A strange mental asylum ShreNal ShreZain SS Part 3

A strange mental asylum Part 3



Another man entered Nitya’s room.

“Nitya”,he called her.She looked at him.

He was another patient named Jeev who lives there.

Jeev:I am so happy that you are out of the cell.Now I can come and see you at any time.

Nitya was silent.

His face became dull.

Jeev:Even though i told you that I will come and meet you frequently why are you not even smiling?

Nitya felt bad seeing him sad.

She smiled at Jeev:Jeev!

Jeev looked at her.Seeing her smile at him,Jeev became happy and smiled at her.



Reyaansh was reading a diary.

Reyaansh remembered how he found this diary from Nitya’s bag when he checked her bag.He did this when Nitya was busy with Rani.

He saw a photograph in the diary.

“I am Alekh Mittal.I had everything in my life.Wealth,a loving wife..but my only pain was my daughter’s Nitya’s mental illness post her accident.But still I am not depressed as I got my daughter alive even after a major accident.My brothers Andy..Giriraj and their wives Sumitra and Chitra hated Nitya and tagged her as a mental patient.They wanted me to throw out Nitya.But I never did it.My Nitya is my jewel”.

From a far distance Reyaansh saw Jeev and Nitya smiling at each other.

They were cracking jokes and laughing too.

Reyaansh read some sentences in Alekh’s diary.

“My Nitya will get her true love.Maybe he is the one who is meant for my daughter.Because mentally he is same as her”.

Reyaansh looked at Nitya and Jeev emotionally.



Reyaansh was standing near the river thinking of Nitya.

Suddenly he felt someone trying to strangle him.He tried to remove those hands off his neck.But during that struggle he fell into the river.But he swam and came back to the shore.

Reyaansh:Who tried to kill me?I am sure that he is a goon sent by Dr.Tej to kill me.

Dr.Tej and Swetlana are scared of me.That’s a good sign.

Reyaansh smirked.




Reyaansh was in his room.Surprisingly Nitya came to his room.He was surprised to see Nitya.

Reyaansh:Nitya!Why are you here?

Nitya:I felt like seeing you.

Reyaansh smiled:Why?

Nitya blushed:I ..I don’t know.

He smiled.

Suddenly hearing the thunder sound,Nitya hugged him in fear.

He was smiled at her gesture and embraced her back.

Nitya:I feel scared.

Reyaansh:No need to be scared.It’s only a thunder.

Slowly Nitya looked at him in relief.

Reyaansh took Alekh’s photograph and showed it to her.

Reyaansh:Can you recognize him?

Nitya became emotional.


Reyaansh smiled.

Reyaansh:Actually what happened that day?Do you remember anything?I don’t think you can kill anyone.I am sure that someone else did the murder.Do you remember who did those murders?

Nitya was silent.

Reyaansh:If you don’t remember anything,it’s ok.Anyways it’s night.You sleep.

Reyaansh took her to her bedroom and laid her on the bed.

Reyaansh:Good night!

Nitya:Good night.

Nitya closed her eyes and slept.




Reyaansh was in his bedroom.To his shock,Swetlana came inside.

Reyaansh:Why are you here at midnight Swetlana?

Swetlana:I realized that you have not slept yet.Guess you have a sleepless night.So I thought to give you a company.

Swetlana went very close to him in a seductive manner pulling him closer to her.

Swetlana:I am willing to do anything for you.But in return just write a good report about our service in this mental asylum.

Reyaansh smiled at her.She smiled in a seductive manner taking his smile as a ‘yes’ to her demand.

  1. Ishana_stories

    Loved this chapter! Nithya and Jeev laughing together was so good to read. Finally Reyaansh got Nithya’s diary, it was very heart touching to see her father’s message. Surprised to see someone trying to kill Reyaansh repeatedly. Nithya coming to reyaansh room at night and blushing was cute. Svetlana trying to seduce Reyaansh was shocking! Eager to read next part!

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.I have posted prarish ss new chapter with a twist.

  2. Revu

    Oh My God!! This story is interesting day by day, I was actually much busy that’s why I am commenting very much late. Nithya and Jeev bonding was so nice,I am surprised to see Zain here as Jeev, I like both Zain and Kunal with Shrenu. So emotional part was of Alekh’s diary. Hope Reyansh is near to truth, the pic which you choose to show Reyansh fell in river was so apt. Happy to see now Nithya is comfortable with Reyaansh, hearing thunder sound Nithya hugging Reyansh was so lovely, glad she remembers her Paapa. Swethlana never leaves a chance for failure, she tries to trap Reyansh in seducive manner stunned me, reminded me Ishqbaaz and Dil bole oberoi. Good episode.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.actually I hasn’t planned that scene of omlana initially though there was a similar scene in the original movie also.But accidentally I saw omlana pics which matched the scene perfectly.So I decided to include this scene in this ss.

  3. Revu

    Read this one when you gets time,It’s an OS.

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