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Aankhon mein Teri 

Episode – 20th

=Previously= Ahil and Naina got engaged , Mukesh’s cancels their daughter’s alliance with Ahil .

Ahil and Naina takes blessings from Grandpa .

Ahil: Naina come let’s go

Naina : But where ?

Ahil : To my home , I’ll go and tell everyone that we’re going to get married .


Ms.Mukesh : Now we would not like to stand here and listen to this shit

Mr.Mukesh : We’ll take you leave now , Bye .

Mukesh’s leave … The house .

Janki : What do you want Ha ! why are you destroying my son’s life like this .

Adesh : Where’s Ahil ? Call him to come immediately

Riya : He said that he wouldn’t be able to confess our relationship so sent me here , Believe me Mom .

Janki : Don’t say it again , Okay , I’m saying for last time Ahil will not marry you .

Adesh : wait let me call Ahil , ” Hello Ahil where are you ? ”

” I’m way to home Dad ”

” Hurry up it’s really urgent come now ”

Adesh : Let him come and everything would be clear then .

Janki : whatever happens , May be a yes by him or No , I would never accept this girl .

Kamini comes there with Naveen .

Kamini : No no Ms.Sinha , You’ve to accept my daughter .

Janki : See With daughter now mother has also come to join the drama .

Kamini : This is not drama it’s about my daughter’s right .

Janki : What right !

Kamini : Everything is clear in this picture , And if you said No then we unwillingly have to share them to media .

Janki : What ? No you’ll never do this ?

Kamini : We don’t have time to stand here , So decide what you want your Status , Reputation or My daughter as your daughter in law .

Kamini and Riya whispers slowly .

Riya : Wow mom our Plan worked

Kamini : you did a amazing job , Now you see how’ll I make your every dream come true .

Janki breaks down ” Oh god , Adesh what is happening here ”

The door bell rings , Janki ” My son has come , Ahil ”

She moves fastly and opens the door . Janki saws Ahil standing with a girl .

Janki : Ahil who’s this with you ?

Ahil : She’s the one who I love more than me , She’s Naina .

Janki : What is this nonsense , What is this girl saying then .

Ahil ” Who ? ” , He looks towards Riya and Kamini .

Ahil : Riya , Kamini aunty you both here .

Riya : Ahil why don’t you tell the truth to everybody that you love me .

Ahil : What ? Who said that ? There’s only one love of mine Naina .

Adesh : wah ! Wah ! Janki your son is really magical see , She loves him and he loves her , What’s this mess .

Riya : I’ll make everything clear , Ahil only loves me , Riya Rai ! , Ahil didn’t you said me those three magical words I LOVE YOU . See , See these pictures .

Ahil : These pictures , Where do they came from ? I have no idea about them

Kamini : Don’t tell a lie okay .

Janki : Ahil I don’t believe anyone over here , Now you only tell me the truth .

Ahil : Okay I’ll . I really don’t know what are they talking about ! These pictures ? I don’t know . I know that I love Naina and today we got engaged , That’s it .

Janki : But who’s this girl ?

Naina : I’m Naina Verma , Riya’s cousin sister .

Janki : Oh wow so it means it was a plan of both sisters right .

Kamini : You won’t listen to us like that , I’m calling Police , I’m calling Media right now .

Janki : Stop please ! , She got low and frustrated and felt like fainting . Ahil catches her .

Ahil : Riya what is all this ! we have nothing between us , Where have you got these pictures from ?

Riya : Ahil stop telling false , Tell them you love me .

Kamini : I can’t see my daughter crying anymore now , Tell her , Assure her that Ahil will marry her only or else I will .

Janki : Wait !! We need some time .

Janki took Ahil and Adesh to corner
Adesh : Your son has literally made my life miserable , First Mukesh’s and Now these people .

Janki: Now what should we do , If they shows pictures to society our whole business will be ruined .

Adesh: Na ! This I can’t see , No .
Ahil you’ve to marry RIYA .

Ahil : What ? No !

Janki : Don’t talk about Riya , Naina , Engagement , Love right now , At present it’s important to safeguard our reputation , Business , Just say yes .

Ahil : No I won’t betray Naina .

Janki : Okay then today you’ve to decide what’ll you chose Mom or Naina .

Ahil : It’s not choices it’s about lives .

Adesh : If there’s no money , There’s no life , So decide what you want , If you want you love then you’ll loose your parents forever .

Ahil moves towards people and announces ” I’m ready to marry Riya , Yes I agree I love her ”

Riya and Kamini got excited .

Riya : Yes I knew I knew it ! .

Kamini : Okay then tomorrow only Ahil and Riya will get marry and It’s final .

Janki : what ? tomorrow but

Kamini : Janki Ji my hands are shaking they want to call Media eagerly , what should I do now ?

Ahil : No it’s Okay , I’m ready .

Naina is shattered and turns away and goes out , But before that Ahil shouts ” Sorry Naina I betrayed you , Really I loved Riya more than anyone , More than you ”

Riya : Mom I got my Ahil , Yah !

Ahil : Okay then we’ll meet tomorrow At temple for marriage , Now let’s do arrangements .

Kamini : By the way , I shouldn’t say this , But really Ms.Janki your son is more intelligent than you , Really , Okay we should go .

Ahil : Don’t worry All the payments we’ll do , Just I need is my wife and nothing else , Okay .

Kamini : Hmm !! before going , Wait !

Kamini goes to Ahil keeps on his hand a Note of Rs- 10 and one rupee coin .

Kamini : This is Shagun for my son in law , Come on Janki Ji give some Shagun to your daughter in law too , I like those Kangans .

Janki furiously removes them and give it to Riya .

Riya : Thanks Mummy Ji , I love you .


kamini : Wah wah my girl what a drama you did , I’m really impressed .

Riya : In so happy , I’m going to marry Udaipur’s richest boy , Ahil , Oh my god , I can’t believe it .

Kamini : Just in Rs – 10 we got a boy , No money needs to be spent for marriage and after that money and money .

Naveen : I’ve to say really , Your mind is very sharp , You’re really kaamiini

Kamini : what ?

Naveen : I mean my Sweet wife Kamini .

ᗩᕼIᒪ’ᔕ ᑭOᐯ …
Ahil , Abhay , Rahul were at a cafe .

Abhay : Yarr bahi ! this is not unfair , You’ve to marry Riya

Rahul : Ahil why did you said Yes to them , They’re trying to cheat you

Abhay : This is wrong , What would Naina be thinking of you now , Ha ! you did really wrong .

Rahul : Wait ! she must be very sad and crying , Abhay call Naina right now .

Abhay : Yes , Wait let me call her .

Ahil : No need to call her , She’s right there .

Abhay and Rahul twists back and points Naina coming with Pinky .

Abhay : Naina please don’t worry , Our friend is little mad

Rahul : Ahil you did a blunder , Why did you said Yes to Riya , She’s cheating you .

Ahil laughs ” Haha ”

Abhay : Wow , See here a very serious matter is going on and you’re laughing , Giggling .

Then Naina starts laughing ” Ahil Please now I can’t stop my anger , I can’t act anymore now , Tell them everything ”

Rahul : What ! You both were acting .

Ahil : Yes , Boys , It’s all Part of our Plan .

A kind of pleasure and tone of excitement is seen on everyones face .

Abhay : Ahil now don’t keep it under the curtain tell is what’s your Plan

Ahil : No I won’t tell you she will , So tell them , Please , Your Highness .

Naina : Okay ! Actually in the morning I told Ahil that Riya and Kamini is planning something against me , Kamini aunty wants Riya to marry Ahil only because of money , Then I heard Riya is going to some studio .

Ahil : In morning , After Engagement ,Naina told me that Riya will obviously do something against us , I assures her that nothing will happen , But while we’re returning , When Dad called me , He forgot to shut the phone and I heard everything that was happening at home .

Naina : So I and Ahil Planed that We’ll defeat Riya in her own game .

Ahil : I’ll marry Riya but under the veil it would be Naina , And at right moment I’ll disclose Riya’s true Identity .

Abhay and Rahul claps ” Wah Bhai ! before he used to make Plans with us , Now Naina has come , He dosen’t needs us ”

Naina : No he really needs you , We’ve to find from where Did Riya got those pictures .

Rahul : Tomorrow is wedding so that means whatever we have to do is this evening itself .


Adesh : Oh my God , What all happened today , I am totally shocked .

Janki : I told you , Since Ahil is in bad company he’s not in his proper senses .

Adesh : Riya , Naina , Naina , Riya , Love what is all this , Is this a life or what ? A jigsaw puzzle .

Janki : God knows who’s bad vision destroyed my son .

Adesh : Now where has your son gone

Janki : He’s promised me that he’ll do something to stop this marriage .

Adesh : My 30 years of fame , Reputation , Respect all has become a dustbin , Just due to your son and his love .


Ahil : This is what we’ve to find , From where she got those pictures .

Abhay : Form Social media or Social accounts , Wait !

He shows his phone , The pictures of Ahil .

Rahul : But Yar ! there’s no picture like she had .

Abhay : Haa, Yes !!!

Ahil : Show !!! Wait .

He finds out that His pictures are very similar to ones with Riya .

Ahil : Got it ! As Naina said she went to Studio , Edited my pictures from here and pasted with hers .

Abhay : Oh god how shameful is she ?

Naina : Ahil ! just near our Home we’ve SANJ STUDIO , And the man there is Riya’s friend .

Ahil : Wow , Whole mystery is solved then .

Abhay : Okay , Then let’s go to Studio to find out what’s truth .

Precap :- DHMAKEDAR wedding of AHIANA ( Ahil and Naina ) , Janki after knowing that she’s blind , dosen’t accepts their Alliance , Kamini is wrathful . Naina promises Janki that she’ll become a good wife and daughter in law .

Hope you liked it , if you did then please put thumbs up . Sorry of it was short one And yes you’re invited for your fav. AHIANA wedding tomorrow . Do comment and don’t forgot to ??

If you found any mistake do tell and Sorry  becoz today I wrote in hurry , I was busy . Bye good night ????

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  1. Deeyaana

    Just loved it… And I bought a dress for tomorrow’s wedding LOL….

    1. Kira

      Haha great see you tomorrow then , Good night , Love you dear ???

  2. AryanBhattacharya

    Wah interesting episode di… What a great plan they have made!! Lovely
    And di I have bought a new shirt which is similar to Zain Imam ‘s one shirt which he wore at naamkaran… So tomorrow in wedding I will wear that shirt and blazer ??and what will you wear??
    Good night and sweet dreams di…

    1. Kira

      That’s cool , I’m sure you’ll look good , Well I’ve decided to wear lehnga

      1. AryanBhattacharya

        Thanks and you will look beautiful

    2. Nice profile photo bhaiya

      1. Bhaiya in that picture is the third one Mr Sidhant Gupta(kunj of t-e-i)?

      2. AryanBhattacharya

        Thank you very much. At first in profile pic I have given my pic but then thought to give my fav actors ‘ pic. And yes third one is Sidhant Gupta ‘s pic.

  3. Amazing update dear…I am very much impressed by your imagination skills…..
    Keep up the good work dear ???
    Good morning…. Have a good day dear ???

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot dear ????

  4. Sorry I read the episode late
    But yes before the wedding
    Now I could get ready for their wedding
    See you in the wedding

  5. AryanBhattacharya

    I am sorry bcoz for many days I have called you as Di. But today I got to know that we are of same age. So sorry for that.

    1. Kira

      That’s okay ,

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