Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil jailed for attempt to kill Nidhi

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahil and Vaidika take Nidhi to hospital emergency. Gauri comes to the corridor from the other side without spotting them. The doctor congratulated her for being six week pregnant while she look perplexed. Sahil and Vaidika were waiting outside the emergency room, police comes to ask about Sahil Agarwal. There was a complaint lodged against him that he attempted to kill his wife, they have an eyewitness. It was Panday. Sahil charge to grab Panday’s collar but police deters to arrest him. Panday says he lives right in front of their house, he saw from the balcony how he was fighting with his wife. He pushed her down the stairs. Sahil grabs his collar and says he is lying, he didn’t push her down the stairs. Sahil says there was nothing but an argument there. Vaidika says she is sure Sahil would never hurt anyone deliberately, it was only an accident. Sahil only watched her compliment him and smiled towards her. Vaidika says she also saw them arguing but he didn’t push her. The inspector implements a section against Sahil. Sahil asks the inspector to let Nidhi wake up. Nidhi and Sahil’s family reach the hospital. Bari Amma scolds Sahil for holding hand over his wife. Prachi insults Vaidika to leave. Vaidika stops Sahil from reacting and requests him to stay calm. She leaves the corridor. Sahil looks towards Anjana and assures he didn’t do it through the signals of his eyes.
Gauri drinks a glass of water in the hospital, she decides not to tell Deepak else he would find out the gender of baby and abort if it’s a girl. She turns around and was shocked to spot Deepak, then goes to another corridor and hits Vaidika there. Vaidika asks if she is pregnant, Gauri turns to leave forbidding Vaidika to share the news with her family. Vaidika was sure her family must be happy. Gauri says not if it’s a girl. She brings Vaidika to a corner and says Deepak doesn’t want a girl, they have attempted a lot to bear a son. She says it’s her second marriage, the first one broke after two years when he left her and her daughter. Deepak was the manager at their shop, he conditioned not to bring up someone else’s child. Her daughter lives with her grandparents and she isn’t allowed to meet her. Deepak doesn’t want a daughter now and will get it aborted otherwise. She says she can’t live alone in life, and has to live with Deepak anyway. Vaidika wipes her tears and forbids her share the news of her pregnancy for three months; then her child would be secure. Every woman has a right to be a mother, no matter a daughter or son. It’s her decision to bring the child to life. After three months they won’t be able to abort the child, as it becomes illegal. Gauri requests her not to tell this to anyone as well. Vaidika says the child must come to this world, and promises to fight for this child if ever Gauri needs her. Gauri cries hugging Vaidika. Vaidika thinks here its Gauri, and there Nidhi; Sahil has been surrounded by troubles.
Nidhi opens her eyes, the family was around. Sahil asks Nidhi to tell everyone he didn’t push her down the stairs. Her mother calls Sahil a selfish man. Nidhi says Sahil pushed her down the stairs. Sahil calls her a liar. Nidhi gets her statement noted, ‘they married in front of their families but Sahil denied accepted her as a wife, he doesn’t want to take on his responsibilities and attempted to take her life. This is domestic violence case.’ The inspector arrests Sahil and takes him along. Nidhi smirks towards her mother. Sahil tried to explain his position but was helpless. Vaidika comes into the room and watches Sahil handcuffed. He asks Bari Amma to stop this all, how can she send Sahil to jail. Bari Amma holds Vaidika responsible for all this, she already told Sahil to stay away from her. She requests the inspector but Prachi calls her shameless. Sahil was taken by police. Anjana pleads Bari Amma.
Gauri was coming out from a room and watches Sahil being arrested. The inspector says it’s a non-bailable case. Deepak arrives in the corridor and wonders who is behind all the drama. Gauri hides from her family as well. Bari Amma tells everyone to go home, she has an important task to do.
In the jail, Sahil tries to explain his position. The inspector says his own family doesn’t trust him. He heard Sahil’s show on radio, he must now call that 42 year old adult here; they will enjoy together. He blames Sahil for attempting to kill his own wife for an elderly man. He will implement various sections in Sahil’s case. Sahil wonders why Nidhi did this.

PRECAP: Vaidika says not only Nidhi but Panday also witnessed against them. Puneesh appreciates Bari Amma’s planning. Bari Amma says Sahil must stay behind the bars until he accepts Nidhi, Anjana drops a tray hearing this. In the hospital, Bari Amma tells Nidhi only she or Sahil knows there was nothing between them, society will believe what they are made too. Vaidika was shocked to hear this from outside the room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Charmin, I read your comment yesterday and you also are asking the same question as me… In these serials, sindoor and mangalsutra are one of the most sacred wear of a Hindu woman, it signifies that she a married woman and singularly wears it for her husband’s long life, in fact the marriage isn’t sanctified until her husband puts in on her during the wedding rituals. It’s the most important thing I should say, so how come now these writers are making a mockery of this aspect of the charade of Sahil and Nidhi’s wedding?? I hope that this charade be exposed soon, this serial so far hasn’t allowed issues to fester for long, things are not kept in the dark for too long. Thankfully Vedika hears Bari Aama and Nidhi talking about their plot and Anjana heard Bari Aama talking about Sahil’s punishment in jail and we know that Sahil is Anjana’s loving son so she won’t stay quiet on this… Nidhi is so shameless, I’m embarrassed for her, all the things she’s doing to keep Sahil and we know of Sahil’s anger. I rejoice when he tells her off…

    1. Charmin Anderson

      I’m with you on all of this. Nidhi is such a shameless person and a snake of a friend. Vedika, needs to step up and claim her title and marry Sahil so she can get rid of all these shameless women. Listening to Bari Aama telling Nidhi to use her body to get Sahil then try and get pregnant as soon as possible to trap him in this loveless unwanted marriage shows just how much Bari Aama loves Sahil, she is so shameless too. Wondering if this is what she did to trap her husband.

  2. Muniya

    Ohhh God…why didn’t that Nidhi just die over there???????such a crap!!!
    Best parts are….Sahil’s smiling face towards Vedika when she was trying to defend him ?????and another one is Gauri and Vedika’s convo..
    But now as Vedika will know about Nidhi’s truth…hope she’ll definitely do something to save Sahil?

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