Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika decides to rent her house

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Sahil tries to defend Vaidika from Deepak’s accusations and Vaidika’s disgrace. He sends Deepak downstairs, he can also solve the problem. Vaidika cried at a counter. Sahil gets her a bottle of water and apologizes about Deepak’s attitude. Vaidika leaves the shop upset while Sahil comes behind her.
At home, Nani complained about their poverty with the neighbor. Aarya makes the neighbor leave. Nani was angry over Aarya. Aarya turns to see Mama (Rohit) and Mami (Kiran) arrive.
On the way, Vaidika wonders where the real jewelry has gone.
Rohit tells mother about his new job. Nani was hopeful that their financial problems will now be resolved, but Rohit was reluctant to be much helpful. Nani has an argument with Kiran who blames that Nani couldn’t take care of their children in time. Vaidika comes home and greets Rohit and Kiran.
Bari Amma calls Anjana (Sahil’s mother) to prepare some Prasad as the Pandit has agreed for Sahil and Nidhi’s marriage. Gauri was not sure if Sahil would agree for this marriage or not.
When Vaidika tells Nani about the fake jewelry, Nani grabs Kiran’s neck and accuses her. Rohit leaves the house in defense of his wife. Vaidika leaves behind them.
In the cinema, Sahil watches Vaidika crying. He comes to speak to her that it’s a comedy film. Vaidika says whenever she feels upset she comes to cry here, no one disturbs her. Sahil introduces himself and says he wants to help her. Vaidika wasn’t interested to get any help. She looks for a handkerchief in her bag, Sahil offers one to her. She grabs it and leaves the cinema.
Nani and Aarya were posting some posters. A car passes by throwing mud over Nani and Aarya. Bari Amma comes out of the car. Nani has a furious confrontation with Bari Amma. Deepak comes out of the car to defend Bari Amma. Nani calls her names from behind. When Vaidika returns no one was home. Aarya complains to Vaidika about Nani. Aarya was upset and tells Vaidika to pray Nani and the lady never confront each other again. She tells Vaidika she wants to do a lot for her, she promises to earn a lot for her. Vaidika promises to take Aarya to dinner and thinks that being emotional won’t solve her problems.
Bari Amma tells Sahil that Nidhi is his gift for her birthday. Sahil and Nidhi dance with each other.
There, Vaidika enjoy dinner with Aarya and Nani at a stall. Nani was worried about her lost jewelry and hopeless about getting the house back. Vaidika says she has decided to rent the house. Aarya tells Vaidika that they have already pasted advertisements about it. Vaidika decides to be cautious and not rent the house to any bachelor.
Bari Amma takes everyone’s attention to make an announcement in the party. She gives Nidhi’s hand into Sahil’s and says she wants to tie Sahil and Nidhi into a marriage relationship today. Everyone claps. Sahil was shocked to hear the news.

PRECAP: Sahil leaves home and hires Vaidika’s house on rent. Vaidika asks what he is doing here. Sahil reminds Vaidika that they were connected to each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. good story….and nice to see some fresh romantic scene’s

  2. Muniya

    Now it will be good to see Sahil and Vaidika living in the same house and coming cloe to each other…
    Loving the show anyway…

  3. First when I heard about this 24 and 42 i really don’t like …i even Thor not to watch..but now the way the story is going it’s keeping me hooked to the show..especially sahil?

    1. Nope.. Its 23 and 33. It is mentioned in synopsis of story

  4. Angelk1

    I can see sahil family not liking vaidika, I feel so sorry for her. She’s so strong, sahil will be the sunshine to her darkness.

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