AANKHON MEIN TERI – Episode 13th

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Aankhoon mein Teri

Episode – 13th

Recap :- AHIL Saves Naina’s grandfather , Naina tells her feelings .
ᔕᑕᗴᑎᗴ 1

Naina was holding grandpa’s hand , She was sitting beside him . Instantly , She felt those old wrinkled and weak hands were trembling .

Naina : Dadu ,

Grandpa opens his eyes , He was seeing her face after almost several months , A tear of sadness dripped down from his feeble face, He spoke weakly ” Naina , Mera bacha ( Naina my daughter ) ”

Naina : Dadu are you okay , Are you fine , How are you ?

Grandpa : Seeing your face my illness has gone away , I’m fine

Naina : If anything would have happened to you today , I would have killed myself .

Someone standing at the door spoke ” And I would never let it happen ”

Naina got up and ran towards Ahil and Hugs him ” Thanks a lot Ahil , This is just because of you , He’s alive today ”

Grandpa : Ahil , Who’s he ?

Naina : He’s Ahil , My friend .

Ahil : Hi Uncle how’s you now .

Grandpa : I’m good Son , Come sit here .

Grandpa : You’re Ahil Sinha , AD Diamond’s next heir .

Ahil : Yes , But how you know

Grandpa looks into his eyes strangely ” How did you met Naina ”

Naina : we’ll talk about all this after Grandpa .

Doctor comes in ” Sorry Ahil now you should leave him alone he needs some rest ”

Ahil : Ya ! doc , Naina come let’s go .

Naina : Please not so early just a few minutes more

Doctor : Sorry Mam , Please try to understand it’s for his benefit only

Naina : Dadu we’ll meet very soon , Ha ! , Take care .

Naina moves out of the room , While Ahil says ” Doctor , Is everything fine now ”

Doctor : Yes, The operation was successful , It’s all fine now , Okay ”
Doctor says and turns back towards the monitors placed there . Ahil ” Okay , Bye , We’ll see you soon grandpa , Take rest ”

Ahil steps forward , Momentarily Grandpa holds his hand .

Grandpa ” Help her ! please ”

Ahil : What ! ( Low – confused tone )

Grandpa : My daughter is in ( He starts huffing ) d….a…..nnnnggg…

Ahil : What happened to you Dadu , Doctor

Grandpa wasn’t loosing his grip ” Kamini will ,,,,,( heavily breathing ) Ki….llll…….. her …….”

Doctor : Nurse , Injection hurry up .

Doctor injected needle into his body and soon he closed his eyes .

Ahil : what was it ! You said he’s okay

Doctor : Ya he’s ! but it seems like he has something to say , He’s hiding in him , It’s something which makes him angry or afraid every time he thinks of it .

Ahil : Doctor you please see him , I’ll come later .

Ahil lefts in dilemma thinking what he wants to say about Kamini and Naina .

Naina was sitting outside mute , Ahil comes and sat with her .

Naina gave him a bangle ” This is gold bangle , Will this be equal to the amount you’ve paid for me ”

Ahil holds Naina’s shoulders ” Are you silly , What are you saying , You yourselves said we’re friends , Then what is this ? ”

Naina : I don’t want to take load of all the favours you’ve done for me , I ought to pay them back , So that we’re equal then

Ahil : Naina what’s in your mind , what are you saying ? Please stop talking all this

Naina : Yes we’re friends , But only and just friends , You’ve to be there for Riya always , She’s for you , It’s decided , Please take this .

She keeps the gold bangle on his hands .

ᔕᑕᗴᑎᗴ – 2


Janki : what are you serious , Ahil had withdrawn 18 lakhs from bank .

Man on phone : Yes , Mam , I thought there would be some problem so I just called

Janki : Problem ! I didn’t even knew about it , Thanks for calling .

Janki : AD did you heard , What is going on ?

AD : wait let me call Ahil and I’ll ask ( He calls )

Ahil : Hello , Hi Dad

AD : What I just heard is that true ?

Ahil : What !

AD : You withdrew 18 lakhs form bank , What happened ?

Ahil : Nothing dad , But I used for a good cause only

AD : Still you should consulted us before . ( Janki snatched phone )

Janki : I know Ahil why have you done this, For some friend , Right

Ahil ( little reluctant ) : Yes but it’s not wasted

Janki : You just wait and watch I’m coming to your Hostel right now

Ahil : what ! but why mom .

Janki shuts the phone .

AD : Janki see this ( he was dumb shocked )

Janki comes and sits with Him . AD shows her his phone

AD : Because of the party and all arrangements we didn’t saw the social accounts , See this .

Janki : Me too , I didn’t gave my phone a single look .

AD : These pictures shows Ahil is actually yours Son .

Janki : Wow ! ( She claps ) , Now he’s my Son , Yesterday in the party you were shouting , He’s my proud

AD : Thanks that Media didn’t got
to know anything , I’ll erase these pics from internet

Janki : Now I’ll go and interrogate Ahil , Who’s in this pictures

AD : And now he’ll not live there in hostel , we’ll Ask him to come back

Janki : Don’t worry now he’ll not go away from my eyes .

ᔕᑕᗴᑎᗴ – 3

Ahil drops Naina to her house .

Ahil : Okay Naina don’t worry , Dadu ( grandpa ) will be okay soon

Naina : Thanks a lot Ahil

Ahil : Okay bye then

Naina : So you’re leaving from here

Ahil : Yes , I’ve to , For how long I’ll live here disguising myself .

Naina : Hmm you’re right .

Ahil turns back , Instantly Naina holds his hand ” Wait ! ahil ! ”

Ahil turns back , Naina gives him a cloth .

Ahil : What is this !

Naina : Open it

Ahil opens and finds his face embroidered on that white cloth .

Ahil : Me , Is that me .

Naina : That day when you saw me I was sewing your face , I want to say you thanks for everything you did for me

Ahil : But how did you made it ?

Naina : I asked Pinky to tell me and she helped me a lot , Did I sew nicely

Ahil : It’s so beautiful , I’m totally surprised , And Yes sorry

Naina : Sorry why ?

Ahil : Because of me needle pricked your finger

Naina : It’s okay it didn’t hurt me

Ahil : I promise you because of me you’ll never get hurt .

Abhay shouts sitting in car ” Ahil let’s go now ”

ᔕᑕᗴᑎᗴ – 4

Rahul : Ahil is everything okay now

Ahil : Yes , All’s fine now

Rahul : Aunt called she’s coming here to meet you

Abhay : Oh really

Ahil : Yes she’s , I don’t know what will happen now

Abhay : Don’t worry we all will help you out .

Ahil Sat down on Sofa , He thinks ” What was grandpa trying to say to me , What ? ”

Abhay : Ahil , I think Aunt is coming here to ask about money , we’ve taken out from bank 18 lakhs

Rahul : Ahil now what will we say to them

Ahil : we’ll say the truth we hadn’t done anything wrong .

Rahul : What will you say to them , That you helped Naina

Ahil : Yes I will , what is wrong in it ?

Abhay : You know Janki aunty very well ! Don’t tell her this

Rahul : He’s right !

Abhay : You don’t understand , I’m worried , Aren’t you afraid

Someone’s heavy voice growls ” Afraid ?? Why ?? ”

Rahul surprised : Janki Aunty

Janki comes in , She looked Little worried ” Ahil , My son ” She keeps her dark hands on his face , She was wearing large stones on her fingers .

Janki looks into Ahil’s eyes ” Tell me is there any tension my Son ”

Ahil holds her hands ” No Ma ! All’s fine , I’m fine ”

Janki : Then where did you spent 18 lakhs , Ha !

Ahil : Mom , Come be seated here

Janki sits , Ahil : You’ve only taught to help others , I just helped one of my friends with money

Janki : who’s this friend of yours , Is that person of high status

Ahil : You know it very well I don’t care about status and class in friendship .

Janki : Tell me who’s that ?

Ahil : She’s Naina

Janki stood up shocked ” What She’s !! means it’s a girl ” , ” It’s amazing , who’s this girl ? ”

Ahil : I’ll tell you about her but now be calm

A Strong , masculine voice interrupted ” How’ll he tell , I’ll tell you ”

Ahil looks , It’s ADESH SINHA

AD points his finger into his phone ” This is the girl , Yes or no ”

Ahil in his mind : This is Riya They think it’s Naina

Ahil : No , Dad it’s !!!

Abhay exclaimed : Yes , She’s Naina only .

Ahil stares him , Abhay ” Aunt and uncle we’ll tell you everything , But first let’s have lunch it’s , Time for food ”

Ahil : Ya ! Rahul please arrange everything .

Abhay : I just go and get some water for you

AHIL excuses and goes to Abhay .

AD to Janki : See he’s having a girlfriend for whom he spent lakhs , See these pictures how’s he enjoying the match in stadium , See .

Janki : Shut up AD he said he’ll tell us

Ahil to Abhay : Why did you lied ?

Abhay : Are you mad didn’t you saw how much angry they were when they saw you with a girl , What will happen when they’ll get to know that Naina is a blind and you love her

Ahil : So what , I’ll tell them truth

Abhay : See one day we’ll tell them truth but now situation is critical , Try to understand .

ᔕᑕᗴᑎᗴ – 5


Pinky : Naina how’s Dadu now

Naina : He’s very good now

Pinky : Thanks to god , Ahil really helped us

Naina : Yes, I know

Pinky : So did you told him your feelings , I mean what you think about ..

Naina : No , How could I even say that , Don’t you know what happened ?

Pinky : I know but for how long you’ll keep on hiding the secret .

Naina : Forever , AHIL is for Riya not for me , That’s all I know .

Naina in her mind [ Flashback ] – Naina is dropped down on the floor , The room is completely dark , Kamini is holding a knife in her hand

Kamini scratches Alphabets A H I L on her arm and puts a cross over it .

Kamini roar : Remember this girl , I want that Ahil should marry my Riya so that on his property my daughter’s right is also there , And she could live her life as Queen

Naina sobbingly : But Ahil dosen’t loves Riya .

Kamini : I know it very well , I heard Pinky saying that Ahil loves you not Riya

Kamini grasped her throat : I don’t care about that , What I want my daughter to bring a lot of money to this home and nothing else

Naina : Why are you playing these gamed for money , No , I won’t let it happen

Kamini : Really , You know what Doctor was saying that if we didn’t pay them the monthly fee then he won’t treat your grandpa

Naina : Please, Please save my grandpa , Please

[ Flashback ended ]

Naina says ” TUJHSE DUR JANE KA KOI IRADA NA THA ; PAR RUKTE KASE JABH TU HI MERA NA THA ” ( I don’t want to go away from him , But how can I be for him when he’s not made of me )

ᔕᑕᗴᑎᗴ- 6
At hostel

Abhay : See bro for now it’s right to lie , And another thing is that we even doubt that Naina is their real daughter or not , Okay understand me

Ahil : I don’t know , Let’s go now

All sat at chairs outside to talk .

Janki keeps the pictures on the table : Who’s this girl Naina , And really she’s your friend

Ahil : Yes , She’s my friend , She’s Naina Rai , He father has a jewelry store

AD : Wow , What a friend you’ve got

Janki : A jewelry store , We’re Diamond’s manufactures , Really

Ahil : So what Mom !

Janki : Okay what’s girl’s qualification , Education

Ahil : I don’t know but she really sings well , She is kind hearted and she can do good embroidery

AD laughs ” AHIL , are you serious , She’s not educated , She does embroidery

Janki : Ahil what are you saying

AHIL : I don’t want to talk on this topic any more now , Please

AD : And what about those 18 lakhs

AHIL : Don’t worry I’ll Pay them back to you

Janki : AD , Please , It’s okay Ahil , Come let’s go home now , Now you’ll not live here anymore

AHIL : what mom are you serious , I’m not going

AD : I know he’ll not, He’s to wander whole day like those illiterates , Isn’t it

AHIL : Dad it’s not like that I’m okay here

Janki : Everyday I’ve to listen alot beacuse of you , Today you’ve to come with me , Or else forget that you had a mother ever

Ahil : Mom !

Ahil thinks : Oh god how can I go now , Naina needs me , She’s in trouble , But how should I explain to them

Ahil : Mom please try to understand

Janki : Not at all, No way , If you said No now I would never like to see your face again

Ahil looks towards his friends .

AD : what are you thinking , Your university isn’t that far from home , You’re coming with us , Okay .

Ahil in his mind : How’ll I meet Naina again then .

Abhay whisper into his ears ” Ahil say yes , Otherwise they’ll doubt , Don’t worry we’ll think about it later , Trust me ”

Rahul : Yes , Ahil say yes . In few days our course would be over then we’ll be free , Say Yes .

Abhay : Then we’ll plan , Don’t say No .

Ahil loudly : Okay I’m Ready

Janki : Wow , My son Is coming with me , I’m so happy

AD : I can bet his friends must have planned something , How can he get Ready so easily

Ahil : Please dad ! I’m your son , Why are you questioning me like a thief

Janki : No Ahil , He’s you Dad , You know him very well .

Ahil : You guys go now , I’ll pack my stuff and will reach home till evening okay
Janki : Okay son we’ll we waiting Ha ! bye .

ᔕᑕᗴᑎᗴ 6

Pinky : Naina don’t hide the truth , You know you love him

Naina : what should I do then , Things are not clear , I’m really confused

Pinky : You know that Kamini aunt wants this marriage only for money and nothing else

Naina : So you want that me to loose Grandpa for Ahil , Really , Do you think this way

Pinky : No you’re getting me wrong

Naina : whatever Pinky , We’re friends and will remain friends and one day he’ll marry and will go away , So I should now try to move on .

She leaves the place and went away .

Precap : Janki decided to visit RAI’S house , Ahil meets Grandpa , Grandpa tells him a secret , Kamini asks about Ahil’s and Riya’s alliance .

Good night , Hope u liked it , Put a thumps up if u did ??, Do comment .This is few shots story , End of this would be attached to new ff on Avneil ., Bye ??

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