Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Pankti’s decision to leave Agarwal house

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika runs towards the gallery. Pankti lay in the garden unconscious. Vaidika calls everyone attention. They run downstairs to carry Pankti to hospital. Bari Amma accuses Pankti’s mother for such trouble over Vaidika’s life. Bari Amma, Nani and Aarya were of the same view, Pankti had brought problems into her life. Bari Amma says it’s because of Pankti that her husband attacked her, even her child could have been lost because of this. She warns Vaidika that Tej Pratab is a beast and can ruin anyone’s life; she has known him for years and is well aware of him closely. Nani asks what she knows about Tej Pratab. Bari Amma says she doesn’t even want to discuss that man. She forbids Vaidika to stake her own life only because of Tej Pratab or his family. Vaidika and Pankti’s mother leave towards hospital. Bari Amma decides what she has to do.
Tej Pratab shot his goons. His phone bell rings, and he murmurs; ‘it’s just the beginning of love; let’s see what happens ahead’.
Pankti wakes up with his head bandaged. She apologizes Vaidika because the goons attacked Vaidika because of her. Sahil complements Pankti, as Vaidika would have done exactly what she did. He thanks Pankti for saving Vaidika’s life, she is extremely important for him. She is his friend, his land lady and supports him every time. Even Pankti is here only because of Vaidika. Vaidika turns to leave but Sahil says he would never forgive himself if ever Vaidika is hurt. He hugs Vaidika and says he feels close to Vaidika, she is extremely important for him. Pankti smiles and thinks she only wish Sahil to fell in love with Vaidika again. Vaidika turns to leave the room. Sahil stops her. Pankti thinks until she is here, it might not be possible. Sahil doesn’t remember his love; her presence may take them away instead. She will have to take a step tonight.
Mandagini was curt over Aarya for always sticking around Guddu. She curses Vaidika for killing her Jacky and sending her mother to Jail. She walks ahead curtly. Deepak was doing pushups in the corridor, Mandagini slips over him. She was lost into his eyes, then kiss Deepak’s cheek before leaving.
Guddu cheers Aarya up as everything was well in the end. He meets the owner of Taxi organization and asks Guddu to be in time tomorrow morning. Guddu wonders why he came over. After he leaves, Aarya inquires about the man and his driver’s uniform. Guddu makes up that he is actually a driver, their office booked his van for some purchasing. Aarya wonders why he was being so frank. Guddu replies what’s the big deal, after all he is a human as well. What if he turns into a driver someday? Aarya was even terrified with the thought and says he is qualified, he must always remain in corporate uniform. The ladies in neighborhood discuss what’s happening in Vaidika’s house; six years ago, Sahil and Vaidika’s love story spread same filth in the vicinity but it won’t happen this time.
Bari Amma comes to meet Tej Pratab in the dark. Tej Pratab says it seems nothing has changed over time, she is as beautiful and as courageous as she was before. Tej Pratab says he is ready to start over a new story. Her husband left her years ago, and this dragged him here; else he never comes to meet people this way. Bari Amma shares Tej Pratab’s smile, then says she still holds his keys; his daughter Pankti and his wife are staying at her house.
Pankti was leaving Agarwal house late at night. Vaidika comes to her and says she came over as an angel into her life, she wanted to get her love. Pankti says if she stays by, her father will continue causing trouble for them.
Bari Amma says its decided his daughter is no more under his control. She will return her wife and daughter; in return he must never hurt Vaidika and Sahil.
Vaidika tells Pankti that she learnt from Sahil never to break promise. They must learn and face troubles instead of running away from them. She wish she had fought for her love years ago; but it’s God’s will that the story is being rewritten. Her life intends in returning love into Sahil’s life, and she needs Pankti’s help. Pankti promises to be with her.
Tej Pratab agrees that Bimla never leave any task undone.

PRECAP: Bari Amma’s attempt to disown Pankti and her mother from Agarwal house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Was this Pankti story necessary in the first place? I don’t see that anything was achieved, all writers did was buy themselves some time to figure out the mess they put themselves in. Tsk tsk tsk..

  2. Sadika lovers why no comments fm any of u. In fact i am fed up of this track esp this stray puppy, her giant n ugly mother n the overripe potato. Why is vedika trying to act so generous. She should kick the stray do n stray puppy out of the house. Now i am fed up of her sacrifices. And the fickle minded fellow. His acting of late doesnt seem to be natural at all. It looks he is not interested in his present track. Writers if u want the puppy stray dog to continue in the serial then let sahil hv FUN in all ways with her n send vedika to her old house far fm these ungrateful aggarwals. BAs acting was good as long as she was vamp in vedikas life. Even her avting doesnt look natural at all. And remove aarya n the flat face another monkey brand guddu fm this serial. blo*dy he cant act 4 nuts. Arya has become too hot now a days.

    1. I can’t bear to watch these episodes Raji so I’m waiting till things get back to normal. I’m lying low for the time being but I’ll read updates only and do some eye rolls..

  3. Friends r u all aware that our serial will be now telecast fm MON to Sat since last week. I dont whether it is good news or bad news. Frankly speaking i am not enjoying at all the present track of all untalented, jobless n with less payment actors. None of them r good actors. Naz i want to know in yesterdays episode in the scene when vedika is giving medicines to the stray puppy then sahil apprreciates the puppy 4 saving vedika n also tells her hope that when she grows big she lll become like vedika. I cant understand hom at all of late. Sometimes he gives those romantic looks to vedila n sometimes to the stray pupppy. So does it mean that he ll not be involved with the stray puppy. When he saw the puppy in blue sari fm behind he was staring at her God alone knows imagining what? Will someone Pls explain to me.

  4. guys i dont understand one thing..under any circumstance, our sahil was shown as loving only vedhika..his heart feels love only for her even if there were others..then how come this puppy has strayed into his life..
    how he is able to give those lovey dovey looks to her also?
    Y doesnt his heart feel love for vedhika like before?
    And a woman of this age to give birth itself is a big thing..what if a person is shown with so much stress and no care and love ?what message the society gets out of this?
    Our Sahil was the epitome of love for us..now he has become a joke bcz of these writers..dont even feel like posting anything nice nowadays..
    Its like even our team has fallen apart now..unless they change sahil’s character like before..
    Y cant they just live in peace for sometime atleast???

  5. Hi friends.. There’s not much to comment theses days.. The current tract is out is scope. Can’t stand it. The writers has assassinated Sahil’s character. Vedika’s sacrifice and good nature is too much to swallow.., really sad that that this serial had taken this turn…

  6. Well said Dolly. I think finally sahil is very young so naturally his heart will meant looking at a young girl thinking how much he ll enjoy with her. My foot. That stray puppy looks like BABE IN WOODS. From where did the writers bring all these untalenred actors in this track which in the first place was not necessary at all. Even i feel when sahils heart used to beat for vedika only n even when this nidhi n whore bhoomi came in his life he never even bothered to look at them forget about touching them. And this puppy has strayed in his life n he has started giving her those lovey dovey looks. Why? Is it because she is very young fm top to bottom, etc. blo*dy writers hv spoilt our serial completely. I dont even feel like looking at sahil now a days. Even at times when he is looking n behaving romantically with vedika i am not enjoying those scenes since suddenly the flash back comes to me of the lovey dovey scenes between him n the stray puppy. I think we all should stop this serial during its prime time so that TRPs fall n the writers r forced to end this stray puppys track. In yesterdays episode this puppy is saying that she should leave aggarwal house otherwise sahil ll not remember vedika. This puppy doesnt know so many before her hv come n gone but still sadikas love is very strong. Even death
    h couldnt separate them. Then what is this tiny CHIT OF AN ASS. High hopes this girl has got.

  7. Raji, just like Dolly too, I’m somewhat confused by Sahil’s double mixed emotions between Vedika and pankti. Because of this, Sahil has lost his charm in my opinion, his love should have been unshakable towards Vedika but here we see some hesitancy on his part. What I want to believe is that when he was looking at pankti in the blue sari, it really was a subconscious response to his lost memories of his admiration of Vedika in a blue sari, so in essence, he wasn’t responding to pankti in the sari, it was a reaction to his lost memories of Vedika. To me, it doesn’t seem like pankti was a threat in the first place but we’ve gotten quite a few misconstrued indications of the fake wedding which was later explained, the marriage accessories, the few times pankti fell into Sahil’s arms, which whipped the viewers into a protective shield around Sadika’s relationship, because no one wants anyone in between them…now, this thing that seems to be brewing up again amongst the ladies in the community, is another way that writers will try to ignite the memories in Sahil’s heart, remember that this was what had happened before. where Vedika was always ridiculed on her relationship with him because he was younger than her!! So, now that I’ve stepped back and thought about it we’ve got to read between the lines. When I questioned what was the relevance of Pankti’s appearance in Sadika’s life, maybe writers are using this way to help him regain his own memories. Sometimes it takes another perspective, another person, to make one realise what is important to him or her…third party always does the trick, that’s because you won’t want anyone to take what you know is really yours.

  8. Ya Raji..this puppy has got the opinion now that she is between sadhika..and this has happened only bcz of Sahil.. he has given her this wrong opinion..im so angry now..
    I literally used to feel like i shd reach the other side of the screen and shake him up..
    we had seen ourselves in vedhika..now to see sahil with someone else is boiling the blood..grrrrrr…
    suddenly these writers will bring his memory back and immediately give it another twist too.. like a never ending story.. Sadhika moments, their love, their feel, those emotions are all gone now..

  9. Yes Naz you said correct. I think when he saw the stray puppy in blue sari may be he rembered something about vedika. I agree with u on this point. But still when that puppy slipped on the staircase in that blue sari dildnt sahil caught her n started staring in her eyes. Even the stray puppy was staring in his eyes. Even when sajil met her for the first when she dashed against his bike he was looking into her eyes. Also once when both sahil n puppy were fighting he very lovingly hit her on her cheek. Isnt he giving the stray puppy wrong signal. Then after a few days or months this fickle minded fellows memory ll come back n then he will go running wagging his tail behind vedika. What nonsense is going on. Friends should we watch this serial now. I dont think so. When bhoomi came in his life she was falling on top of himn now this idiot sahil is literally falling on top of this young stray puppy. I think after seeing this young thing all his love for vedika n ved has vanished in the air. Mad crap writers

  10. I dont want to think in that angle actually.. a third person trying to revive lost memories..
    women are naturally possessive and to see their man with some other b*t*h is intolerable..especially when there had been so much love and care between them..its not easy to share love..

  11. Nina

    The Pankti’s and her father-mafioso storyline has turned the love story into this sucky show.

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