A Swasan SS (Part 1)

Guys I’m going to start a as based on swasan.

So the story starts from police arresting adarsh at mm.here the slight modification is that ragini didn’t helped swara in any of the matter.after adarsh arrest , whole mm came to baadi to ask sanskar to come back.
He also obliged,but cut off his ties with swara by saying that she went against him,and forcefully made her sign divorce papers.all were silently seeing this except ramta.they were pleading sanskar to stop all these.

In all these swara was seeing her so called family who didn’t have said a word.she saw her mother who was unaffected by her tears.she was indeed surprised by her act.
She finally asked sanskar a chance but he denied.something broken in her that day.after that sanskar left to mm followed by ramta and others.in these none of her family her own mother spoke to her. After somedays sanskar with the constant speaking of ramta decided to give their relationship a chance and went to baadi along with mm members,but he got shocked when he saw lock at her house.

Sanskar:where did swara gone?Let me ask sumi maa.(by seeing her)maa where is swara?I want to talk to her regarding our relationship.i think i have to give her a chance.
Sumi(happily):yes beta I’m happy for u both.but i didn’t saw swara from morning maybe she has gone for market.
Sujata:but sumiji,swara lived with u only na then u should know abt whereabouts na.
Shekar:no sujata hi actually she lived at her didas house actually she didn’t forgave me for hurting sumi this time,she even asked sumi to separate from me.but sumi tried to make her understand but she didn’t so we leaves her alone so that she can get some space.
Ragini: don’t worry papa,i will make her understand.she can’t be angry at u for long time.i even should ask sorry when she came with maa to solve the indifference between laksh and sanskar,i denied it.
Sumi:has beta,with my one word she had accepted to make this family as one even she broker sanskar s trust for my words.

Sanskar who was listening to all this was completely broken when he came to know that it was her mother that’s y she broke his trust.he become angry on himself that how could he mistrust his princess and hurt her to this much extent.but he promised himself that he will not ever again hurt her.
Ramta who were hearing all this were burning in anger thinking how much their dil had to went through becoz of her so called selfish family.

Few hours passed but there was no sign of swara.that is when a lady came there.
Lady:(to ramta)is this Mrs.swara Mahesheshwari house.
RP:yes,she is my dil.wat work u have with her.
Lady: nameste my name is pia,I’m coming from mother Teresa hospital actually ur dil has placed her medicine in the doctor cabin itself so i came here to give u this. Actually she is in 2nd month of pregnancy na,so i came here.

Hearing the pregnancy word all become shocked and then happy.the most happiest person was sanskar.he was feeling like flying in the sky.ramta were equally happy.
But their happiness were short-lived when a neighbour who is actually a bff of swara informed them that swara has shifted to some other city.
Sanskar:no this can’t happen,how can she leave me and go like this.how can she take my life and breath with her,she very well knows that i cannot live without her.then also she went away that too without informing me.
Suji(angry+broken):y should she inform u chora so that u can broke her completely.wat crime did she do that u forcefully made her to sign divorce papers,did u listened​ to her for one time.then y do u expect her to do that.
DP:sujata,i know sanskar did a mistake but u..
Suji(angry):pls bhaisa don’t involve in my family matters I’m talking to my son.beta u know y she went against u and united u with ur family because she knows how much broken u were wen jiji accused u,wen laksh and all the family members mistrust u.for u only she did all these things.she loved u that much ki for ur happiness she went against u.but u didn’t understand her.broked her ? many times.
Sanskar:maa I’m sorry pls tell her to come back.i cannot live without her
RP:no beta i pray to God that she never return to ur life
Ap,DP:RP wat r talking

Suji: truth bhaisa,from the starting itself she didn’t get happiness, first ragini did many things with her,i,u,all family members mistrusted her.kya kuch sehna para issue,then she forcefully got married to sanskar then laksh tried to get her,then sanskar hurted her then kavitha,kavya came.in all these things she never remained happy she always stood by her family,by her sister but wat she got?Pain only pain.let her live her life peacefully at least from now onwards.may she get wat she deserves.
Ragini: chachiji i know wat u said is true but we cannot neglect the fact that situations were like that we mistrust her
RP:oh pls ragini,don’t ever point out situation in every situation for u ur first priority is laksh,for ur mom her husband and u,for mm their property,for laksh his decision his 2ork and all.in all these nobody has noticed my swara pain.all of u took her for granted.but i didn’t expected​this type of behaviour from my own son.(shaking him by shoulder)my bahu had little happiness that too when u were with her,she loved u trusted u like anything but wat u did? Maybe now god has given us this punishment that u should live without it wife and child.

Saying this ramta left leaving a guilty sanskar and mm.shomi and others too realised their mistakes

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