Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika and Jackie for a picnic

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika was happy to see Usha and welcomes here, she asks how she came over. Nani boasts she brought her here to meet her daughter and daughter in law. She introduces Usha to Sahil, who takes care of the whole business as well as pooja. Aarya tells them that Sahil is even fasting for Vaidika. Jackie thinks he can’t tell Usha how complex the situation is. Nani asks Jackie to bring Prasad to Usha Jee. His hands tremble as he brings the sweet to her. Usha curtly denies taking the Prasad from his hand, then says she will eat later on. Her son, Guddu must be hungry and waiting for her. Nani tells Usha to leave while she will stay with her daughter for some time. Usha turns to leave curtly. At the main door, Bari Amma recognizes Usha and wonders how she came over after thirty years. Nani indulges

Bari Amma in talks with her. Nani tells her that Usha is their new neighbor, and shifted to their neighborhood from Mumbai. Bari Amma thinks she must not be the same. Nani senses there is some secret that Bari Amma is keeping.
Usha hits a man on the way and fights with him. Jackie comes to save the man. Usha comes there and asks Jackie why it took him so long. Jackie assures Usha he is doing what she sent him for. Jackie hires a rickshaw for Usha. He thinks that he will soon tell Usha that he is doing all this for Vaidika. In the rickshaw, Usha thinks she brought Jackie up for past 30 years. Now he must rob Agarwals so that she can set her Guddu and Sweety’s life.
Vaidika wasn’t ready for a vacation. Jackie returns home and gets excited to hear about the resort picnic. When everyone has left the hall, Jackie assures Vaidika that they will go wherever she thinks suitable. They arrive at Vaidika’s old house.
Jackie was cautious of being caught by Usha and hurries Vaidika inside. They share an eye lock. Vaidika wonders why she feels of being close to Sahil. She asks why he was in a rush. Jackie says there were a number of cockroach; and he is really fearful.
Jackie was worried how he will hide himself from Usha. There, Usha gets the news about Jackie’s picnic to Lucknow Resort. She wonders why her son is fooling her, she brought him up and now he has shifted his interests to Vaidika’s feelings.
Vaidika stood in front of their house’s temple. Jackie comes to her. Vaidika holds his hand and recalls the day she and Sahil came into this house to live together. Jackie looked startled, while Vaidika gets old flashes of Sahil. Jackie was confused and wonders what happened to her? Vaidika pushes him away, telling him to stay away. Jackie clarifies he is fed up of this accusations. One thing is sure, he has been sent here for some reason. No matter he is her sunshine, she is becoming the moonlight of his life.
Jackie serves the dinner for Vaidika, it was burnt bread and thin soupy curry. He apologizes Vaidika that he isn’t a good cook. He then decides to sing a song that will impress her for sure. She plays the guitar and sits to sing ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ like Sahil. Vaidika was distressed as she recalls her life with Sahil. All at once, Vaidika yells to stop it.

PRECAP: Jackie was about to tell Vaidika his heart felt feelings. Usha came at the door. She rushes to her home and spills kerosene oil over her, deterring to burn herself alive.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wat the hell is going on now n who is Usha to bari amma

  2. Nice Episode…. love the song.. it was so touching. Vedika was in big delima. Also the scene where she thought Sahil came back was beautifully executed. Did any of you notice that Ved called Vedika “mama”.
    It is obvious that BA and Usha has history. I am not a great of that Usha. How dare she expects so much from Jacky because she brought him up. That can’t Be motherly love. I think she is selfish and using Jacky so that her own children have a better life. More secrets will be reveal tomorrow..

  3. Hi Raji.. bad news yaar. Bhoomi is coming back in proper negative role and she will join forces with Usha. Together they will try to finish Sadika. I saw a clip where she kidnap both of them. Why did we have to go down that road again??? If writers wanted to bring her back surely they could have chosen a different road.

  4. Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooooo… Really Pooja?? That wretch is coming back? Today I wasn’t feeling well and now I’m feeling even worse hearing this news… Take no offense Pooja darling, we would have gotten the news anyway…

  5. Nina

    Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is as an excellent song and as this episode. The flashbacks force to feel keenly pain together Vedika The authors are going soon take out disgusting Bhoomi on the light. It’s high time to take a break in the watching.

  6. My take on this thing between BA and Usha… It could be that BA gave up Sahil’s twin at birth, remember Usha had bemoaned the fact that someone had placed the infant on her lap ages ago? If BA did it, why did she? BA husband and Anjana’s husband were brothers, that’s why Sahil and Yash carried same surname but if she was jealous of Anjana because she had the male child whereas BA couldn’t produce any, that could be why she gave away one to punish Anjana.. I remember how Anjana was treated like a doormat by BA….i used to feel sorry for her… Sigh!! Anyways, there’s something going on, amazing how BA didn’t know till now that Usha was living in Kanpur…soon I’m sure we’ll see.

  7. I also noticed Ved calling Vedika as mama…what a transition!! As usual, I ? romantic scenes between our golden couple.. Made for each other!! Vedika is looking absolutely beautiful these days, especially with that red saree she wore..wish I could pull off an elegance as hers!! Really beautiful moments between Sadika! I could feel Vedika’s tug of war within her heart, how much emotional pain she was feeling!! Ohhhh, what a dilemma!!

  8. That blo*dy lustful woman. Let her come. Sahil ll definitely show her a place in his life. I am only worried that if there is a twin sahil writers should not end her up with him. I cant stand her horse face. Look at her lips when she says her dialogues. Kathakali actress. She should not be shown eith KJ at all

  9. Ya i too noticed ved calling her mama..i feel even sahil should not give her the stress at this stage in pregnancy.. she is in utter distress over losing sahil and he should be taking care of her as a hubby…
    I wish someone really kidnaps bhoomi and throws her off the cliff, feeding her to some wolves..b*t*h..she still wants revenge even after being saved.. she doesnt deserve to be in sadhika’s life at all..disgusting woman..
    why does it have to be this way.. cant the world allow them to live in peace? one after another something crops up.. so much of a struggling life.. but atleast they have each other and that matters the most..
    no matter whoever comes in between sadhika, they will remain true to their love and care for each other..ohhhh love so true….sighs…

  10. True dolly. That lustful woman should be smashed beyond recognition. Ungrateful woman. Why does vedika save that horse brand woman all the time. Friends i am not joking. But pls ses this clip where usha n bhoomi r shown as vamps. In this clip bhoomis face n hair looks exactly like a horse. U ll realize it when you see it. In her interview that kathakali actress is saying that she is doing this because of her son Ved. I wonder when did she sleep with sahil to produce Ved. Height of her stupidity. See her talk8ng in her interviews she behaves l8ke she has got the meatiest role. HA HA HA. MAD CRAP WOMAN

    1. So, even though she was kidnapped, Bhoomi still didn’t change, what do you expect from a wretch like her…and since she’s teaming up with the rasgullah, she might be promised Sahil’s twin? You just never know!! Raji, I’ve been seeing Bhoomi as a horse ever since you mentioned it, yes..her hair does look like a horse’s mane and that’s not complimentary in any way…

  11. Raji i got this weird imagination..just hold her by the hair and whip her.. mebbe that lizard would do the honors as he was much interested to whip vedhika last time.. ha..ha..

  12. My dear friends…I’ve thought about this younger man older woman relationship and all the controversy which surrounds it and if you all think about it, it’s not a bad situation after all. A man has a limited amount of years to service in the bedroom after which he cannot exert himself to the extent that he could drop from a heart attack or even stand up…pardon the pun…so, he’s pretty much not destined to be a stud till the end, even some younger men today can’t live up to their expectations and that’s almost like life’s death sentence… On the other hand, we have our esteemed womenfolk gunning till the end of time because no matter how old we are, we are still functional on any angle..you all understand what I’m saying right? In this case, how old a woman is, is of inconsequence because we are built that way… So, it makes sense to have relationships in which the older woman younger man live happily and can survive the times in the long run. By the time he’s gone through, she would have reached a point in her life where she can say that she’s had enough! I think it’s time that this type of relationship not be frowned upon… It’s the norm for husband to be older than the wife and if truth is told, while some men seek out younger women after they have reached a certain age and stage in life, it’s because these men want to feel young once more, of course not all men are like this..but this is one of the reasons why men seek attention outside his marriage…on the other hand, we have some women who have older men as husbands and like I’ve said, they fail in the service department and the women eventually seek their excitement elsewhere as well… Sometimes men are just rotten to the core and does a lot of moonlighting and then there are women who are nymphomaniacs on the whole….based on how large the appetite is!!! Ladies, it takes a certain special relationship like Sadika’s, to truly say that s*x isn’t the only ingredient in their relationship….look at the age difference between them, I’m sure Sahil wouldn’t mind if he had to stare at Vedika till the end and not get any honey…he’ll still love her anyway….that’s the kind of man we all want in our lives… In Sadika’s lives they have no room for any infidelity, whether Sahil can be best in the bedroom or not I know that love is the key ingredient here in their relationship… Raji… I’m certain that if you, Pooja, Leisa, Dolly and myself…not forgetting Sapphire, because she has a unique way of putting her thoughts out…If we were to ever meet in this lifetime we would surely have a ball of a time… It’s truly wonderful to connect with people around the world who have so much in common and thanks to the owners of the site who have made it possible For us to meet and exchange so much of ourselves over this medium of cyberspace,any of us never knew we’d ever meet friends like us here and share such a fantastic conversation day in day out. Wish everyone a wonderful day today… Chat later…

    1. Aptly said Naz.. every word u have written is true..this is the funda..

  13. Naz pls dont gv me tendion thay lustful horse faced bhoomi will get twin sahil. I ll not want to watch the serial in which case. But didnt that twin sahil also fell in love with vedika. Correct me if i am mistaken. I feel if there is a twin sahil then may be he ll be killed saving either vedika or sahil. If this is so then it is Ok. But dont want to see that dirty wonan with KJ.

  14. Friends I’m thinking that this jacky is only jacky who is Sahil’s twin..Usha’s son..
    Perhaps jacky and sahil have already met…and because vedika is pregnant so jacky act as Sahil..although he is Sahil’s twin so Sahil’s favorite is too his favorite..may be…
    Don’t know why Iam in deep thinking..
    Badi amma is not changed..she is something cooking ..Iam sure..
    And shameless bhoomi don’t know what kind of women..
    I also can’t see bhoomi with jacky…
    What are u thinking..friends..

  15. OMG… OMG… I just had to come back here to share this news… New YouTube videos show us that Sahil is back… He has a judwa bhai… OMG, I almost fainted…

  16. What’s happening friends?
    Raji is tense,Naz nearly fainted and my BP is up.. Never thought that a serial can affect us this much…. I have seen many serial, but nothing like AKAS. Loveeeeeeeee..,, it.

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