A Wave back to home! Part 1

Chapter 1!


It was a normal day! But something really special for one of the couple in the town;


“Stars shine just like your eyes,

The tears there are just precious

As u meant to me

Hold them,

Like I hold u,

Don’t count them

They are priceless.

As you are to me,

It meant to,

And you happened to me.

I love you!












The past was getting mesmerized under a clear sky, there were stars, and the beach was adding a perfect view to it.


The couple seated in the middle remembered their start, with hot coffee in their hands, and sitting  close to each other making their heart talks.


It was their 5th Wedding anniversary, They completed these years just as it was meant to.


Vansh’s phone rang and sought some attention from them…


“Tring Tring…”


“David’s call? Is everything alright there?”


“Chill it must be some confusion to clear pick it before it ends”


“Hello s..i..r”


“What happened, why are you breathing so heavily? Is everything alright in the house?” He broke his clam and enquired with worry, the twins with Kabir were alone there at home and the guard was panicked,something was surely wrong.


“Sir It was my shift to overtake the night shift and here the guard Shamya, is badly injured, sir Kabir sir is being shot at his right leg, and he passed out just a minute ago, Riddhima ma’am’s assistant is there for him a.n..d sir the twins are missing.


This was it, Twins were missing and someone broke in, in spite of such high security..


Not in a time to panic, Vansh asks Riddhima to get in the car and drive, Riddhima has already sensed from his talking that something is really wrong but it was more important to go straight.


She sat at the driving seat and started the car, waiting for him to tell her the matter.


Vansh sat in the passenger seat, dialing Angre who was in the office for an important meeting..


After 3 rings he picked the call, as he knew Vansh was out on a surprise date by him and Kabir and calling in between; there is something wrong,


“Hello, bhai?’


“Angre leave the meeting and come right to our house, someone broke into our house, Kabir is being shot and twins are missing. We have to hurry up, check all the CCTV on the way and just come fast.”


“I am on the way, don’t worry”


He said but deep inside he knew that was not enough for making vansh not worry, the twins were his life and Kabir…


There Riddhdima almost had a panic attack inside her, listening to the convo she almost lost the focus on the road, she was just seeing vansh, luckily vansh took control of the steering wheel for a while or else the car would crash.


“Riddhima control on driving. See relax I am there, angre is there and especially you are there we will surely find out Vanya and Vridha, we need to be quickly.”


“Is Kabir alright? she asked with a teary voice”


“Yea Siya (Riddhima’s assistant) is there, All thanks to David he came on time and he was quick enough to handle and inform everything”


“Hope they are fine and together”


“They are our children, brave enough.”




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  1. Beautifully written Aayu. I loved tbis 1st episode very much n you wrote it very well. It was excellent 👏 👌 👍. Well done. 👏👏👌👌👍👍🥰. Really very proud if you. Hope they find the twins. You portrayed their emotions, feelings n reactions perfectly 🥰 💞 👌. Well done once again. ❤ 😍😘✋✋🌻🌷🌺💐🌹🍓🍒🍊🍌🍉🍫🍫🍬🍬🍧🍧🦋💞💞🥰🥰🤗🤗🦋. Lots of love, hugs, kisses n loads of blessings flying over to you ❤ 🌹 🦋. Looking forwards to the next part. ❤. Until then plz take care n stay safe. Love you. ❤ 💞🥰🤗🌺💐🌹😍😘🦋🎉🌸💞❤🦋.

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    Loved it girl

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  8. Parita

    Amazing Aayu!
    Really loved the part 1- it brought out all the suspense and excitement in me!
    Looking forward for the next one!❤

  9. Prabhleen 😊

    Osm episode. Loved it.

  10. DDD

    Awesome dear ❤️

  11. AarushiSoni

    Though the kids are kidnapped but felt like I was kidnapped by ur writing 😶
    Panic state, cute state.. or u can say.. it was osm!!
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    Marvellous di ❤❤
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  13. Ooo goddddd…….it was superb…why r u not confident about it….it was aweesomeee… believe meee….

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