A True Love Story Never Ends : Recapitulation of Characters

Hey guys, StonyandDeepshoilc here……

I know that I was being irregular from so long but trust me I was having hard time dealing with the stuff of my own……….

Hope you at least have remembered that I was having such fanfic 😒😒😒😒😭😭😭😭….

Okay enough of my rants and bluffs….

Let us recapitulate the characters of my this fic——

1) Deepika Padukone as Veronica Johnson (26 years)

A carefree girl who enjoys partying hard and doing plethora of shits.Queen of hook ups.Loves her siblings- Edward, Daniel, Micah, Jason, Rachel a lot. She is very close to Edward and Micah while she is like mother figure of Jason and partner in crime with Rachel and Daniel. She and Jenny shares an amazing bond with each other. A mature girl (for world) 😳😳😳 but of course this Johnson chick can’t be mature……. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

2) Chris Hemesworth as Andrew Smith (27 years)

A rich and popular channel producer. A strict and hard for the rest of the people except his loved ones. Sibling to Amber, Nahum, Noah, Ezekiel, Sergio and Leo. Can’t tolerate anything against their loved ones. Shares a great bond with Eze and Nahum.

3) Nakul Mehta as Edward Johnson (26 years)

Brother of Veronica, Daniel and Micah. A mature guy and a successful businessman. Shares great bond with Veronica. Married to Jennifer.

4) Surbhi Chandana as Jennifer Johnson (25 years)

Sister in law of Veronica, Daniel and Micah. Married to Edward. Shares great bond with Micah as a Big brother. Always tease Edward by teaming up with Veronica and Veronica by teaming up with Edward. She is an aspiring model.

5) Chris Evans as Nahum Smith (27 years)

2nd eldest sibling of Smiths. A fun loving guy and has nice bonding with all three. Loves to tease Andy so much. And partner in craziness with Veronica and Sergio. He has been managing business with Ezekiel.

6) Robert Downey Junior as Ezekiel Smith (28 years)

Eldest sibling of Andrew. An understanding and mature guy. Loves all three so much. Has best bonding with Andrew. He is a business partner of Edward along with Leonard.

7) Shabbir Alhuwalia as Leonard Smith (26 years)

Brother of Andrew, Nahum, Ezekiel, Amber. A business partner with Edward. Married to Ella. Shares a great bond with Andrew and Nahum. Loves them so much.

8) Sriti Jha as Ella Smith (25 years)

Sister in law of Andrew, Nahum, Amber and Ezekiel. Married to Leonard. Shares a great bond with Andrew and Daniel. She is an aspiring model with Jennifer.

9) Chris Pine as Daniel Johnson (26 years)

Younger of Veronica by 2 min. Loves her a lot but always tries to piss her off. Friend of Andrew. He had tried himself in business but now a successful TV Editor.

10) Gal Gadot as Amber Smith (25 years)

A fun loving and talkative girl. Younger of Andrew. Loves his brother a lot but likes to piss him off. Friend of Veronica.

11) Robert Pattinson as Jason Johnson (26 years)

Sibling of Johnson. Partner in crime with Veronica. Loves the three so much. He is a partner of Veronica in partying.

12) Ryan Gossling as Micah Jhonson (28 years)

Eldest sibling of Johnson. Another mature guy from Johnson’s side. Has bonding with all three but more with Veronica and Jenny. He is a writer.

13) Tom Hiddleston as Noah Smith (26 years)

Cousin of Smith’s. Little bit of a social nerd. Can open up to only Andrew and Sanky. Homos*xual

14) Tejaswi Prakash as Ragini Jhonson (25 years)

Adoptive daughter of Jhonson’s. Love Veronica and Daniel as their brother and vice varsa. She is doing an TV show called “The Bachelor”. She is simple but sometimes a savage queen too.

15) Varun Kapoor as Sanskar Smith (26 years)

Adoptive son of Smith’s. He is a Spanish andΒ  TV show producer of “The Bachelor”. A big flirt but rude too.

16) Timothy Ryan Hikernell as Bartender Alex

Best friend of Veronica as of course she will be there whole time 🀣🀣🀣. Has helpful nature…

17) Nick Bateman as Micheal Martin

A random guy from bar who falls for Veronica. A mafia king.

18)Β  Kartik Aryan as Liam D’Souza

A partner for Noah. He is a therapist for those who are socially awkward.

19)Β  Andrea Melchiorre as Ebenezer Adams

Brother of Alisa and Alice who is also a partner of Veronica in partying and he too is a hookup king.

20) Emma Stone as Alice Adams (25 years)

Younger of Alisa. Best friend of Veronica and Micah. Secretly loves Micah. A simple and fun loving girl.

21) Jennifer Lawrence as Alisa Adams (26 years)

Elder of Alice. Best friend of Andrew and Ezekiel. Secretly has crush for Ezekiel. Simple yet smart one.

I think you all will like/ love the the cast 😲😲😲😲😘😘😘😘…. Do comment and let me know…………..

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