Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil seconds Vaidika against his family

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Usha comes to take Vaidika out of the room. Outside in the hall, Usha shouts at everyone to gather around. Jackie comes in defense. Usha blames Vaidika for flirting with her son. Vaidika warns Usha not to speak another word. Usha says it’s her son who allowed Vaidika to live in the house. Nani charges over Usha with her sandal but Vaidika stop her. Bhoomi steps ahead to slap Vaidika for deterring Usha, but Sahil holds her hand in mid-air forbidding Bhoomi to even dare touch her. Usha asks Jackie what he is doing, if he believes this woman and not his mummy. Sahil interrupts and clarifies that Vaidika ji won’t leave this house. Firstly, she is pregnant and as a mother Usha must understand this, secondly he went into her room by himself to speak to her. It was Usha who blamed her and dragged

her out of the room.
Nani whispers to Bari Amma that he is Sahil’s twin brother but got the heart of Sahil.
Sahil clarifies to his family that Vaidika has no connection with any of the accusations. He feels Vaidika has a kind heart, and no one must abuse her character until he is around. He makes Bhoomi and Usha apologize Vaidika. Usha was crying, Bhoomi tells Sahil he shouldn’t have said this to his mummy. Sahil clarifies that Bhoomi is a women, if she can’t respect another woman then he also doesn’t respect her. Usha signals Bhoomi. Bhoomi accepts her mistake, then joins hands in front of Vaidika. She says it’s her engagement today, and she misunderstood that Vaidika wish to ruin her festivity. She place her hand over Sahil’s to make him up. Sahil withdraws his hand from her grip and leaves. Others also turn to get ready for the engagement.
Vaidika stops Usha by clutching her arm and asks if she has witnessed enough? No matter how much they try, they can’t change Sahil’s heart. His heart is filled with love for Vaidika, Sahil himself can’t get rid of this love. She challenge Usha that she will never succeed in her real intention.
Aarya comes to meet an old friend in a café. She was excited for her friend’s marriage? They enjoy watching photos of her fiancé. Two girls come there recognizing Aarya as Puneesh’s wife; and recalls her affair with Tushar as well. Aarya was irked and about to slap one of the girl. Guddu intervenes.
Vaidika asks Usha if she is mourning for Jackie’s death. She doesn’t feel anything for Jackie instead she was afraid to lose the luxurious life. She believed so easily that Jackie is dead; though she must have left her and Sahil find Jackie. Usha says she has found her Jackie, and this guy will get her whatever her own son would have. Guddu defends Aarya as she only married Puneesh to save her family, and her mother is proud of her. He sends the girls away. Aarya asks Guddu how he knew about her. Guddu replies that it’s because of her Nani. He hurries Aarya home as it’s his brother’s engagement. Aarya wish her mother is fine.
Deepak lay in Bari Amma’s feet to apologize her and requested some place in the house. Vaidika says he was punished well in jail and even Gauri forgave him. Bari Amma accepts Deepak’s apology. Nani comes from behind with a bag of vegetable and tells Deepak to go and slice them in the kitchen as the cook is on leave. Bari Amma agrees to Nani at which Deepak was shocked. Deepak hits Mandabini in the corridor. Both share an intense eye lock. They introduce each other.
Vaidika returns home where women right activists were waiting already. The ladies accuse that Vaidika always flirt with young men, when her husband was dead she went towards his twin brother. Bhoomi whispers to Usha that she has instructed these women well, they will take Vaidika out of the house till the engagement. The ladies force Vaidika out of the house but Vaidika defends herself well and shouts who are they to decide for her good or bad. She married a man younger than herself but what’s wrong with this. Sahil came home and defends Vaidika sending the activists away. Sahil appreciates Vaidika’s take against these women. Vaidika was happy and says the victory has yet begun.

PRECAP: At the engagement, Vaidika sang and cried in the function. Sahil was attracted towards Vaidika and walks there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Can there be a love like Sahil’s?? So stubborn and true to love no matter what condition he is in..?? cutie pie, cherry plum??
    How happy and proud vedhika must feel to have a hubby lk Sahil..?? luv u Sahil..??

  2. Nice episode.. wow that’s what I call true love ??. The way they gaze at each other says it all. If I had a man like Sahil I would not let him out of my sight ??. These days Vedika saris are so beautiful. I wonder where Bhoomi get sense of dressing?. She looks like tart! And this Usha she really annoys me.
    At least Deepak was there to provide some much needed humour. ?

  3. Nina

    Vedika had got angry to Sahil many times he was telling about his love. Now Vedika has changed at all can hold one’s ground in trouble. Sahil’ s love changes her life completely. Dodgy Mandabini knows how to get round Deepak.

  4. Leisa s morris

    D lst episode I saw was vedika awakin from her deeam only have been able to read updates and didnt see a few updates so im kinda at a lost. Did d writers make ablunder in trying to change d story can someone fill me in pls

    1. Leisa, Vedika and Sahil had a beautiful getaway in the forest, never mind that they were on the run, they shared tender loving moments together until they were caught by the vampire with gothic makeup and Usha who took them to an old mill of some sort where they assaulted Sahil badly injuring his head and all the while Vedika was tied to a chair…subsequently she passed out there because of what she witnessed with her husband. Episode ended there and then we see her waking up from her sleep whereas Aarya informed her mother that she’s been unconscious for days.. During the blackout period, the ghotic vamp and Usha brainwashed Sahil into believing that he’s Jacky, not Sahil…mind you, Sahil revealed himself to Vedika prior to their capture so Vedika is fully aware that it’s Sahil and not Jacky, so that when she woke up from her unconscious state, Sahil’s memorial service was about to be conducted and Vedika stormed downstairs to inform the family that Sahil’s alive… I’m sure that you know what went on after this part of the story Leisa…

      1. Leisa s morris

        Thx naz was a lil confused there..lol. was wondering if d entire ting was a dream

  5. Good episode today… It’s heartening to see Vedika finally standing up for herself with a fighting spirit, she showed her determination to stand up for herself and her relationship with Sahil. The dress down on the ghotic vamp, Usha and the women who obviously are snoopy and into other people’s lives, was nicely done, from Vedika and Sahil…true love definitely transcends tangible and intangible barriers!! It was satisfying to see the ghotic vamp’s face when Sahil pushed her talons from his arm and when he made her apologize to Vedika, won’t put any emphasis on the wink eye because the gothic vamp won’t succeed anyway, even if she does, it’ll only be for a short time..

  6. I know many of you don’t like Deepak’s appearance once again on the serial but he does offer comic relief when it’s needed… I didn’t hate him friends, it’s only his treatment of Gauri that I had a problem with but on the whole, he’s not that bad…at least we’ll be seeing romance between him and Mandy and now it looks likely that Aarya will be paired with Jacky’s foster brother as well… Now, Guddu is coming across as a likeable young man but we don’t know much about him, for all we know, he could be just as bad as his mother, after all the fruits don’t fall far from the tree!! I assume Deepak would keep Mandy occupied and since Deepak is in Vedika’s good book, unintentionally both of them could be an asset to Vedika and Sahil in the future.. I’d like to see Mandy in a positive role we don’t need another villian, after all, there’s the vamp, Usha and the nosy women of the neighborhood to do that role.. Somehow I think that Usha isn’t as strong an antagonist as Bhoomi, it doesn’t take much to see those lips curl when Usha doesn’t get desired results so she flounces away in anger.. Nani is funny as well too.. Happy to see her back to her old self!!

  7. Friends what i feel is nowthat Mandy is paired withdeepak n arya with Guddu both wicked rosogullahs children, finally our horse / donkey face, lustful, hottie potty, crazy for sahil physiically might be paired with jacky in the end since she needs a man very badly in her life. Just as the writers hv pardoned the evil deeds of BA which i am not happy with they might pardon this blo*dy bastard witch bhoomi also. Hope at least the writers should not pardon puneesh n donkey brand bhoomi. What say friends

  8. Sapphire 20th Dec 2018 – 8:37 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Naz I watch Manmohini sometimes but I cannot take on the black magic sought of thing anyway dont know if you remember but she is the same girl who also act in Jamai Raja you cant miss the weird face anywhere; I say she is pretty/ugly her eyes are huge and her mouth well as you can see is very big but yet her face is nice to look at ; at least she got a leading role in this serial lol; girl i am taking things very slight for Christmas I find that I am not in the mood; still doing my Christmas cleaning and shopping for gifts for my nieces and nephews because i always say that this time of the years are for the kids I just like to see how their faces light up on Christmas morning when opening their gifts anyway a very Merry Christmas to you and your family and dont eat and drink too much you know we all have to watch the weight; have Blessed Night my Friend.

    1. So, I started watching the serial but it’s another husband snatcher on the prowl…even though it’s in the outerworld.. I also recognize the actress Sapphire, she was Roshni’s cousin on JR and what she vamp she was! I think she’s born to be a vamp, she was a vamp as well on Starplus Ishqbaaz…so she’s vamp material. I think she does a good job with her characters though but my only complaint is her distracting humongous pair of lips!! I don’t know what pleasure these actresses these get these days from botox filled here there and everywhere,! I’m sure it looks like that to me… Anyways, I know that you are not much on the forums these days, don’t blame you, but even if I’m not commenting on any other, I’m sure to put my piece here everyday… So, have a wonderful Christmas, I’ve taken your advice Sapphire, since the past few years…enjoy the festivities and hopefully you’ll find the gifts that you are looking for… Take care of yourself dear and we’ll chat again soon… ??

    2. Leisa s morris

      So dats where I know her from…I was rackin my brains trying to remember which serial she was in…though I still cant remember her character she played

  9. why is my comment awaiting moderation i did not say anything out of the ordinary so please post my comment

  10. The way vedhika communicates with Sahil just with her eyes and he understands that, needs no words to be said..thats how a relationship should be.. No matter what condition he is in, he stands by her.. and he doesnt shirk away from vedhika’s touch..but bhoomi, the very next moment he stops her.. thats how a true love should be..

  11. “Ghotic Vamp” Great name for Bhoomi Naz. I love it. ?. I also think that Mandy can be handy for Vedika. She is not very bright and she already said in previous episode “ since when did Jacky become so serious”. She is going to slip at some point and Usha lips might curl up even more.

    1. Lol… I think the name is appropriate, however I saw her in a new video with less makeup and she looks wonderful, I guess the ghotic look is required for her role, she’s got to make Bhoomi look like the ultimate vamp husband snatcher cum child borrower….and she’s done a fab job with her role so much so, most of us here and YouTube viewers hate the character to the core… When a character can elicit such strong feelings from viewers, then you know the actress/ actor has done the job!!

  12. Usha’s daughter is already married and why is she flirting with Deepak?? Atleast he doesnt have a wife..but y her? He should find someone else isnt it?

    1. I missed that detail Dolly, I didn’t know that Mandy was married. She comes across as a floozie, I don’t want to see her change, she’s fine being how she is right now..

  13. Naz sorry to say this. But i dont only like the bhoomi character sorry but personally i hate that cheapo n lustful actress herself. First of all she cannot act for NUTS. And secondly she looks good only at times n not always. And the way she delivers her dialogue is very painful to watch edp her upper lips. One of my close friend also commented on her dialogue delivery. When u see her interviews she very often SHOWS OFF

  14. Guys did u notice, Mandy looks almost like Rakhi sawant..

    1. You are so correct, you took the words out of my mouth… Looks like a clone

  15. he frineds every week im waiting for trp and this week is very low 1.2 last week was 1.4 i feel sad for our show although our show better then others show but get low trp i wonder what the reason.the if trp continue like this show will go off air and i dont want this

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