Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puneesh behind Vaidika-Sahil’s photo going viral

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Aarya was tensed that Vaidika is nowhere in the house. Sahil says he knows where she can be. Bhoomi sends him there and stays back with Aarya and Suomya.
In her old house, Vaidika cries in front of temple that she never thought she would come to such a turn in her life. What was her child’s mistake? It was already because of this society that she broke Sahil’s heart who loved her so dearly and stood by him. He has always been hurt for standing by her, it hurts her as well. She prays that Sahil isn’t hurt anymore; and she is the one to hurt him the most. She committed a lot of mistakes, she shouldn’t have married Sahil with Nidhi and gone to Agarwal house with Yash, she didn’t even need to marry Yash to save Agarwal family. She did this for Sahil but all it brought to Sahil was pain. He got engaged to Bhoomi just out of anger and will again get hurt as it’s a wrong decision. She prays for some clue, what she must now do. Sahil enters the house. Vaidika turns around to see a smiling Sahil, she forbids him come close to her, and else he would also be destroyed. She blames herself for hurting him a lot. Sahil says stress isn’t right for her, it may hurt her and her child both. Sahil says she has fought for whole of his family, Gauri, Anjana, Shruti and everyone. For now she must forget everyone including him and his family. Vaidika at once feels pain in her belly and faints. Sahil was concerned and comes to hold Vaidika in his arms. It was then at a bunch of ladies break into the house and take photographs of the two shouting slogans against Vaidika. Vaidika wakes up and finds herself in arms of Sahil, wrapped in his shawl.
Sahil shouts at the women to shut up, do they realize what affect this will have on her and her unborn child. They always come to blame her. It’s because of pressure of people like them that she didn’t accept love of a person like him. Did they try to find out why she came here? What she got in the past 40 days? She was taunted. She came here to pray, and fainted because of pregnancy. They are illiterate and will never realize their own weaknesses. But God has created stubborn men like him as well, he will never let Vaidika break. He requests them to leave, walks out with Vaidika, locks the house and takes Vaidika along.
Puneesh smirks watching the photo of Vaidika and Sahil together. The lady says they had wanted to blacken Vaidika’s face right there but Sahil ruined everything. Puneesh pays them a bundle of money and signals to leave, he was determined to disgrace Vaidika and Sahil as surely a picture speaks louder than words.
The photo goes viral around the city. Gauri gets the photo in message. She was worried if Sahil and Vaidika know about it? She was hurrying outside the room when Deepak stops her and says the Pandit said trying today will surely give them a son.
The media questions Bari Amma about the photo. Bhoomi hears Bari Amma blame Vaidika for being cunning enough. Bari Amma calls Bhoomi and shows the ring to media, introducing Bhoomi as Sahil’s fiancé. It is only Vaidika’s act to produce fake photos as she is unable to bear Sahil marry someone younger and more beautiful. Bari Amma sends the media away. Bhoomi understands Bari Amma is a really cunning person. She wish Sahil and Vaidika return soon.
Sahil and Vaidika were going in the car. The driver tells them about a news that a forty year adult woman was found with a young guy who is a fiancé of her sister; he wonders where their society is heading towards. Sahil stops the car at a distance from their house as the protests continued outside Agarwal house. Vaidika looks towards Sahil in silence. She was reluctant to walk home with Sahil but Sahil insists that they shouldn’t be seen together. Sahil says people will accuse her as much as she rubs from them, she needs to face the society openly. Sahil and Vaidika walks towards the protestors, Bhoomi comes out as their savior while the protestors blamed Vaidika. The protestors blamed them to be rich and everything is legitimate among the rich. A lady comes to Vaidika pushing her from behind, Vaidika fell down and screams.

PRECAP: There is promo for five years leap in the show.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I just saw the promo for this show! What utter disappointment! So sahil and vaidika are separated, bhoomi seems to have married sahil and bari amma hag seems to have retained her throne??? utter disgrace this serial likewise to other serials, have the villains getting away with everything and the leads being separated…… Not sure I’m going to continue watching the garbage this serial is promotion!

  2. OMG…. The precap…. 5 yrs leap? Lakshmi, I know I’m hoping too much but how I wish that little Puchki could be Sadika’s daughter!!!! If she’s not cast for the role, I can’t think of anyone else who has the fire within to be like the character that is Sahil’s…. Sigh…. Wishful thinking on my part. However…. I hope that Vedika doesn’t lose this baby….. I’m rooting for this child to make his or her presence. I would prefer if it is a girl…..

  3. DannyComments

    If this leap is true then i don’t think Sahil and Vedika will ever get married. Might just end up being a tragic tale with both of them dead and as always ..reincarnated to some stupid crappy lovetale. #sigh…I give up on Indian series!

  4. They really decided to take a 5 year leap. I’m angry and devastated. I didn’t expect this at all. Sahil and Bhumi are married…and might possibly have a son? But I really think about this well. Maybe the kid is not theirs, but Gauri’s. And maybe, Sahil didn’t marry Bhumi like we all think. I don’t think he would give up on Vedika. I really don’t think so.

    We just have to remember that they will reunite someday. Every serial goes through something like this where one of the couple ends up getting married to another person. It’s not a new thing and something we should all be upset about. Let’s be positive and maybe something good will turn up.

  5. Nina

    Why the authors of the series so hate their spectators? The story is about to collapse and to destruct of tiny hope that heroes will be together. No one needs a line of misfortunes things on screen which brings the common anger.

  6. Leisa s morris

    Y do dey always have leaps wen it isnt necessary. Y evil always wins. How could bari amma rule d household wen vedaika through yash owns 51 % of d company unless she gives it back. And how could sahil and boomi get married I m havin a headache. These writers keep spoiling these shows with their leaps and uncalled for reincarnation. Serials of yesterday never had all these leaps just a continuous flow of creative ideas and even if it did it was usually was within d possible realm now it seems leap is d in ting in these serials

  7. Sahil could easily have applied Sindoor on Vedika and made her his wife to shut up all the haters once and for all. That would have been a perfect new beginning for both of them. Trp would have sky rocketted. But instead the writers decided to show a leap. I am damn sure now they will never marry even if they do it’s gonna be in the last episode! This show has lost it’s midas touch. The writers have gone mental!

  8. When Sahil held vedhika in his arms, it was a moment to die for.. God how can anyone feel so much love and concern?? I was so very touching..????
    I can’t even think of Sahil becoming someone else’s.. how is it even possible?? No bhoomi, no one else.. and y 2 kids? The boy will be Sahil’s for sure.. other one shruti’s or gauri’s..

  9. Hello frds APKAJS show k start hone se phale promo weding promo date promo long driving promo sb jhoot c tv ? ki audienuce ko bav koof bnayea dikhaker ek v promo sach nhi hoya . Start mein show bhaut acha c lakin ab nhi .story hi change krti hai producer ne ab toh TRP down hogi . Jald hi show off air ho jaye ga . Es mein buraye ki jeet hoi hai . Vadika ke sath jo v yash ki death k badh hoya hai bhaut galt dekhaya hai wo v aj ke time mein aurt ko necha dekhaya hai. Trp k lye producer writers ne . Es show mein vadika sahil ki marriage nhi honi hai.fans dekhne chahte c sadhika ki marriage romance child shadi ke badh kaise life hoti hai kaise samaj k samna krte hai j sab lakin aisa kuch nhi hoya …piya albela aur es show ki trp ek jaise hai piya albela toh off air ho rha hai j show v bhaut jald off air hoga kyuki fans kab tak jhoote show ko dekh ge producer ne fans ka payar toh dekh lya ab nafrat dekhe ge . Suhasi ji karan jotwani sir ap ki acting bhaut achi hai ap ki wajha se j show chal rha hai lakin producer ne story line hi change krti hai..trp???????

  10. Phale news mein two years leap phir four years leap ab finaly promo mein five years ka leap aya hai ager leap ana tha toh ten years krte producer sahil vadika ki story khatm krte aur unke bacho ki story suru krte . Kyuki first promos sab fake nikle show ke . J show ko ager pasand kya hai fans ne toh woh es lya ke show ke start hone se phale jo promo aye ose fans ne bhaut like kya dusri wajh suhasi ji karan sir unki acting chemistry mind bloing . Har new twist ke badh fans sochte hai ab milege sadhika lakin nhi milte es leap k badh v soch rhe hai syad ab milege . Aisa kuch nhi hoga sadhika nhi milge producer nhi milne dege ..ab show off air hoga kbtak fans bavkoof bne ge…ho skta hai suhasi ji karn jowani v show shor dege ab trp down ho rhi hai …..good bye show…

  11. I think the girl will be of Gauri which vedhika will swap coz her hubby doesnt want girl child.. but both are not pregnant at the same time? then how babies at the same time? whatever, they killed sadhika’s moments.. will sahil not take of vedhika during her pregnancy? will they not have moments of togetherness? dream about future together? vedhika will be nearing 50’s after leap.. what life then? y did the writers have to do this? what will happen to all the love that needs to be cherished together? I cant let a person like sahil away from me when he loves me so much come what may.. above all he protects her to the maximum extent from the stupid society too..

  12. Show mein bache ki adla badle krti hai BA gauri ko beti hoti hai aur vadika ko beta BA ko pta chal jata hai sahil ka bacha hai …sahil jis bache k sath hai wo gauri ka beta hai lakin sach mein sahil ka hai. BA game khel rhi hai. Promo mein ap ne dekha hoga BA khati hai acha hoya hum ne vadika se sahil ka beta le lya .,,,es serial mein vampire ki jeet hoye hai…vadika ka bcha sahil ka hai j v sach samne nhi aye ga dusra gauri ka beta vadika aur sahil ka hai j v sach samne nhi aye ga ..bakws kr dya show ko family drama…..

  13. Muniya

    What is that precap??…
    OMG…Why this 5 years leap??
    They finalize the ruin of the beautiful love story…hate u makers.
    Though today’s scene was good one…Sahil always stands beside Vedika…protect her.
    In the precap…one of the kids must of Nidhi’s…may be the one with Vedika…just guess.
    Not waiting for the precap…don’t know if i’ll continue to watch the show…heart break ho gaya…sach mein.

  14. On non no …..
    Can say I like the leap ?2 Kids???

    Story could have been so different if makers had gone with Sahil put sindoor when ponga pundit was going to shave her head.. together they would have change the society. I think Sadika moments are no more ???. BA still ruling and Puneesh getting away with murder???

  15. hats off to the negativity in this show….totally ruined it ..now after five yrs even if they know whose baby is who does it changes anything …since the person who raised the baby for 5yrs wont be able to give him/her back to his original parents …plus they promised us love story of 24 and 42…and also neither vedika nor sahils knows the truth and yes ba and punesh again got away from murdering yash …

  16. Friends…you do know with time leap on serials, some characters are dropped off as per writers wishes, with so much uncertainties in life, it would be the logical thing to do. Sorry to be so harsh but if Sahil had married Bhoomi, I’m hoping that it’s a marriage in name only or maybe Bhoomi cannot have kids so the little boy could be Gauri’s son whom they adopted or taking care of for some unknown reason. The girl looks like Sadika’s daughter and I wish that she’s precocious, playful and lovable like her father. Don’t feel like speaking about BA or slimy lizard Puneesh…at least not now.

  17. what will happen to aarya? she’ll be all grown up? we’ll miss her too..

  18. Naz,this five years leap in Sadika’s lives has come as a big disappointment …Ofcourse time can not change certain things ,particularly Sahil and Vedika’s love for each other ,but it does change the intensity as other priorities and responsibilities will be added year after year…the scenario will certainly be not the same as Sahil will be tied up to Bhoomi and with a child…..Being a widow ,if Vedika found it so difficult to accept Sahil’s love ,I can not imagine Sahil leaving his responsibilities as a husband and a father and pursue his lady love,Vedika unless something happens to Bhoomi or she remains the same self less ,golden hearted girl as she was before and divorces Sahil….The writers should not have bring in this leap as Vedika will now be two short of fifty and Sahil in his late twenties…moreover leaps and reincarnations kill the existing charm as things will never be the same again and some characters will have to leave the stage…Like Dolly I am also apprehensive about Arya who should be a young woman now after these five years….Nani is sure to go ,if so ,good riddance..let us see whether that leech Puneesh will be retained or not..yes,I would love to see Puchki playing the daughter of Sahil and Vedika as this naughty ,bubbly ,chirpy and very pretty child perfectly suits the bill….Naz ,though this change in the story line is disheartening ,we should take solace in the fact that the leap is only five years….not some shocking 16 years like it was done in ETRETR…Let us hope there won’t be any reincarnations later like it happens in many ,if not all ,Zee serials.

  19. Nothing left in this show since ….vedika will give birth to baby boy and ba will kidnapped..give it to sahil that vedika doesn’t want to take responsibility…and ba will kill anjana and vedika will land in jail ….and sahil will start hating her to the core and then will come the five year leap…..this show is full of negativity …they r showing extreme level of negativity in this show….now after five yrs vedika will think that the baby boy belongs to sahil and bhoomi and when the truth will be revealed may be bhoomi will turn negative or will be killed …plus they r married sahil was sick of vedika he slit his hand and fills bhoomi’s hairline with his blood….

  20. I think that only the naughtiness of two kids may be interesting to watch in this serial, rest is worst. Where be the Arya & Saymya. The beauty of Sadika’s moment will never be seen. Super bakwas show whatsoever.

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