Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhoomi’s resent against Vaidika

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Bhoomi fell down during the pooja while Vaidika remains steadfast. Nani boasts about Ved’s real mother’s will.
Deepak follows Gauri outside. She had a lunch box in hand and promised Manish on phone to be there. She lies to Deepak that she is taking food for their NGO children. Deepak was suspicious of Gauri.
Nisha watch Vaidika completing her testimony and use black magic to ignite the already burning coals. Vaidika had almost lost her stamina and balance. Sahil runs to support her while Vaidika fells unconscious. The Pandit announce that the testimony has been accomplished. Sahil carries Vaidika into the bed while Aarya calls the doctor. Sahil cries watching Vaidika’s burnt feet and wonders she is really the one who left Ved alone. He can’t believe it and still feels protective

about her. He leaves draping Vaidika in blanket.
After Sahil had left, Nisha walks into the room and says it was for the same love story that Sahil moved her out of his life. Now she would see who leaves the house. She works black magic on Vaidika’s feet and awaits Bhoomi come into the room now, and it will bring great drama.
At night, Vaidika wakes up to find her feet perfectly healed up. Bhoomi comes to the room and accuses Vaidika of fooling them all. She forbids Vaidika to take advantage of her child for her selfish gains. Vaidika clarifies she did whatever Pandit ji had asked them for. Bhoomi blames Vaidika for always interfering in their personal lives; she is again using Ved to get Sahil. It’s her, Bhoomi’s family and she promises to force Vaidika away from it. She will do anything to save her house. Sahil comes there and was angry at Bhoomi for creating a pointless issue. He asks Bhoomi to apologize Vaidika. He always supported Bhoomi because he respected her, but today she blamed Vaidika for something she never did. She only did this for Ved’s life, and Ved is her son as well. He questions Bhoomi if she blames him of disloyalty. Vaidika defends Bhoomi saying she understands her reservations and fears. Bhoomi claps for Vaidika who poses to be innocent in front of Sahil. She clarifies to Sahil that she still considers Vaidika as the second woman, and won’t let her break her house. Vaidika was badly hurt by Bhoomi’s words.

PRECAP: Bhoomi and Vaidika perform another testimony with water pot for Ved. Ved was found handing with the window shade. Vaidika drops her water pot.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    The members of the family watched aghast as Vedika, the native mother who had been a victim of domestic intrigue sacrified her health, later was slandered horrid Bhoomi. Sahil was observing Bhoomi. Perhaps it’s because he knew what was coming next. He offered an apology to Vedika. He has well done.

  2. Oh this lustful woman bhoomi. When ll tje ALMIGHTY punidh her n the murderer BA. Friends though in yesterdays episode there were some sadika moments i felt Sahil was little hesitatingly holding vedika. In the first place tell when was sahil married to that wicked bhoomi. He haf just put his blood in that blo*dy womans head. If we go to see in season one not once but twice sahils blood had fallen on vedikas head n also once when he had asked her to the blue sari n was trying to put sindoor in het maang vedika had pushed his hand n the sindoor went n fell in vedikas maan on her photo. Fo u all remember these 2 shots. Then in what way the blo*dy bhoomi is saying thst she is sahils Sir’s first wife. I am waiting for her to be kicked with that murderer BA. Friends on which email ID can we write our views n comments to these foolish ZEE TV. Pls let me know.

  3. Disgusting Bhoomi…doing over.

  4. Leisa s morris

    Im asking d question again y for d luv of god is nisha still in dat house? Didnt she lose d case,? Didnt vedika leave the house den wat pray tell is her reason for still being in dat house causing havoc. Has everyone forgotten her role as vedikas lawyer therefore she should b out d house like vedika? I really dont understand it nah.

  5. That is true Leisa. Where is this serial heading
    Last few weeks we r being tortured just seeing the murderer BA, lusty woman bhoomi n that mad hatter nisha /nidhi. In season 1 what lovely sadika moments we got to see. Now a days when in season 2 they r showing sadika moments i dont see that intense n passionate feeling fm sahil side. It looks like due to bhoomis presence sahil is restricting himself in showing his feelings. But why. We all know he still loves vedika. That is why i call him fickle minded sahil.

  6. Im really happy..sahil is not being that kinda man who is thankless .he doesnt know what bhu has done..for him she is still that lady who selflessly married him for ved and im happy that he isnt being thankless to her and yes where it wqs needed to show her mirror he did show tgat she shudnt be do this and then she has lost respect in his eyes …that gurl is digging her own grave by doing all these..lol.. and im really happy seeing sahil having a gud control over himself when vedika romances him due to that black magic…it wud have looked back if he also gave into that ..lke befire…when vedika was married to yash she did all the duties as a wife to yash..and that to after a forved marriage still she was his dharam patni just cos of that ms and sindhoor and saath phere wrights yash had …so same shud go with everyone..im happy sahil isnt cheating bhu…cos he also has some responsibilities to her…and it wud be bad feom his side to go behind his love and romance her leaving bhu.. atleast not like vedika who showed off as yashs patni and was behind sahil…

  7. Oh good to know at least there is one bhoomi fan on this forum who is more wicked n cruel than that murderer BA.

  8. I hate this black magic bhoomi is only obsessed with sahil

  9. Leisa….I’ve asked myself that same question a hundred times, what the heck is Nisha still doing in Agarwal’s house?? Since when do clients provide accommodation for their lawyers and in their house too?? Stupid logic!!! Another foolish thing is this black magic crap! Now Nisha /Nidhi has proven to us that she was born a witch, we always called her witch but little did we know how appropriate that name was!! Wow, we innocently predicted it!!! Hats off to US all…

  10. What is a marriage?? Everyone knows what a marriage is but what are the parameters which encompasses this sacred and civil act?? Sahil married Bhoomi on BA’s advice and insistence. He had clearly outlined to her that he cannot and will not ever love her at the time of their marriage and still reminds her of that till today. Any adult could understand that. Before I say more, I’m taking this opportunity to say that I’m basing my comment on the relationship in question here and not in reference to anyone’s relationship or life. So… Bhoomi went into this marriage, she could have refused but she didn’t and the reason for her acceptance was her secret wish to have a man like Sahil in her life, having ran away from her own previous wedding ceremony. Gauri had no child, hers was pronounced dead by Deepak so Gauri could have brought Ved up as her child, even Prachi too, I noticed that Prachi is always poking her nose and sticking up for Bhoomi, why didn’t she bring Ved up?? BA didn’t like Vedika, it’s a wonder she liked Vedika’s sister!!! Anyways.. Bhoomi is Sahil’s wife but in what capacity?? He doesn’t love her and certainly doesn’t sleep with her but she has a marriage certificate. How important is a marriage certificate to a woman if you don’t have the man? A marriage certificate, as we see here, doesn’t guarantee that you have a married life much less a happy one, so how important is it for Bhoomi to hold on to her marriage if she doesn’t have Sahil? I think that she is content being in the loveless position she’s in AND wouldn’t accept a divorce from Sahil because she DOES NOT want to see Vedika happy and jealousy could be the motivating factor here… She can’t have Sahil’s heart and she doesn’t want Vedika to enjoy the fruits of Sahil’s love either. Every day that passes, we see her desperation, this time Sahil is witness to her caustic tongue, accusing Vedika of being the other woman in her marriage… So, what about the blood and sindoor falling on Vedika’s maang when Bhoomi wasn’t even important?? How I see it, Vedika is Sahil’s first love and his soulmate and no marriage certificate is strong enough or powerful enough to keep Sahil away from Vedika, so what’s the importance of a marriage certificate if you don’t have the man?? Vedika married Yash but theirs was not a love marriage, she was saving the Agarwal family from being deposed from their house and under duress she accepted Yash’s proposal, it was a clinical manouver. She agreed to give Yash an heir, that was a clinical decision as well, this child was not supposed to be born and didn’t because destiny had its way and conspired to bring Sahil and Vedika together, that’s why Yash had to die. Coming to the present, Bhoomi is behaving unlike herself and Sahil is seeing a change in her and he doesn’t like it. I’m waiting patiently to see what explanation she gives to him for keeping the secret of knowing that Ved is his and Vedika’s own son. This would be the factor which would separate Bhoomi from Sahil…

  11. Raji…. Calm down dear… Sahil does love Vedika and always will. His love is powerful but he’s hurt inside. How would you feel to love someone deeply as he does and not able to join with that person ?? To not have the woman or man you love, by your side? Believe me when I tell you that you die inside when you are in that situation. Karan Jotwani does a fantastic portrayal of this emotional upheaval. His body language speaks volumes, his eyes betray his heart and soul, his facial expressions tells me how much he is dying inside, he said this to Maya. He cannot hate Vedika, she brings out the best and worst in him but that doesn’t mean he’s fallen out of love with her.. He cannot love another woman but Vedika. So don’t worry dear, unless the writers do something really stupid with the main characters, Sahil would get the woman he loves.. This lovable couple deserves to be together till the end…

  12. Naz i was dying since Fri to read yr comments. You made my day today. I am at peace reading yr comments. How i wish i could speak 2 u. You write so beautifully.

    Secondly Naz when you talk about karan jotwanis acting – yes he is superb no doubt about it. His eyes n body language speak volumes esp his mesmirsing eyes.

    But i ll still call him fickle minded. In the 1st place why did he decide to marry the lustful, wicked n cruel woman bhoomi n then on top of that after snatching her love child he has the audacity to call vedika in his marriage
    It was so hurting. I ll never forgive him for this act of his. Now a days as n when i get time i am watching season 1 on ZEE 5 APP. I cant belive this is the same sahil in Season 2. The less said about thst dirty bhoomi the bettet. In FRIs episode how she was insulting vedika n sahil was just watching that idiot n not telling her anything. I am very very dejected seeing all this.

    1. Raji… Don’t die, please…but I know what you mean… Lol…. If you meant that he’s decided to remarry her 2nd time around, then how I see it is that Sahil’s was doing it to just hurt Vedika.. Remember this…. You only hurt the one you love the most…and that’s because it’s a consolation to yourself to offer some sort of pain relief that if you can be hurt, then the object of your love should feel the same pain as what you feel…so he isn’t fickle minded dear Raji, it’s Sahil’s way after lashing back at her for what she’s done to him so far but remember also, that everything Vedika does is always for everyone’s else’s benefits, never for her happiness ,she thinks of others before herself, unfortunately she didn’t put Sahil’s interest before the others. Although I say this, in some way, she did put Sahil’s interest first because when threatened to put Agarwal’s family out of the house, it really was her reluctant subconscious, trying to help Sahil retain what also belongs to him, which is the roof over his head but at the same time she was pushing him away by accepting Yash’s proposal, don’t know who she was trying to convince, herself or Sahil, that they shouldn’t be together because society dictates so. When she finally relented and accepted her destiny and agreed with Anjana that she belongs with Sahil, that the tragedy happened..all because of the wicked witch BA, but you know the saying, birds of a feather flock together, so Bhoomi got roped into BA scheme and lived and enjoyed the status of being Sahil’s dharam patni but doomed to never have him or his love….this is the same thing happening on Ishq Subhaan Allah… Rukhsar was literally dying to have Kabir as her husband and now that she has him, he would still never be hers because his heart belongs to Zara. Sometimes when someone wants something so badly, they try to capture it but they lose sight of what is really of most relevance, the object of you desire… So you win the war but you’ve lost the battle!!! Good lesson there. Love is a two way street, not single entry. As with Sahil marrying Bhoomi the first time, he did it because of the crap which spewed from BA’s mouth, the filthy lies was enough to push Sahil to agree to marrying Bhoomi because he wanted what was best for Vedika’s allegedly abandoned son. Some women know just how to brainwash men and that’s what the witch did. With Bhoomi in receipt of the hott revelation of Ved being Sahil and Vedika’s son and deliberately keeping it from Sahil, proves what most of us have been saying since, that Bhoomi is an extremely selfish woman, she could never walk in Vedika’s shoes.. Look at how she’s sharing Sadika with her birth mother… Can Bhoomi give this selfless love ,no she can’t!! All because she really wants Sahil, if if was another woman’s son, she would willingly share maternal rights with her but with her own sister, she’s really bad minded…

    2. …..ohh yes, Sahil was a charismatic Romeo back then, we all fell in love with him, today he’s a shadow of the man we knew and loved BUT we still love him anyway.

  13. Hi Raji…Sahil did ask Bjoomi to apologise to Vedika and when she did not he apologised on her behalf. He told her that he lost all respect for her after the way she spoke to Vedika. Surely this is big of him. I feel he is seeing the real Bhoomi now and not liking it. The bomb will drop when Sahil will find out about the pen drive she is hiding.

  14. Pooja, Muniya, Dolly and Nina.. How are you all? Haven’t chatted at all with you all since a while, hope all is well on your sides.. I do read all your comments…Pooja and Muniya, I think I have the story all figured out but you know how unpredictable these writers can be so my ideas were really for fun although we all agree on 2 things… Sadika coming together forever and BA should be exterminated by whatever means…

  15. Ok I agree wirh u naz. U hurt the person whom u love. But think if his marriage with wicked bhoomi was completed (luckily GOD intervened n stopped it because of veds condition) do u think it would be marriage in name sake only. I feel bad to say this dont u think he or for that matter the lusty bhoomi would hv not consummated the marriage. Then what. Wasnt vedika pure. That is why it ll be difficult 4 me to forgive sahil for this act of his. And u also said a correct thing. More than ved that lusty woman is behind sahil. If ved was someone elses child she would hv surely shared him with vedika. Cruel woman bhoomi

  16. Naz I’m really happy that we are still on the same lines.. our views about Sadhika or love is not gonna change..

  17. Hi Naz…all is well.
    Patiently waiting for Sadika to be together with their son. Hope we could see our fun loving and romantic hero soon. He has endured too much pain.

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