Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika discovers that Nisha is actually Nidhi

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In his room, Sahil speaks to Vaidika about bone marrow transplant. She will have to go for matching test. Vaidika was relieved about the option. She holds Sahil’s hand says wished to tell him something. Bhoomi comes there and pulls Vaidika away, blaming Vaidika. She drags Vaidika downstairs. Vaidika tells the family about Nisha’s reality of attempting black magic on their family. Everyone had turned to stone. Vaidika wonders what happened to everyone. Soon, the lights begin to flash. Nisha walks downstairs and tells Vaidika none heard whatever Vaidika said. It’s her power that she stopped the time. She was the one to place stones near her rice. Vaidika even reached behind her into her room; and was dubious because of that black cloth. She warns Vaidika that she can harm Sahil and Ved as

well. She says it was she who maddened Vaidika in the court room. Vaidika was determined to face Nisha. Nisha smiles and tells her to first bear her sister Bhoomi’s anger. Bhoomi was conscious and warns Vaidika to stay away from her husband, else she will kill Vaidika now. Sahil stops Bhoomi and asks what Vaidika wanted to say. Vaidika replies nothing, and leaves.
Aarya complains to Tushar that he is leaving for US in four days that for Puneesh’s work. She was annoyed. Tushar requests Aarya not to make things difficult for him, he wants to spend these 4 days with her now. They spot the doctor arrive in a tensed mood. The doctor says Ved’s mother’s bone marrow didn’t match, it’s difficult for him to survive with such a falling health. Vaidika was tensed and fells on the floor. Bhoomi stops Sahil but he walks to Vaidika and consoles that Ved will be fine. Vaidika cries badly. Sahil asks doctor for another possibility? The doctor asks about the real father of the child. Vaidika looks towards Sahil, Bari Amma and Bhoomi share a tensed look. Nani says his father has died. Vaidika was about to speak, but Bari Amma interferes and asks about any other possibility. The doctor says it’s called allogeneic transplant, any donor can be found for that. Vaidika runs into the room and cries. Her shadow appears and questions why she is holding herself back, what if it takes longer to find a donor. Sahil’s bone marrow will match Ved, and it’s the last hope. Vaidika decides to tell everything to Sahil. Bhoomi comes into the room, she joins her hands to Vaidika and requests her not to tell Sahil that Ved is his child. Vaidika was shocked to know that Bhoomi was aware of the truth. Bhoomi nods and accepts replacing the pen-drive that day. Vaidika slaps Bhoomi and considers her a criminal.
Nisha watch Vaidika and Bhoomi’s conversation and enjoys the news of Sahil being Ved’s father. She was determined to make Vaidika suffer now.
Bhoomi explains to Vaidika that if Sahil knows the truth he will leave her at once and come to Vaidika. Her marriage would break. She gave five years of her life to Ved and Sahil, and promises she will save Ved at any cost. Vaidika wasn’t ready to accept any of the plea and says she can do anything to save her child. She doesn’t want to break Bhoomi’s marriage but they can’t lose Ved. She asks Bhoomi to believe her, she won’t let Sahil near to her but she has to save Ved first. Bhoomi, as a mother, must also think about Ved at this time.
Nisha enjoyed the conversation. She decides that tonight, the power of her black magic would destroy everything. She learnt black magic to revenge Sahil and Vaidika.
Vaidika comes to the corridor, she was confused if she must help Bhoomi or save Ved. She decides to tell the truth to Sahil, he is the father and has a right to know the possibility of helping Ved. Vaidika finds Nidhi’s bank card and her plastic surgery record lying on the floor. She guess it right that Nisha was actually Nidhi.

PRECAP: Vaidika and Sahil stood on burning coals. There, Nisha turns Sahil into a puppet.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This show is becoming too much crap especially with the black magic sub-plot. Occasionally I may read the written update to see whether the writers have developed some skills but I certainly won’t be watching the show anymore.

  2. Nina

    The level of absurdity goes up every day. Vedika, what’s come over you. You have a problem of choosing between brainless Bhoomi and a sick kid. Maybe the stupid scriptwriters have that problem.

  3. Friends yesterday for thr first time i was annoyed with vedika. What is wrong with that sensible lady. How can shevlisten tovthat blo*dy B….. bhoomi. Arre yaar is ved’s life imp or that blo*dy lustful womans marriage to sahil is imp. Naz i am fed of all this crap. Just watch when this damn serial ends one day that blo*dy bhoomi ll be shown married to sahil n vedika ll die leaving her 3 children with that fickle minded sahil n the monkey brand bhoomi. 3 children means aarya, ved n i read in google that sahil n vedika will consummate to hv another child on Drs advice so that ved is saved by that childs bone marrow transplant. When will BA die n when ll bhoomi leave sadika n go away fm their life.


  4. Dear Naz anxiously waiting 4 yr wonderful comments. U were so rt the brainless n lustful bhoomi just wants sahil physically with his vast wealth. Ved is just an excuse to keep sahil close to her. Doesnt she realize with vedika back again will sahil ever accept her. Even if vedika was dead n gone forget about loving anyone other than vedika, he wouldnt even get physically involved with anyone. High hopes this blo*dy woman is having. Tch tch t h poor cruel n wicked bhoomi. If she says she loves ved that much overacting ki devi she should not be so selfish. I dont friends when ll sahil see her selfish needs n kick her out of the aggarwal house. Sorry girls thay is why i keep on calling him fickle minded sahil fm SEASON 2 EPISODES.

    1. Sahil is going to get physical woth bhumi cos of nishas black magic…onky this was left in the show to see…And now this also… dint u see olv where vedika comes to tell truth to sahil she sees sami romancing and goes away from there..nisha taunts her saying are u feeling jealous of bhu?..bla bla bla…then nisha also says to vedika that sami are doing this cos of black magic and they wont be remembering anything tomorrow… And vedika looks at them shocked… so won’t be surprised if bhumi gets pregnant.. and that chikd will be donor of ved..And bhumi torturing sadika with that baby…

      1. Now…. That’s a frightening situation, hope it doesn’t go that way but knowing these writers, anything’s possible!!

    2. Raji… All I am concerned about now is what Vedika is going to do knowing that Bhoomi knows that Ved is hers and Sahil’s son and also now that she knows Nisha is Nidhi, what course of actions would she take to serve justice. I certainly don’t want Nisha to continue with her black magic crap and we have to see what Diya says doesn’t really come true, that’s going to upset everyone…plus, the essence of Sadika’s story would become tainted because of physical activity between one unconsenting and one consenting adults, who sleeps together without knowing it… . I don’t even want to think down that road…

      1. Naz i dont know if its true… the consummation oart was my guess..but i saw that olv vedika comes to tell truth to sahil .she sees something and moves away from there being uncomfartable…and nisha taunts her if she is feeling jealous of bhumi ..and all..and she also tells vedika that they are doing this cos of her black magic..so consumation was my guess..and knowing these cvs that to what extend they go to destroy the story and torture us..lol they can show anything..so guys..that was just my guess..but amything can hapoen in this show..so i exoect the worst ..cos afterwards i dont have to have a bad heartbreak..lol

  5. Muniya

    Why is Bhoomi acting so brainless!!! Stupid!!
    She always claims she loves Ved and can’t live without him…then why is she being so stupid to keep Vedika away from Sahil and concentrating on them…risking Ved’a life.
    Witch Nidhi is back in real form…and the precap is stupid thing ever…Writers plz Grow up and show something logical…Seriously.

  6. What to say about this episode now???

  7. Dont understand why the he’ll vedika is always showing double standards.. she supports gauri to come out of her abusive marriage when vedika herself cudn, do that…if she can give a second chance to yash who molested her..why not deepak…he shud be given a second chance..he was changing.. ..then it was this mahaanti ki devis decision to hide truth from sahil..but now slapping bhumi who is doing the same thing..lol..I know case is different now.. now its abt veds life also…but what the hell in world stops vedika fro saying truth now.. if she hadn’t stopped maya that day from saying truth tobsahil all this wudnt have happened.. but that time she tagged sahil as a DONOR…now when she wants his help for saving ved… he is PITA.which means its a clear use and throw…..how much more double standards she will show.. she is nothing less than an opportunist… it was her own decision to hide truth from sahil..dint even let maya tell truth.. but now slapping bhumi who did the same…argh…

  8. How I wish that this nisha kills sahil he can get freedom from these mad ladies around him… the worst mother ba,selfish possessive and mad bhumi and this opportunist vedika who onky remembers abt hik when shes in danger or when she wants him help..And for me here..vedika is the worst.. tags sahil as DONOR..forst and now a PITA… fickle minded opportunist lady… hate her.. And this lady cant let sahil die and rest in peace..maybe she wants to torture him more and cant let him die easily…argh… Cos even when he went to coma..she dint let him die..brot him back to life n..from next day started hurting him by getting pregnant for yash and her dialogues me yash ke bache keep maa banne wali hun…argh…this is what for which she brot him back to life… cheap double standard woman.. god knows now when is her next marriage with hum umar or maybe when is her any of the two patis coming back to life..

  9. Naz some people r so jealous of vedika. Not in the serial only even on this forum. I think some people cant bear to see sahil loving vedika so madly n passionately. They must be thinking how can a handsome boy love a middle aged woman. I think its a case of grapes r sour.

    1. Hello Rra… Definitely, even I would be jealous if the man I’m dying to be with, loves another woman the way Sahil loves Vedika…so I do understand others could feel the same way too… Sigh…. The underlying plot of this serial is the love of a younger man towards an older woman, so no matter what, this is Sadika’s story, their life’s journey, never mind they met so late, but it’s their life together, the thing is whether they would end up together despite all the obstacles which comes to them or be separated in the end… We all are hoping to see them live together but would BA, Bhoomi or Nisha allow them to!!

  10. Honestly this is becoming too much. It was once the best now it’s just becoming bottom.

  11. Minus the black magic crap, the episode wasn’t so bad. This is the only illogical thing that’s happening in the serial, where on earth do ppl go to learn black magic like witch Nidhi / Nisha?? She must truly be evil inside and the devil manifested itself in her…lol…that’s why fire comes out of her eyes…hmmmm, if looks could kill!! ??…one good thing came out yesterday and that’s a good slap going towards Bhoomi for knowing that Ved is Sahil and Vedika’s son and kept it all to herself..that’s another selfish doing of Bhoomi, always thinking of herself and how to benefit her own interests. If Vedika didn’t give her that slap, that would have been a weak mistake of hers. Slowly I’m seeing Sahil being drawn physically and emotionally towards the love of his life, that is a very positive thing happening amidst all the black magic mombo jombo…and conspiracies of BA and her sidekick Bhoomi. Seriously, everytime the black magic crap insinuate itself into an episode, it’s a turnoff but still I manage a good laugh!! One more thing, no matter how much we complain that things are happening quickly enough, it really does here, in other serials it’s worse, so from maybe it’s time we should cut the writers some slack when it comes to pace, they dilly dally but they move, they don’t stick for too long..

  12. Only because of two different points that I replied separately…my friend, I can see that you are commenting using two different names. It’s your right to do so but not necessary dear because I would have replied to both comments if it was necessary, ok…lol, point to notice, everyone has a different coloured ID next their name, even the designs are different…

  13. Naz is it true that because of black magic done by nisha/nidhi sahil ll sleep with that lustful bhoomi n that wicked bhoomi ll get pregnant n then this child by lustful bhoomi n maharathi sahil ll be the donor child for ved. Naz if this is true then i ll stop seeing this serial. I am not watching this serial to see bhoomis n sahils romance. Dirty woman bhoomi. Just because she wants sahil physically she is not allowing vedika to tell about he being veds real father. What a crook she is. Dont know if she is more crooked or thst murderer BA. A few days ago i read in google that sahil n vedika will consummate n when their child is born he will be veds donor. I think i am going beserk reading all this different stories. I promise i ll stop seeing this serial if sahil goes to bhoomi due to black magic or whatever reason. Pls naz clear this for me.

  14. Hi Ladies… have not been commenting lately as this black magic and bhoomi’s obsession turn me off. I have never seen anyone so selfish as Bhoomi. I just laugh yesterday when she asked Vedika to get out of the house. Had she forgotten that Vetika has more right than her in the house. True Sahil is slowly warming up to Vedika and I love the way they look at each other. As for BA I rest my case. Too busy plotting on how to get rid of Vedika that she can’t See what happening to her own daughters. Witch of woman!! She rather wait for a doner rather than telling Sahil. Is that how much she love Ved? Joke!!

  15. Leisa s morris

    Hmmmmm some very harsh comments in seeing concernin vedika which leaves me to believe dat as of date some still hasnt understood d complexities of loving someone and and not wishing to ruin their lifes. Did vedika hide d truth from sahil,yes,but wen did she? Not wen she found out truth cause she was goin to tell him then d murderr ting with sahils mother and veduka being blackmailed happened. Not wen she came back cause she had every intention of doin so until she realised dat sahil and bhoomi were happily married and had a child. Then she found out sadika wasnt hers and she tried to find her child. Wen sheI did find her child sahil had kept d fact dat.ved was hers so she was angry but she was goin to tell him wen bhoomi fainted and BA threatened his life. So allwho saying she had no intention of telling him try to remember dem tings ok and lastlywhen she decided not to it was so dat she didnt want to come between sahil and bhoomi. Nothing vedika has done was because she was selfish it has always been in d best interest of others however wrong she may have been but bhoomi did it for purely selfish reasons and deserves multiply slaps not just one.Even now wen she knows d fastest and fastest way to save ved is through sahil she is still being selfish yet vedika is still thinking bout saving bhoomis marriage by promising to keep sahil away from herself. So who really is d selfish one.

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