Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil signs the divorce papers

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At Agarwal house, preparations for Naming ceremony were complete. Sahil looks towards Vaidika who comes downstairs draped in red saree. He forwards his hand with serious look on his face to help her on stage. They sit together for Pooja. Sahil suggests Virat as the name of his child. Bari Amma asks Vaidika who also agrees for Virat. Pandit ji asks them to utter Virat’s name in his ears. Prachi now suggests about a dance performance by Sahil and Vaidika.
Sahil and Vaidika perform on ‘Pehli Nazar se hi Yaara’. Their memories flash into each other’s eyes. After the dance ended, Vaidika walks away from Sahil.
Later, Vaidika comes to take Virat from his cradle to leave. Sahil stops her. Vaidika says he must be happy, this is what he wanted. She must now leave. Sahil says there

is something still left, she must complete that task. He hands her the divorce papers. Vaidika was taken aback at the glance. Sahil asks why she looks shocked; he has signed the papers as she wished. Bari Amma complains she didn’t expect this from Vaidika. Nani says Vaidika is extremely unlucky, she will be left alone once again. Vaidika tries to explain. Sahil says according the judge they must stay together for a few days, prior to proceeding of their application. They must bring their children back into Agarwal house again. Vaidika says she never thought Sahil can take such a step. Sahil says he also never expected this from Vaidika, Vaidika is responsible for all this.
There, Guddu was shocked to hear from Aarya that she sent divorce papers without informing Sahil. Baby’s kidnapping was as a reaction. Aarya cries that she wish her mother to stay happy, it’s possible her mother lives happily after this marriage has ended. Vaidika and Sahil stood at the door. Sahil thinks this means Vaidika hadn’t sent those divorce papers. Vaidika questions if her daughter will make decisions for her, everyone except her knows what’s right for her. Aarya asks Vaidika if she thinks it’s a mistake. She is ready to apologize anyone she would ask her to. She wants to know what she must have done otherwise. She can’t forgive Sahil, or forget anything; for how long she wished to prolong her sufferings. She thought this was the best solution possible. Vaidika goes inside. Sahil follows back. Aarya asks Guddu where she was wrong. Her decision might be wrong, but this doesn’t turn her an evil. She cries that she never wanted to do this to her Sahil Papa.
Sahil pins Vaidika to a wall and stood intimately, he says she cannot be silent today. She must tell him why she didn’t reply to Aarya. They have fifteen days after signing the papers, she must decide meanwhile if she can live without Sahil. He will have to reassure her that he still believes this relation, afterwards he will accept the court’s decision. But he still believes this strange marriage will work. He was close to her and demands a kiss as he is still her husband while she is the mother of his children, and kiss her forehead.
Aarya tells Guddu that she loved her Sahil Papa but none is important than her mother. Guddu assures Aarya that she was only emotional. He will be with her in whatever happens ahead. She isn’t a bad girl, she is extremely nice. Aarya rests her head on his shoulder and cries.

PRECAP: Sahil drove the car. Vaidika stood on the back seat. Puneesh place a wooden board with nails on their way. The car skips and turns upside down in accident.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Friend’s today Iam feeling very uncomfortable that what I say??????? It is a wonderful fabulous epi..or is a very heart breaking episode.. In one time..Iam feeling 😍💓💕🤗
    And than after 😐☹☹😵
    Plzz friends don’t let side Aarya….I hate her..too much because she is not only for her arrogant nature although she is not a best child for Sadika she is very unlucky for OUR SADIKA..HMMMMM
    From my point of view Aarya is too much responsible for Sadika’s separation………..
    Don’t know what are you thinking my dear friends…?
    I’m just worried about next epi….feeling very sad..😣😑don’t want to say anything..just waiting your comments..and eagerly waiting for the next epi..Precap made me in depth..for thinking..my god 😦😦
    My heart beat is increased now…

  2. So sad for Sadika 💔💔💔💔..and their children’s..Vedu..Virat..I hope everything will be okkk…in that situation..too………please makers..🙏🙏

  3. Today have some good scenes like the naming ceremony,the dance,they finding out the truth about the divorce papers,guddu turning out to be a good husband and sahil pinnig vedika to the wall and then i read/watch the precap and everything i read/watch went down the drain….only tomorrow will tell how much more they planning on destroying our serial….on a good note horse face puneesh wasn’t shown today and pankti get very little screen time besides that karan and suhasi performance *sigh breathtaking

  4. Nina

    There was an interesting special ceremony for the baby’s name. Here someone had written Karan is tired but tonight he shows very well acting. Aarya is just young self-confident crazy girl. Last frames were awful, what be ahead.

  5. Friends, this episode was like a pregnant woman who delivered the goods in a quick space of time, at least the divorce issue was dragged on for months, another writer of another serial would have done that but our writing team hit a six on this episode. Of lately, I’ve been thinking like Gayatri on Aarya, this girl could potentially be a recipe for disaster! Too damn pushy and too big for her shoes… She needs to understand that she’s still a child no matter how old she becomes in Sadika’s eyes and stop butting into her mother’s life, she needs to mind her own business, I’m sure that there will be times when her intervention would be needed but to draw up papers for divorce….😲😲…requires an attorney for that, which lawyer did that for her without both parties being there?? Anyways…this time I wish nothing but the worst for Prachi, I’d like the vampire to suck her blood dry and throw her away after but before that, I’d like to see BA do the honors first, the vampire with fish eyes can have her after!!.. I saved the best for last… My heart skipped several times seeing that wall pinning scene… I long for those days again.. I also want to see how Vedika shy away from Sahil’s presence in close proximity for those weeks ahead.. I’m hoping that she melts like butter and end up in Sahil’s arms, after all, they are pati -patni….they can do whatever!! I hope Pankti disappears soon…and her abnormally stupid mother!!

  6. Guys -This episode was sweet but it left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Am upset with the writers the pain is not good for viewers, too upsetting most of the time.
    I am upset for i saw it coming with these writers sadika moments never last.
    Why the accident i hope they are all alright.
    But i read somewhere vedika will loose her memory. Really?
    Please let sadika fight society as the story line goes not fight puneesh whose motive is to get money and all agrawal wealth even if it meant to kill his wife. So is ursha. I see no women groups harrassing vedika because she handles them very well and puts them in their place period. So why this pain.
    This series is becoming more like” THE FEAR FACTOR”. Just look at ariyahs lines who drafts divorce papers between mum and dad? It was not necessary. It would have been better coming from someone other than ariyah surely. I stop here friends,

  7. I absolutely love the scene with Sadika…they are so magically breathtaking.. Suhasi ma’am looked stunning with her curly hair and expressive reactions… Sadika together, this is what we want…i hope to see lots of romantic moments between these two.. I love the opening scene the hall was decorated so cute for baby and BA singing added the finishing touches… Good episode EXCEPT seeing the lizard in the precap.. Yuck!

  8. Well am still upset. The writers puy up a show so sweet the they keft a bitter taste in my mouth.

    Vedika and sahil especially sahil put up a fantastic show today. No sooner had we enjoyed the show they spoiled it by showing sahil in and family 8n an accident as predicted
    Somthing bad had to happen why? que?
    disappointed viewer😕😢

  9. After a long time i enjoyed this episode thoroughly..the scene where sahil takes his rights as a father and celebrates the naming ceremony.. the way sahil offers his hand to vedhika to climb the dias..they both say the name of the baby together.. the way he holds her in the dance..was all so breath taking for me.. i felt happy when the reason for divorce papers got revealed so soon, that too when they were together.. i liked the scene when sahil too quietly went behind vedhika into the house leaving arya & guddu..they looked like real parents and matured people..
    And the way sahil took rights on vedhika saying that he was still her husband and has the rights to kiss her..i cudnt breathe.. after a long time heard his seducing, deep voice full of emotions.. definitely vedhika cant resist him..(nor can i 🙂 )
    but did she also sign the papers? whats the need.. after knowing that it was arya’s foolishness, they can just tear it away isnt it? Sahil could have simply given the time to decide.. if divorce goes through, then its so difficult to get back.. some other villain may come in between again.. hope it doesnt go till then..
    maybe when both are together, that lizard and his dumb wife will not be successful in their plots..together sadhika will win all evil..

  10. Todays scene was excellent sahil and vedika doing the best on their part really romantic and sahil wow good expressions sadika is the best jodi

  11. Nice episode.. Vedika look stunning in the red sari and her expressions are priceless. The flash back about the baby name was so cute. What was Pankti even doing there??? Let’s hope we get some good shots of Sadika over the next 15 days. I know I am asking for too much as the next twist is only 24 hrs away.

  12. Yes,This Episode is filled with Sadika scene’s
    I also enjoyed it a lot….SADIKA are alwayes FANTASTIC IN their Romantic scenes 😚😍..Sadika is the best couple..forever..in this epi both is looking so cute and hot..Friends I loved that flash back scene where Sadika was deciding their baby name…loved
    Really baby’s naming ceremony is beautifully crafted and decorated…..wow.
    I have already know and said too,in this ceremony sadika’s too close romance will be happen and happened.😃and all sadika fans are happy like before when Jungle romance was happen for instant happiness …but remember,than after Sadika’s sapration..😐
    Friends I saw utube video where puneesh is giving interview that he will be save Sadika for 1 time and sadika will be sympathised by puneesh and get him entry in Aggrawal house..and than sadika’s family will be destroyed by him..mean puneesh..Don’t know what is going on..
    Friends speak something about this track..

  13. Even though Pankti is much younger vedika is the perfect match for Sahil, i don’t wish that now pankti falls in love with sahil and more misunderstandings are created between them, just wish that sadhika are foreover together from now onwards and fight the villains together, hope to see them together onscreen more and more, the actress suhasi dhami looked stunning yesterday

  14. Dolly, I thoroughly enjoyed the scene where Sahil states their relationship and how his words dominated her emotions.. If that was me in real, I’d surely end up doing some seducing myself… At that point, I was breathless how Vedika gazed into Sahil’s deep pools of seduction, when he rubbed his nose on hers, omigawd… I almost stopped breathing.. I want more of these scenes.. Writers don’t realize that mostly women watch these serials!!! Uff…

  15. This serial should stop. It’s obvious that the writers will keep Sahil and Vedika apart forever, and if they come back together it will last a few days for the next hurdle to come. Such a waste of time. Writers can’t write happy moments that will last for weeks, only problem which they can last for so long.

  16. I loved the way sahil looked at vedika coming down in red and gold she took his breath away, and everyone noticed that, but then again SD always looks stunning especially when next to sahil this tv couple is just so gorgeous. The way they danced and the way sahil still remained a gentleman the way he treated vedika although upset but did everything to show his love towards vedika.
    The stance at vedikas house i agree it was just breath taking i liked the way sahil pinned her to the wall and spoke to her in a romantic but firm way to get them save their marriage. I hope that the two weeks will be fun, i just hope they come together to defeat puneesh and everyone plotting against them. I wss hlad to see that they were not injured in any way.
    I hope bariamah won’t be fooled by punessh and pracki.
    I love this series too much it started to bring the worst in me whenever i see the couple especially vedika in too much trouble and pain.

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