Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nidhi gives Sahil drugs

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahil clarifies to the family that he only came here to prove his innocence to Sahil. Nidhi was sure she would never let Vaidika win over her, no matter she has to do anything.
At home, Vaidika was tensed and thinks she might be wrong. She is sure Sahil can’t touch any girl no matter how drunk he is. It is possible Sahil is telling the truth and the reality is being molded. She was confused.
Mohid comes to meet Aarya. He was ready to lend her any time she needs to think and gives her a bunch of flowers. He shows Aarya a tattoo of her name on his chest, to assure she will be her girlfriend and his decision is permanent. Some ladies from neighborhood watch them speak. Aarya was worried why Mohit did this, she was thankful no one is home else how she would have explained to her mother. She takes Mohit inside. The neighborhood ladies gossip about the characters of Vaidika.
In the office, Yash asks his secretary when Sahil started to take decisions of Agarwal’s business. He wonders why Sahil sent them the notice not to display their designs and sends his secretary to find out what’s going on. Vaidika comes to office with some designs. He inquires about her police complaint about that attack and asks to see the cufflink. He decides this cuff link will get them to that bastard man.
In Agarwal house, Deepak comes to call Puneesh upstairs as Sahil is unwell. In the study office, Sahil shouted at the worker for not preparing the right designs. He appeared to be drunk and furious. Nidhi brings a glass of milk for Sahil and gives Anjana to give it to him. Sahil leaves the room. Deepak feels there is Nidhi’s hand behind all this drama; but her child is still dangerous and he won’t let that child borne. Nidhi thinks her drugs made Sahil drunk enough to ruin her life and business, Vaidika would soon be fed up of him and throw him out of her life.
Vaidika was walking home while being worried about Sahil. She finds Sahil lying faint at her house door. She comes to wake him up. Sahil murmurs he can’t live a life alone and always want to be with her. Vaidika wakes him up.
In her room Nidhi jokes how everyone would feel pity of Sahil. She will now control her feelings and his actions. She was speaking on phone and tell her mother Sahil will lose his ability to think and perform. Everyone would consider him drunk and even lose his business partners.
Vaidika forcefully gives Sahil lemonade. Sahil was half awake. Vaidika asks if he got drunk. Sahil says he feels strange and doesn’t remember what he was saying and what he behaved. Vaidika throws a jug full of water over Sahil’s face. He was fully awake. Vaidika strictly tells him to go and bear his responsibility, she doesn’t want to hear a word from him.
Nidhi says if Sahil goes to a strange woman leaving his pregnant woman home, people would consider that he must have got drunk and got her pregnant. Shruti was pulling Bari Amma’s chair across the corridor. She hears Puneesh’s voice and leaves for a while. Bari Amma hear Nidhi’s conversation. Nidhi was saying that Sahil is so stupid, someone is giving him illusionary drugs and he can’t sense the danger. She was determined to ruin his reputation as a business man and as a successful man, then take over the entire Agarwal business herself. Bari Amma feels helpless being unable to save her child from such cunning lady.
The next morning, Nidhi comes to Bari Amma’s room and says Bari Amma must be really successful. She shares with Bari Amma that it’s a final step of her Aarya-Mohid plan. Vaidika would be taken aback and will leave their lives forever. Puneesh comes there and tells Bari Amma there would be no mistake this time, Sahil is also home. They must focus that Vaidika can’t return to this house and Sahil’s life. Nidhi says she shared everything with Puneesh because Bari Amma was no longer her side. Bari Amma was worried who would save Sahil from Nidhi. She prays for a miracle so that she can save Sahil from this cunning b*t*h. Puneesh says it’s the day when Vaidika will be destroyed by her own love.
Vaidika asks Yash what is the connection of this cuff-link with Lucknow. Yash recognizes the logo behind the cuff-link as of a specialist shop from Lucknow who deals in cufflinks and men’s suitings. Vaidika wonders who belongs to Lucknow. She was sure whoever it is keeps a close eye over her actions. She was determined to find that person.

PRECAP: Puneesh stops Vaidika on her way home and harasses her, warning that money can buy anything. There, Mohid gets Aarya drunk and attempts to molest her. Vaidika comes to Agarwal house and blames Puneesh in front of Sahil. Sahil badly beats Puneesh.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Bariamma should have also known the truth that the baby is not Sahil’s.. I thought she would think that vedhika was better than Nidhi for Sahil.. but even now she has that grudge on vedhika ?..
    How cute Sahil looks even in that drugged condition..??
    It’s nice to see that puneesh donkey being hit mercilessly by Sahil in precap..??

    1. Lol… Your last line made me laugh and I have a very vivid and descriptive imagination so that donkey remark was spot on… However, Dolly… I’m not enjoying this farce where Aarya and Mohid is concerned, he’s a greedy dog and in the end he’ll get zilch from Nidhi because Sahil would crack the case open…and both of them would get a dose of kicks and cuffs like the donkey Puneesh… I feel like Deepak is too much of a snivelling deadbeat these days, why don’t he expose Nidhi, get some evidence or tell Sahil his suspicions… Jeez…. ????

  2. Thank goodness but I knew it would happen, in that wheelchair, Bari Aama will get to know the real Nidhi and will be helpless to save Sahil.. She’s an enigma of sort…Sahil is her nephew but her love for him is undeniably sincere, one would have thought that she would have favored her own daughters or son in law to run the business, but nooooo….she loves him like her own son and wants him to succeed her. Good episode…again

  3. Friends, in yesterday’s episode, when Sahil went home by Vedika and was beseeching her with his eyes and body language to believe in him and she was staring at him, my heart broke in quarters and I cried. I couldn’t bear to see him have to ask for her trust when he trusts her unconditionally and inexplicably, no matter what the situation and honestly I stood in Vedika’s shoes at that moment and if that was me, I’d shamelessly weep for him and knowing that he’s going away from me, I’d have died inside. If I had a husband or boyfriend or man like him in my life, living as he was in such close proximity, I’d feel as if I was loosing a part of me and the house would never be the same without him there….imagine Nani had tears rolling down her stern face….far less ME!!! I’d have run after him and assured him that I trust him and this would have given him hope. Thankfully, in a way, it’s happening for the right reasons, Sahil will be able to know what’s going on in his house because by Vedika’s, he won’t be able to do what he could while living in Agarwal’s home, plus…Bari Aama is getting first hand exposure to the girl she picked for her darling Sahil and Nidhi is so shameless and stupid, she believes Bari Aama will be in that wheelchair all her life! She’s gonna get it good from both sides when she’s exposed!!?

    1. Same feelings Naz ???

    2. Muniya

      Me too…same feelings?

    3. Me too Naz.. ?

  4. I could not help feeling sorry for BA. Overall episode was not all that…. As for Nidhi I only have one word ‘Bi***h’. I can’t Wait for her to be thrown out of Agarwal house. Puneesh game will be exposed soon
    Precap is full on..

  5. Muniya

    Finally a good twist…Bari amma knows Nidhi’s intention…that’s really good…that wretch dared to drug Sahil…shameless…horrible creature????…she is too much wrong about Vedika…will throw Sahil out of her life…when Vedika actually doesn’t believe all these and believes Sahil in heart.
    I hope bari amma also gets to know the real face of Puneesh.
    Now i think Deepak should do something.
    Precap is good also…Sahil beats up Puneesh…he really deserves that.
    But what about Aarya???

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