Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bari Amma disclose the truth to Vaidika

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It was night. Sahil sense something strange was going to happen. Vaidika opens the door and walks towards Sahil. Bari Amma comes to the hall as well. Vaidika asks Sahil if he knew Ved was her son? Bari Amma slaps Vaidika and blames Vaidika for stealing their child, they got Sadika back and now she wants her right over Ved. Vaidika tells Bari Amma even she could raise a hand over her but right now she wants to know the truth, she has a proof that Ved is her son. Aarya and others were shocked. Vaidika questions why they hid the truth from them? She questions Sahil if he knew Ved wasn’t his son. She shouts at him to reply to her. Who planned this and stole her son? Bari Amma recalls stealing Ved from the hospital? Vaidika asks if it was Sahil, or Bhoomi? Bhoomi and Sahil remember their vow

to keep Ved’s identity a secret. Vaidika says she was sure atleast they wouldn’t ever do harm to her. When she realized Sadika’s truth, she pleaded for her own child; still they remained silent. She jerks Sahil blaming him to be exactly like his family. Sahil says he knew from the beginning that Ved was Vaidika’s child. Bhoomi tries to stop Sahil but he doesn’t. Sahil says Ved is her child, but the child she left in the hospital after giving birth to him. She has returned out of greed for money. He initially considered it a sin to part her from her son, but she wants that son for her greed only. Vaidika gave birth to Ved, but he Bhoomi and the family brought him up. Bari Amma tells Vaidika to stop this drama, they are aware Vaidika wants to snatch Ved due to property. Bhoomi asks Vaidika if Vaidika wants a right over Ved, she was a mother who not only left Ved but also a fifteen years old Aarya. She and Sahil brought Ved up, they even lived abroad for a year so that the world think Ved is their son. Sahil tears the letter apart. He tells Vaidika Ved is his son. Vaidika cries and pleads them to believe her, she didn’t leave Ved. She was unaware she gave birth to a son. She will prove she isn’t greedy. Sahil shouts at Vaidika to shut herself up. Vaidika thinks its time she tells Sahil that Ved is her and Sahil’s child, born through artificial insemination. Bhoomi gets unconscious then. Bari Amma sends Sahil with Bhoomi inside, she was worried that Vaidika won’t remain silent for long.
In the room, Vaidika cries for Ved. Aarya comes to Vaidika and says she spoke to Nani, she had to go to a temple but will soon return to Kanpur now. Vaidika holds Aarya’s hand to stop her. She explains she had a liability and had to leave five years ago, she didn’t know anything about Sadika. Aarya says she believes the truth would reveal itself. Vaidika promises to bring the truth to everyone by herself. Gauri stood at the door of the room. Deepak place a hand over her shoulder but she goes to her room. Deepak wonders what’s going on in this house, he no more wish to abuse Gauri and can’t even ask her about Manish directly.
Late at night, Bari Amma held Ved in her arms while he was asleep. Vaidika follows Bari Amma who was about to stab Ved with a knife. Vaidika stops Bari Amma. Bari Amma asks Vaidika what she was about to tell Sahil, that Ved is her and Sahil’s son? It’s not a secret, Anjana brought this news to her and she was the one who killed Anjana. She planned the kidnapping of her child as it was necessary to bring Sahil and Bhoomi closer. Deepak left his daughter to Vaidika then, still everything went in her favor. Sadika returned to them. Bari Amma says this child Ved was her necessity five years ago but today she gives him a damn. Vaidika stops her from hurting her son. Bari Amma tells her to cover the truth up, else she would hurt her son. Vaidika says she knows already what she has to do, Bari Amma couldn’t part Sahil and Vaidika and Ved is their son. Bari Amma has always tried to hurt Sahil, but she promises not to let Ved go crazy.

PRECAP: Vaidika runs away with Ved. Sahil and Bhoomi come looking for Ved to Vaidika’s old house. Bhoomi slaps Aarya.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    Vedika is absolutely right when asks Sahil about hiding the true. This was especially glaring in light of his recent mad love. How can be so selfish now. He trusted in Bari Amma’s words though he had known Vedika’s nature. Under no circumstances, she could forsake her baby.

  2. This show just needs to end. It had a promising beginning, but the over-negativity, self-righteousness of Vedika as well as the repetitive and slow pace have really bogged it down. Nothing good ever happens in this serial.

  3. Leisa s morris

    I don’t understand sahils continuous belief dat vedika abandoned her son wen it was already proven by deepak dat he heard vedika child had died and so left his daughter with her which she then ran away with thinking dat was her child. Y wud she give away her child whom she will b gettin money for to run off with someone elses child. Y r dey making sahil b so dumb wen hes always been a fast thinker. Even d dumbest person will question d validity of wat transpired and wat is being said.

    1. So correct you are Leisa… I echo your comment. Writers have killed it for us, we no longer see the beautiful relationship which existed between Sahil and Vedika. It’s so depressing, sometimes I don’t feel like commenting.

      1. Leisa s morris

        Naz u know I actually stop watch d show i only read written updates now. As with d other serials d direction dis is heading has left me no choice and I really cant sit down and watch d destruction of such a potentialially wonderful show being butchered dis way. As with all zee serials d main theme of d story is gone. All start promising with an amazing back story yet end in someting totally different,filled with evil winning over and over and over again. All r d same,d plots, d evlil,d end nothing new at all.

  4. How come Sahil does not believe Vetika anymore??? Too many twist.. BA is given too much airtime. This woman is unbelievable. I read that Nisha is actually Nindhi. The love story is completely gone as more evil deeds is going to be shown,

  5. Right Naz…thats y im also not so active in commenting nowadays.. Where is the true love.? is it juz a myth now?

    1. Definitely a myth now…

  6. sahil dont trust vedika anymore since the reason is vedika herself ….and ask ur self if someone who breaks ur trust not just once but multiple times ..will u trust them just like before ?? ..now if vedika wants to make him believe her ..first she has to earn that trust back ….and today also ba scared vedika for ved’s life …and she decided to fight back …if she had the courage to do the same before then sahil would have supported her thats the diff now she is alone…these all r consequences of the actions taken by vedika …
    when arya mms case happened i didn’t supported sahil though he and arya were tricked but since it was his mistake to trust the wrong person ..but what vedika did …as a mother she slapped him ..pushed him and dragged him out of the mathur house ..got engaged to yash out of rage ..sahil begged her to believe him but she didn’t cared …
    the same way sahil is a son….who lost her mother ..still asked her about what happened since he could not believe that she can be responsible ..but what she did ..she blamed him for his own mother’s death ….and again lied and hided the truth ….think from every perspective ….not just from one side ..
    similarly ..i know vedika has rights over ved …but her methods is wrong ….she should have gathered evidence to make sahil believe ..and once sahil will believe her ..he will def give back ved to her … when she have waited 5 yrs she could wait a little longer …

  7. I want only justice for Vedika…

  8. Naz,don’t know what s the problem with Zee serials,but right now there is not a single one that is holding our interest…..Like you I am also feeling very low…don’t feel like saying anything about any serial….Kaleerein ,I left last week itself…Yeh Teri ..,just boring …..ISA ….Kabir on the verge of marrying Ruksar…Here too the same disappointing scenario …it no longer resembles a love story. The two new ones ,not appealing from the beginning itself….The channel seems to not know that the viewers watch tv for some relaxation ….here the picture is different…they are adding up to our stress levels…..just gross negativity everywhere……..I don’t know if I should take a break…

    1. Now reading comments since I last posted mine. We all believed love wasn’t a myth, as Dolly says, but not we see it actually is, is there any true love at all? Something or the other always comes up and blow the feeling up into smoke..and all we are left with are pain, distrust, disillusionment, heartbreak and tears. When I thought that for once we got a serial to give us some relaxation, our stress levels is rising instead, so you, Dolly and I are in the same boat…i just don’t feel the motivation at all. I’m taking yours and Cathy’s suggestion and started since yesterday to watch Bashar Momin.. BTW, I snooped into your conversation few days back and you were discussing about it so I’m giving it a try. I’m not watching any of the two serials, not interesting to me. I see Nidhi is coming back but as Vedika’s attorney… Believe it, I saw it on YouTube, although I said I wouldn’t sneak preview, I cheated…if this is true, then jail agreed with Nidhi because she made herself useful and achieved a huge profession. So, I watched BA trying to kill Ved, this wretched old woman should be in the mental hospital, is she for real? Some days back when Sadika was lying on the bed after her fall and Vedika and Sahil shared a hug outside, when Sadika called out to her, Vedika heard and came running and yesterday when BA and Vedika had a cat fight and shouting match right in the corridor, few feet away from where the whole family was sleeping, no one heard the commotion…smh.. The illogical things we see in these serials are amazing..

      1. Leisa s morris

        Lol dats so true naz proximity has no value in these serials sometimes a person is far away and things r said muted and can b heard clearly other times a person is standing right there where everyting can b heard clearly and noone hears. Absolutely amazing really

  9. Definitely what vedhika did to Sahil is wrong..but she believes that of all the men on earth, Sahil wud definitely not leave her side come what may.. but when he himself is against her now, she doesnt know what to do actually..Mebbe she’s not able to think clearly at this point.. everything happening at the same time.. to win back Sahil’s love and trust, to save her kids, to prove herself..all together at the same time.. but evil wins everytime..
    I wish Sahil had been listening to the conversation between vedhika and BA when she was trying to harm Ved.. but as usual Sahil will be kept in the dark.. uff..

  10. Now again bari amma drama has started…this lady is ridiculous…
    Why Sahil isn’t listening to Vedika??
    Bhoomi is going to get crazy now i guess…not liking her.
    Precap is interesting.

  11. Now that witch Nidhi is also back…nothing else left in the show😏😏

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