A Wave back to home!

A wave back to home!


Description! {Glimpse}


Trafficking is where children and young people are tricked, forced, or persuaded to leave their homes and transported and then exploited, forced to work, or sold.

This story involves the twins getting kidnapped by a bunch of people while they were alone at the house with their uncle.

The story is surrounded by some twists and turns which will surely gonna be the main interest of the story.

RiAnsh being the main characters of the story will be trying to find their children..



If it is meant, It will…

~Different from the Story line~


Main Characters:

Vansh Rai Singhania:-

When people hear the name Vansh, they perceive someone who is impressive, elegant, and noble. A Well known Businessman of India, Is living with his small family, on the outskirts of the city of Mumbai.

Dr. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania:

Riddhima is a name that indicates a gift of gab – the ability to persuade others effortlessly. She is expressive, optimistic, outgoing, and inspiring. Charming and cheerful, she fascinates others with her creativity. A successful doctor, Heart specialist of Mumbai. 


Vridha as the name ‘Growth with no variations; a fun-loving boy, with a soft heart for others and is peaceful by nature. He is a compassionate person who feels things deeply, He is also artsy and creative, being grounded and pragmatic. He has great systems in place for getting things done, He is visionary, an own person, ambitious, and freethinking.


Younger sister of ‘vridha’ . The name holds destiny, heart’s desire, and personality. Vanya is a name that hints at a humanitarian and generous individual. Turning their world to be a better place to live fascinates. Using creative and artistic talents to promote a cause. An elegant, sophisticated person. With a lightness of nervousness and worry in her heart all the time. There’s always an internal battle when she is uncertain about something.


Vansh’s assistant cum brother, part of his small family.


Vansh’s Brother and his best friend.

______________✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Tried writing something after a long time.Diwali Holiday Time pass *signs*

With a slight change in my writing style…
It will be a small story!

SO, How was it?; Characters….

  1. Excited!!😗❤️

    1. 1234Aayu

      Me too 😌❤

  2. It was as usual awesomeee…nd yeah it surely was different….this time vansh isn’t a mafia nd most importantly he is not described as that dangerous or ruthless VR which excites me much…nd also the way u gave the descriptions of twins fascinated me the most….u described them with so much depth…loved their characteristics…..Eagerly waiting for this story….😍😍

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank u so much dear💫
      Well, ruthless vansh is some thing which I also don’t like 😌
      Glad I was able to do that..
      Thank u 🤧

    2. Ur most welcome…..😍😍

  3. Prabhleen 😊

    Amazing. It’s something different as well as interesting. Excited to read further.

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank u so much🤧

  4. Awesome

  5. Parita

    So good to see you back Aayu!!
    Really interesting and different…looking forward for it!!❤

  6. Aisha08


    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank u💫

  7. Disha Thakur

    I loved the style of writing
    It was so beautiful my kid
    And your english mam
    From where did you maintain to achieve such a great vocab and all at such a young age
    I loved it
    It was so so so professional.

    And yes
    Loved to find you back.

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank u soooooooooo much….
      Just learning from u 😌

  8. Disha Thakur

    Indeed it was too too deep mam
    Words ,I agree they are just a mean to express thoughts,so ya it’s your thoughts that made it so fascinating but you have to agree ,its not easy to find words for our thoughts,you managed it all so perfectly.

    1. 1234Aayu

      Your words make me so much overwhelmed 🤧

  9. Awesome..
    Post soon…😊😊

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank u:)

  10. Amazing

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank u💫

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank u di💫

  11. DDD


    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank u 💫

  12. Akansha roy

    Very happy to see you again aayuuuu, very excited for the next chappppyyy
    Post soon

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank u so much💫🤧

  13. AarushiSoni

    Ur writing style has definitely changed and it’s the best!!!!!!! 😭❤️
    It’s Superb.. it word. Like I was trying to find the depth u tried if!! 😌
    Epitome of beauty- Aayu’s works
    Seriously mahn!!!! 🥺
    How beautiful English u have.. really just woww!!!! ❤️🥺
    The characters I really liked much..and so damn excited!!!😌
    Rock it!!😌❤️

    1. 1234Aayu

      Best 🤧😂
      Thank u soo much❤🤧
      That’s much 😂🤧
      Ur words are more than needed I mean itna confidence toh mujhe bhi nahi rehta 🤧
      Thank u soo much ❤💫😌

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