AANKHON MEIN TERI – Episode 15th

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Aankhoon mein Teri

Episode – 15th

Last day catch up :- Ahil comes back home , Janki says no for Riya’s and Ahil’s alliance .
THE scene starts from Naina standing in front of God’s idol in Temple , With her smooth shaking hands she keeps A letter at God’s feet , She spoke .

Naina : I don’t have the strength to go and Tell Ahil what I feel , No I can’t do this , So I’ve written it in this letter , The words are from my heart , I hope that I could forget him , Give me the power lord .

Naina turns back suddenly she bumped with a woman , She was holding a Plate on which SINDOOR was kept , The Tray drops down and Naina’s face is painted red with it .

Naina : I’m really sorry , Please forgive me

The Lady was Janki Sinha who has came there from RAI’S house .

Janki : It’s okay Dear , Hope you’re fine .

Naina’s red tired eyes and Janki’s eyes clashed .

Janki : May I ask you why do you look so worried , It seems like you’ve cried a lot , Can I help you in any way ?

Naina : No , Thanks Aunt , But no one can help me , I love someone from my heart but I can’t tell him that I love him .

Janki keeps his hands on her head ” Don’t worry girl , When our love is pure and from heart then no one , Not even God can separate us , Believe me

Naina : I’m sorry once again

Naina says this much and Pinki takes her away , Then Janki pics up the Tray.

Janki : Pundit Ji I’ve came here for my son , Take this SINDOOR and keep it under KRISHAN AND RADHE ( Lord Krishna and goddess Radha ) , So that my boy could get a good wife for him .

PUNDIT : Don’t worry Mam , This SINDOOR has magical powers in it , And lord will obviously listen to you .

Naina sat in Cab to reach home , Pinky ” Naina what will happen now , AHIL has also gone back to his house , And I heard Kamini aunty talking about Riya’s and Ahil’s alliance ”

Naina : Shut up , I said Na ! it’s over Now , I know I started loving Ahil but now I’ll try to wipe off all these thoughts from my mind , And so I wrote a Letter to lord , He’ll surely listen to me .

Naina takes out her Tissue and tries to remove the SINDOOR which had fallen on her face .

Naina : Why’s this not coming out ? I’M trying very hard .

?? ????????
Ahil : Please for once tell me what’s behind Kamini and Naina , Is She her real daughter ?

Grandpa : Okay I’ll tell you , I’ll ,,,, Yes Naina is not Kamini’s daughter .

Ahil is dumbstruck ” Then Who’s she? ‘

Grandpa : She’s Daughter of Supriya Verma , she’s Kamini’s Niece . Supriya is my eldest daughter .

Ahil : Where’s she ?

Grandpa : She murdered herself !

Ahil’s eyes grew larger ” Whaat do you mean ? ”

Grandpa : Supriya killed her husband , she’s a killer and she can’t bear this truth and she stabbed herself with Knife .

Ahil got stunned , He stood up and Momentarily , His phone dropped down and Naina’s number was touched .

Naina was sitting in rickshaw , Suddenly It got punctured and The man lefts to ask for some help .

Pinky : Naina now we’ll obviously get late

Naina : I know , But I’m very thirsty , My throat is getting dried

Pinky : This will obviously happen , See your swollen eyes , Your red face , Nose , Wait let me get you some water , Be here only okay .

Naina : Pinky wait !!! , But she left . Naina was left alone in barren and lonely area .

Naina feels her mobile is vibrating ” Now who’s calling , Pinky isn’t here too , How’ll I get to know , Who’s calling me ? ”

Naina answers it .

?? ????????

Grandpa ( Pavan ) : Supriya and Naveen are my two children . After Naveen got married , Supriya married Kamini’s brother . But their relationship wasn’t very good , Supriya’s husband had an affair with another woman , When she got pregnant with her first child she got to know about her husband’s extra martial affairs .

Grandpa took a sigh of grief ” She can’t bear it , She then got addicted to drugs and Alcohol . One night she was driving completely drunk and mistakenly she bumped with someone , She got to know that it was non other than

Ahil : Naina’s Dad , Supriya’s Husband and Kamini’s brother. Right ??!

Grandpa : At that span of time it was last month of her pregnancy , But she decided that she dosen’t wants a child , As she can’t live with that guilt , She stabbed herself with knife , Thankfully Her baby was saved , But the child was born blind .

Ahil : That is why Kamini hates Naina so much

Grandpa : Yes , But there’s another reason to it also , Before Supriya closed her eyes forever I asked her why she dosen’t wants a child , She said Kamini will Kill her child .

Grandpa : But I promised her that I’ll take care of her daughter , So I wrote in my Will that until I’m living all the property is of Naina .

Ahil : Is this known to Naina

Grandpa : No , Since birth , For Naina her mom is Kamini and her dad is Naveen. She’s dealing with blindness and I don’t want another tensions in her life .

Ahil : But you’ve to tell her , You’ve to .

Pavan : Her heart is very sensitive she can’t bear that her mom killed her dad , And I’ve promised my daughter till I’m alive I’ll secure her But after my death I don’t know what’ll happen .

???’? ?????

Riya : See mom , Did you saw How Janki Sinha just said No and she left

Kamini : She’ll say Yes , Don’t worry

Riya : But why was she asking about Naina

Kamini : Maybe some misunderstanding would be there

Riya : But now , what’ll we do

Kamini : I don’t know , I think you should talk to Ahil about it .

Riya : Do you what I was thinking , I think there’s something between Naina and Ahil , That is why he is always searching for Naina , He lied to me that he’s going out of country , He was here only , He meets Naina every time , Not me

Kamini in high tone ” Shut Up Riya , I’ve told you many times that AHIL is just meant for you and no one else , Listen to me , You’ve to trap him in you , Understand .

Riya nods ” Yes you’re right , Now it’s only me who can do something ”

?????’? ???
From her tremblingly shaking hand , The mobile phone falls down .

Naina faltered ” My mom is a criminal , Is she a criminal , Yes ….Yes she’s a criminal ”

Naina grasped her hairs and cries loudly ” Now I got to know why do everyone behaves with me like this , I’m a Shit ! I don’t have any rights to live like a normal , No !!! ”

????? ???? ??????? …. At hospital

Ahil in worried tone ” You should tell it to Naina , She has right to know about her parents ”

Grandpa : No !! please she would not be able to bear it , she’s very sensitive , I know her .

Ahil’s phone ringed ” Pinki is calling ” , ” Hello ”

Ahil hears and ” What !!! , But where can she go like this ”

Grandpa : Naina where’s she ?

Ahil : Pinki called , She said That Naina is missing , She can’t find her anywhere .

?????’? ???????
Janki and Adesh are sitting on Sofa .

Janki : Ya ! Really, They’re so down , So low class , I can’t even guess My AHIL chose a girl from this kind of family .

Adesh : Just put some commonsense in your son’s head , It’s now afternoon and still he’s not at home

Janki : This all is due to that girl , And his friends , My son was never like that , Since he got tied with that Naina he’s a wanderer I’m telling you

Ad : Mr.Mukesh called , He kept a proposal for our AHIL and his daughter Nitya

Janki : I just said them a big No , And I’m sure AHIL will listen to me too , Nitya is a good girl , Call them we’ll meet them for sure .

Adesh : Yes , It would a similar match for Ahil , Mukesh’s have a big gold manufacturing unit in Kolkata .

Janki : You’re right we should meet them at once , After that I’ll arrange a Pooja for AHIL .

Ad : I’ll ask them to visit in evening . But for that Ahil needs to be here

Janki : He’ll come soon

?? ????????

Pavan : Naina is missing !! What does that mean ?

Ahil I don’t know ? , ” Wait ” – He exclaimed seeing her phone .

Ahil : Naina’s number is dialled from my phone , But I didn’t called her .

Pavan : You didn’t , Then how’s that possible

Ahil : It means when my phone dropped down , Naina’s number was dialled

Pavan : That means she heard our conversation !! ( He was doubtfully shocked )

Precap : Naina decided to suicide as her mom did to hide crime , Ahil promised grandpa that he’ll help and support Naina for sure , Adesh finds a girl for Ahil , Riya Plans a trap for Naina and Ahil .

From tomorrow my tuitions are going to begin , I’m in 12th now , So I would be busy , But I’ll try best to give my best on time , Thanks .Please support by hitting the ?? icon and do comment .

Bye love u all ?????

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