Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika return to life

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Sahil mourns for Sahil. Vaidika’s soul leave the body and the room. Sahil recall the first time he asked Vaidika to lend him a room as tenant; the time when he gifted the blue saree to her, the radio appeal to Vaidika and her return to radio station, his vows to write a history of Kanpur through their exemplary love, they day Vaidika came to him as a bride and his fake marriage with Nidhi, her pregnancy with Yash.
Sahil was still crying. Nani and Aarya enter the room and mourns for her. Puneesh whispers to Bari Amma that finally they have gotten rid of any hurdles in their way. Bari Amma was happy that now Ved would be called as the son of Bhoomi and Sahil forever. The hospital staff come to take Vaidika’s body. Sahil intervenes and doesn’t let them move her. All at once, the

lights of the room flash. Vaidika breathes heavily. Sahil shouts for doctors who come to aid Vaidika. They call it a miracle, announcing Vaidika is still alive.
It was night. Bhoomi walked in her room. Sahil comes in and asks what’s so urgent that he called her. Bhoomi says she is genuinely happy for Vaidika, but she is afraid this time and it’s because of Sahil. She questions what’s in Sahil’s heart for Vaidika. He can’t ever forget her. He won’t take a minute in life to leave her behind and even giving Ved to her if Vaidika for once forwards her hand. Would he forget what she did to them five years ago? Sahil says he can’t forget anything, he holds hatred for that woman. He will fulfil his promise to Bhoomi, Ved will always be her son. He was only afraid and felt as if he lost Vaidika forever, she was after all his first and last love. He spilled his anger, his agony and his emotions with the sense that he has lost her. It’s true he would never completely belong to Bhoomi, but she will be his wife.
Nani and Aarya bring Vaidika home on a wheel chair. Aarya was concerned and asks Nani to be careful, she might be hurt by a single jerk. Sadika and Ved run cheerfully and hug Vaidika. Bhoomi also come downstairs. Nani calls Bari Amma for help. Ved claims his father to be strong enough and can carry her wheel chair inside. He and Sadika run to drag Sahil forward. Sahil looks away from Vaidika. Vaidika attempts to stand up but trembles instead. Sahil forwards his hand immediately. Vaidika was reluctant and attempts to stand up again. Sahil kept his hand forwarded. Vaidika takes his hand and holds him by waist for assistance. He carries her into his arms and carries Vaidika upstairs to her room.

PRECAP: Sahil tells Vaidika he will hate her in every life ahead but won’t let her leave them so easily. Gauri grabs Deepak’s collar questioning why he did this. Bari Amma blames Vaidika but Vaidika shouts that Deepak is responsible for everything. She says if Sadika is Gauri’s daughter, then where is her son?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Hmmm questions and answers lets c how writers address dis and how sahil will feel wen he finds out dat vedika didnt abandon her son but he was taken from her. Nxt question is y wud BA take d child of d two ppl she hates most and bring in her family. Sahils expression wen he finds out ved is his and vedika biological child and his mom and BA knew about it.

    1. I echo your questions Leisa… In the precap, when Vedika asks… So where’s my son? That doesn’t sound like a woman who didn’t want her child, BA better have some answers for Vedika and Sahil. You know what would be wonderful if Sahil and Vedika unite, bring up their son and face life’s problems together, but first of all, he has to work on his emotions and forgive Vedika, he almost lost her, that ought to be a great lesson for him. Leisa, I cried so much watching Sahil when he had now met Vedika, he looked so fresh, lovable and energetic, now he’s like the exact opposite of his true personality…those memories he remembered today tug at my heartstrings.

      1. Leisa s morris

        Yes naz I also felt d emotional tug he was goin through. I cant wait for everyting to come to light. Even though vedika loves sadika she wants to reunite her with her biological parent dats completely different from bhoomi whom I believe will run away with ved d moment she realizes dat ved is sahil and vedika child. Cause even though sahil promised not to part her from ved dat was before when he believed she killed his mom and abandoned her child. Knowin sahil after d truth comes out his luv for vedika will bloom once more and he would not keep her away from her child.

  2. Nina

    The nice episode. Vedika was returned. Maybe to love and be loved is her great predetermination in life. OMG, how he looks at her.

  3. The bomb that Vedika ought to drop on the family is that Sahil is her son’s father…

  4. Pooja dear, I hear you, I also like reading your comments.

  5. Lovely epi…
    Precap is awesome.

  6. I like this rugged look of Sahil as well.. But when someone has lost the one that he or she has loved and got them back, it is not possible to hate them.. instead shower all the love one has for the rest of the life. I wish Sahil and Vedhika both show and express their love for each other now that they have been given another chance.. Isnt love like that than fights and hatred? and that too with their symbol of love, a child, how to hold back love?

  7. Omg…. they way they stared at each other is enough to describe the love they have for each other. There are no words. The look said it all. Now that The truth will be revealed about Sadika. Vedika will dig deep to find her child. Sahil will only forgive Vedika’s when he find out that she did not kill his mum and why she lied when in prison. I am not too sure about Bhoomi. Think she will create problem.

    Did any of you notice how uneasy Sahil was when Vedika asked about her child in the Precap?

  8. Obviously Pooja.. but now sahil is bound by promise..so he cant even reveal the truth..
    only if that nurse is exposed, sahil will find the link to all questions..
    and what is this maya doing.. cant she speak to sahil about anything at all?even in the hospital? even in that critical situation? She could have solved so many problems between our Sadhika.. dumb friend..
    but mostly what they show in the precap and the episodes is different everytime.. they are just building up our curiosity in precaps…

  9. Nice jodi saadika

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