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Aankhon mein Teri

Recap :- Naina gave birth to a baby girl , They met their new neighbours
??????’? ?????

Naina and Avni are sitting together .

Naina : Avni this is our family album .

Avni : We’ve such a big family then why are we living here alone

Naina : You know your father’s business very well so we’ve to live here only

Avni : This Aunt wearing jewelry and such shining saree , Who’s she ?

Naina : This is your Grandmother

Avni : Oh she’s highly fashionable , I want to meet her , Let’s go there

Naina : No Puchu we can’t go like this , You’re Dada is also not here

Avni : No I want to see them , I want to see their house , The world in which they live

Naina slowly : They’ll never allow me to enter in their world . She becomes silent .

?????’? ???????

Janki : I had millions of dreams , I thought my son would be the king of my empire , He’ll marry like a Royal Prince , He’ll rule the Udaipur , But the irony is he’s not with me , I hadn’t seen him since so many years , I’m longing to listen to his voice

Man with her : Don’t worry , I’ll find out where he is , You can always count on me , Today only I’ll find out where’s Ahil .

That Man goes to The corner of room and calls someone .

Man : Hello Daksh chada here

:- Yes sir , Good afternoon sir

Daksh : I’m sending you a Picture and some details , I want to know where this person is within this day , Got it

:- Don’t worry Sir , Leave it on us

Daksh : Remember I’m Dash chada , Minister of Udaipur and if you didn’t did what I told , I’ll kill you .

Daksh shuts the phone ” I can’t see tears in my sisters eyes , I can even go against God for her ”

A Scene inside police station is shown , A high rank official is sitting on the chair and smoking . Another official comes and announces .

Man : Parekh Sahib ! Daksh Sir called and he said to find out this man .

Parekh : Oh man ! Do you know what chada sahib says – Kismat badi kutti cheez hai … saali kabhi bhi palat jaati hai
( Destiny is a b*t*h … blo*dy it can change anytime) , Now see first That MLA chada uses to be a DON , Then his sister made him MLA , And now he has those powers which even we police dosen’t have .

The crowd laughs .

Parekh : That idiot , The day his sister made him a MLA , He’s flying high , And we people are dancing on his tunes .

Man : He said if you didn’t found this man then he’ll kill you .

Parekh throws the burnt cigarette into dustbin ” Come on guys let’s find him out ”

Police begins with it’s investigations and examinations , Finally they got to find that now Naina and Ahil lives in Mumbai .

??????’? ?????

Avni and Neil are Playing in the garden , Both mums are Sitting beside on benches as it’s now Evening and light winds are blowing . .

Shweta : When will your husband come back ?

Naina : God knows , Maybe in next week

Shweta : That’s cool , Avni might be missing her father

Naina : Ya you’re right , But she’s always busy in Playing

Shweta : Actually , Vacation on and masti ( enjoyment) on

Naina : Remember last time during vacations what they did , They painted themselves whole and were Playing ghost , ghost .

Shweta : Hahaha !!! I remember , How I told you that how they’re looking like

Naina : Really , Life is how good with children

Shweta : Did you remember , When they both were 4 years old , What did they did . They were Playing wedding , Wedding , And Neil became the groom and Avni became Bride .

Naina : I remember , That was really funny .

Suddenly , Two police officials comes .

Police official : You’re Naina Sinha the wife of Ahil Sinha , Right ?

Naina : Yes ,

Official : where’s Ahil sinha , Call him we want to meet him

Naina : But why sir , Is everything okay

Official : Just call him , Don’t argue

Naina : He’s out of town for a business meeting

Official : when will he come back

Naina : No sure , But maybe next week .

After enquiry the police leaves .

Neil : Avni you know we’re leving , Mom said we’ll be shifting from here

Avni : But why ?

Neil : Due to my dads business , We’ve to shift from here very soon

Avni : No , Our friendship can’t be broken , No Neil , You’ve to stay here only

Neil : what can I do ? I can’t explain mom

Avni : Neil promise me that we’ll always remain friends

Neil : Gods promise . Even if we’re separated by millions of kilometers we’ll , Still we’ll be friends .

Next day , Daskh tells Janki that he has find out where’s AHIL , Janki says that she wants to visit to her son , Then he tells that he’s not in India right now , So going there would not be profitable .

Daksh : Don’t worry as soon as he’ll come we both will go there .

Janki : Thanks of you would not be here then I could never get to know about him

Daksh : After Adesh went into comma there was no one for you , You made me powerful , And I have to repay whatever you did for me

Janki : Don’t say like this , You’re my brother , You did a lot for me , When my husband wasn’t with me , You hold my hands and wiped off my tears .

Daksh smiles thinking his plan worked . He recalls that one day he came to his sister crying hard as he had murdered a man , And Police was searching for him . Then Janki giving him a warning saved him . Then she using her money power converted him into a powerful political .
Then he thought of a plan , He planned an attack on Adesh and now he’s in comma .
In his absence , Now he’s given the charge of Adesh’s business .

Next scene , IN MUMBAI , Next day .


Naina : Avni open the door please

Avni opens the door and finds out a big teddy bear .

Avni : Who are you ?

Teddy : I’m Avni’s friend , Sorry I couldn’t came on your birthday

Avni : Strangers aren’t allowed in my house

Teddy : But I’ve got some gifts for my Puchu .

Avni : Wow Barbie doll , Thanks Teddy

He picks her up and swings in air .

Naina: Ahil , You came so early , You said next week

Teddy ( Ahil ) : you found me ,

Avni : Wait Dada let me get you some water .

Ahil removes his outfit and hugs Naina .

Ahil : How did you identified me ?

Naina : Whenever you’re near me , Automatically my heart starts beating fast , Automatically smile comes on my face , And I get to know my Ahil is here .

Then Avni , Naina , Ahil are shown Playing together .

Avni : Dad I’m so happy to see you

Ahil : More than you I’m happy , To see you my Puchu .

Naina is very happy , She sings ” Aye dil laaya hai bahaar apnon ka pyar kya kehna
Milein hum chhalak utha khushi ka khumaar kya kehna ”

Avni climbs up Ahil’s back and he walks and sings ” Aye dil laaya hai bahaar apnon ka pyar kya kehna
Milein hum chhalak utha khushi ka khumaar kya kehna ”

Naina joins her hands and prays to lord to keep her family happy forever like this and together .

Tomorrow probably the last episode ..

precap :- Ahil is dead , Janki Slaps Naina , She warns to kill Avni .

Soon we’re coming to AVNEIL … Hope u liked today’s post , If u did put thumbs up , Do comment ???.

For my new fan fiction on AVNEIL , I’ve thought of title – Kaisa yeh isq hai ! , How’s it ???

Love u all , Good night ??

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  1. AryanBhattacharya

    Lovely episode di… But sad bcoz Neil will go away from Avni ?… And Daksh is so bad…
    And new title is lovely..
    Good night and sweet dreams di

  2. AryanBhattacharya

    And di by mistake you have written “episode 26”.. It would be 27

    1. Kira

      Ya by mistake i wrote , Well, Thanks and good night ?

  3. Lucie

    Amazing episode bff. It was a lovely one. Avni scenes were soo good. And the new title is also so lovely.

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot dearie ???? good night

  4. Kira

    Today I won’t be posting because whole day I was busy with this , Do check it out and show your support . Good night friends .

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