Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil not ready to accept Nidhi as his wife

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

It was night. Vaidika comes to the yard to speak to Sahil but he behaved strangely; he looked around and confirms if she really wants to speak to him? Vaidika says he do a lot for her and her family, her mother must not have shouted over him. She suggests Sahil to think about his life and do something in future about his career. Sahil asks if his wife thinks he must get to work. Vaidika tells him to think about his interests and make a list, they will decide tomorrow morning what he is capable of and what he should do. Nidhi hears this and texts Sahil to come upstairs, she needs to speak to him. Sahil walks upstairs feeling dizzy.
Nidhi was lighting candles in the room. Sahil walks into the room, his head banged badly as he watched the candles lit inside the room. He calls Nidhi to ask about the good news, if she is leaving him? Nidhi walks into the room but Sahil’s vision had blurred already. Nidhi shut the room door and window panes, thinking Sahil won’t realize what will happen to him in a while. Sahil faints over the bed. Nidhi comes to lay over him.
At Agarwal House, Shruti and Puneesh spoke to each other on phone. Puneesh suggests about booking a room in hotel for all the romance. Anjana caught Shruti speaking on phone, she questions who it was on the call? Puneesh watched this from across the corridor. Anjana tells Shruti she isn’t a child, who was there on call. She places Shruti’s hand over her head and demands her to swear on her life. Shruti withdraws her hand. Anjana was emotional about losing both her son and daughter. Shruti tells Anjana she is not like Sahil at all. Anjana says society forgives a hundred murders to a guy, but not a few stains to girls. Puneesh comes inside the room. Anjana says she was only advising Shruti to be cautious in this heat. Puneesh offers them to have some mangoes with each other.
Nidhi gets up besides Sahil while he lay shirtless. He hallucinates about Vaidika sitting on the bed instead of Nidhi, and asks She? Nidhi replies she is his wife. Sahil sits closer thinking its Vaidika, but fell unconscious on the bed. Nidhi tries to wake him up but he doesn’t move. She calls her mother complaining the whole plan is flop. Her mother tells her about the plan ahead.
The next morning in Agarwal house, Deepak cheers hearing Gauri feeling nauseatic. He says he would now become a father of a son who would inherit this whole property. Gauri comes out of washroom and says she isn’t pregnant at all, it’s only stomach upset.
Next morning, Sahil wakes up and was shocked to find himself, shirtless on the bed filled with flowers. He wonders when did he come upstairs, and didn’t really anything about last night. Nidhi’s clothes lie on the floor. She comes from behind to hug Sahil. He questions if she has gone crazy. Nidhi was happy about whatever that happened between them last night, he surprised her completely. Sahil was sure there can be nothing between them. She insists they spent the night together, and are connected. Sahil says he understands himself well, he won’t cross his limits if he doesn’t love someone. He hates her and can take her life, he would never sleep with her. Nidhi follows Sahil into the corridor and shouts at him to accept her as his wife. Sahil tries to get the grip of her hand off his arm, she slips down the stairs and fell down.

PRECAP: Sahil takes Nidhi to hospital. The inspector brings an eye witness against Sahil that he attempted to kill his wife by pushing her off the stairs. At home, Puneesh appreciates Bari Amma’s planning. Bari Amma says Sahil must stay behind the bars until he is stubborn.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Muniya

    Looks like the whole world is against Sahil’s Love…no one can accept.
    He knows well about himself… what he can do and what not.
    Hope this Nidhi gets a memory loss in real so forgets everything…and better she dies??.

  2. Poor Sahil trapped in a loveless marriage with a scheming conniving woman who wants to rob him.

  3. Prachi needs something to worry about other than Sahil and Vedika. The day she finds out her husband is sleeping with her sister, the shit will hit the fan… I wish writers could find a husband for Bari Aama, she is still looking young, only recently she made my eyes almost pop out when she told Nidhi to go give Sahil lots of pleasure!! Who does that!! But I love it… These writers are awesome..they say it as it is. She even asked Vedika in the beginning of she is interested in sharing a bed with Sahil ??? What a hottie mama!!!! As for Deepak, I still don’t know if I should hate him or not but I do know that I don’t like how he treats darling Gauri…the only nice person in that house besides Sahil…

  4. I almost can’t wait to see Sahil in a makeover and I’m sure we’ll see that someday down the road..all suited up in a swanky office and looking like a successful businessman, after all, that fortune is his!!!

  5. Sorry to say this but Nidhi should be bedridden for now…. Too conniving for a childhood friend to be.. Wretch!!! Most women wish to get a loving man like Sahil..when he told Vedika that she’s his oxygen, I almost fainted!! What a line!!! I wish she could soften her heart a bit for him, he’ll move the mountains for her.????????…i just love him to pieces!!!

  6. Charmin Anderson

    Are they really married, because in other Indian soaps I’ve watched, the wedding chain and vermilion rituals have to be perform for the wedding to be legal. So i’s just wondering because those rituals were not perform.

    As well this marriage can not be real as Nidhi, because he though he was marrying Vedika, but Nidhi knew he didn’t know it was her she deceitfully married him. I love the show and love my two protagonist.

    I know Vedika will stand behind Sahil in these charges because she knows him and knows he would never first sleep with Nidhi or try to kill her.

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