Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bari Amma steals Vaidika’s son; Deepak leaves his daughter to Vaidika

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Sahil was badly drunk. Bhoomi comes to him and says he didn’t fill her hairline with this sindoor, she can’t be a part of each of his crazy decision. Sahil says he has seen into Bhoomi’s eyes what she feels for him, this friendship is only a lie. Both the Mathur sisters are liars. Bhoomi insists she can never take Vaidika’s place, there can be no story of Sahil and Bhoomi. Sahil asks where Vaidika is. There is no story, it’s only the story about their destruction. He is no more the old Sahil Agarwal and prove himself to be a changed person.
Vaidika was in a labor room.
Sahil wandered around the streets drunk, shouting I hate you Vaidika.
Vaidika delivers a baby and goes unconscious.
There, Sahil was found unconscious on road by some people.
Deepak was in the hospital worried that Gauri went into the labor and had to be rushed to hospital. He wish her son is fine. He tries Bari Amma’s number.
Bari Amma comes to the room where Vaidika had been. She kiss the forehead of baby happy to see the heir of Agarwal family, her Sahil’s son. When Vaidika is conscious, doctor will tell her that she gave birth to a dead child. She takes the baby with her.
There, nurse informs Deepak that a girl was born to him. Deepak decides to do something before Gauri is conscious. He was about to throw his daughter into a dustbin. A doctor and nurse passes by discussing how Vaidika’s child died? Deepak decides to hand this baby to Vaidika, she will surely bring her up with love and care.
Bari Amma and police leave the hospital after they had accomplished what they wanted.
Vaidika wakes up and finds the baby in the cradle. She holds it close and cries. Deepak decides to call Gauri’s child as dead now. Vaidika apologizes her baby for never knowing her father, but she will protect her from every storm of the world.
The police inspector comes outside the hospital room and says Vaidika and her child are inside, they need to arrest both and take them to jail. They break into the room but Vaidika wasn’t there.
In the dark, Vaidika ran across streets with her child. She covers herself and gets into a row of some pilgrims standing at a temple site. The police had reached behind her but leaves after a glance at the crowd.
Bari Amma brings Vaidika’s baby home and speaks in front of temple that she was left with no option. This child will become an heir of Agarwal family, she couldn’t even let Vaidika’s reflection over him.
Pandit questions how could Vaidika be a part of this pooja without milk. The police inspector judge it was Vaidika and grabs her there. She pointed a gun towards Vaidika, a snake suddenly appears at the inspector’s hand. Everyone backs out. Vaidika runs away.
Bari Amma tells Sahil that Vaidika left her child, she even lost her motherly affection. Sahil holds the baby. Bari Amma show her desire that Sahil and Bhoomi bring up the child together, she wonders how can a mother treat her child like this? She asks if Bhoomi would help Sahil. Sahil recalls Yash’s last wish to take care of his child. Sahil speaks to the baby that his mother rejected both of them, but they are champions and very strong, they will live happy together.
Vaidika travelled in a car thinking she got Sahil’s child. She will never come between Sahil and Bhoomi now. Sahil already hates her and won’t even want to see her face. She decides to protect her child at any cost. She even decides to leave the city.
5 years later, the servants ran after Sahil’s son. Bari Amma comes there. The child requests her an ice cream.
A young girl was walking by the showcase of cakes. The shop keeper recognizes her as Vaidika’s daughter. He asks how much money she has. The girl spills the coins over the showcase and begins counting them. She claims to have Rs 295. She will feed this cake to everyone in the college.
Bari Amma sends the servant to get ice cream to her grandchild. She was playful with the child for a while who then runs calling Papa. Bari Amma considers stealing the child from Vaidika as the best decision of her life, Vaidika must have even died by now.
The girl child bargains the shop keeper for the cake as it’s her mother’s birthday.

PRECAP: Vaidika celebrates birthday with her daughter while Sahil celebrates birthday with family. Vaidika silently wish birthday to Sahil. Sahil wish he could remove this date from his life.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Oh dear, I feel sorry for Gauri…at least her daughter will grow up with love and happiness. As for Vedika’s son, he’ll grow up with his father’s love, it could have been worse but BA will shower Sahil’s son with everything and I wonder if Sahil would think that it’s funny that BA is loving Yash’s son too much… Of course we know Bhoomi has wished for a man like Sahil but in all fairness to her, she’s been assuring him that she cannot take Vedika’s place in his heart and it’s true, when you love someone or if it’s first love, no one else can ever come close to who your heart first beat for… No one….. That’s why it’s called first…. I think that we would be seeing some deeper chemistry between our leads, like forbidden love….and as Vedika knows that she has Sahil’s child, this is going to draw her closer to him against her wishes… I wish to see more Sadika’s moments and I feel that we will be… I’m sticking with Sahil and Vedika to the end… I have to see them unite…

    1. Muniya

      Hey Naz…are u registered member of TU?
      And if u don’t mind…where r u from?

    2. Hi Muniya….I’m from the Caribbean. I’m not too tech savvy but I did sign up on TU but can’t figure out why I’m not registered, however my user name is still Naz02, …I think ?? ….haven’t been up there in ages though…It’s easier to interact with you all here so this is where I come for discussion.

  2. Did I hear right…Vedika named Deepak’s daughter….Sadika?? I bet this little adorable girl would tug at Deepak’s heartstrings and he’ll want to get close to her, after all, he knows that she’s his daughter but besides BA and Maya, no one else knows that the boy is Sahil’s biological son, poor Sahil, thinking that he’s raising Yash’ s son….only Maya can tell Sahil the good news.

  3. Leisa s morris

    I dont understand Bari Amma at all she really is a cold and heartless individual. She killed anjanna to keep vedika and sahil apart then guari baby is pronounced dead yet she doesnt even care but takes vedika child and give it to sahil as she cares more about him than her own child and wants his heir even though she hates d childs mother. Im soo sorry for gauri having a husband like deepak who give her child away just because it was a girl ppl like him should b shot. Im surprises though dat an autopsy wasnt performed on anjana to know d exact cause of death but rthis is soapland so anyting is possiible. I wonder also what happened to yash’s net worth which is supposed to go to his child which vedika would be in charge of. I also wanna know how everyone wont b surprised at BA’s love for vedika and yash child. Im waitin to c how d writers bring about d truth in dis serial

    1. Bari amma is a heartless mother and grandmother too!

  4. Nina

    My dream is gonna drown. My favorite heroes are suffering and I with them. Obviously, Sahil and Vedika destined to each other. Creators should get rib of redundancy evil.

  5. Mona146

    most disgusting serial i have ever seen. we had so many age-gap concept serials till now but none of them are so horrible as this. not only producer is foolish to make such a crap but also is more horrible than ekta.

  6. Or maybe Deepak will tell the truth this time.. he might get fatherly feelings for his daughter.. How cute that Sahil’s son is called Ved and vedhika’s daughter as Sadhika..??
    The name itself will bring them together.. I’m gonna forget all logic and reasons.. it’s just Sadhika’s story for us.. not any other name.. ??

  7. lol
    A leap??
    now it’s even more impossible to make them couple dumbest writer

  8. It’s true that writers are not dragging the story, but strange to see the future story with resolving the previous critical issues. Acts of police is suspicious each & every times. Yash & anjana ji both died, but no any enquiry raised .
    I think this serial is lost his charms owing to less sadika’s moment & lots of negativity seen.

  9. Naz,I missed seeing the first ten minutes of the episode.I don’t know if it was shown in the episode or just left to our imagination but the update is confusing regarding the swapping of the babies…Does BA know that Deepak ,instead of throwing his new born daughter into the dustbin ,had left her in Vedika’s bed,which was empty by then ,on that fateful day five years back…And I wonder what explanation BA might have given to the family ,particularly Sahil and Bhoomi,for separating the baby from Vedika….may be some disgusting lies like Vedika running away from the hospital ,abandoning the baby,and she ,like a guardian angel bringing it home…Anyways ,Sahil ‘s boy is smart and a brat like his father and I hope BA won’t instill some of her nasty ideas into the young mind…But more than him,I adore Vedika’s daughter …the way she counted each penny from her piggy bank to buy for her mother a birthday cake shows how much the little darling loves her mother and her sweet words….no doubts daughters are the sweetest…may be I am partial yet again as Idon’t have daughters but I love Puchki and Sadika ( I hope Vedika’s daughter’s name is Sadika) ..Coming to Sadika’s love story,I don’t know how the writers are planning to unite the two after creating all this mayhem ,but I hope they won’t hurt Bhoomi by making her a pawn in this love story…..we certainly don’t want the writers to deviate from the main theme and separate the leads…at the same time ,they should take care of Bhoomi’s character as well and not malign it to unite Sadika…..it is better she remains Sahil’s friend and well wisher and not develop any feelings for him… Deepak …what to say about his callousness ….Such perversion for a male child and preferring to stay issueless ..more importantly keeping Gauri away from the ecstacy of motherhood is unthinkable..

    1. Lakshmi…..I do know that BA took Vedika’s son, didn’t even see Gauri giving birth, what excuse she got for her child’s disappearance, I did catch the look on Deepak’s face as he saw Vedika kissing his baby daughter, I could see remorse and sadness but he’s so bias in his thinking that he doesn’t want a daughter…grrrr…. but believes that Vedika would take good care of his daughter, that tells me that one day she would tug at Deepak’s heartstrings and he’ll be proud of her and gladly accept her. I also am waiting to see if anyone would find anything similar that Ved does that would remind them of Sahil or why the witch BA loves this boy so much, after all, the rest of the family knows that Vedika was pregnant with Yash’ s child, only BA knows the truth. Like I’ve said, Maya needs to meet up with Sahil, she know the secret too…of course they will but we have to wait. I think we will be seeing some Sadika romance and chemistry in the days to come, destiny has pitted them together, it’s their journey that’s interesting. Like you, I love this little adorable girl, she too sweet as well as the precocious Ved…she melted my heart when she emptied her piggy bank….awwwwwww…..Whatever happens Lakshmi, I just love Sahil and I can’t leave this serial till it ends. I’ll try to take everything in my stride…

  10. Muniya

    The best part about this episode is that both the childs are named after Sahil nd Vedika…Ved and Sadika…what could be better??..and both r adorable.
    Bhoomi is good too…
    I think…once BA only will reveal Ved’s truth…being Sahil’s child…as when he asked for ice cream…she reminiscence how Sahil would also do so in childhood…so i think…later the truth will come out by her…somehow.
    Sahil is handsome as always in new look…and Vedika looks more beautiful…But Sahil can’t ever hate Vedika…either he wouldn’t call name his son afetr Vedika…he is too hurt by her words and action…but can’t hate her.
    And now that its clear…Vedika also loves him…he has to come back.
    In that case…i think…Sahila nd Bhoomi must hv an understanding in their relation…after all Bhoomi said she can’t take Vedika’s place anyway…just hope.

    1. Muniya

      But writers really disappointed us?

  11. Vedika looks younger and more beautiful than before the leap. Both kids are cute. I am surprise too that no one question why BA loved Ved so much when she hated Yash. Good choice of names for the kids though. I think Deepak will soften up when he see his daughter and how well she been brought up and will tell the truth. BA will have a lot to answer to Sahil and Vedika.

    Don’t know what the writers got in store for us as they never stop surprising with their story lines. But I can’t wait for Sahil and Vedika to come face to face

  12. i dont understand why u all r so overwhelmed by kid’s ..the story was about sadika.. how even after the age gap diff they express their love and will fought together was the main concept…but they didn’t want to show anything normal in sadika relation and it wont be the same anymore..kids r just an excuse for makers incompetence to show normal relation of sadika …leap and pregnancy was not required at least not now …they could have waited till the end of the yr…what else is remaining, to drag the marriage until vedika reaches 60/70 yrs ..since they r getting good trps …they will continue to torture us until trp drops that will happen only if we stop watching it on TV. ..vedika has so many chances to confess and tell him the truth but she never did …..so after coming at this age will she do it for her kid ..????why …when she decided to get preg did she asked sahil ??? no infact she said to yash ki tumhari patni k baccha matlab tumhara baccha ,….but after knowing its sahil’s she changed her statement ….ki iss bache k baap sahil h …..in such a story like this the older woman has all rights to mess up everything and when the time comes to confront the consequences she ran away….and the makers think its right to show vedika preg via IVF before confession and marriage …what does that means that she cant have babies normally….now will they show her getting preg normally at the age 48??? how concept changed due to trp ….this show isnt the same anymore…

    1. Makino, I understand what you are saying and you can’t understand why we all are overwhelmed by the kids in the serial. Makino, a story is not only about two individuals, as in this case, Sahil and Vedika, It’s also made up of secondary characters as well which shapes the story and gives it volume and substance. A story with only 2 characters are usually confined to survival stories in my book. How boring would it be if a story like AKAJS is only about Sahil and Vedika!! I agree with you that the concept of the story is of the difference in the age gap between our protagonists and how they fought together to unite despite social and familial obstacles but in order for they to come together, isn’t it logical for there to be trials and tribulations for both of them to realize what they mean to each other?? I keep going back to this…..Did you see the mini movie on AKAJS? I hope you did because it explains why Sahil has to fight against all odds to get the woman he loves…they are linked by seven births so no matter what their journey is, how long it takes, they have to end up together…It’s their journey that’s the interesting thing and thankfully we are seeing a child in the picture…while we all would have preferred to see this child conceive in the natural way, the story would have taken a different route because then Sahil would have known he has a child with Vedika, as it is, take logic out of the equation, minus the clinical IVF, add IVF + as being an alternative method of conception, multiply it with drama and a myriad of secrets and deception and we get AKAJS….the package isn’t that bad, thank goodness we have a hero we can all dream about and a love we all can die for….☺?

  13. I agree with Muniya and Pooja….those are the best names for the children..couldn’t be better. I’m sure that Sahil wouldn’t mind the girl being called Sadika, he loves his sister very much and would understand that Vedika gave her this name because she believed that she is their daughter and the name signifies the epitome of their love for each other.

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