A trip that changed my life (IKRS)- Introduction

Hello my lovely friends!! Again I m very sorry for that ff wala thing, but as I had promised I have come back with a brand new ff- A trip that changed my life…. So here’s the intro-

Malhotra Family –

Dhaani Malhotra- She is a cute, loving, bubbly girl who loves singing and dancing, she loves looking at the moon and that makes her different from all the other girls..

Raj Malhotra- Dhaani’s elder brother, he and Dhaani share a great bond, his best friend is Viplav..

Dulaari Malhotra- She is Raj and Dhaani’s mother, she loves both her children equally and is handling them alone since their childhood, she is Kanak’s best friend..

Tripathi Family-
Viplav Tripathi- He is a carefree, handsome boy, very naughty, he isRaj’s best friend…

Shaalu Tripathi- Viplav’s sister, loves food very much and is always teased by Viplav but still they share a very great bond…

Kanak Tripathi- Viplav and Shalu’s mother and Shambhu’s husband, loves both her children equally, Dulaari’s best friend…

Shambhu Tripathi- Viplav and Shalu’s father and Kanak’s husband, loves both his children equally..

Additional characters-

Rajlakshmi- Dhaani’s bestie, she is open-minded, kind, loving and very close to Dhaani’s family, she and Raj always keep fighting…

Suwarna- Dhaani and Rajlakshmi’s bestie, she stays with Dhaani as her parents have died, knows each and every secret of Dhaani..

Pankaj- Viplav and Raj’s best friend..

Dashrath Tripathi- Viplav and Shalu’s grandfather or dadaji…

Sushma Tripathi- Viplav and Shalu’s grandmother or dadi…

So I kept my promise, well how was the intro? Plz tell me your views.. Meet u in the comment section..

  1. Sujie

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Good job …… Superb intro….
    one request….. Don’t forget the plot now…..
    Samjhe ya Samjhaau???
    Go on dear….lots of love πŸ™‚

  2. Maha_Aijaz

    Intro is wondrous? somewhat my narazgi is finished? no I’m happy shappy as u are back with a brand new story?? but please don’t forget ur plot this time! Keep going and post the next one ASAP❀

  3. AanyaSingh

    Very good Intro Sweetu???, waiting eagerly for the story to start?. Post the nxt soon. Have missed u for so long, nw just can’t wait to have enuf of u?????.

  4. Areeb

    Ahan, that was quick. ? I just read the previous post of yours and here the intro has already been posted. Cool. ?
    Introduction is good, everybody is connected to each other .. In a way it seemed a Family-Friend Tree. ?
    Just looking forward for the first episode! And yeah, excited about the trip.. To know what kind of trip it is and obviously the change it brings!
    So yeah, post the first part soon. ?

  5. Shruthy

    Wooow a new story ???? Characters intro is very interesting. Matlab love between a girl and her brother’s bf / family friend as both mummies are bfs too. ?❀️
    Can’t wait for the the updates of this story. Post it as soon as possible. ☺️

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  7. Lolu.. Al d bst fr the ff!!

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