AANKHON MEIN TERI – Episode 17th

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Aankhon mein Teri

Episode – 17th

Recap : Ahil saves Naina from Drowning , SINHA’S have guests – Ahil’s school friend Nitya

Ahil kneels down and Holds Naina’s hand , He spoke ” So will you be my girlfriend , I mean My best friend ”

Naina faintly said ” YES ”

ɪᴛ ᴡᴀs sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ʙʟɪssғᴜʟ ʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴇᴠᴇɴɪɴɢ , Naina and Ahil were sitting on stairs , In front of them was flowing river slowly .

Naina : Ahil ! can I ask you a question ?

Ahil : Yes !

Naina : Didn’t you thought just for once that you’re having a girl in your life and she’s blind , Didn’t you ever thought that you could find some other girl for you ?

Ahil : You know what , the day I met you , I had never thought even for once that who you are ? what your are ? I just only knew that my heart needs you , I need you and nothing else I know .

Naina : Don’t you think I could be a big load on you , Don’t you think that of , if I came into your life then it’ll be full of pains

Ahil : The only thing I know is after I met you , Every single time I used to see you , I was mesmerised , I was totally into you , I just want to love you more and more .

Ahil : The day when I saw your eyes

, I was totally fallen into love and when I got to know about your truth I want to love and support you more .

Naina : Are you sure !

Ahil keeps his hands on her face ” How can I explain you , I really Love you ”

[ Background music : Morey jiya, main kya tere bin
Morey jiya, tu mera palchim
Likhun main tere naam saari umar
Main chahun tujhko hi aatto pehar
Basaon teri galiyon main apna ghar ]

Naina ( Keeping her head on his shoulder ) : Ahil do you know every single day I used to think that I can’t never see light again , Always I’ve to be in darkness , But truly you turned my thoughts wrong

Ahil : It’s the happiest day of my life , Because you’re sitting with me , And we both are holding each others hands and Now I promise to you that I’ll make every moment of your life the happiest one .

ʀᴀɪ’s ʜᴏᴜsᴇ…..

Kamini was standing in front of Naina’s room , She banged the door hardly .” Eh ! girl , Open the door , Hurry up ”

Pinky opens it , Kamini : Hey , Where’s Naina ?

Pinky got panicked : Aunt she’s not at home

Kamini : She’s not at home ? What does this means ?

Pinky : actually she said that she wants her whole day to be spent at Temple , So she’s there

Kamini : wah wah ! This girl is really is big moron , If she wants to spend her days with God then why dosen’t she dies , She’ll be with god forever .

She murmurs and leaves . Pinky huffs ” Oh god , Naina come back fastly please ”

Kamini goes back to her house and she’s seen walking up and down , She’s babbling ” Oh God why’s this Riya not calling , I hope everything is going with Plan ”

Her phone rings , ” Riya ” – Kamini exclaims with surprise .

Kamini : Riya ! Does it happen

Riya : Don’t worry mom all’s set , Photos are ready , Our Plan is on right track

Kamini to herself : Get ready Ms.Janki Sinha , My daughter is going to be your daughter in law very soon , And this time you can’t do anything , Haha !!!

Kamini : Good girl , Just come back hurry up .

Naveen is shown coming down from upstairs , ” Kamini Ji , What’s the matter , Why are so happy ”

Kamini : Oh Ji , Just in few days our daughter is going to get married

Naveen : what ? What are you saying , With Ahil , Don’t you remember his mom said NO

Kamini : Don’t worry now she’ll say yes , This time I’m Playing a big game and Whole SINHA’S family will never dare to say NO !

Naveen : You know Genius says correct , No one can understand wives , Leave it , But now tell me what shall we do , That old man is again Alive , Next month is coming what about the hospital fee .

Kamini : I’ve a brilliant Plan see , First we’ll marry off Riya with Ahil , Later we’ll send Him to some old age home where the amount is less . Then we’ll live life happily.

sɪɴʜᴀ’s ᴍᴀɴsɪᴏɴ

Nitya : Janki aunty Ahil hasn’t come till now

Adesh : Don’t worry he’ll come

Janki : wait I just call him once

Rupal ( Nitya’s mom ): Don’t take tension he’ll come for sure , Till then let’s talk about arrangements .

ᴀᴛ ᴛᴇᴍᴘʟᴇ …

Naina : Oh I think it’s too late now , We should go to home

Ahil : Ya ! opps , I was lost into you , And oh god I forget you’re wet , You must be feeling cool , Wait !

Ahil removes his blazer and covers shivering Naina with it .

Naina : Thanks Ahil

Ahil : Ah ! no In friendship No sorry !

Naina : And no thanks ( She smiles sweetly ) Right !

Naina turns back , Ahil holds her hand , ” Wait ! I’ve something to say ”

Naina : what !

Ahil : will you marry me

Naina : Ahil I’ll say that ….( Suddenly Ahil’s phone rings )

Ahil : Hello

Janki : Ahil beta ( son ) where are you , It’s turning dark .

Ahil : Mom I’m with Naina

Janki got little angry , ” Ahil what are you doing with Naina , Come home urgently ”

Ahil : Mom I’ll come

Janki : No just be here Now , Very important guests are here

Ahil : Gusts who ?

Janki : Mr.Mukesh and his wife and Nitya and we’ve decided your and Nitya’s Ring ceremony , So just be fast and be here .

Ahil : Mom ! Mom ! Wait ( she cuts the phone )

Naina innocently asks ” Ahil , Your mom is asking for you ? then you should leave now ”

Ahik : Listen Naina I don’t want to go but I have to , But remember I’ll never leave you , Never .

Ahil drops Naina to her home . And goes back to SINHA’S Mansion .

sɪɴʜᴀ’s ᴍᴀɴsɪᴏɴ…

Everyone is sitting on Sofas and Ahil comes and stood at threshold , The whole group sees towards him . Ahil could see The girl’s family on one side and his on other , Two diamond rings were placed on Table .

Nitya stood up : Ahil ! Hi , She goes And hugs Ahil

Nitya : Ahil ! I’m Nitya remember , We read at school together .

Ahil : Ya ! I know .

Janki : Come , Come son , Meet Mr.and Ms. Mukesh

Ahil comes and greets the guests .

After some time ….

Mr.Mukesh : Okay Adesh ! Soo we’ll take your leave now ,

Ms.Mukesh : And yes tomorrow we’ll come and will decide the date for engagement .

Janki : Sure ! The rings are decided already , It’s so exciting

Nitya : Bye ! Ahil

Ahil : Bye .

The moment they left , Ahil rushed to his room .

ʀᴀɪ’s ʜᴏᴜsᴇ…..

Naina enters the house , She was wet and She was wearing Ahil’s blazer . Kamini peeps from inside the window .

Kamini mutters : Where’s she coming from at this late evening and why’s she so wet and what’s the matter , Let me find out ?


Pinky sees Naina ” Naina are you Okay ” .

Naina hugs Her ” Ahil loves me and I said what I feel for him ”

Pinky : Did you ?

Naina : Yes ! I did it

Pinky : But Why are you so wet and what’s all this .

Naina dictates her story , Pinky : what ! you tried to suicide , Naina are you crazy

Naina : So what should I’ve done , I couldn’t think of anything

Pinky : Thanks That Ahil reached there on time and Saved you .

Kamini was standing at door , And she claps ” Wah ! Wah , Naina , what a game you’ve played , It’s wow ! ”

Kamini : So it means that you really don’t love your Grandpa , Ha ! so I can call doctor and can say that we don’t need Pavan Rai ( grandfather ) .

Naina : But Ahil loves me and I love him and that’s it .

Kamini : wow how cool for you love you’ll let your grandpa die

Naina : No I’ll protect both , Ahil and grandpa , Ahil from being married forcefully to Riya and Grandpa from your evil intentions .

Kamini : Wah ! Now a Little feeble , Coward girl will stand against me , Listen at once Riya will marry Ahil , Okay !

Naina : You didn’t want grandpa to live just because till he’s living all the property is mine and not yours , Just for this trivial material things and money you can kill your own Father in law , Wow !

Kamini Shouts : Naina ! , She raised her hand to slap Naina , But instantly her Ahil’s and grandpa’s love and affection made her strong and she grasped her hand .

Naina : You’re my Aunt ( Mami , mom’s sister in law ) not Mom , Right !!!

Precap : Naina tells Kamini that she knows the truth , Ahil’s decision for Nitya , Riya to execute her Plan .

Good night buddies , Hope you liked it , Soon a new twist will come to story and we’ll move on to our Avenil or NAAMKARAN fan fiction .Please put thumbs up ???and do comment ..??

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  1. Aryan Bhattacharya

    Nice episode di… Finally Naina raised her voice.. Lovely… I think Riya and her mom is playing some game by using bad pics…
    And di our birthday is in same month and our fav singer is also same ?wow!!
    Good night and sweet dreams di…

    1. Kira

      Yah ! it’s too cool well just asking which is your favorite Indian serial ? .
      Thanks and good night ???

      1. Aryan Bhattacharya

        Previously I loved Mahabharat on star plus… Then Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi… And now Naamkarann… And you??

    2. Kira

      Hey , Arayan I was having a suggestion for you that why don’t you get registered here ! If that’s possible !

      1. Aryan Bhattacharya

        OK di I will try ?Thanks for telling ?

    3. Bhaiya Mine favourite serials were also same
      Sorry If you felt bad

    4. Kira

      My fav were Mahabharata , Dahleez , badtmeez dil , NAAMKARAN ,

  2. Kira

    Keep in mind :- Janki dosen’t know that Ahil loves Naina , The picture he saw was of Riya with Ahil and He lied beacuse of his friends . Kamini hasn’t told Riya that Ahil loves Naina although this is known to her . Any other questions , Do ask !

    1. Kira

      The picture she saw

  3. Aryan Bhattacharya

    And di what’s your favourite song?

    1. Kira

      There are a lot of favorite songs of mine , I just love Arijits Tere bin na lage jiya , Channa mereya , And all other . Also I like demi lovato songs and Just there are numerous fav songs of mine ??

  4. Nice episode didi
    Didi when does your birthday
    There is no pressure that you have to surely tell this
    Good morning
    Have a joyful day today

    1. Kira

      Mine is on August 12 ,,, when is yours ???

  5. Aryan Bhattacharya

    No no Shagun why I will feel bad? It’s toh nice that our choice is same ? so Shagun in Mahabharat of star plus who was your fav?
    And di ‘s Birthday is on 12th august…
    Sorry di I have given your answer

    1. I liked Shaheer shaikh in the role of Arjun

  6. Aryan Bhattacharya

    Sorry di previously I have not seen that you have replied her…
    And di who is your fav in Mahabharat of star plus?

    1. Kira

      I liked the role of Draupadi and all Pandavs .

  7. Hi Kira…..
    Happy to know that your birthday is in the same month as mine…..my birthday is on 22nd August….☺☺
    Today’s update was fabulous… finally Naina got the courage to raise her voice against that evil Kamini……
    Eagerly waiting for the new upcoming twist??
    Keep up the good work and take care ???

    1. Kira

      Wow wow wow , So Arayan me and Rona we’ll give each other Bday party in same month on TU ????

      Thanks , Good night ???

  8. 30 november didi

    1. Kira

      That’s great ??? I love Nov coz here it’s lightly winters then ?

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