she hasn’t written any of this, she can’t even think of all this. After Vaidika has left, Pankti wonders who can write such vulgar things in her diary.
The next morning, Nani scolds the Gaurav, marriage bureau guy, for bringing another proposal. Pankti comes there. Gaurav tells Pankti there is a guy whose profile matches Pankti and he is even ready to marry her. Nani now brings Gaurav inside, and gathers Vaidika and Bari Amma as well. Pankti wishes to meet that guy. Gaurav proposes Pankti. Sahil comes there. Nani was excited. Sahil inquires what Gaurav likes about Pankti that he was immediately ready to marry her. Gaurav replies he met Pankti a few days ago, and yesterday he was impressed by her brevity. Prachi thinks about telling Puneesh about this hurdle in their way. Gaurav introduces himself as the owner of marriage bureau and is the only son of his parents, he lives with his parents and know about Pankti’s father as well. Sahil thinks he seems too perfect to be true. Pankti was ready to proceed the matter with Gaurav. He says he will bring his parents soon. Pankti explains to Vaidika she doesn’t want Sahil but his alike.

PRECAP: Sahil overhears Gaurav speaking to some other girl on phone. He drags him inside by collar. Vaidika says may be Sahil had a misunderstanding, he questions if Vaidika doesn’t trust him anymore.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    It’s high time to start studying to write a script. Sahil already had wives Nidhi Bhumi Vedika now Pankti is a candidate for this post. Scriptwriters, please throw up your cliche and try to work by a head.

  2. Sorry to say this. Just as we hv female pr*stitutes (with due respect to them ) our sahil is a MALE pr*stitute. Jumping fm one bed to another to satisfy his young n energetic physical hunger. Of late he looks like a vagabond n instead of looking matured his hairstyles makes him look like a young physically hungry man. Why Not? He wants to impress the stray pankti so that she jumps with him on the bed. Shame on this character. The blo*dy writers hv made his character a male prosstitute or no in this case panktis GIGOLO. What say friends. How can a dignified lady vedika even love him of late. I would spit on his character.

  3. I still like Sahil..even the way he looks now..infact he is good now..and doesnt look like a kid..
    And he has all his eyes and heart only for vedhika and no one else however good or beautiful or young she is.. that is one point that the writers have not changed so far.. they are showing misunderstandings that might arise in such a relationship but they also are trying to revive faith and trust in bond i guess.. true love when turns into marriage still needs to be worked upon..atleast they have a chance to build their relationship still and need to be separated..marriage gives that security atleast.. imagine if sadika had been just lovers, its so easy to break up and go separate ways.. every relation needs that security and faith..which is what trying to be focussed here..
    How will vedhika react when she comes to know that sahil belongs only to her and no one else..all that they have gone through now..and all the bitter words..hard moments.. how will she react.??
    what will sahil do?? imagine that moment guys..

  4. If that is so Dolly then why is this Gigolo ie panktis gigolo not leaving this blo*dy damsel. Why he doesnt remove her out of his house n why is he stopping her fm getting married to other man. That means he is hungry for her pbysiczlly since she is so young. Tell me did he support bhoomi any time. He knows he can enjoy physically more with this brat so he is not letti g her go fm his life.Tell me which wife ll like a husband having coitus with another woman who is younger than her. Wont she be hurt n feel i secure. This bastatd gigolo wants to enjoy both world old n young.

  5. Dolly, your views reflect thinking with maturity, this is how I see it too, the only problem is that pankti is still in the house and the writers are to blame for that, they are keeping this character there and I don’t know why, they love the controversy that comes with her presence and they sit back and watch us all argue amongst ourselves and have a good laugh!! What we see playing out here, is what actually does happen in a situation where there is another woman in the picture. Scripts are derived from real life stories but it’s up to the writers to fiddle with whatever they have and sensationalize it to the max. In reality, an outside woman won’t be living with so many liberties in a married couple’s home like Pankti, they would be out there on the internet, workplace, social groups, girlfriends, village or city, casual acquaintance, a natural born nymphomaniac or even the neighbor! That’s where men conduct their illicit affairs! There’s a lesson to learn from what is happening presently…Vedika is doing what a lot of women do in a scenario like this and in the process, they lose their significant other because of thinking like Vedika. I’m in no way sweeping this thing under the carpet at all… What Vedika should be doing is keeping Sahil closer to her rather than pushing him away from her. Men don’t think like US, they are hunters by nature and where they get their satisfaction in whatever form, that’s where they go…in other words, smother them with what they seek, then they will not wander. Women’s liberation is not the way to counterattack and one can argue till thy kingdom come, it’ll not change the way men think, it’ll only push them far away from you.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Naz and dolly I agree with u both. Sahil loves only one person his problem stems from d fact dat he cant see injustice happen to anyone especially wen he didnt do anyting wrong. I cant c how anyone else sees anyting different its like they r deliberately seeing wat dey want and dat stems from a place of immaturity. I also agree dat is high time vedika stop push sahil away only then can she see d reality of d situation instead of leaving room for ppl to play with her family. Sahil never turned his back on vedika he always stood by her side until she lied bout hurting his mother so don’t she think it is time she stood by him. She has always found it easier to run from him than to stand by his side. Didnt his supposed death teach her d value of taking tings for granted. She needs to take a step back and tink with her head and not her heart. Sahil was married to bhoomi fir 5 yrs while he thought he hated vedika yet he never once touched her so y wud he after gettin d love of his life back and two adorable kids stray with someone he only tried to help. Marriage is a never ending series of finding balance faith and trust and as it stands vedika has no trust in sahil and its coming from a place of insecurities where sahil mentioned d difference in age and their thinking on matters which is true but dat has never stopped sahil from loving vedika even wen he couldnt even remember who she was. He hasnt shown no inclination to b with pantki just a desire to protect her as he has always done with ppl deserving his protection. I also agree dat pantki needs to get out of dat house and let d matter take care of itself cause being there just gives vefikas enemies ammunition toher her and destroy her family and home

  6. I’m not even going to comment on crazy ass Prachi, she cannot get another man, that’s why she allowed her ugly husband into her life once again..

  7. Seriously writers i think you are confused.
    The story supposed to be 40 yr old lady and 24 yr old boy..how the story will create. Not with other hurdles. Writers grow up or end the series. We want to see how the relationship grows and builds with these 2. Not the other 10. Ok eg priyanka chopra got married to a guy whos 10 yrs younger. Suhsmita sen 42 dating or engaged to a 24 yr old.
    Please brush urselves rewrite the script.
    So guys what you reckon am i right or wrong.

    1. Hi… We’ve begged for that for so long, it’s like a dead horse right now, writers don’t care, they don’t realize that it’s the romance between Sahil and Vedika that had us all hooked to the serial. Something about this older woman younger man story is quite appealing and this started before PC and NJ or Sushmita.. This couple was so hot that I used to watch the episodes a few times over but since the romance went into hibernation, so did the viewers…and writers not seeing that… We here are fed up of not seeing Sadika together, sometimes it isn’t worth it to comment.

  8. obviously pankti is young and beautiful..but sahil is not interested in her..he loves only vedhika and that he is trying to prove hard.. and hope he does it soon..
    And its true that no woman can see her love with someone else and that too in such a pathetic state..
    but pankti needs a good life too than getting caught in this aggarwal controversies…

  9. I agree with dolly the actor looks much matured with this new look and i don’t think that sahil wants to be physical with women because he was shown only being drawn to vedika and noone else, his true love was always vedika that is why even he had lost his memory he was attracted to her, i just wish that the writers stop showing too many in their and just make them move forward with their love and marriage life, pankti’s track should end asap

  10. Friends in this SATs episode the labrDor dog is getting married to the tender f**ker. And itis shown the horse facefd puneezh has capturef both the choldren of vedika n tied them to bomb. And this panktis physically hungry for pankti gigolo is shown marrying the tender b*t*h. Poor vedika i pity her condition. I tjink after this scene thet ll show a very short leap where vedika ll leave sahil so thst he can enjoy with this tender things body. So lucky this bastard is jumping fm one bed to another. I hope he dies a very very pathetic death by the time the serial ends. Of late his romance with vedika looks fake. It looks like he ll fall any moment on the tender b*t*hs body. I think whoever this actress is she is either very intimately close to the boozard n druggist director or to the gigolo sahil. Thst is why she is being given so much of importance by either of this two men

    1. Leisa s morris

      I seriously doubt u r above 12 yrs old as u persist in dis line ofcommunication wen much seasoned and older heads r letting usee d errors of ur ways. U keep harshing with really bad languish and I as an adult totally find it offensive. Everyone has their opinion but each state it in a mature manner which clearly shows their maturity and abiltiy to watch sometibg and give objective answers instead of d same rhetorical over and over. We all r watching/ reading d same show yet u r d only one who keeps harping on in dis manner. Im sorry if im offending anyone but I seriously cant keep quiet any longer. Rebuttal after rebuttal and u stil persist in dis way and its very telling. As I said before sorry if I offend anyone. Everyone has a right to their opinion but wen I see such goin ons I just have to point out how ridiculous it is. Sahil has only slpt with one woman and one woman alone since this shows conception. Hes no giggolo, no horny labrador or whoremonger. Hes a gd guy dat does crap from time to time because of his gd nature. I apologise again for offending anyone

  11. Naz you are right to keep a dog you have to be wise, without wisdom the dog will stray and leave. But sahil character has been shown to gave taken advantage of vedika. He wants vefika to beleive him but does not want to listen to vedika, with that attitude he will not win over vedika they need to talk calmly not
    With high tempers, just the two of them and they should spend more time together, which sahil is not doing he is listening to pankti inocently and talking to her about how he feels about vedika instead of telling this to vedika herself.
    If a man truely loves his wife they never change to go and sleep with another woman just because they want more s*x?
    Men need companionahip as well, respect
    Vedika did not ask for divorce from sahil, it was sahil who signed that out of anger but he did not retract the papers back even after knowing it was ariyah whu sent them, he then told pankti the reason instead of talking to vedika. The signing of papers is another thong vefika has to process becsuse she toi never wxpwcted sahil to do that, so that is another.problem for sahil.
    When God bring two people together they have to love and stay true to each other even if the wife is wrong the husband has to help settle that with love even when the husband is wrong the wife should be able to forgive and settle the matter and never refer back to it.
    MEN ARE HUNTERS YES BUT ONCE THEY HAVE THEIR PRAY THEY ARE SATISFIED. Men have to know that they should also learn to control their inclination to sleeping with other women while they are married. That is being unfaithful.. you can make a mistake once not make it a habit any marriage will not stand strong becsuse there is a third party in the marriage.
    E.G praci she has been reduced to do dirty jobs for her husband that is not love, and no woman shoild stoop that low, if she loves him that much she should be bold enough to say sweetheart this is wrong but she joins in, in order to keep a man and not let scoiety think she is divorced.
    The writers are not potraying the story as it should go the punch line sahil has is that he will die loving vedika and that no amount of trouble or how much people try to seperate them but it is happening now, sahil does not defend vedika the way he used to in the begining vedika is not sure at present if she can forgive sahil although she loves him very much. As they say time is a healer, but sahils behaviour towards vedika is not helping at all, he makes mistakes by defending pankti in vedikas presence and that is a no go area for most women, thats why its better to learn how women think and how men think, it helps alot. but she can also release him to pankti because vefika cant stay with sahil if he wants a sautan becoz thats what pankti is, remember he martied her to save her but marriage is martiage which ever way it was done teaditionally ahe is his wife, which is anither reason vefika thinks she made a mistake accepting panti into their home, i mean how many women can do that? Very few once trust is gone it takes hard work to build it back and the person in the wrong has to earn it. I wish the writers would write this story differently and in a loving way because it has potential but they have used too much, vudu, hatred, multiple marriages, doubles un necessary leaps, plastic surgery, murder but very little of sahil and vedikas relationship growing since they say they both love each other dispite their age gap.
    Watching this series is not helpful it teaches the viewer nothing but a lot of bad things about so called unique relationships.

  12. Yes its true sahil had only loved one woman since he fell in love with vedika otherwise before he met vedika he was a player and karan his friend reminded him, of that. Yes he has been true to himself and to vedika.
    But what destrys a marriage alor of times is misunderstandings sahil got used to vefika accepting sahil living with nadini and she got nadini married to shail fraudlantly, through the pressures from bariama, vefika looved sahil enough hit to let him make a misrake je will later regret. That was vefikas thinking
    She never accepted sahil as first. But later on she could not hold back her.love for sahil.
    So sahil is just doing what has been done before thjnking vefika has pure trust in him and he can save a damsel in dustress without cefika throwing a tuntrum, begire, but it has happened and sahil is so confused that his love wont even fall for his charm at presnt.
    His love cant beleive he was in the same be with pankti,
    The question is how did the wtiters come to this conclusion when all the time sadika had shiwn so much fauth and trust in each ither tgat the whoke wirkd wiukd accyse vrfika if slerping with men as a singke parent and sahil would nit doubt her but fight against the culprits what changed?? If this is a unique story let them stay together and fight society and show everyone it can be done let them even grow old together let their children grow to know that man and dad have age difference but libe each other very much,
    So to the writers please remember that no amount of plityung will split sahil from vefika yah ? So wht is sahil marrying pankti vefika will not get back ti sahil if he makes that mustake she has her principles she wont become the first wife and pankti the second woman she only wants sahil to have her only as his wife so please stop spoiling the show sahil character you have killed at present? He does not seem to be as wise as he was about vedika before.

  13. You all won’t like the pre cap of todays episode

  14. How will he be wise madeline. He has got a younget physicsl body to enjoy with. After a few yrs what came he get fm vedika when he ll be more charged. So with pankti it ll be life long pgysical pleasure for him
    Gigolo sahik and a sperm donor. Where has vedikas srlf respect gone. In yesterdays episode the gigolos love scenes wete looking so very fake. I thinl now the he ll be married the stray b*t*h in SATs episode we kl get to see all HOT AND SYEAMY BEDROOM SCRNES IN BETWEEN THE GIGOLO and thevshorty stray b*t*h.i am waiting desperately to see their stey scenes.

  15. All of u who r the GIGOLOS Fans see u tube fast. During the sorty stray b*t*h marriage our Gigolo friend is hitting one man since he was trying to dance with the stray b*t*h. I think the male dog didnt like anyone toyching the tender b*t*h so he starts hitting that man. Seeing this vedika is shattered. Hope by the timevthe serial ends this gigolo dies a PATHETIC DEATH. Also pls watch the bastards interview on u tube wherein he is saying that though sadika lve each other very much their views dont match. The interviewer is adking the how come ge is marrying pankti to which the gigolo replies that he is fed up of telling vedika every time that he is not having any affair with the stray b*t*h n since vefika is not willing to listen to him he has decided not to pester vedika more n then decides to marry the full of youth girl (we all know how much pleasure he ll get with that young girl). And poor vedika is trying to save both her children fm the horse faced lecherous puneesh while sahil is getting married to this youthful b*t*h to get youthful pleasure fm her. blo*dy ungrateful GIGOLO. I think after this episode vedika leaves with her children so that our Gigolo can enjoy fully with thiis youthful stray b*t*h who is his 4th wife. blo*dy the boozard n druggist director n writers hv changed the full concept of this serial. Now they should change the serials name to SAHIL THE ETERNAL SPERM DONOR FOR PANKTI. No wonder the TRP has fallen drastically. They hv mentioned in u tube that this serial is nowhere fm No. 1 to No. 10. I am so happy the TRP has gone down. If vedika has some self respect left she should not even allow sahils shawdow to fall on her n her children. He n his stray b*t*h can produce many children as both r very hot, young n energetic.

  16. Sona di..plzz Update today’s epi…..
    Why you are not giving update??

    1. She’s probably as fed up with the track as we are I’m really not looking forward to it because sahil and pankti going to get married

  17. Sometimes i feel this stray b*t*h cum whore is the horse faced bhoomi. Since she wants to take revenge fm vedika n marry the fickle minded hero she must hv come in a disguie. Disguise in the sense either it is plastic surgery or a mask on her face so that nobody can recognize her. In our bollywood movies n especially hindi serials these foolish things r shown by our brainless writers n directors. If u remember in her last interview bhoomi had written that she has not QUIT the serial. She ll come back when her part comes n whenever she is reqd. This thought came to my mind. What say friends. Why is Sona not giving written updates sonce last 2 days ie 20th and 21st february. Or is she aslo fed with this senseless track of the tender whore cum stray b*t*h pankti. Will somebody tell me if they hv read the abv 2 days written updates?

  18. Where are the updates from yesterday and today? Is anyone from India on this forum, that the episodes can be written?? We here in the west speak English, it’ll be appreciated if someone can do the honors for English speaking viewers… Thanks!! This is the time when I miss Lakshmi the most…we never had to ask!! ☹️😔

  19. What??? I think, as like Vedika..my some friends..are also in misunderstanding……why??
    Oh, dear friends you are viewer not a character..so you can’t not see only vedika..though you can see all characters..and her intention..
    1st We all know that Sahil does wrong when he mentioned about age gap, generation gap..and vedika hurts by this words Its Okk.But than after from bed scene vedika is in Misunderstanding..and only in misunderstanding..and now it’s Over..Over
    When Pankti tell vedika that she doesn’t want sahil..but she want like Sahil..and not speak lie from vedika that she tells everything even she tells that yes she wrote that diary language.
    Pankti is fair girl in my eyes..I like it.
    She also query about Vedika’s feeling and trust for Sahil..
    You all know that pankti doesn’t wrote those words “mere man se bhi mere tan se bhi.”
    Its was puneesh-prachi plan.
    And now In the Mahaepisode..
    after Pankti Gaurav marriage called off due to puneesh-prachi plans..,Vedika again will torture both Sahil and Pankti..very bad.I am tired from Vedika’s too tight action for Sahil.
    Sahil loved more Vedika but Vedika have not any trust on Sahil..why??Is only Sahil loves vedika not Vedika loves sahil????not any trust?
    And now Pankti will decided again union for Our Sadika..
    And that plan..is pankti sahil marriage drama for Sadika’s union.just.
    Bu Ved and virat kidnapped by puneesh..plans.

    1. She’s a older woman to them with three kids with all those situation coming at her…..how will there be no misunderstanding….i don’t believe you are defending sahil and pankti method…..that’s not a way to unite sadika knowing how sensitive the situation is this is bhoomi and sahil all over again and look how that end up….i totally understand the state of mind vedika’s in and sahil should also pankti needs to remove herself from their situation if she did things would’ve been solved by now

      1. You are thinking that I am not understand with vedika.You are wrong.I fully understand..and supports vedika..Iam very big fan of Sadika..and yes Iam not pankti fan….but Now This time vedika is going wrong….It’s okk you can only see vedika’s situation but I can see all characters..but it doesn’t mean that I am pankti fan..no I am not blind..I herself saying that Sahil is 100% wrong when he mentioned about age gap generation gap..and also wrong at the point when he was frustrated and drinks wine..Sahil should not Drink wine..in any situation but but not some man were helpless without wine
        I am saying true..??
        And yes today you really heart me..that I am pankti fan?never…
        And this is pankti plan Its not my thought..though it’s news confirms..please see than something say…

  20. Yes Naz.. Sona must be fed with this meaningless track and probably not worth her time doing updates. What has happened to our dear Sahil. That knock on the her from Usha has really affected him. I don’t know about you friends.. I don’t enjoy Sadika moments any more. They seem fake.. may be it’s because Vedika is kind of force into such situation… and the connection is missing. Hope this misunderstandings are cleared soon and Puneesh go back behind bars taking Pankti mum with him and Prachi disown. This love story was to fight against society and not among greedy bastard who wants money and property with doing a days work!!!

    1. Misunderstanding will be not clear so soon..
      Now It seems like puneesh-prachi track is going and succeeding..😑😔😔and I heard that makers are taking a leap? for some months or 1 2 years..very disappointed..
      I am also not enjoying sadika’s movement..bcz Vedika’s reaction for sahil pankti.Uff..

      1. I realise you are a pankti fan but she is at fault how is it ok to play a marriage prank on someone to see if they love you with the same woman she saw you in bed with and who you have been defending all the time……i think if you was in vedika place you would react the same i would look at it as firstly she was already afraid of the age gap becoming a problem he expressing it then end up in bed with a woman around his age and constantly defending her and now married her as a way to show vedika he loves her that’s nonsense….in pankti place now she may be very sincere but knowing she is the problem whether prachi and puneesh tricks making it worst as a woman with self respect you will remove your self from such situation and walk away with the hope that sadika works it out which wouldve happened without a 3rd person input….i don’t agree with pankti and sahil method especially where kids end up in danger and vedika alone have to save them sahil is a married such prank can totally destroy a relationship completely in real life of cause in these serial they always show women weak and she goes back too him(still a sahil fan just not presently) just my take on pankti

  21. Yes absolutely right..Vedika misunderstood with sahil pankti..and In misunderstanding vedika is destroying her life by taking some wrong decision.bakwaas and now leap

  22. Where are the updates of 20 and 21st feb, and guys don’t you think it’s too much of dance being shown in this show, is dance the only way to show romance, even when vedika was pregnant with Virat, she used to dance like a professional, which is so unreal, I wish the writers focus more on Sadhika, fed up with the troubles I see in their lives, and it is true that there has multiple marriages, Vedika 1st marriage to anurag, then about to get married to Gautam, then married to Yash and now Sahil, while Sahil has been married to nidhi, bhoomi , vedika and now Pankti, wat kind of Marital values are being potrayed in this show, it is really too much, writers please don’t make such absurd stories

    1. Yes Lisa..you it was very unreal..in the vedika’s pregnancy makers all times shows vedika dancing jumping my god..hopless tensed running..and Now vedika’s baby is premature but all time in sleeping mode????From this weak not any scene..that baby and ved.vedika’s baby is in all time sleeping..???even baby is nither with badi amma nor with manjula where is baby??Vedika??and vedika is romancing?

      1. Exactly, and did you even notice that vedika did not even have a baby bump before, howzat even possible, and it was told that she was in her seventh month, the makers are showing too much of unrealistic stuff, I just wish the marriage between Pankti and Sahil doesn’t and the show focuses on true love which was its actual theme

  23. Friends some time back today i saw the strsy b*t*h cum whores interview where she is saying that her track is getting ovet n she is quitting the serial which means she was signed only for a two or three month contract. She also said that though she joined the serial midway she was liked by each n everyone on the sets n she was feeling very bad to leave the serial. I thought to myself why ll she not feel bad she ll miss our fickle minded hero with whom she spent one precious night. So finally we all sadika or should i say vedika fans ll be released of the awful tension that we were going thru. Obviously she has to go since the TRPs had fallen down drastically. I think the makers of the serial would hv kept her for some more time with sahil for his enjoyment but duty the TRP rating they must hv asked her to quit soon. blo*dy tender whore. Dont want to see her face once she leaves the serial.

  24. Sorry if i jave hurt you @gayatri it’s surely not my intention and I’ve saw the nonsense they about to show sadly….it leaves me to wonder what qualifies one as a script writer because until this day I’m yet to see a great and well written serial from start to finish and I’ve watched alot…..even though i don’t under a word of hindi

  25. It’s okk..Sam.just wait for Saturdays Mahaepisode.. than You will also understand..by my opinion..
    In last comment you said..that vedika is in trouble but Sahil is going to married with pankti..but In real..after Pankti Gaurav marriage cancelled bcz Prachi plans…underline my words..vedika again misunderstood with sahil she thinks that really sahil and Pankti have a joint account..etc
    I am thinking that this is true love but unfortunately it’s destroying by such a misunderstanding?????why??
    Think before when bed scene happen vedika was herself helping pankti..bcz she was helpless and we also know that our Sadika’s heart is very soft..kind Hearted Person.but when Pankti’s mother trapped her own daughter and make slept both Sahil and Pankti..very bad..then please try to understand my words Its not pankti plan..it was her Mother’s plan..and think If our sahil doesn’t take drink..than ..pankti’s Mother’s plan were flopped..surely!!and than Sahil Pankti’s report will be not changed by Prachi than all will be well in between Sadika..OK
    Let us see What happens next..Think One day When Vedika will know all truth..and will be out of misunderstanding than What will be she feel….????

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