Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil’s mother against Geet-Rahul wedding

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rekha wish to speak to Sahil in loneliness. Vaidika goes to help Mina. Geet and Deepak go to select clothes for Deepak. Rekha asks Sahil why he brought her here. Sahil asks if Shashi would make Rekha leave home if someone wish so. Vaidika is his wife, and she insisted on him to come here for Geet today.

In the room, Rekha informs someone that she sent Shashi away from home. That Vaidika is home. Vaidika comes to the room with tea for Rekha. Rekha asks if none taught her manners to knock the door of others. Vaidika says mother’s doors aren’t knocked. She tells Rekha that it was Sahil’s wish to be a part of his sister’s wedding. She brought him here. She requests Rekha to cheer up as her son is close to her now, she looks beautiful while smiling. Rekha curtly thinks Sahil will be happy

when Vaidika leaves his life.

Vaidika was getting ready in the room with a burnt hand. Sahil comes to the room, then offers to help Vaidika out of concern.

The guests were welcomed by Mina and Sahil. Rahul’s Maasi (aunt) complains for not receiving well. She boastfully says Rahul can’t marry without her consent. Geet comes to meet the guests. Vaidika greets everyone as well. Maasi signals Rekha, then inquires about Vaidika. Rekha says Vaidika is their daughter in law. Maasi had an objection that Sahil is so young and Vaidika looks so old. Rekha says Vaidika is a divorcee after seven years of wedding. Maasi creates an issue of the matter, and wasn’t ready to marry Rahul in the family. They don’t abide by any societal values at all. Maasi accuses Vaidika’s character and questions what if Vaidika had an affair with Sahil while she was married to her ex-husband. Sahil shouts at Maasi to stop it now. Who is she to comment over his personal life? She came for Geet and Rahul, and focus on their relation. Vaidika tries to stop Sahil. Sahil says he wouldn’t marry Geet into any family whose thinking is downward. He speaks to Rahul that Rahul came out to be a coward, how he can hold Geet’s hand. He asks the guests to leave. Rekha was relieved. Mina cries that everything was destroyed, who would marry Geet now. She asks why Vaidika married Sahil. Vaidika was determined to get the proposal for Geet.

In the room, Sahil walked across the room angrily. Vaidika comes to him and convince him that it was Rahul’s Maasi who said everything. Sahil is always her side, even when his family says a lot to her. Likewise Rahul wasn’t of any false views. He must think about Geet as well, she loves Rahul and nothing is valuable in this world than love. Sahil asks how she is always positive about others. Vaidika smiles and says there is someone special, who inspires her daily. Sahil was at once offensive and says no one can be special in her life than him. Vaidika says it’s Sahil. She says since he entered her life, he teaches her love each day.

PRECAP: Sahil and Vaidika come to convince Rahul’s parents for Geet.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    That is absurdity thing to see a divorced woman like a leper person. Rahul’s Maasi should evaluate the fiancee, but she is at first learning members of the family, how old them and how they look.
    Nice find you here Dear Naz

  2. Hullo girls…. Yes, I’m liking the new revamp of the serial, thank thank goodness the age difference is by a few, I always never liked the huge age gap in the first season…that I always griped about in the beginning.. Well, you all know that without villians, no show is interesting but I hope there are no psychos hiding …good evening Gayatri, good evening Nina… Just a note, tonight episode starts the new season, that’s where we are on zee Caribbean.. ???

  3. PS… I missed chatting with you ALL… ?

  4. Friends i just now watched news on u tube wherein they hv ifmd that our lovely serial will wind up by 31st may. I was shocked to hear it. Pls gayatri fond out if it is true. U always gv us correct news. They said that the last episode ll be aired on 31st may.

  5. Hmmmm…. If that news is correct Raji, then we’ll be seeing a happily ever after instead of the long drawn out fiasco that usually happens, if this is so, then what was the need to bring a new season, doesn’t make much sense to me, writers should have just left Aarya’s 3rd husband in jail to rot and end it right there, after all, the premise for happily ever after was at that moment..where Vedika and Sahil got back their wayward and naive daughter back, had two lovely sons, BA was agreeing to bury the hatchet and Deepak made Shruthi his wife…Prachi and her ugly sicko pedophile husband should have been sent packing to get a life.. BTW, old season is done on zee Caribbean and even though Prachi had a baby shower and walked down the stairs like a 9mths pregnant woman, in the other scene where Ved and Aarya was celebrating their parents life through pictures, Prachi belly was flat like a pancake… LMAO…

  6. Awww…that look in Sahil’s eyes for vedhika…..no words to say…
    and y do people talk abt the girl being older.. she doesnt look like an old woman too..
    and its nice to see that vedhika doesnt leave sahil under any pressure and just sticks with him..
    who wants to leave a guy like sahil who knows only to shower love and respect too..

  7. is the series really getting over Can someone tell me

  8. First things first missed all of you badly ok coming to the point the show is getting closed due to low trp seriously they showed crap like ghungroo track they were willing to keep it on but now when they have the best storyline they shutting it down I think the problem is with zee they are used to shit like kkb where the leads still running around the jungle even they have great grandchildren it’s the timeslot back in india is another problem if this is getting a 9 30 or 10 slot then I bet it would have been in top 3 rating. Anyways all good things have to end one day but this is not the way then why in the hell they bring rebirth track let they finish it with whatever in the first season itself or as @Naz said that would be more apt than this one even I know they can’t go beyond oct/nov of 2019, given their story pace but with this track they have the most realistic beautiful storyline that how a woman tormented in the first marriage can again believe in love again, their respective parents acceptance and the society’s view if needed I just have to say zee is used to have shit not realizing the worth of golden egg.
    By the way I just read another reason behind show closure and if get confirmed will comment on it later the reason is ego clash between suhasi and kj

  9. Dear friends, I just had to come back up here after watching the first episode of this new season and I have to throw out this question… Why wasn’t this the story from the beginning? Minus ALL the romantic interludes between Sadika in the beginning, I wish the bad moments could be erased and interwoven into this present story.. I am really ? if this serial is going to end soon, I feel cheated. This serial had resonated with me in some special way, I hadn’t liked the huge age gap between Sadika at all, it just was not realistic and if it wasn’t for the charismatic KJ and the beautiful Suhasi Dhami, I wouldn’t have followed AKAJS at all, they made it worth my time and effort to watch and comment. This first episode is so very promising, it’s what it should have been!! I have watched many YouTube videos concerning reincarnation and although my religion doesn’t teach me to believe, I have asked myself many many times if this phenomenon is really true. Somewhere inside me tells me something and the purpose of our existence is to worship God and procreate but for sure no one has ever returned to tell us what really exists behind the barriers of life and death except what I’ve seen on YouTube videos.. For sure I’d love to fix a few incidents in my life, regrets are a difficult feeling to live with but I’ve learnt to cope and move on BUT…what if…what if indeed!! We really watch movies to escape reality at times but when stories screw up, it’s what makes viewers unfulfilled and when we get something like this present story, it gives us some hope, not so?? For sure I’d love to turn back the hands of the clock to a specific point in my life… If only.. If only.. Deja Vu is real, whether a meeting took place in this lifetime or if two people can connect with each other from their past life.. Something to really think about.. In all, I ?????❤???this new season… Don’t want it to end ??????

    1. i too want a rewind Naz..

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