Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil and Bhoomi’s car brakes fail

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Sahil and Vaidika sat in the radio station. Sahil said he always wished to be with Vaidika, and here he is today.
Puneesh asks how Bhoomi can back up from such an advantage, Sahil took and emotional decision but Bhoomi owns half of Agarwal house property. Bhoomi was distressed and says she only wants Sahil back in her life, she doesn’t want anything else. She goes to talk to Sahil. Puneesh stops Bhoomi but Prachi comes there complaining that he always wander around other women. Prachi boasts about being the only child of Bari Amma who still stands with her, she will now take over Agarwal business. Will Puneesh help her? Puneesh hugs Prachi and assures his side with Prachi, he silently thinks he can’t even leave Bhoomi as the papers are after her name.
The DJ requests Vaidika to confess her love for Sahil today, their love story will become an aspiration for every lover in the city. Maya, Nani and Aarya sat around the radio and wish Vaidika say I love you to Sahil today. A stall man in Vaidika’s neighborhood calls Sahil shameless who fall for an elderly woman. Vaidika was reluctant and asks Sahil why this is important. The DJ asks the audience to call them and support Vaidika and Sahil’s love story. Soon, the residents of Kanpur begin calling the show, and bucks up Vaidika’s strength.
Bhoomi was driving towards the radio station, upset that Vaidika was always against her marital life.
Vaidika tries to speak but soon she recalls the blame of society and the past incidents. Vaidika leaves the studio. Sahil takes the microphone and speaks to the audience that Vaidika is a woman of rules, she never steers controversies. Her eyes are evident of her love but won’t ever confess it. Sahil takes a leave and comes outside the studio. He asks Vaidika when she will confess the love for him. Vaidika replies everything has a right time and place. They were about to leave for home when Bhoomi reach there. Vaidika goes to the car. Sahil thinks Bhoomi must have brought divorce papers and goes into her car.
Bhoomi tells Sahil she can’t divorce him, she won’t be able to settle with anyone else after being part of his life. She allows him to live happily with Vaidika, but he must not leave her as well. Sahil wasn’t ready to stay with Bhoomi but she was stubborn that she can’t divorce Sahil at any cost. Sahil replies he will have to find another way then, he respect her but she must also retain her dignity. Bhoomi pushes the accelerator saying if Sahil can’t be hers, he can’t as well be anyone else’s. Vaidika asks her driver to follow their car. Sahil warns Bhoomi not to go insane and slow down the car. Vaidika was worried why Bhoomi had been driving so rashly. Sahil sat in the car out of shock and asks Bhoomi what she wish.
Vaidika tries Sahil’s phone. There, Sahil shouts at Bhoomi to stop the car who was about to hit a stall. They stall blows, Bhoomi now tries to stop the car by pulling the brakes but notices the brakes had failed.
Puneesh claps with a friend who cut the brakes of the car, then pays a bundle of money to him. The man recalls he went near the car when Sahil and Bhoomi were in the car outside the studio.
There, Sahil and Bhoomi struggled to stop the car together.
Puneesh was happy that Sahil and Bhoomi will suffer as they attempted to snatch his dreams worth millions.

PRECAP: Sahil and Bhoomi’s car has a severe accident. Vaidika shouts from the corner of the cliff. Vaidika held Sahil’s hand from the corner to save Sahil.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Friends amother clip i saw on u tube kust now. Police hv arrested vedika gor sahils murder n hottie potty bhoomi is saved i dont know by whom n she has got scratches on her full hot for sahil body. Then they showcthat vedika is telling the police that sahil is not dead n he has promised her that he will come back to her very soo. It looks like she is in a shock. I tell u friend the THUG SAHIL is only our beloved SAHIL. He will come back either with a memory loss or he is pretending to be a thug so that he can find out who is the culprit behind all this drammar. Mark my words. Hope this is true. Cant see vedika in so much pain plus at this age she is carrying sahils love child. How ll she bear up with sahils loss n veds sickness.

  2. Leisa s morris

    So once again our hopes r shattered and sahil will not b with vedika during dis pregnancy as well. And how d hell can police arrest vefika for d accident wen he married her is living with her.and confessed his luv on radio? R indian police so dumb? I want vedika to vome back in dat house and give dem hell but bhoomi mighten telk her dat sahil left half d property for her. I wish bhoomi die outta guilt for killing sahil but knowing her.she will blame or allow herself to be convinced dat it is vedikas fault. Im pissin tail mad at d writers for always ruining these serials…so damn mad right now

    1. Leisa, when I saw that the police came to arrest Vedika, LMAO… Just like that! The police in these serials are real assholes.the woman traumatized from seeing her husband go over a cliff and they blaming her for killing him…you think Vedika wants to lose husband #3??? What would the ppl of Kanpur tell her?? That she’s a black widow?? These writers for real? I’m so bloody damn mad right now ???

  3. Naz what is wrong with Vedica she just made Passionate Love with Sahil and instead of waiting of him to wake up she throw in a disappearing act on him followed by the usual Letter; my gosh you want to get pregnant yet instead of staying put on the bed so that Sahils Sperms could swim to the egg quickly she jumps up and disappear what kind of romance went on there i cannot understand now you know it is said if it is difficult to conceive just remain on the bed afterwards with the legs up in the air for a while and you bound to catch LOL; the poor boy turn for a Second Rounds and it is because she dust it leaving a letter to console his ungoing passion for her; as for that old wretch for aunt and desperate bhoomi they doing everything to trap sahil they just aint giving up. boy oh boy was Bhoomi Mad as she did not get the pamps wet after dressing up to turn sahil on see how she snatch Vedica by the head what next; another thing Naz i find Vedica could have show more love to Sahil; she loves him and yet she trapes around looking like a person who just lost her best friend instead of blooming with passion; the way she moved after the romance was as if you did not explode and enjoyed the damn thing; she needs to brighten up herself otherwise my boy Sahil will start looking elsewhere.

    1. Sapphire, ???????….you made my day… I’ll have a good day today for sure.. This is what I missed when you weren’t on the forums, your daily dose of reality and no one can say it like you do and with so much truth. That’s what I thought too and the next morning when Sahil was looking for her for the other round, she’s gone? Hopefully with one hit she’ll become pregnant and I didn’t like seeing him with the same clothes on the bed, couldn’t he have a change of clothes, at least we’ll be able to imagine well… … Love your comment Sapphire, you are a darling!!

  4. Naz this is not right at all, in one of the clips bhoohoo was b3ung interviewed she said that the audience will like the new twist, as if anything she plays now is crazy, most pipo who watched the show today are still in shock and dont want to continue watching the show, it lucks insight, depth etc. This piece dies not fit the jigsaw. Vedika is pregnant in her late forties, the pregnancy is already a danger to her health and the shock of sahil b3ing hurt or dead, being dragged through court taking care of ved aryha nani i mean
    Just one of these can trigger a muscarriage later on all these things she is facing to go through, again the writers did not think through the whole senario am sure viewers ratings are low after this show. ??????

    1. Madeline… Even YouTube viewers are mad as hell. I saw the video clip as well, I could have smashed my TV seeing that wretched woman’s face, I hate her to the core… Right now, writers have thrown logic out of the window..how can this thug be Sahil I ask myself..because while Sahil was partying with the family two days ago, we saw this new neighbor speaking to her son behind closed doors saying that he has to stay hidden for a little while before he becomes known, and if he’s the lookalike, something doesn’t add up at all.. Knowing these writers, they don’t dilly dally around the script and the pace of the story is fast paced, so I’m hoping that this inconsistent angle explains itself soon… However, I’m really madddd that Sahil is once again not able to take care of Vedika..this time he knows that she’s carrying his child and we see how he was looking forward to taking care of her and now this crap happens…how’s she really going to handle her pregnancy in all this stress and turmoil in her life and I bet that the slimy snake Puneesh would try to take her further down with Sahil out of the way.. I hope that someone kidnaps or murder the fake Sahil for being a schemer and real Sahil whom we know would come back because of the love of his life and take his place, that’s the only way I can see the real Sahil coming back to take care of Vedika..the thug’s criminal activities supposed to catch up with him…

  5. So Am I Leisa. I am very angry. How can the police arrest Vedika instead of the one who was driving the car. It does not make sense. Should the car be investigated as well? May be Punesh has something to do with it. Convincing the brainless Bhoomi to lie. How is she going to cope with the guilt that she killed Sahil.
    It’s about time Vetika toughen up because the society will taunt her. It’s sad that once again Sahil is not going to be by her side during her pregnancy. Naz somehow I don’t think BA will have a change. She will be the first one to curse Vedika. Anyway whatever direction the serial is moving please keep the theme and remember what AKAS Was meant to portray.

    1. I’m just hoping for a miracle that BA changes…she lost Sahil and she’ll do anything to get back his love so helping Vedika would have been the best way for her to go… The police coming to arrest Vedika was so ludicrous, imagine that…. What a stupid bunch of police officers on these Indian serials…

  6. Friends i still feel that sahil is not dead. He will come as a thug to find out as to who is playing games. Sometime back i saw another clip on u tube where male horse bastard puneesh is in police stn with the queen of exposure whore who has got all marks on her body after falling fm the car but unfortunately the bastard is not dead. Male horse is telling the police that vedika has done the brake fail of the car in which bhoomi n sahil were travelling. After that the shor ends. But in fact puneeshs man cuts the wire of the car due to which the car is out of control n meets with an serious accident. Then i saw another interview of the NAKED BHOOMI who is sounding very happy n telling the interviewer that now a good twist ll come in the story. Bloody woman is an indian n speaks with an accent . Friends listen to her mad interview n see how she pronounces the word BECAUSE like as though she is an western woman. The way she is talking in the interview it looks like she has got the meatiest role in the serial. Bloody pig that she is. In all scenes the same impression on her wicked n cruel kathakali face. Friends i think i am done with this serial. I cant see vedika in so much pain. First of all she is carrying a child at this age, then sahils death if it is true n then veds sickness. Tell me how ll she manage with so much tragedy. Have the writers gone BONKERS or r they now more interested in hottie bhoomis character. Where has the theme of the serial gone. If sahil is really dead how will the love story be complete about a young boy n elder lady. Hope the Trps go down the hill. Only then the writers ll wake up fm their DEEP SLUMBER.

  7. I really had a good dose of laughter reading comments today… We, especially some of us have a great sense of humor.. Thanks for the laughter friends…it is the best medicine!!.. And priceless too…

  8. Muniya

    Just hope Sahil is fine… And also read somewhere that kj will play double role??

  9. Friends i am sorry to say this but day by day the naked whore’s face is looking a horses face n her hair like a horses tail???. PlS writers beforE we kill that bloody kathakali bhoomi with our curses chop her OFF fm this romantic serial. Bloody hottie DAMSEL IN DISTRESS.

  10. What the hell is this???? Writer is out of mind. Friends don’t watch this bakwas AAJS if sahil is dead n vedika is arrested. Make some sense…. we r not fool sitting here. Think n write the story properly. Baar baar musibat vedika ko hi kyon???

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