Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhoomi’s possessiveness about Ved

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Vaidika had remained composed in the room in front of Ved. She comes running outside into the corridor and cries for Ved. She fells unconscious and was about to fall off the stairs. Sahil saves her from behind, pulling her to a hug. Vaidika cries asking if Ved would be fine? Sahil asks her to be strong, she can’t break at this time. He promises that they won’t let any harm to Ved. Bhoomi comes there. She tells Vaidika to go home and take some rest, they are here for Ved. Vaidika denies leaving Ved alone. Sahil stops Bhoomi and requests her to understand that it’s a crucial time for both Ved and Vaidika.
Aarya cries hugging Tushar and thanks him for coming over to meet her. There are so many problems her family is suffering from. Prachi had come outside with food for Tushar. She hears

him console Aarya and opens the door. Tushar pleasantly accepts the food. Prachi asks if there was someone in the room, as she heard him talking. He explains it was some friend facing family problems.
Aarya and Sahil come to the hall. Vaidika sat in front of temple, her hand over the flame. Aarya withdraws her hand forcefully from over the flame, she requests her to eat some food. Vaidika denies as she has no hunger. Sahil also requests Vaidika to take care of herself, only then she can support Ved. Sahil qualifies that it implements over Sahil as well. Aarya decides to feed them both with her own hands this time.
Bari Amma kept a pooja for Ved’s health. Nani asks which mother should sit for Ved. The one who borne him, or the one who brought him up? Pandit ji says the one who gave birth to him. Bhoomi argues that she didn’t give birth to Ved, but she took care of him as a real mother. Vaidika doesn’t know anything about him and questions when did Ved begin to crawl, or when he lost his first teeth? She has a complete right over Ved and will sit in the pooja for him. Sahil requests the Pandit to let both mothers sit in the pooja. Pandit ji says we have to abide by the rules during Pooja, only the real mother should sit in Pooja. Vaidika walks to Bhoomi and requests her to understand the situation, she doesn’t want to take Bhoomi’s place at all. Pandit ji asks Vaidika to take her place, then calls the father. Bari Amma asks him to let Sahil sit for the pooja as he brought him up. Vaidika wish to tell Sahil that he is Ved’s real father. Bhoomi thinks Vaidika can’t be the real mother of Ved by sitting in the pooja only. Within these 9 days of Pooja’s completion everyone will know who the real mother is.
The doctor checks upon Ved. He was asleep. The doctor instructs them to take care of him, they shouldn’t share with him about his ailment. Both Bhoomi and Vaidika at once assures they will. Bari Amma advices Sahil and Bhoomi to take care of Ved. Nani qualifies that Vaidika began the Navratri Pooja for Ved’s health, she will do anything for him.
In the hall, Bhoomi brings a reknown Pandit ji home and tells Bari Amma he claims that if someone follows his testimonies gets his desired wish. Nani compels Vaidika to do as whatever she can. The Pandit says the mother must stand over burning coals and repeat his said verses for 11000 times. Sahil forbids Bhoomi to suffer all this. Nani provokes Vaidika but she wasn’t ready to compete. The Pandit says their child is lucky to have two mothers, this will double the effects of testimony. Bhoomi and Vaidika walk over the burning coals and stand on single feet.

PRECAP: Vaidika was about to fell off, dizzy on the coals. Sahil carries her to the room. Bhoomi blames Sahil for being blinded, and warns Vaidika that she is the second woman and she, Bhoomi can’t let her stay here for long.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh plz vedika is doing the right thing after all she is ved mother

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  3. DannyComments

    I really don’t blame bhoomi..what do you expect? Five years is a long time! She took care of that child as if he was her own! Gave up living her life ! I said this at the beginning that Vedika sacrifices was going to blow up in her face! And ofcouse they had to turn Bhoomi evil just so we can hate her when the truth is Bhoomi is actually a selfless person. It is mot easy to raise someone’s else’s child and live with a man who you know will never love you. Not fair. They should have just killed Bhoomi off instead! Stupid show just went off track!!!

    1. Not necessary

      It is not about bhoomi being evil or other people sympathizing with her. But it is to show that a mother who wants to possess a child versus a mother who is happy with just acknowledgement. After all love means to let go and not possess the said thing, object or person. Aligning yourself with evil just to prove yourself right is a sign of weakness and corruption. Bhoomi and her ego too afraid of vedika to do the right thing and this fact would itself stop her from loving the son when it would matter the most. She think more about possessing him than what is best for him.
      Besides, vedika did not know until recently that ved was her son so the matter of not raising him is moot. Bhoomi using that point as justification for doing anything remotely evil or supporting it is her fragile ego that can’t withstand the truth even after it is staring right in her face.
      The moral of this story is never to lose your morality and the integrity just so you can gain something material. “Moh” is the thing that ultimately we should be free from. Only then would we be able to do the right thing

    2. Leisa s morris

      Bhoomi knew full well dat ved was vedikas child, sahil didnt love her and staying married would mean a loveless life for her yet she choose to stay wen she was given d out. Yes she has taken care of ved but dat doesnt give her exclusive rights to him especially as she knows dat vedika didnt abandon him as was told by BA. Instead of takin a leaf out of vedikas book and allowing ved d luv of two mothers as vedika has done with sadika she dismisses vedikas importance in veds life and selfishly holds him to herself and no its not just motherly luv its her way to hold onto her delusional state of family with sahil and ved. Having ved means having sahil.Even with him bein ill she hasnt relented but is still being selfish to d point where his life could actually b forfeited. I wonder wat she would do wen d time comes and d doctor says he needs someting like a bone marrow transplant and only his parents can help? Would she tell sahil d truth den or keep silent so as for sahil not to know hes veds dad. Hmmmmm a mother puts her child first regardless of d situation but especially during a medical crisis. She knows vedika is his biological mom yet she wanna do contest to prove dat she is mom,in my book she lost d day she told ved its not possible for him to have vedika as his mom wen he asked if vedika can b his mom too so he will b special like sadika having d luv of two moms.

  4. Nina

    Sahil became tangled up because she keeps silence.I so want to send a message to Vedika “Try can’t control herself and tell honestly about severe trials passed through last years.”

  5. Black Magic always ruins a show because it is too far fetched – stupid actually!
    When the writers introduce black magic, I usually stop watching the show.

  6. ..and so it goes…the quest is for Ved’s survival! Whose sacrifice will emerge victorious, the mother who bore him and is content to have a small piece of his heart or the woman who brought him up but is selfish in her love? I wonder, if it was any other child other than Ved..him being the product of Sahil and Vedika, never mind it’s clinical nature…would Bhoomi have been this possessive towards the child or as Ved is Sahil’s and Vedika, she feels enormously insecure and thinks that being Ved’s parents, she’ll have much more importance as a wife and mother to Ved!!! Bhoomi must surely feel threatened because she darn well understand that Vedika is the only woman Sahil would ever want…that’s why she used such an elaborate wedding vow, promising to love him till thy kingdom come ,how eloquently desperate she sounded…. A scary thought crossed my mind, this is Sadika’s story (Sahil and Vedika) , but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they would end up together, it’s the road that they have traversed together, their first meeting, Sahil’s love for her, Vedika’s estrangement from Sahil, their battles, their triumphs and their son, are the factors and details which bind them together, while we expect them to unite in the end, we’ve seen unexpected and unhappy endings in a lot of these Indian serials, to bet on a happy ending for this couple….we can hope that it doesn’t go down that way, that the writers don’t give us an ending like WAS, first season of ZKM…i can’t recall the rest, having deserted the serials when the crap hit the ceiling… Writers have a penchant for mocking marital vows, so don’t expect too much….. Bhoomi could end up with Sahil and Vedika could even be a victim of Bhoomi’s envy and hatred and end up in the morgue, you just never know!!! Anyways… Let’s hope my prediction doesn’t come true and Sahil gets his Vedika, their love triumphs, BA gets thrown out of the house, although not likely because Sahil’s heart is tender…or either her husband returns from the dead and we see a new revamped BA, accepting Vedika as her Bahu, Bhoomi accepting that she lost the battle, Prachi and Puneesh having a child, Nisha /Nidhi turn into a ball of fire and vanishes, Nani becomes a contented woman with whatever she has, Karan and Shruthi live happily ever after, Gauri and Deepak live in peace with their adorable daughter and Aarya finds a better boyfriend than Puneesh’s nephew… That’s what I hope for…

    1. Leisa s morris

      I just dont get y nisha is still even in d house to begin with. Not only did vedika lose d custody case but she left argawal house as well yet nisha is still there doin her black magic mumbo jumbo shit. Only in these indian serials do I see a non family member living and ruling a household. Nisha was just vedika lawyer she should b gone already not there during this phase in their lifes. Its like all d family has forgotten shes not family and has no problem with her being there or msybe is d black magic dat has he still there. Senseless black magic track

  7. Ha ha Naz.u finished the serial…happy happy endings.. 🙂

  8. Hats off to you Naz…. nice script. If only writers thought as we do. This is Sadika story and they should be together. Then the message that this show was trying to send out would certainly be felt. Writers need to turn this show around and get the gripping story that kept us all clue to out Tv back.

  9. Naz pls SHUBH SHUBH BOLO. If SADIKA are separated by the writers n the wicked bhoomi goes with sahil i swear i ll never watch any serials in my life. The story is about sadika n they should come together. We r not mad to watch bhoomi n sahils story. If it is going to be like that in the end then i am not at all interested in watching this serial.

  10. Naz, Dolly n Leisa pls tell me whether ved is having bone marrow cancer. Since i remember i read somewhere that ved is having bone marrow cancer n since sahil n vedikas who r ved’s real parents whose bone marrow r not matching with ved, Dr suggests that if another child is born by the same parents ie sahil n vedika that child’s bone marrow will match ved’ s bone marrow in which case ved will be saved. Is it true? Pls cfm.

    1. Leisa s morris

      I havent seen dat raji but its long been my belief dat d only way sahils patetnity would b revealed is if ved has to get a bone marrow transplant as only his biological parent or sibling of d same parent can help a child with dis type of cancer. I dont believe dey should go d route of another child cause realistically vedika is 47 yrs old as per d serial and many complications arise to child and mother d older d mother is lol although zee serials bypasses all these complications and let d impossible b possible. I belief realistically they shouldnt go down dat rd but instead let sahil b a positive donor alone which in itself will reveal d truth bout veds paternity and no need to traverse down dat rd.

  11. oh no ..now stem cell treatment? wow..writers are ridiculous now..

  12. Yes Dolly just now i saw on u tube that vedikas bone marrow does not match with ved. She is crying n sahil is holding her tightbin his arms. But i am not sure whether she ll tell sahil that he is the real father. But i think even sahils bone marrow ll not match with ved. I read in the forum itself that then the doctor ll tell them that if he has a brother fm the same parents then his bone marrow ll match with veds Bone marrow. Something thst person had written on the forum re baby drone or so. I didnt follow what that means.

  13. Muniya

    Naz hv a really good idea…it will be great if that happens…SADIKA hv to meet anyway.

  14. Ya Raji I too read that post now.. what’s gonna happen now… Are we gonna have those real Sadhika moments now?😍😍😍

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