Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil fell off the cliff after accident

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Sahil and Bhoomi both try to stop the over speedy car but face a severe accident in which their car roll down the steep road down into a valley. Both were seriously injured. Sahil looks towards Bhoomi was lay her head on the steering wheel unconscious, she straightens up. The car begins to move down towards the valley. Sahil helps Bhoomi get out of the car. She climbs up the rocky area up towards the road. Sahil was still in the car and watch Bhoomi fell down on the road. The car slipped down the valley. Vaidika reached the cliff where Sahil hug from the corner. Vaidika holds his hand and asks him to make an effort, he can’t die right now and needs to live for all of them. Sahil feels his hand losing that of Vaidika. He asks Vaidika to confess her love for him, can’t she fulfil the last

wish of a dying man. Vaidika was afraid that if she fulfil her love, Sahil would leave her forever. Sahil promises to be with her in the next birth if not this. He insists on Vaidika to say I love you. Vaidika cries and accepts I love you. Sahil was relieved, and advices Vaidika not to let their love die. She must promise that she won’t let their love fail. Vaidika continue to scream while her hand loses that of Sahil. Sahil fell down the clip, promising Vaidika to return soon in their love story. Vaidika was in a state of shock.
Bhoomi was conscious and calls Vaidika asking where Sahil has gone? Vaidika shouts at Bhoomi that she made Sahil fell down the cliff, how badly he must be hurt.
Puneesh watched this and thinks after Sahil his family will be finished. Bhoomi will blame herself for the accident while he will make Vaidika suffer. Now is the time for his rise.
Sahil’s photo fell off the wall in Bari Amma’s room. She runs outside in the hall and asks Prachi about Sahil crying. Prachi tells Bari Amma that Sahil won’t return in their lives until that Vaidika is there with him. She must accept that he is dead for them. Bari Amma slaps Prachi and forbids him say so again, her Sahil can’t die.
Vaidika was with police on the site of accident. She makes a call. Sahil speaks from the other side. Vaidika was excited to hear his voice. She soon realizes it was only a recorded message from Sahil. She asks the inspector to look for Sahil, he is somewhere around. She aggressively screams over the police. The inspector asks Vaidika to share some details about the accident. Vaidika tells them to question Bhoomi, she was driving the car and was with Sahil in his last moments. The police conducts the search operation. Vaidika thinks about Sahil’s last words and decides she can’t let Sahil go away so easily.

PRECAP: The police was sorry to Vaidika as they could only find a shoe.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think sahil will go into hiding from bhoomi

  2. Oh Sahil… so considerate.. Always thinking of others. he should have left Bhoomi to die..stupid woman why did she not jump in the ditch.. she was desperate to be with him. Selfish Brat!!! grrrrrrr……
    We might see a different side to Vedika. She will now fight for her love and children. Bhoomi don’t even think of fighting for Ved!!! Punesh watch the space.. Things moves very quickly in this serial. Before we know our hero will be back.

  3. Nina

    I was hardly watching it was like a nightmare. Positive Sahil who had deserved large happiness together with wife and children had a terrible accident. The villains are living and healthy.

  4. Wow…super acting by our darling KJ… I almost believed the accident took place because of the fantastic direction of the man behind the camera who went out all the way to make the scene as believable as possible….the only flaw in the act was the lengthy focus on the fall, no one is able to have any dialogue in a moment like that but for dramatic purposes, Sahil went down the cliff in true Romeo style, professing his love to Vedika and promising that he’ll be back … Pooja, I’m hoping that this unfortunate situation brings out the strength in Vedika and she fights ferociously to protect Ved and the actual symbol of Sadika’s love growing in her womb…and Aarya too, from predators like Puneesh…

  5. Friends, I must say that I cried when Sahil was slipping away from Vedika’s clutches, his expression from the time the car crashed, to when he gained his composure was very well executed and as he fell, his expression was one of acceptance… However, the scene with BA was where I really cried much, I admit she’s a wretch and her love and reason for protecting Sahil is unorthodox and crazy, but she does love him immensely.. She was too protective of him as a mother and that sign she got, spooked her and she’s frightened now hoping all is well with her son… She looked like she was going mad with worry and the haunting scene in the lonely bedroom is really sad… I wonder if she’ll go mad with grief!!! Bhoomi has to face BA’s wrath when she reaches home, can’t wait to see what happens in that scene.. Meanwhile, the repungent sickening Puneesh would slither around, congratulating himself for the house coup… How I wish that Bhoomi tell that he’s behind it all… I also hope Bhoomi die or go mad with grief, thinking about Sahil and her being responsible for his “death”… Die Bhoomi die…or go mad with guilt!! I felt like shooting her today…

  6. No naz that whore bhoomi shouldnot die. She could go completely MAD n admitted in a mad hosp where for her life time she should be given electric shocks after shocks. I want to see her suffering for her life time. Did u see how in the last scene that bastards nounth was open. It looked like somebody had shoveed something in her piggy mouth n she couldnt swallow the same. You all know what i mean. Why did that fickle minded sahil save her. He should hv tried 2 come out first n pushed that lusty whore with the car into the deep valley wherein she would hv been burnt alive. Oh how i would hv enjoyed that scene. I would watch that scene again n again. That pig is the main cause of sahils death if he has really died.

  7. I think its our own Sahil who wud return as the tapori later.. but i feel bad that vedhika has to go thru this trauma when she is pregnant and doesnt have sahil by her side..

  8. Yes naz u r correct. Oh what lovely expressions of our beloved her. How can he gv such expressions even in an sad n intense scene. I watched this episode. I cannot tell u friends how much cried when sahil fell off the cliff. Hiss expression was mind blowing when finally vedika tells him that she loves him. My God what s*xy eyes he has got. How can someone be such a good looker with fabulous acting talent. Naz very soon you watch out our beloved Sahil will be grabbed by Bollywood n he will become as famous as Sharukh Khan who was also a TV star before he became a big name in bollywood. And like Sharukh our beloved hero ll also own a palatial bunglow in BOM. He is an actor par excellence.

    1. Raji.. Puneesh thinks that his work is done and he’s licking his ugly lips savouring the thought of holding the reins of his in laws business…he a shameless donkey I tell you… Obviously when he sees fake Sahil he’s going to wonder how the heck this man is still alive and unknown to fake Sahil, he doesn’t know what an imbecile Puneesh really is… Puneesh would try to kill him, as he’s been trying but very unsuccessfully, I think he may succeed though and the true Sahil would slip back in easily in the family and I’m also sure that Vedika would recognize her husband 😍😍😍😍OMG, I got goosebumps thinking about this….and OMG again, can you imagine what a bittersweet reunion that would be 😍😍😍😍😍….together, this beautiful couple would get to the bottom of the scheming going on in the company…by donkey and snake face Puneesh… I feel good calling him derogatory names….sarcasm feels liberating at times like this… Anyways… You see Raji, I knew no matter what happens, you would stay and support Sahil and Vedika, especially Sahil!! It’s because of him that I’m staying till the end!!! So, let’s give the writers credit, they haven’t disappointed us much in any way, they know what they are doing, after all, this is the best fast paced strong content love story since a very long time…plus…we’ve all become a nice family here, sharing so much of our thoughts that we feel as if we know each other for a long time now…

      1. Madeline Santulu

        Oh Naz this sent shock waves to all watching sahil and vedika parting.
        They should not prolong this series like they did on vedika and being replaced by fake vedika. I still feel they should have put it another way, fighting society and pipo, the story has a lot of potential there are kids involved how are they affected, children are happy they can shiw sadika growing old together with their kids marrying etc and end with a tomb stone saying the couple that dared to stay in love dispite the man being younger than the woman. Just a thought. Aapke ajane se affecting all of us😂😂😂

  9. First of all what an actor KJ is, he just surprise me with his various shades of sahil, and that’s just a tiny drop in ocean, the fullfillness he showed when vedika said I love you is beyond words. I don’t care about anything else be it b*t*h bhoomi, pimp BA or pervert puneesh for me it’s just sahil and vedika matters. Coming to the point I think sahil won’t die that’s for sure because afterall it’s his love story. During this time lapse, either duplicate sahil with his mom that neighbour woman will rob off from agarwals making them believe he is really sahil where vaidika won’t believe he is her sahil and try to expose his truth or the way around real sahil itself return with partial amnesia (like not remember about both bhoomi and vedhika or how his mom died) to his witch BA and believe whatever she tell and vadika fighting for her love sahil, because for first time vaidika thought for herself and realize that she could not give up on sahil and sahil himself told vedhika oneday she will fight for his love and her maang(I think it’s during that blue saree presenting episode) people who were here would know that. Anyways I am eagerly waiting for KJ to know what he brings to the table, be it duplicate sahil or real sahil with partial amnesia and this time it should be shades of grey within sahil, because as sahil he always brought positive vibes though he spoke pessimistic towards vedika. Finally for writers, pls keep sahil alive for us and there are much more unique unexplored storylines in this unusual love story how they overcome the hurdles posed by society, their physical weirdness and much more rather than always making vadika suffer or getting arrested I believe you writers take up this.

  10. Yes MK u r correct. Like yr positive attitude. Even i feel sahil wont die since it is his love story. If he dies how ll the story be complete tell me. He might either come back due to partial amnesia or he is pretending to be a thug sahil to get at the crux of the matter n teach his family n the female horse face whore bhoomi and the male horse face poisonous cobra bastard puneesh with his ugly mouth n face. I cant see vedika in pain any more. These useless writers. We thought at least now saHil ll take care of vedika in her 2nd pregnancy but …….. all in vain. Dont feel like watching this serial at all. Why do these irritating writers give sadika fans heartache. Hope dear writers you PUMP OFF BHOOMIS CHARACTER N THE blo*dy PIGGY ACTRESS. Bring somebody else in her place. Doesnt know to act at all only very good in EXPOSING HER BODY. She is CHIT OF AN ASS.

  11. I have to go with everything MK said… Everything!! I looked at recent reruns…at least for me…on my local zeetv channel and truly KJ is a master in various shades of his character…on karva chaut scene on the verandah, KJ masterfully slipped effortlessly from a princely walk towards Vedika to a funny playful Sahil, from a serious looking Sahil to a deep voiced lover, gazing into the eyes of Vedika and ohhhhhhhhhh….when he rubbed his nose on hers, I melted and blushed…me, at my age…only according to Sahil, age is just a number!!! So… KJ is one fantastic actor, he can do every role with so much ease and class😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍….anyways, MK… I also would go with fake Sahil trying to usurp the Agarwal’s business…no matter what Puneesh does or tries, he’ll always be a loser…after all, fake Sahil and his chameleon Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde mother who are like bunty and bubli, definitely would want to get their greasy hands on such fortune and BA who is so eager for Sahil to accept her back, would bend backward to accommodate him…pardon the pun….and I know Vedika would try to convince the family that he isn’t Sahil but nobody would believe her, after all he’s the man she knows most intimately… That’s when true Sahil would come back, save his inheritance, save his family from much torture and turn the tables on the crooked duo. Meanwhile, Bhoomi would probably sleep with fake Sahil because she’s so hott for a man these days, a fake one would do..she should get pregnant for him..in this way Sahil can get automatic divorce from her…and when she thinks that she got the golden goose, Sahil would by this time be here and all angles of the conspiracy would be connected to reveal the truth. Then Bhoomi would have to ride off into the sunset with her fake Sahil and friends, an original is always the best, substitute can never have same value as original!! I know that all of us are angry with the writers but as I’ve been saying, it’s good to see our Sahil in another avatar and if you all think deeply, you’ll see that this isn’t bad after all, because we all love drama and excitement otherwise we’d become bored so writers are doing their best to stimulate our imagination, at least they move very quickly with the script so that’s a plus for us..

  12. Muniya

    Loved KJ… Superb darling 😘😘😘😘…Brilliant acting
    Why that bhoomi is still alive…. Why didn’t she just die over there… Witch 😠😡😠

    1. Muniya I remember u write kriyam ffs…
      Its my request..can u please write sadika os ?
      Our forum doesn’t have any sadika os
      I know dear ur a wonderful writer can u please fo one for sadika?
      When ur free?

  13. Naz loved yr comments. But pls pardon me. I would not like any sahil whether 1 2 3 4 5 or many more to even look at the hottie, full of lust n horse faced BB BHOOMI Toomi to even go anywhere near any of the sahils. She should die immediately. Sorry dear friends even if the fake sahil starts liking vedika n doesnt look at bhoomi till his part ends i wouldnt mind. I hope she dies withour any body or best is let her get deepak who is also a hottie like her

    1. It was a sad sight to see Vedika hugging Sahil’s one shoe… I cried my eyes out… It reminded me of my mother hugging and smelling my dad’s clothes after his death, after the funeral and religious observances were over with… I can see Vedika is going to be in shock…and I hope Bhoomi goes mad with guilt and grief for knowing that she got Sahil killed, let her hug her pillow and dream of what it would have felt like sleeping with Sahil….i hope she shrivel like a prune. I hated looking at her open mouth staring into space after the accident…Raji, I know what you were thinking and you are so right, I thought the same thing too, however…she has Puneesh to get that from although she’ll definitely get it from fake Sahil… Raji, I want you to divorce your mind and thoughts if this happens, remember that he won’t be real and original Sahil…ie, if it reaches to that point… I imagine that the writers would want to satisfy Bhoomi’s desires so this thug looking like Sahil would satiate her hot desires…

    2. You are such a loyal woman…i get your point… 😂😂😂😂😂😂…she doesn’t even deserve to get even a fake Sahil!!!

  14. It was a sad sight to see Vedika hugging Sahil’s one shoe… I cried my eyes out… It reminded me of my mother hugging and smelling my dad’s clothes after his death, after the funeral and religious observances were over with… I can see Vedika is going to be in shock…and I hope Bhoomi goes mad with guilt and grief for knowing that she got Sahil killed, let her hug her pillow and dream of what it would have felt like sleeping with Sahil….i hope she shrivel like a prune. I hated looking at her open mouth staring into space after the accident…Raji, I know what you were thinking and you are so right, I thought the same thing too, however…she has Puneesh to get that from although she’ll definitely get it from fake Sahil… Raji, I want you to divorce your mind and thoughts if this happens, remember that he won’t be real and original Sahil…ie, if it reaches to that point… I imagine that the writers would want to satisfy Bhoomi’s desires so this thug looking like Sahil would satiate her hot desires…

  15. Sorry for posting twice…

  16. No pls naz. I always love n look fwd to yr comments. But i cant digest KJ going anywhere near the hottie potty BB Bhoomi. Hope the writers bump her off or else i ll loose interest in this damn serial.

  17. Friends… I just saw on YouTube that Vedika would go mad post Sahil’s accident, I’m not saying death anymore… Sigh!! Ladies..as Sahil said on the radio station few days ago, it’s best to tell the one you love before its too late, otherwise you’ll live to regret it.. I know that this is going to be Vedika’s problem with loads of guilt….her resistance and her refusal to say those magic words when it really mattered.. She’s definitely going to regret it. Just like in the movie Andaaz where Akshay’s character lived to regret not saying I love you to Lara’s character… How he lived in pain after that!!

  18. Cool down raji, I know you are so tensed, as Naz said you are getting too hyper when the b*t*h comes into the picture even with fake sahil. Too much hyperactive is not good. And I second with all of Naz’s thoughts.

    Naz is it really true that vedika go mad, seriously ?

  19. Marie Raphael

    Sad episode 😓 KJ acting was superb !!!
    I feel for Vadika , just imaging loosing her support, her love, her friend.
    Its hard, I cant even find words to describe hows she feeling. But I hope she stand strong, fight against every odd and never give on Sahil.
    Next I want bhoomi to relive that moment every minute, every second , every hour and every day in guilt, regret, and suffer the hatred of BA. Feel how vadikia feels, is being treated.
    Death is a very easy punishment for her.
    As for that dog face punesh.. Geeeze he is the worst and ugliest villian ever. Rot in hell.

  20. Friends.. just seen a clip that the snake face Puneesh manage to get Vedika arrested by saying that Vetika paid someone to tamper with with the brakes and shameless Horse face Bhoomi go along with it. She is screaming and shouting at Vedika blaming her for the accident. This is not fair….

    Yes Naz Vetika holding Sahil Shoe and when she thought he answered the phone melt my heart. I had the goose pimple.. love this couple. Both amazing actors… and I cannot wait for their re-union. Until then it’s not going to be plain sailing for Vedika..

  21. How many times vedika becomes widow yaar? Maker what is this??? Saath mein dono ne samay bitaya nahi ki sahil is dead??? 😦 i am done with AAJS.

  22. It was heart breaking episode..really how many sheds of Karen jotwani🤔
    Vedika again widow naaa no…sahil will be come back soon..friends for our vedika ved and baby..
    But now without sahil Sadika boring boring

  23. Naz pls let me know if u r not an Indian then u r fm which place. How you understand hindi language. Nothinf but just keen to know fm which country r u?

  24. Arya will get married to Punesh for a child. We might see Vedika and Arya both pregnant at the same time. It will be a terrible twist to the story.

  25. Friends how did yoi like Whore, Lustful n horse facef bhoomis acting. Does that bastatd know to act. She couldnt even tell het dialogues whilst crying. Yes nobody can beat her in one thing n that is exposong to galore. Monkey brand actress. Pls help me im deciding whether she was looking like a MONKEY or a WICKED WITCH. I really felt she was looking like a Witch n so VERY UGLY. Writers wake up n dont torture Vedika so much. Otherwise all sadika fans ll stop watching this serial. Pls change the whore actress bhoomi. Pls writers listen to us or BUMP OFF he character mercilessly.

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