Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri gets Sadika

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahil turns to leave Vaidika’s room. Vaidika says he doesn’t need to do anything for her, she is his culprit. Sahil says he still hates her as much, he felt the pain when she died but he believes she was given a new life so that she can reply to his questions. In the lives to come, he is never going to trust love. Vaidika cries that she is ready to reply to each of Sahil’s questions now.
Vaidika thinks this is the beginning of a new life for her. She must tell Gauri that Sadika is her daughter, Gauri has always lived with the pain of losing her child. Deepak passes by the corridor. He thinks he is sure Vaidika would break the news about Sadika for sure, he must twist the news before it reaches the family. His leg hurts and the flower pot fells. Vaidika comes out and asks if Deepak

had come to see his daughter?
Gauri was with Manish in the car. Manish says they were spouses and even have a daughter. Gauri says she is now Deepak’s wife, and even she can’t wait to get over her relation with Deepak now.
Deepak denies owning Sadika. Vaidika insists that his heart melted for Sadika and brought him to school. Gauri had come home and drops her phone thinking about the daughter. Deepak warns Vaidika but Vaidika wasn’t intrigued. She tells Gauri that Sadika is her and Deepak’s daughter. Gauri was taken aback. Vaidika says Deepak lied about giving birth to a dead child, it was instead a daughter. He left Sadika to her. Deepak insists that she is lying. Gauri was hysterical and questions Deepak why he did so? The family gather in the hall. Bari Amma comes cursing Vaidika but Vaidika clarifies its Deepak. She wonders how God even gave a daughter into Deepak’s house, only lucky ones get daughters. She gave birth to a son, and Gauri gave birth to a daughter. Sahil thinks about Bari Amma’s claim over Ved. Bari Amma asks Deepak who claims Vaidika is a liar. Bari Amma still curses Vaidika for fueling fight in Gauri and Deepak’s married life. Gauri blames Bari Amma for her ruined married life, she broke her first marriage for her own ego issues and then married her to Deepak, who never considered her happiness.
Vaidika was crying and asks Deepak where her son is? She asks Deepak if he knows anything about it. Deepak says he only heard Vaidika gave birth to a dead child. Vaidika shouts that it is impossible, she felt her alive son. Gauri and Vaidika leave the hall together. Gauri runs to Sadika who was asleep. She kiss Sadika’s face all over, and thanks Vaidika. Vaidika cries that she realizes what Gauri’s pain is. She was determined to find her child now. She allows Gauri to sleep with Sadika now, but she is a child. They shouldn’t tell her what the truth is. Gauri wonders how Vaidika can be so nice. Vaidika leaves her to sleep with Sadika. Gauri tells Vaidika that she wants to remarry her first husband. Bari Amma had come outside the room. Gauri promises Vaidika to help her find her son. Bari Amma was determined not to let the truth reveal.
Sahil was confused. Vaidika claims that when she got conscious her child was with her. Bari Amma claims she had left Ved in the hospital. Whom to believe now? And if Sadika isn’t Vaidika’s daughter, it means there was none in her life in these five years. Bhoomi was tensed what if Vaidika finds out that Ved is her son, if she claims her son then what she will do? Vaidika was determined to find out the truth at any cost. Bhoomi finally sits and kiss the sleeping Ved. She decides Ved is her son, she won’t share him. Vaidika was determined to go to any extent and even God will have to help her.
The next morning, Sahil comes to Bari Amma to know the truth. Bari Amma sat in the hall with a lawyer. He has come with Yash’s will paper. Bari Amma says Yash’s property had to transfer after his son’s name when the son had grown 5 years ago. Vaidika also comes to the hall. The lawyer claims that they met five years ago outside City Hospital, her signatures are there on the will paper. Vaidika didn’t recognize the lawyer.

PRECAP: Agarwal family accuses Vaidika. Bhoomi argues with Sahil that she is ready to leave Agarwal house but won’t give away Ved. Ved wakes up in the middle of night and goes to Vaidika.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    I dont understand wat sahil is questionin. Didnt he hear vedika askin deepak bout her son and deepak sayin dat he heard d child was dead? Wat other confirmation.he needs to know d truth and wat d hell is bari amma up to with dis lawyer? Guess shes trying to make it look like vedika is only after money lets c how long dis holds up with vedika determination to find her child. Try asshe mite d full truth has to come out so kets c wat happens

  2. Vedika should get a DNA test done on both kids

  3. Ladies, before I comment, I’d like to say that the song which was played yesterday when Sahil picked up Vedika in his arms, is the most fitting song for their relationship… A match made in heaven… Rab ne bana de jodi… Anyways… Today’s episode gave us some answers and still a few needs to be answered as well. Deepak was exposed… Gauri discovered her husband’s unforgivable deed and was reunited with the child she believed was dead, although I don’t know if she was given a baby to cremate that fateful day, we don’t know… Sahil is thinking now and I would like to believe that he wouldn’t prevent Ved from bonding with Vedika but this wouldn’t sit well with Bhoomi and I think in her desperation to hold on to him, she could as well kidnap him but this will spell doom for her and Vedika would become suspicious by this act, why would a mother in a perfectly normal marriage, want to kidnap her son? Right? What writers could do is try to give Bhoomi some compassion, she knows her sister well and doing this injustice of not letting Vedika know Ved is her son, is really a selfish act…of course this is all my speculation. It was predictable that Sahil would be suspicious and shocked that Vedika is genuinely baffled by her son’s disappearance and that she would never have abandoned her son as BA had told him and Bhoomi, he did look at BA in a suspicious way and after hearing what Gauri said to her mother, is food enough for him to want to know what is the truth and how much are lies, if only he could take off his blinders where BA is concerned…

  4. Leisa, you and I have the same question… If BA hates Vedika and Yash so much, why did she bring home their child? Sahil needs to ask himself this and his questions would be answered. I really felt sorry for Vedika today, she is grieving for her son and she seemed so lost and weary. In the precap, it’s shown that there’s a conversation between the lawyer, Vedika and BA… Now….. Try to follow me here, the topic is Yash’s will…..didn’t BA tell the whole family that while they were away from the Agarwal’s mansion, Bhoomi and Sahil had a child and Ved is theirs? So, why is she consulting the lawyer as to rights for his heir? Who’s Yash’s heir? The maths don’t add up. Obviously Ved grew up in the house, if Bhoomi and Sahil had gone away after marriage and had a child, doesn’t it take time to conceive, the complete full gestation and come back with a child in such a short time and have a fully grown baby? I think some more secrets are going to be spilled.. If only Vedika could drop her bombshell that her son wasn’t Yash’s!! If only she could reveal that she knows who her son’s father is!! Then BA would know that Vedika is aware that Sahil is Ved’s father, I wish her guilty conscience unravelled… All is left for Vedika to do is confess to the mix-up at the hospital, she has two witnesses, Maya and the nurse… Who’s going to spill the beans? If Nani and Aarya knew that Ved was grandson and brother respectively, wouldn’t they have told Vedika that since she came back? Because they don’t know the truth! When people tell lies, they have to keep reinventing more lies to cover them up and when you speak the truth, you don’t have to remember what you’ve said, it’s their in your memory, no need to try to remember. I would relish seeing BA getting punished by Sahil!! One more thing needs to be done after the expose, Sahil has to know what Anjana really told Vedika on that fateful day.

    1. Leisa s morris

      I dont know wat bari amma is up to with dis lawyer probably lookin gor a way to throw vedika out so she doesnt find out bout ved. But its suspicious dat dis lawyer will come wen vedika is questionin where her child is at so I believe dis is also for sahil not to say anyting concernin ved. Bari Amma is in a corner and shes trying to claw her way out but her time is up so all she can do is create havoc but vedika has no intention on givin up on finding her and sahil child

  5. Nice episode…
    Precap is interesting…

  6. Detective Sahil is back!!!!
    He knows that something is not right and he will do he best to unravel. I would not want to be in BA shoes when he going out the truth. Yes Naz, Vedika’s seen so lost. She did the right thing and hope Bhoomi does the same and hand over Ved. I have the same feeling that she would do a runner with Ved. This will business
    does make any sense…..I can see Dahil punching the lawyer ?

    1. Leisa s morris

      Ur right about dis will ting not makin any sense. First and most important question to ask here is how BA knows bout yash’s will and wat it contains considering he hated her as much as she hated him. Isnt it against d law to openly speak bout a will before d lawyer speaks to his client which in sense should b vedika as yash would appoint only her as executor to his will. So y is dis lawyer talkin to BA and not vedika and disclosing the content of d will before vedika has a chance to talk to him

  7. spoilers ….vedika knows ved is her son and she had a convo with bhoomi and bhoomi said that she will never ever give back ved to her …and that she wont let her destroy her family, dont know if its a dream or real …but if so… hopefully she fights for both her love and son..

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