Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika and Nisha’s confrontation

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Vaidika comes to Sahil and tells him that Nisha is casting black magic on their family, because she is actually Nidhi. She got her plastic surgery and has come here with the intention of revenge. She tells Sahil that only their son Ved is suffering in midst of all this. She tells Sahil that Ved is their son, her and Sahil’s. She was pregnant by artificial insemination and by hospital’s mistake Sahil became her donor. She requests Sahil to help his child, Ved needs his father right now. Sahil at once push Vaidika away. He turns to Nisha who laughs hysterically at fooling Vaidika. She challenge Vaidika to use Ved’s reality against her now. She has taken control of Sahil’s life and on the day of Dashera tomorrow, she will finish off Sahil. Vaidika stands up and says on the day of Dashera,

only evil is defeated. Nisha accepts Vaidika’s challenge.
Vaidika comes to Pandit ji and says Nisha has taken control of Sahil, she might harm him. Nisha hears their conversation. Pandit ji tells Vaidika about a testimony, if completed breaks the effects of black magic. He clarifies that the testimony is hard, and people are mostly unable to complete it. She must do it with Sahil, would she be able to do that? Vaidika was determined to do anything for Sahil’s life. Nisha thinks Vaidika is a stubborn woman, she claims of not loving Sahil but does anything for him. She will not let Sahil live and make Vaidika suffer for sure.
Sahil brings Bhoomi into their room and bolts the door. He accepts that he could never take time for Bhoomi, though she did a lot for him and Ved. Tonight, everything will change and they will be united. There, Nidhi cheers that she is controlling both Sahil and Bhoomi right now. Sahil is busy with Bhoomi, and Vaidika can’t speak to him or convince him for any pooja.
Vaidika comes to Sahil’s room to speak to him about Pooja. She spots them from window and feels uncomfortable. Nisha comes to tease Vaidika for being jealous of her sister. She tells Vaidika that she heard Vaidika’s planning with Pandit ji against her, and indulged Sahil with Bhoomi. Tomorrow as well, at the time of Pooja Sahil will be busy. She challenge Vaidika to break her spell and laughs that Vaidika is helpless.
Deepak forbids Gauri touch his daughter. He claims Sadika’s custody if Gauri decides to leave him. Gauri questions why Deepak wish to separate a minor daughter from her mother. Gauri says she will tell the court how Deepak left his daughter when she was born. Deepak says he brought Sadika back, and wakes her up to tell Sadika about her mother. Gauri forcefully pulls Deepak back. Deepak blackmails Gauri that if she tries to leave him, he will ruin Sadika’s life.
Sahil and Bhoomi hear Ved’s scream and hurries to his room. Vaidika was appreciating Ved for screaming so high, he is surely a strong boy. Bhoomi complains to Vaidika for untimely act, they were afraid of Ved’s screaming. Vaidika was apologetic to Ved and stops Nisha in the corridor asking if she got a setback. God never let Devil win, this Dashera wouldn’t change the nature. She played a game with Ved, and it ruined Nidhi’s set up game. Nisha says it’s time for her pooja, else she must have replied Vaidika well. But Vaidika will continue to watch this dancing video doll in face of Sahil.

PRECAP: Vaidika and Nisha’s confrontations continue. Sahil turns into a black stone at the time of Vaidika’s pooja.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Diya, you were correct, no need to apologize!!

  2. This black magic crap is such bullshit… In these modern days, we have to see black magic as an important ingredient in a serial ,why why why!!! To make it even crazier, Nisha is able to turn ppl into stone!! Seriously writers!!! Is there any more power left to give to evil disgusting Nisha?? If it wasn’t for Sahil and Vedika and their story, I’d have taken a break from this serial till I see some sensible plots in tune with the original story. I miss those days, in the beginning, there was so much promise for this serial …but black magic crap don’t sell with me at all, the only positive thing here is the pace of the story and the rapid turnover of events, writers here move quicker than others on these Indian serials…and that’s all I can boast about!!

  3. Friends pls let me know did sahil n lustful bhoomi slept in yesterdays episode or they came back to their senses after ved screamed. Pls clarify. Still i read domewhere on google yesterday only where one of sadika fans had ifmd that “BY NOW ALL KNOW THAT SAHIL N blo*dy BHOOMIS SON WILL BE VEDS DONOR”. Is it true.

    1. So… If that really happens..Sahil and Bhoomi’s alleged upcoming consumation, I would consider taking a break or a back seat in commenting. That’s the most painful thing to think about and that’s when Vedika would be in my bad book, for her Mother Theresa attitude towards her relationship on the whole, with Sahil. If she allows Sahil and Bhoomi to produce a child to save Ved’s life, what is the point of the serial on the whole, it’s purpose would be defeated right?? Then it would be safe to say that we all have been screwed over by the writers….false advertising by the production team AKAJS.. Before I go further, I’m going to wait to see if the predictions come true…as it is now, I wish Vedika could discover that she has a mean bone in her and blast away Nisha…

  4. Leisa i read yr comments for 17th oct episode today morning. U r so correct. That selfish bhoomi should murdered. Come whatever she wants sahil physically including his vast wealth. Vef is just an excuse to keep sahil close to her. BIG HOPES. But Leisa sahil n bhoomis child ll be a donor of ved. If that is the case i stop watching this serial. Pls clarify. Somewhere i read about this in one of the comments. At the same time i hv also read sahil n vedika on bhoomi madams insistence ll consummate so that veds life can be saved by this child. Pls clarify

  5. If Sahil and that blo*dy bhoomi come together for veds sake, then there’s no Sadhika story in it.. Sahil can’t be humiliated more.. already his character has been damaged so much.. whether vedhika accepted or not, Sahil was true to his love.. I hope the writer’s do justice atleast to Sahil’s character..

  6. Friends if sahiln that blo*dy B bhoomi come together for veds sake then hell to this serial. Immediateli i ll stop seeing this serial. I ll not even read written updates. The writers r liars. What hopes n lovely scenes between sDika was shown in the beginning n now more n more importance is being given to that shorty n sahil ki bhooki bhoomi. Now a days i am not liking sahils character also. He has suddenly started looking like an uncle n i think he is also getti g attracted to that lambi race ki ghodi. I couldnt bear to see her close proximity with sahil in yesterdays episode n less said about maharathi sahil the better. He was literally falling on bhoomi yesterday. I dont thinkni ll like his character fm now onwards. This serial is giving me a lot of mental tension n has become very depressing.

  7. Muniya

    Total crap!!!

  8. It is really not acceptable for me either to see Sahil and bhoomi together.. if love is so true, then no evil can ever make him get back closer to someone else.. not even black magic should have made him do it.. I juz can’t see them coming closer even that way…😪😥

  9. Omg… what century are the writers living in ???
    Black magic track is so crap.. Sahil and Bhoomi can’t Happen or else I will stop watching. This is sadika story.. they must be united. Please writers listen to the viewers. Enough if that bullshit black magic..

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