aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 21)

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Sandhya was hiding near the tree..

She breathing heavy..she can’t run anymore..she was tired..so she hide near the tree..

Suddenly he came near the tree where she hiding..then he got some phone call..

She tried as much as possible ..
To hide..

She saw that guy moving away that place..Sandhya relaxed ..

Suddenly someone touch her from back..

She turned..Its Sooraj

She hugged him..she was so scared ..she thought that he caught by that guy..

Why she hiding from that guy?what happened ?


Sandhya someone who watching her at far..she recognised him who was he…

That guy came near her with evil smile..

Sandhya can’t run now from him.

Harish: Finally i found you

Sandhya: i said u already that not to disturb me anymore.

Harish: i am not here to disturb..i just want my money that ur relatives promised me to give..

Sandhya: so go nd ask them

Harish: i did..but they said only if give u to them..

Sandhya: that’s not my problem

Harish: Arrey how can u say that? U r the only connection between me nd them..

He came near to her ..nd tried to held her hand..

Sandhya pushed him nd he fell down in the ground..

He saw her..nd she said

Sandhya: don’t ever try to touch me..

Harish stood nd says

Harish: i don’t have time for this..

He tried to held her again …again she pushed him nd run..

He chased her ..he don’t want to miss this chance..

Flashback ends..

So Sandhya scared nd hugged Sooraj becoz she thought that she was caught by him..

Sooraj was blank..he can’t judge the situation what happening in front of his eyes..he just sensed that she was scared…

he consoled her..

Sandhya get to her sense now..she realised what she doing..

She broke the hug..

She said “SORRY”

Sooraj: its ok..why u so scared?
Nd who is that guy? Why was u hiding from him?

Sandhya: oh,.u saw him

Sooraj: yes..so who was he?

Sandhya: boyfriend

Sooraj: Boyfriend?

Sandhya: no..ex

Sooraj: ex?

Sandhya: no just i know him

Sooraj again started to say something but she interrupted..

Sandhya: wait let me tell you..


I was doing my final year..that was the year i lost my parents

That was the year i got to know what is life..what is relations..

The same year he proposed me ..i don’t think so i love him..

I was fed up with my relatives..slowly they tortured me for my properties indirectly..nd then directly.. i was confused what to do

I ran away from my house..stayed in my friend house..no one knows where i was ..except i, my friend nd him.

I want to end this love stories.
I said this to him many times..but he never listen..he just going with his love..nd everyone studied with me try to influenced me to love him..some assumed that i love him too..i don’t know till now who created this rumour..

One day i went to him..to end that rumour..he again said that this is love ..

I fed up with him..nd finally i said ..i don’t love you..i never felt anything like that..

Except this love matter he was good to me..he didn’t force or compel me ..

One day came ..that day i saw his real color.. i heard that

Harish: i will bring her to u..what about my deal??

Then i realised he loved me becoz of my properties..when he came to know i ran from them …he searched for another way for money..so he promised one of my relative.

Flashback ends

Then i don’t believe anyone..i thought what to do..

Wrote letter for commisioner..that all my properties should go to orphanage..if something happens to me..its only becoz of my relatives..

I don’t want to forgive them..

But i did mistake..i should add his name too..

Sooraj listens her..
He felt how brave she is..how she survived without her parents…

He felt pity for her..but he was surprised how boldly she took some steps..

To be continue…

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