Aag Ka Dariya #1 The Hot Jerk

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Dear Diary,

There’s so much peace now. This is the best decision I made in my entire life. The sunset is beautiful. The waves of water are refreshing. The sands are perfect. This is so much like me. I am the sand, trying to hold on as much as I can before the waves wash away what I tried to be. I am the waves, trying to reach the sand but failing as the seas call me back. I am the sun, trying to get a last glimpse of the sand, trying to memorize what made me something before getting lost into the horizon.

Candid Falls. The city of culture, history and legacy. The city of development, evolution, and education. The city of beauty, dreams and passion. I always wanted to come here. There is a certain smell in this air, a certain vibe in it, that made me feel like home. I always dreamed of being here. Now, I finally can. Now, I have finally got a hold on who I tried to be. I have finally reached the land before the seas could call me back. I have finally accomplished my dream before getting lost into the horizon.

Anyways, Enough with the heavy! I have gotten admission in the Candid Falls University, I got a job in The Candid Crown, the local pub. And I am really really looking forward to my time here…. because I might not have much. Then again, i couldn’t really enjoy any place… But it is different this time… I hope it lasts. Anyways, I am on such a beautiful beach, I should enjoy it with music!


I put the pen in it, locked the diary and put it back in my bag. I took out my phone and played a song random song…

I loved her voice. Always. But not more than mine…. I loved singing. It’s not just a hobby… It’s an essential part of me. I can’t go about my day without singing at least once. I have a good voice.

I’d sing to somebody but I don’t have a single friend here! Even though I always knew it, the reality strikes harder each time.

Walking along the shore, I sensed somebody coming behind me.Β  I turned to punch whoever it was…

He blocked me. Wait! WHAT!? How the hell did he block me! I’ve been- Nobody could EVER block me! Who is this guy!?

He: Woah! Slow down!

Me: Why were you following me?

He: You have a magnetic voice.

I blushed. I BLUSHED!!!!!!!!!!????????? Gosh! Who is this guy, really!? My first block and first on the same day? What the hell is happening!?

Me: Thanks.

I started walking away. Its better to walk away before a situation comes when you can’t. Besides, he is the first person I have talked to except the pub manager.

He:Β  Hey! Um… Are you new here? I haven’t seen you before.

Me: Yes. I got admission in the university. Moved, today.

He: Oh! I go there, too! So, if you… need any help around… I could… you know, I could help you out if you need something!

Me: No, thank you, I have dreamed of coming here since I was six. I have all the information that I need. I even have the map of Candid Falls memorized, for that matter.

He: Oh! Wow! That’s great! Umm… I’m Arush. Arush Gupta.

Me: Umm… Nice to meet you, Arush. I am Riva Sharma.

Arush: So, Riva, if you’re free later, there’s a party tonight… At the other side of the beach at 10… Can you come?

Me: Oh! Umm…. I… I’m not sure…

Arush: It’ll help you get familiar with everyone… Everybody at the party goes to the university.

Me: Uhh…. Okay… I’ll come… but I’m not really a party girl, so I might leave early or something…

Arush: That’s okay! Absolutely fine! So… See you at the party!

Me: Yah!

So, Mr. Blue Eyes & Blonde Hair is my friend now! He turned, scratching the back of his neck and walked away.

I have my shift at the Crown. I got the job today itself, so I have a shorter shift today. I better hurry! It’s 6:30 already!

At 7:00 PM

I am here, at the Crown. I am wearing an apron and serving drinks. A girl and a boy hurry to my side. Looks like they’re late. Both have blonde hair and blue eyes like Arush. I wonder how many people here have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have scarlet colored eyes… Which is VERY unusual because I don’t have violet-ish or pink-ish eyes. I have REAL SCARLET EYES! So I wear opaque lenses which make my eyes look black. If I had a choice, I would’ve chosen blue… but blueΒ  lenses couldn’t hide the scarlet color properly. Its freaky. I mean scarlet eyes cannot exist! at least I have normal brown hair! The girl comes to my side.

She: Hi! I’m Radhika! You’re Riva, right? Jason told us that you’re new here.

Jason is the manager of Candid Crown.

Me: Ya. Do you go to the university, too?

Radhika: Yes! In fact, we’re in the same batch.

Me: Uhh….

Radhika: I have my sources… I can get any information from anywhere in Candid Falls.

Me: That’s… uhhh…. resourceful?

Radhika: Haha! I was actually hoping to be friends. I have two brothers and both of them are elder than me.

Brothers… Family… Don’t go there, Riva! Don’t go there! Don’t go there! Don’t go there! You’ll regret it! Don’t think about it!

Radhika pointed towards the boy that came with her.

Radhika: That’s my eldest brother, Ankush. And I have another brother, he must at some party! He’s always at a party. Probably got it from my dad! Our parents live in Aldovia….

Me: Right…

Radhika: So…?

Me: So…?

Radhika: So what about your family?

Me: Oh! Umm…. I…

Radhika: Oh My God! I’m sorry! It’s okay if you don’t wanna talk about it! I’m so sorry!

Me: Yes, I prefer not to talk about it and It’s okay! Anyways, I am going to a party tonight… Wanna come with me?

Radhika: I’m not sure… Me and Ankush are planning a secret birthday party for our brother…

Me: Oh! Need a hand?

Radhika: No! It’s fine! Though, if you get tired of partying or something… then you can just call me! I’ll pick you up! I mean, you don’t look like the party type so…

Me: Ya! I am not the party type…

Radhika: You know, I have a feeling that you and i are going to get along really very well.

Me: Then let’s just skip to the best friends part!

Radhika: That’s a good idea!!!

Me: Okay! So tell me, do you have any boyfriend?

She looked shocked.

Me: What? You thought it was a good idea!

Radhika: Okay… No! I don’t have a boyfriend. what about you?

Me: ME!? Nah! I steer clear out of boys! I don’t even believe in love!

Radhika: Why?

Me: Umm…. My perspective is a bit complicated…

Radhika: Try me!

At 10:00 PM

So, here I am! At a party! I have never been to a party! Well, I have… but not to party!

There’s loud music and people in fancy clothes… If you call them clothes… Some of these girls have left barely anything to the imagination! I mean, I’m not old-school and I’m not judging… But I get really uncomfortable in those kind of clothes!

I grabbed a bottle of beer and looked around. Suddenly, somebody called me. Oh! It’s Arush!

Arush: Hey! You came!

Me: Ya! Well, I told you I would come… So… I had to come…

Arush holds my hand and pulls me into the crowd.

Me: What- Where are you taking me?

Arush: Come! I’ll introduce you to some people.

He took me to a trio of boys and girls. Actually, there’s only one boy and two girls.

Arush: This is Nancy…

Nancy: Hi

I nodded.

Her voice is cold. I know she doesn’t want me here.

She looks exactly like Cruella De Vil. Half hair black, half white. I mean, who likes that kinda hair!?

Arush: This is Omisha….

Omisha: Hello!

Me: Hi!

This one lives up to her name! She has an evil look. Almost like death. But I can’t deny… Both, Nancy and Omisha look good.

Arush: And this, is my buddy, Kevin.

Kevin: Hi!

Me: Hi!

This one looked… almost decent. But he genuinely greeted me.

Arush: You guys talk, I’ll get some beer.

Nancy: So, since when do you know Arush?

Me: We met at the other side of the beach today.

Omisha: That’s new! Arush never invited strangers to the party.

Me: Umm….

I don’t know what to say…

Kevin: So, you’re gonna join us at the university this year?

Me: Ya.

Kevin: So, what are you taking a major in?

Me: English.

Kevin: Well! You’re lucky! Arush is doing English too!

Arush comes.

Arush: You are taking English for major? WOW!!

Riva: Yah!

At 10:20 PM

I went to bring another bottle of beer… When I came back… I heard the most pathetic thing…

Nancy: Did you really think she’d fit in here? I mean, look at her!

Kevin: Admit it! You’re jealous!

Nancy: Jealous!? Of her!? Oh! Please! Aru! Babes! Why did you even invite her here!?

Arush: Well… She looked very lonely… I thought I’d get her some friends…

Nancy: So you gave her a pity invite?

Arush: I… Uh… I guess?

I went there, I didn’t want to listen anything else.

Me: Arush! I to have to go!

I handed him the beer and walked away…. I mean, this is pure pathetic! He gave me a pity invite! And I actually thought he was my friend!

I walked to Crown. It’s very near to the beach. I called Radhika.

Radhika: Hey! Wassup?

Me: Turns out that I got a pity invite. Now I want to stay as far away from Mr.Jerk as possible. Is your party decor helping hand offer still on the table?

Radhika: Ya! Sure… Tell me where you are… I’m coming to pick you up…

Me: I’m near the Crown.

Radhika: Okay! I’m coming in 5 minutes!

Me: Okay, Thanks!

Radhika: I thought best friends don’t thank each other.

Me: Gosh! I love you!!

Radhika: Okay, Okay! Now hang up the call! I’m coming!

I hung up the call. I heard footsteps approaching. They stopped behind me.

Arush: Hey! What happened!? Why did you leave suddenly?

I didn’t want to beat around the bush…

Me: Look, Arush, you don’t need to pretend like you care…

Arush: Where did that come from?

Me: I heard you, okay!? I heard what you were talking to Nancy! And I don’t need your pity invites! Or pity friends! I’ve got real friends! and she’s coming right now, to take me where I’m actually wanted! And besides, it’s not like I wanted to be here! You’re the one you invite me! Oh wait! That’s wasn’t even invite! You took pity on me! Well, guess what!? I don’t want anyone’s pity!

By the end, I was shouting. I took a deep breath. Don’t lose it, Riva! Don’t lose your temper because of jerks.

Arush: I…

Riva: Arush, I am seriously not in the mood of talking!

Before he could say anything, Radhika came.

She got out of the car and looked at Arush like she had seen some ghost.

Radhika: You guys know each other?

Me: He’s the Mr. Jerk.

Radhika: Oh! Um…

Me: How do you guys know each other?

Arush: She’s my-

Me: I didn’t ask you.

Radhika: He’s my brother.

Me: He’s your WHAT!?


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