Winters are cool aren’t they? They are really cool and freezing. During winters the darkness spread it’s blanket over us early, as the sun goes to rest early after completing its day’s work and the pace of life slows down but doesn’t come to a halt.

During winters it gets dark quite early and its dark around 5 ‘o’ clock and animals as well as humans slow down but, they never slow down , darkness doesn’t mean a slowdown for them, for them it’s time to start work , they appear mysteriously during this dark period and as mysterious was their appearance so goes their disappearance, they rule the darkness, they have great powers. They once belonged to this world, but now, they a world of their own where they are their own masters. They are good, they are bad, they are helpful they are troublesome. Their enmity is something that you won’t like to have, and their vengeance is apocalypse. They like their fear in their area,because they are the rulers………

There are wide spread rumors about them, everyone have their own stories to tell, but the ones who have really faced them are unable to tell their stories, they are indestructible and will live till eternity………..

A tale about a group of strangers ran across that part of the country. A fortnight before that place was sealed and closed for any visitors, due to those mysterious deaths of a group of youngsters in that area, it used to be quite a lively place full of enthusiastic campers.

On a normal sunny day some group of campers arrived on a school trip , the busses carrying the young campers stopped by and as the student campers got down from the bus , all looked normal but the normal phase was gone when they were asked to bring their luggage from the luggage compartment, a group of youngsters dressed differently, began bullying, children to bring their luggage , who complained to the teacher and they received a scolding.

The campers were divided into small groups of four of five, and provided with instructors, but no instructor was ready to take this group so they remained instructorless , while the camp proceeded this group created troubles for all other campers as well as, the natives of that place , they enquired about that place and,created trouble and destruction……
They were warned by the authorities but the pieces of green paper got them permission to do anything,
And thus, the camp was extended……………..

They all were rich spoilt brats , who thought that they were the coolest, well not all of them had the same personality,one of them , a girl named SUKIRTI commonly called SK by her friends as they thought shorter the name cooler the person is.SK was a tall beautiful girl who was usually polite and sensitive at times, so most of the time people wondered that how she joint those spoilt brats,she was mainly accompanied by a sturdy built boy , who was not actually sturdy built but was fat , and they mainly called him fatty , to which he decided to keep quiet as he knew his peers well,and SK was the one who behaved nicely with him, he was different he was rude and Mr. fatty’s name was Kartik commonly called KARY.The other members of the group usually moved together in a trio which consisted of two boys and , a girl the girl’s name was Sukanya or SU, the other boy with her wore horn rimmed spectacles, was YAZ or Suyash and the remaining one was the BOSS no one took his name , so we call him BOSS.He was the leader of the group of four and all had piercings on their body and faces, and a burning skull tattood on their wrists, neck or shoulders , and wore black leather jackets with spikes on the shoulder area. The girls carried heavy , funky metal jewelry and heavy make up the boys carried knuckles. These things separated them from others and gave their group and group members a different identity.

Well there are two more characters in the story except the ghouls, they are the Bosses sister Rimmi or REI/RI , who is an unofficial member in the group and liked being famous and funky like her brother and his group so she usually followed them, and acted as if she was a part of the group so that she could have a arbiter over the college.
Another character is a girl who will appear later in the story and serve as a guide to our group for helping them out from the forest.

PART-II- The Start
It was a bright sunny day when these young campers landed on the soil of Balka forest of Kiratpura district . As the vehicles carrying them were emptied , a group of youngsters began disrupting the peace of the place and began bullying other campers, to carry their luggage and other purposes.as the luggage was out the teacher assembled all the student campers in a line , where they were divided into groups , provided with instructors. Seeing the attitude of this group commonly called the Freakz no instructor was ready to take them. Finally the instructors too their respective groups with them and started instructing them, but these four freakerz looked least interested in listening to those instructions. They troubled other people and continued their odd, mischievous and troubling deeds and irritated and frustrated their instructor left them. They were the only group without an instructor in the campside,before they could be provided with a new instructor they left an expedition of their own. When someone from the camp enquired them , they made an excuse of being ill and been asked to have the medicines. When they had crossed the camp boundary , they happily declared their freedom leaving behind a note of peace in the camp , and so the troublemakers were gone from the camp ,no one bothered tolook for them and some wished they were gone for……..

Well can’t say sometimes a wish from heart can come true ….
It was winter time so it soon grew dark the tents on the campsite were put on and the campfire lit, that campsite seemed lively now , full of peace and the irritating campers were nowhere to be seen. The campers cooked food, told stories, sang songs and did all that they could do in a camp, while our noisy Freakz continued their journey deeper inside the forest. As they rested a little, SU heard a few noises from the bushes and all picked up anything they found that could serve as a weapon to kill or deal with the intruder and, get relieved by hearing sneezing sound and as Kary moves forward to check who is there , he finds Rei who has been following them all the time. She had left the camp long ago leaving behind apprehension.

Now BOSS comes back to action and starts scolding Rei but is interrupted by a scream it’s SU who had accidently picked up a snake thinking it to be a stick. She throws the snake down and all other jump back to save themselves from the snake and BOSS shows his brotherly concern/love towards Rei and pulls her back and stands infront of her as a shield.Rei looks at him and smile, and the snake leave peacefully.

While the others are making tents he scolds Rei for following them and that too alone and in this dangerous forest, if any wild animal or……………
Another scream is heard and it’s SU again and all rush to her rescue and sweat drop seeing her shouting because of mosquitoes. They ask her to maintain silence as her screams would attract wild animals , to which she replies she don’t care all she knows is that these mosquitoes are troubling her. They slap their heads and tell her that if she makes noise more mosquitoes will come and bite her and their bites will leave marks on her beautiful and soft skin . she agrees instantly but takes a promise from them that they will do something about the mosquitoes soon , while Rei chuckles.

Now as the bonfire is lit all rest on a log and Rei , runs around and gets scolded again to which she makes a cry baby face , but fails to melt him, and he continues scolding her and she complains about it. Boss looks at her and says that he is scolding her as he cares for her, but she looks displeased and says she knows she know everything that he is just concerned about his false pride that’s all, well they are alone here so no one will harm is pride and they get sad.

He thinks about it while Rei drops their food and he looks at her in disgust and shouts at her and ask her to leave, but SK stops him and mentions that its dark and she is small and can’t go back alone as they are in a midst of a forest, all swallow the bitter medicine and ask SK to keep a watch on her till morning and leave her in the camp , and also bring some food along as all they had……….. and narerows his eyes and looks at Rei and she sadly looks down.

As the time passess by we see the girls sitting on a log of wood and chatting while the boys are busy doing the tent which fell soon after it was arranged by them. They hear a loud and scary voice and all leave their work and pick their nearby thing that could act as a weapon ,Rei sighs and asks them what are thay doing they aren’t in a war or something……

All the Freakz mention about that sound to which she replies that , it’s her stomach roaring because she is hungry , all drop their weapons and settle down , she chuckles again and says that , animals wont come as they fear fire and points out at the bonfire. Then in a suppressed and low voice she says even them….. they also fear fire and laughs, looking at their worried faces . While Yaz takes out a packet from his bag gives her a packet and ask her to have it to which she makes faces and says YUKS! And Boss stares at her. She quietly opens the packet and starts eating.
They all fall asleep outside their tents around the bonfire…………………..

During sometime at night they are awaken by a series of sounds and as they wake up rubbing their eyes they notice it has gone misty and as Rei picks up her food packet an animal from the bushes jumps towards her and snatches her food packet and vanishes. Its dark and misty so they are unable to see the animal clearly, and it scares them SK hugs Rei while Yazy hugs SU and Boss hugs Kary.
They hear a chuckling sound and get more scared, while picking up their flashlights and sticks they look around and search for the source of sound………….

Before I start my third part I would like my readers to guess the survivor/survivors of/in the story and let’s see whether your guess comes out to be right or wrong.
And your options are:-
☠The boss
ღ SK
? SU
? ? Can you guess me? By the above intro u read please answer without reading the credits. Also mention the points by which you caught me 
Keep guessing …… 
U might have made your guesses so please post them in the comment box that’s all had for you now .
This story is something I typed while thinking for plot for my fics wen I ran out of ideas hope you liked it…….  . about next part I will poist within some days plss gimme ur reviews and guess in the form of comments 
? ? sweet minnal nd Switzerland beuty dia bad weather ? ? ? ? srry all updates struk now in hololulu 😛 ? ? ? ?
Actually my sweet fic readers m out of ideas and thinking about ur sugessions 😛 till I get ideas enjoy this 1.

  1. Hey are my eyes ok …. Or should I chk them with a doctor ???

    Is the credit to written as richa ???

    I was actually abt to scold u dear …. Already I am dieing waiting for acls , EHT , nauc ….. And again u have brought a new one ….

    1. Hi devga.i need your help. Can u please tell me how to change the display pic like u did.

  2. May be boss i guess

  3. Nice and interesting story.

  4. u updated it…u r confusing me richu..I don’t know who will be it 🙂

  5. Ri
    are u a bigg boss 9 fan???? “Suyash” thats y n grp like goons n bb9z su kish roc ki price n nora type
    But acc to me bb9 cool gang is really cool n I love them . Love u kish.

  6. Kary sk n yaz!
    Why am i getting vampirish feeling reading this story.
    N couldnt guess you richa.i hav only read ur common lovestory which is very less descriptive than this.im loving this winter tale ff!

  7. This does not seem a days piece of work …. It’s seems a week or more than week’s work …….

    It shows ur talent on imagination ….
    Ur imaginations are very much distinctive …. Be it acls or EHT or nauc or the winter tale. ….. Also r different from one other ………

    I would beg u to PLZ update the others too acls EHT and NAUC …..

    It’s really a stress for u …. So update each on alternate days…. Like today twt then tomo acls then nxt day EHT and so on ….

  8. Hey hey minnal dr u gonna scold me ;-( hope u read ma note at d end i typed it wen i was dull abut wat to type in other fickz and this isnt a days work 😐
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    Nyways all ma ficks xept ACLS that u read r discriptiv dr that stry i write as protagnist do read ma eht nd nauc fics they are also discriptiv dr and i write quite randm dr thnx 4 gusing nd keep readin 😉
    nd that vamprish feeling iz a bit in nxt part where story change cmpletly .:)

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  12. Hey… Richa… When I saw your FF’s name, I thought your FF will be based on ”Winter’s Tale” movie… !!! But it’s not… Anyways, I like that too… Carry On..!!!

    1. richa (titli)

      i i wud have known about the movie then the tittle wud hav brrn the ghosts of the jungle 😛 that was the first tittle i thot of nywats thnxxx a lott dr 🙂

  13. Very different and interesting story…I think it’s a horror/thriller type of story where super natural powers, vampires, ghouls, and souls etc… exist…my guess is Boss n the guide girl will be the survivals…I just threw my guess…maybe I’m totally wrong…but I’m very curious to read about this story…richa dearrrr, I loved the way you narrating this story…keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  14. richa (titli)

    @@@@ angell minnal main gussha naii hu agal hoti to 😡 gussa emoji b hoti gussa tum mat hona ok dr nyways i cudnt type but posted spoilers hope they update soon……
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    @@@@@ Roma nyc to c u tooo yup itss gonna b something supernaturall,ghosts etc will b der 😀 i will update soon till then keep reading dr 🙂 lol 😉

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  16. A winter tale in winters nice richa dear. Different but worth to read. You really write awesome. It is alike a writing masterpiece of yours. I love it dear.

    It sounds and reading wise looks like a Scouting based story . Because reading wise I thought it dear.

    Sorry If I said something wrong but know itvery well in another update you clear all our guesses

    Lvoe u loads dear Keep updating waiting for next.

    hello devga dear how r u ??I have given it dear what you want.

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