Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jackie in love with Vaidika

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jackie moves with Bari Amma and the ladies without listening to Vaidika’s objections. Jackie thinks he realizes Vaidika’s confusions, and thinks Vaidika doesn’t want to be reminded of Sahil; she will know the real truth when it’s the right time. Aarya tells Vaidika to find for her a husband similar to Sahil. Afterall she is used to live with best father.
Jackie makes arrangements for the pooja. Ved climbed a wooden stand, Vaidika comes to bring him down else he might fall. Jackie assures Ved will be fine. The ladies call Jackie to help them select the design of henna. Jackie says it’s imperative to imprint your dreams over your palm, and work to get them. The decorator calls him for help with the flowers. Jackie climbs the stand, but deliberately fell off. Everyone come to him

for help. Aarya says it seems to be a strain, and needs a crepe bandage. Vaidika sends Aarya to bring turmeric milk while helping him walk.
In the room, Vaidika takes off his shoes and tries to check the strain. Jackie screams, then says he never want to degrade women. He confess of falling deliberately just to see Vaidika’s concern. Vaidika tries to set the blanket over him, her mangal sooter was stuck with his vest. Jackie looks closely as Vaidika returns. Jackie asks till when she will continue to fight him, everyone is happy because of him. Today, he promises not to create any mess in their lives. Vaidika wonders whenever she is with Jackie, it feels she is around Sahil instead; what’s happening.
Usha was angry over Jackie for not taking her call. Nani comes to her with Suji ka Halwa for Usha. Usha’s son comes out of the room to leave for office. Nani complements him to be young and handsome. Usha tells Guddu to leave. Usha now shows Nani the outer door. Nani tells Usha that her own son in law has commendably acted after he returned, he sent Puneesh Tiwari to jail and even saved Aarya and Ved. It seems their five year old Sahil has returned. Usha wonders what kept Jackie there has in the house even after he got the property named after him.
Aarya brings turmeric milk to Jackie and tells him to drink it, and no one will find out he broke his fast. Jackie says Vaidika must never have broken her fast, he is also fasting for her life. He comes downstairs with Aarya’s assistance. Vaidika watch him dance cheerfully with the guests, she recalls how he had protected her for the past few days. Jackie thinks he wish he could tell her the truth, he doesn’t wish to see her unhappy. He will soon bring her smile back. Vaidika finds Jackie staring at her. Jackie turns around to find Usha enter Agarwal house.

PRECAP: Jackie pins Vaidika to a wall and claims his love for her. He later on, again tries to confess his love for Vaidika. All at once, he has run to save Usha who locked herself into the house and threw kerosene over herself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Well it looks like jacky may be sahil afterall as vedika could only have such feelings for sahil only and with his sayings dat he she will know d truth and her happiness will b restored it can only b so. And as mentioned before with him calling aarya his pet name for her whereas earlier aarya complained dat he didnt. So dis is wat I believed happened somewhere along d line sahil switched places with jacky either willingly or focefully..either way I believe dat is sahil and after meeting jacky hez trying to find out d truth bout his and jacky relationship

  2. Nina

    The changes Jacky into Sahil there and back happened. There are in the last episode the quite few traits of Jacky’s character and a lot of traits of Sahil. Jacky is going to clarify the intricate situation soon. Let the screenwriters will be the creators a sensible denouement.

  3. Bang on Leisa. Yes there’s are two KJ and Usha adopted son Jacky is the one who is missing. Shahil and Vedika will be reunited at some stage this week. Vedika looks so beautiful in the red saree she wore for Puja. Sahil will help Usha in finding Jacky and we will get to know how they got separated.

  4. You couldn’t have said it any better Pooja and of course Leisa is correct in her analysis. Jacky aka Sahil must not be offended by Vedika’s angry behavior, at least from our angle, as we didn’t think Jacky could have been Sahil in front of her all this time….just yesterday we all didn’t like how she pushed him away so harshly… What’s done is already done but the signs were there as well, the mangalsutra, Sahil’s music etc. This explains the mirror scene, wow.. We have intelligent writers for this serial, something lacking in every other serial..they’ve never disappointed us. With that precap.. Only Sahil could do that with Vedika and send our BP up for the right reasons… I hope we get to see Sadika’s lengthy hot session in the next episode, we’ve all been starved for some romance between these two for too long… Hmm, if this was real and if this was me, I wouldn’t have let Sahil out of the bedroom ???????

    1. Leisa s morris

      Me.either lol it wuda been one long extented honeymoon. Raji dont take offence I know ur glad bhoomi is gone but I would’ve liked a scene where she apologised to vedika and admit she was wrong with her bhaviour. I font know dats just me.

  5. Also the way sahil speaks raising his brow.. its definitely sahil..
    but even if he had been hanging from the branches somewhere, he’s got no marks on him..no hurt…
    But then how happy he wud be feeling now that vedhika too loves him madly and reciprocates it whole heartedly… His love has really won..

  6. Friends pls watch short clips on u tube. Oh how passionately sahil n vedika hug each other. I also like whenever sahil kisses vedikas head very passionately. I am in a different world now seeing all those romantic scenes between sadika. Waiting eagerly for these episodes to be aired. But a lot of confusion is happening. Is it really sahil or jacky dont know. Naz pls throw some light since u r very sharp.

  7. From the beginning, i feel that its Sahil only.. the writers will not bring a replica or look alike bcz we wont like it.. even if there was a twin, it will be a different person.. this is my opinion..

  8. Now we know why Vedika has been confused about and around Jacky, she can’t understand why she feels drawn towards him, what her body refuses, her heartbeats, solution and mind tells her something else and that’s why she’s hostile with him. Imagine how Sahil is feeling, seeing this conservative wife of his, who was afraid to hold his hand in public or confess her love for him on the radio program or confess her love until the last minute they parted ways, to now display so much love and dedication to his memories, his love and him as her husband, imagine the europhia he’s feeling now..

  9. Dear friends, one thing that wasn’t taken care of in the proper way was Bhoomi’s exit. Bhoomi is the mother whom Ved recognises.. Vedika is known to him as aunty, if Bhoomi had transitioned Vedika as Ved’s mother too, just like how Vedika did it with Sadika and Gauri, then it would have looked a little more nicely tied up..as it is, Bhoomi never did that and I also think how Leisa thinks, Bhoomi should have apologized to Vedika and against our wishes, if she had stayed on for a few more episodes just to do this, we too would have forgiven her.. Raji… DO NOT ROLL YOUR EYES!!! …. Anyways, writers have not let us down like in other serials so we can forgive them for this omission. What Sahil can do is explain to Ved that Vedika is his mother, he grew in her belly but she had something to do very important and asked her sister to take care of him until she returned.. Maybe that’ll help Ved accept Vedika wholeheartedly as his mother…

  10. You know what I think, somehow I feel that the other new story brewing in the horizon is the mysterious phone call that BA made to the anonymous person , that has to be the next thing to happen. Let’s hope that the fued BA waged with Vedika is really put to rest like the dead and now the stage is set for something new that will have Vedika and BA fighting for the same thing together as a family… For sure Ved’s surgery is going to happen, a little leap where Vedika gives birth, to a daughter this time..friends, I didn’t like Vedika naming Gauri’s daughter Sadika but given the circumstances, Vedika couldn’t have known differently so she’s forgiven but if a daughter is born to Vedika and Sahil, she should have been named Sadika!! Just my opinion.. Ved’s name was derived from Vedika soooooooo…. Listen friends, none of us ever thought in our wildest dreams that Vedika would have had a son with Sahil much less two children… That’s what you can put down as DESTINY!! If any one of us has to make predictions, I can bet…. A real Sahil is the prize….that none of us would have thought of this, hell…Sahil couldn’t even get close enough to hear her admit her love for him much less tumble on the bed to make this pregnancy a reality.. Lol… That must have been a REAL passionate night that time in the hotel ???…. Raji… I can write something a bit more sizzling but it might be too hott…so I decline.

    1. Lol… don’t decline Naz. just thinking about it is turning me on. I cannot imagine what it would be like locked in a room with him.????Heavens!!! He is one hot male…..

  11. Maybe at a point in time jacky existed bt den sahil replaced him nd maybe at dat time he wanted to tell her dat he is d one bt den decided dat he wud test her nd see if she wud keep to sahil or she wud accept his lookalike nd i think he won as she kept to him

  12. Pls Naz do write. I dont mind even if it is
    Siizzling n hot. I love to read yr comments. U write so well. I already imagined what u hv written. Also i do hope that bastard bhoomi has gone fm the serial. I dont want to look at her face. She was more interested in sahils body. Ved was just an excuse for that lustfull woman. Naz do write something pls.

  13. But friends.,I am still confused????I have no words…waiting for upcoming episodes…

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